Boycott David Bret posts (including death threats, slash fiction and of course admittance he writes garbage)



    Boycott David Bret posts (including death threats, slash fiction and of course admittance he writes garbage)

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    At one point I was given the log in info for Boycott Bret. Hala is not aware I am posting it, because if she was they could claim all sorts of things against her.

    She wrote these posts at the time and she was done with them. That is all. And I can not stress this enough: she was the only writer. Evelyn Zumaya had no hand in this blog (she ran valentinolaughs .blogspot.com and a wordy valentinocultists something blogspot).

    She also said if I posted it anywhere she wanted it to be clear her intention was not to harass Bret, as we all know he does so well to others. She wanted to put out a 'journalistic' response just factually categorizing what he had done and was doing. There were many screenshots in some of the posts, if someone could be so kind as to tell me how to post them here I'd be glad to.

    I post this knowing it could hurt my friend, but with the hope that anyone being harassed by Bret finds they are not alone, that some journalist finally gets on with it and exposes him for his pattern of harassment, and /or that some lawyer /solicitor gets on with it and finally locks him up to get the psychological care he so direly needs.

    So what follows is as explained. If Bret wants to go after Hala for it he'll have to go through me first.

    *Choice quotes that were on the sidebar of the blog*
    "Even if my book IS rubbish, I am always going to be believed more than such people."

    "I may be a fiction writer, but many more people believe my "made up" stories and buy my books"

    "My career will continue--I'll keep on "slandering" people and writing crappy books which sell by the shed load..."

    -David Bret

    Thursday, October 7, 2010
    Jaydon D. Paull Record

    *Missing picture #1 What follows was a screenshot of Paull's record on a Florida criminal site*

    Jaydon D. Paull aka Zachary Jaydon, who ran the 'Expose Katie Lynn Birchard' site with the blessing of Terhune (I'm quite sure, he wrote a letter in support of such sites despite knowing about the death threats) and Grace (who despite overwhelming evidence kept claiming she didn't know or speak to Jaydon submitted a sworn statement defending him...thus having some contact with him that is quite easy to prove), a man David Bret declared he loved so much he 'wanted to kiss', has long claimed any claims about his prison records were false, despite so much evidence in both newspapers and official county prison websites.

    Well here's a good one, complete with mugshot. The Florida Department Corrections has him listed as a 'Supervised Population' result here (or if for some reason this does not work click search and type his name.) No wonder the police found him so easy to serve. I assume this means he's on probation. He was convicted of robbery, some sort of felony. This is interesting because of all his crimes I'm aware of I did not know he had committed any recent robberies in the state of Florida (Ohio on the other hand...). He's on probation until 2014, ironically the same year my restraining order against him is good for.

    Jaydon is in violation of his order, as he has not removed his website about me. I'll be pursuing that shortly. As for everything else, what more is there to say? These kids just have the same shit different day. Now if you excuse me I must go eat my daily whole coconut cream pie at Clifton's with 6 Pepsi's while I kiss a balled up photo of Rudolph Valentino with my fatty covered lips. *rolls eyes*. These guys have spouted a lot of shit, but not only is it in general quite stupid (OMG Hala Pickford totally posted under the name Hala Pickford about some mundane topic! LYNCH HER!) but even the mundane shit is a lie half the time (right down to the imaginary busy online life David Bret has made up for me. I must be busy what with my many Amazon names and all.) And anything fanciful is a guaranteed lie.

    Ah those kids...so dull. Now if you'll excuse me I have so many women to go eye hump, being a homophobic lesbian and all.

    Sunday, September 19, 2010
    Grade A Hooey

    There are some things I can't talk about right now; but there is one thing I can and I'm steaming mad.

    I was granted a 4 year restraining order against Jaydon D. Paull; with an added order that he must remove all his websites about me. He should have been served by now and if he doesn't comply he will be arrested. He's the one who runs the Expose site and had a woman accost me at the Silent Movie Theatre. He's a known conman who goes by the name Zachary Jaydon and has been in prison several times before.

