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    Post  Sykes on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:57 am

    I have been watching the reactions to the reappearance of one Pat Brown, soi-disant Criminal Profiler.  She suddenly came out from under what ever slimy rock she has been hiding recently - the reason?  Her erstwhile friend, Nancy Grace, aired a segment, No 45, in her Nancy Grace Mysteries in which she appeared to have done a complete turnaround on the subject of Madeleine McCann.  Now Bushmeat Patty - her fans call her that - was booted off Fox on air.   She moaned and screamed for a bit then announced she was going away, at which news everyone applauded and went back to normalcy.   Then Nancy's program was aired on HLNtv, and Patty took immediate umbrage.  Why?  Nothing to do with Madeleine, Scotland Yard etc, just a middle-aged wannabe seeing her 'friend' rubbish all that Patty had stated as the truth according to P Brown.  Now she is screeching away insulting anyone she can.   For some of her posts, plus comments from Nancy Grace, see the Pat Brown section 'Who dug the Stupido up?'  At her age she should be growing asters and pottering around the local town, not flapping her ever-open gob, especially as she knows sod all about what Scotland Yard are up to.  A visit to Praia de Luz, with a pretendy cop playing with the window shutters of the apartment where the child vanished from and meeting with Tony Bennett in London do NOT make her an expert on the case, far from it.  I mean, how could one take seriously a so-called expert who posits that the body of the dead child was buried in the sand on the beach, mummified and then carried through airport customs in the UK without anyone stopping them?  How does one mummify a body in a few weeks by burying it in sand on a beach that is on the cold and windy Atlantic?  Has she never heard of incoming tides?  As for her bushmeat reference, she really should have checked that out first; bushmeat comes from Africa, not Europe and it is impossible nowadays to smuggle it past security as they are actively looking for it.   As for mummification, that was probably the most stupid thing anyone has suggested - does she not know how long it takes for a body, with none of the special unguents etc the Egyptians used for their nobles, takes?  In the hot sand of the desert, decidedly longer than the timeline she posited.   Why not accept defeat gracefully (no pun intended!), retire now, pack up shop and go live in the wilds of Nebraska.  The wildlife there would love to have her around!  lol! lol!

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