    David Bret has been given a citation by the West Yorkshire police for his harassment of me. A citation is similar to a ticket, and if someone receives enough of them they will be arrested. Harassment is against the law in the UK. He has been questioned by their police twice, and some other things I've been asked not to mention. If he has harassed you, you can contact me and I will give you the information to contact. Or if in general and you do not wish to contact me, then the West Yorkshire police is the right one to contact. I was not granted an order against him in the US because it was decided this was out of jurisdiction...I was granted two temporary restraining orders against him until that was decided. This address thing is more bull; for good measure Jaydon lied about his address as did his cohort.

    Bret and Jaydon have been both spreading Grade A Bull about me, making sure to make double the sites to do so. Jaydon's have been removed against his will, I'm hoping Bret's will be soon. David Bret is one of the most horrible people alive; and I've finally rounded up enough of his lies about me to address them in one go.

    Bret has claimed I'm being sued by various people, up to 6 by my last count, and that I have '6 restraining orders'. According to him I'm also being sued for copyright infringement. None of that's true. The only person suing me is Tracy Terhune. And the only problems I've had with that lawsuit involve the technicalities of filing...not any evidence against me. Terhune will pay in court, and I will have my day in court. This will not be over til justice is served. As for the orders I have 2, one against Tracy Terhune and one against Jaydon D. Paull. I'm pursuing one against their female cohort. I've also pursued one against Bret, so that makes 4 not 6. Bret's so bad at what he does he said I'd be in court on 'September 6th'...not realizing that is a federal US holiday (and it wasn't true regardless.) He claimed I had filed a suit against some assortment of kookies and named a friend as a cosigner or something of the sort. I have done no such thing. Anything I will file I have yet to file. And I will do so alone. I am my own person.

    David Bret has claimed I was being interrogated by the Burbank Police Department and they were going to charge me with all sorts of things. I have never been interrogated by anyone. I went to the police to report his death threats, and told them the story, complete with this site which I will gladly enter into any legal case as every word I have said is true and I created this site knowing full well it could go to court someday. I'm not stupid. I've never been charged with or interrogated for anything. There is one issue involving the cohort lying and slandering me, but due to a legal agreement she has already broken (by feeding Jaydon information immediately after court) and I am pursuing again, I can not talk about it. I'll tell ya this much: anything those horrible people write is untrue. I'd never touch anyone, let alone physically or mentally harm someone. I've already given my account of the truth over at Forget the Talkies. As it stands, I have not been charged or interrogated over anything. Anything. Regarding any of these people.

    Bret has tried making up all sorts of weird claims as to why he's harassing me. First he said I called him a pedophile and that he raped a little girl. I NEVER SAID THIS and the above is only repeating his claims, I make no claims to that sentence. He accused a man, who has asked me not to use his name, of being a pedophile. Bret then sent an email to me and Valentino Speaks purporting to have 'inside information' that he, David Bret, had raped a man and his real name was Harry Plant. We knew it was Grade A bull, and the only posting of that information was to call it bull. Bret refuses to admit he sent that email and has constantly screamed the claims that I called him a pedophile and that he either raped a man or a girl. I never did. And to my knowledge, David Bret has done neither thing. I make no claims to that.

    David Bret then claimed that Valentino Speaks was on the Lanza forum, harassing him, in April and that's why he began to harass her. Not only was this untrue, but a search of the board revealed no such thing. David Bret has harassed Mario Lanza fans for many years, it was his favorite hobby before I came along. His original site is full of shit about them, including how he harassed an 80 year old woman.

    David Bret has worked hard to slander me, my name, and turn his horrid actions into someone else's problem. His favorite thing to do now is claim *I* did something he did. He accused me of being on the Lanza boards in 2006, under the name 'Tracy' and thus according to him set out to harass Terhune. A huge flaw in this claim is though I had seen "Beyond the Rocks" I had not yet even read "Dark Lover" and knew nothing about Valentino. I wasn't into silent film in 2006. And I definitely had never heard of Mario Lanza. Or Tracy Terhune. When I first heard of Terhune I thought he was a woman, based on the name. I did not know who Terhune was until he began harassing me in 2009. And I have never posted anything anywhere under the name Tracy.

    David Bret then claimed I posed as him (HA!), now in 2008, and called and harassed a woman he refers to as 'Manura'. Bret had called and harassed several Lanza fans. Though I knew Bret had a shitty Valentino book, I did not know who he was. The woman he refers to reminded him the caller was a man. Bret claimed I had a friend do it. But Bret also claims I'm so ugly and fat (and a lesbian in the most insulting way possible to lesbians) I wonder where he thinks I found a man.

    He then claimed at various points in 2009 and 2010 I've come on the same Lanza board, posed as him or a certain name, and harassed the 'real' David Bret and these poor fans. The woman in question asked the board administrators to check the IP addresses of these posters. The IPs were from England. While I have looked at the Lanza board to write an article for this site (which I later dropped as Bret's harassment of me worsened), I have never posted on it. Ever. I gather Mario Lanza was a handsome enough singer back in the Golden Days...I don't know anything else about him.

    David Bret then claimed I was posting on Amazon as various names reviewing his Dusty Springfield book. Naturally all the reviews called the book shit (as I'm sure it is; though I have not read it and make no plans to. I know the plot already: sex, lesbians, drugs, disgusting things, lots more sex, repeat). The real person who made the review posted on a Springfield fan forum she didn't know why he accused her of being 'Katie Birchard'. I have never reviewed his books on Amazon, minus Dream of Desire.

    David Bret has accused me of impersonating my own father, or a man he thinks is my father. He then posted the man's home address, family's names, phone number, etc and told people to mail him a bomb. For good measure he then emailed the man about how I had lost to Terhune for '$100,000' which is untrue, and how I had called him a pedophile, which is untrue, and then went and posted about it on his website. He said my family hated me and had not known about my websites. He also told the man I had been interrogated by the police and was being sued by several people. ALL his claims are untrue.

    Then for good measure David Bret also told another blogger, a woman I will refer to only as MN, that I had impersonated her on some forum or website (I never gathered where), wrote a nasty mean review in her name of one of Bret's books, and that's why Bret went after her. This was untrue as well, but MN believed it, and I lost a dear friend for it. I have never posted under anyones names or claimed to be anyone. Sometimes I'll post under an anonymous first name, but never a last. And I have never used a first name that coincides with any of these characters. Usually I pick something old time-y.

    David Bret and Jaydon D. Paull have absolutely terrorized me with encouragement from Terhune and the woman. They've emailed anyone I do business with, with false and harassing claims. They emailed my authors telling them my company was going under, then immediately ran and posted on their sites how my authors wanted out of their contracts. When I posted one of my releases was a few days from coming out, dependent only on Amazon's slow uploading, Bret posted I was lying and out of money so it would never come out. Hilariously by the time he posted it Amazon surprised me and the book was live for sale on the site. That book has gone on to be one of my best sellers.

    Paull, Terhune, Bret, the woman, and others think they are in the clear because they can gang up and lie about me, one of the 4 has money, and they know I don't. They also know I've been very ill because of the stress, which they find hilarious. Every time I post that I'm sick they mock it. They aren't safe as in they can get away with this and have no legal ramifications (I have never and will never threaten them in any other way...just the legal system.) I will sue them. I will sue Bret. He thinks he's safe in the UK but I will get him with a lawsuit. Right now I'm pursuing whatever I can with the West Yorkshire police. Very interesting that they could give him a citation, and yet they never even called me. I think that shows how strong the evidence is.

    David Bret tried to make his 'Angry Corner' which has since morphed into a site solely to harass me, look like its expanding to the Lanza fans. He started impersonating me naming his profile 'Forget the Talkies' and stealing a photo of me. He then made a new site, 'Forget the Talkies! Forget the Talkies!' with an address that goes forgetthetalkiestwo. So sick. Maybe I should make a davidbret .com? Or davidbrettwo .com? Let the world know how to end his harassment?

    This man is trying to paint me as someone who sits at home and harasses people all day. This is LA, I have way better things to do with my time. In reality HE is the one who sits at home all day, harassing people. I imagine he sits there in yellowed boxers and a stained tee, file cards taped to a 98 Dell, muttering about 'lesbians' and 'Pigsnots'.

    Below is a sample of the shit he's sending around, I'm sure the West Yorkshire police will be interested to know what he's doing:

    Dear Ms ********,
    I would like to draw your attention to the enclosed book, which accoring to her 1921 PVG Publishing website, Hala Pickford says you are distributing. I don't know if you're aware of the fact, but Ms Pickford has used copyright for this work without permission. Copyright currently resides with Random House and Random House Inc., who have been made aware of the matter.
    Also, I would draw your kind attention to Page 220 of this book, which I have enclosed as an attachment.
    This is a slanderous comment on the part of Ms Pickford.
    As an established author and publisher-distributor myself, I wish to inform you that as a distributor, you yourself are liable for prosecution regarding these matters. In no way do I wish to cause trouble for yourself, as I believe that you have been wholly unaware of these matters.
    I do know that Random House in the UK are taking this matter futher, though as yet I have no news of their US counterparts. I certainly am taking action to have this passage removed.
    You should also be made aware that this, and many other matters, are currently being dealt with by the Burbank Court. The court records detail several lawsuits against Ms Pickford, including a $100,000 libel suit which is to be heard on 6 September. Other cases against her are to be heard on 10 September, with further cases scheduled for between this date and 20 September. These cases are all listed on the court register.
    Many thanks and best regards,
    David Bret

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010
    Restraining Orders
    I have been instructed it is best not to post. I haven't been ordered to. But Zachary Jaydon aka Jaydon D. Paull and David Bret have. However they haven't stopped, only upped the ante. I agreed to remove these sites if it would end the harassment. They told me to go to court and vowed to continue the harassment.

    They will be served shortly. I have obtained temporary restraining orders against both men. They are not to be near me, harass me, attempt to obtain my address, or contact me. So far I'm pretty sure they've broken all these orders.

    And since they will say I'm making it up then I will be happy to give the case numbers: ES014096 and ES014097. They will say its not much until served, but I have addresses for both men. Don't worry about removing your sites; I'll let google do that now that I have a court order. It'll be a shame Jaydon can't invesitgate his own criminal record and pretend I was responsible for his Glee trouble again (for the record I've never watched a damn episode and did not know he had pulled that crap until he was already caught. He was loooong out of my mind by then.)

    Why am I posting this? Because I hope they will see that harassing people is not as frivolous as they seem to think it is. Same for the Terhune Clan who like to spread my information to these loons. I may not have a lawyer yet, but I am a good person and I am not ashamed of anything I have written, done, or said. I will take it to court and let an honorable judge decide. I want my life back and I'm going to get it back. Someday I'm sure this will make a hell of a book. All for Rudy and what not.

    I'd also like to add an aside to MN: I thought that post was about me. I dont know if you will read the comment I left or not; but I never left such a review. I have never impersonated anyone. And you can investigate that as deep as you like. I respect the hell out of you; and I hope someday you will see that your hanging of me was in error. I don't even know what review Bret was referring to; but he's done this before when caught with pointless harassment. He told one such person that he started harassing her when someone under her name posted on the Lanza forums. Naturally this was untrue. But it made his hatred of her father sound better...until a quick check was done. Just like his fake publishing of fake Valentino diaries in Turin.

    Monday, July 12, 2010
    More death threats

    *Missing Picture 2: A Copy of an email Bret sent to Hala's main email on July 12th, 2010 that read quote: Stop acting like the fat prize cunt that you are and moaning about "two loons" who have posted Blogs about you.
    You did it first, you vile witch, and must accept the consequences.
    The wheels are off. Even while rolling the streets you will be a curse on humanity.
    And stop repeating these e-mails. They are not from me but the result of your own warped imagination.
    If you thought you were in danger before, it's nothing to the danger you are in now.
    Tremble and watch over your shoulder, Katie Lynn, and thank the Lord above each day that dawns and you can see the sun.
    It will not last for ever.
    You had your chance, and you blew it.
    If you want to become a martyr for your lost cause of lesbians and dead movie stars, keep this up.

    David Bret is an idiot. He thinks if he keeps putting 'these aren't real' in his emails then his ass is covered. He also seems to think IP addresses can only be traced in forums; though he tried claiming he had traced the IP of Boycott Bret to someone else, somewhere no where where I live. Much like everything else he's just making it up.

    You can trace IPs, mostly through anything though websites (as in someone posting on a website) are quite hard. Emails and visitors to websites are much easier. And that's how I know Mr. Bret is in Ormskirk.

    Jaydon is grabbing desperately to defend himself, subscribing to the David Bret school of 'if I said it than its true.' 1) I may be a fatty fat fat fat but I've never weighed over 200lbs in my life, even now. 2) If David Bret is so good looking up court records, he might as well look up Jaydon's. Ohio and Montana seem to have the most on him.

    I'm so sick of these loons. Taking all the legal action I can. Why am I posting these death threats? Because I take them seriously. And if anything happens to me I want the world to know. And those emails DID come from David Bret. No matter how much he, Jaydon, and Terhune want to take my sanity they're not gonna get it.

    *Earlier the same day*
    To the crowd of 10

    I moved last weekend. Send your threats and lawsuits elsewhere.

    Currently recieving very specific death threats from David Bret. Hope the sick crowd of 10 is happy with themselves:

    "Like I said, you have just twenty-four hours..., and remove ALL comments about him, and others you have slandered and attacked.

    If you fail to do this, I have contacts in Los Angeles and I WILL have you done over.

    This is NOT an idle threat. You can contact the police, anyone you like, but you will not stop this from happening. You have harmed too many people to be allowed to continue."


    You have 24 hours to close down...and to remove all comments about him and his friends--Tracy, Zach, Vlad--from your Flappers and Talkies site. If you do not, the proverbial will truly hit the fan.

    I now know who you are and where you live. So do my contacts in Los Angeles.

    This is not a threat, but a fact.

    Comply, or you WILL be done over. It will not be pretty spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair.

    There will be no more warnings."
    (These threats were from Bret)

    They don't bother me though. There is justice in this world and the next. Gay, straight, or attracting to throw pillows I'm sure Rudolph Valentino would be greatly shocked, saddened, disgusted, and offended wherever he is right now. Go sniff your shirts and stroke your collectibles; you're all sick.

    To the normies; my beloveds of this site: I'm currently planning a new project to merge everything together. It can not go up until Bret, Terhune, and the con man are all taken care of.

    On July 2nd I was supposed to have a hearing in my case with Tracy Terhune. Terhune is ridiculously suing me for more than $25,000...trying to 'make an example of me' per the papers. All I ever did to Terhune was review his stupid book and document the harassment I was receiving. Instead he upped the ante. People like to say 'just ignore it' but when someone is suing you you can't. You can't drop a suit, you can't ignore summons. Or you'll lose and they'll get their way by default.

    On July 2nd I was supposed to have a hearing in Terhune's case against me; a hearing that could end his harassment of me. Only myself and Terhune would have known the date that was set in early June. On July 1st David Bret posted on his regular site that I was dead, and his thoughts were 'with my family...despite our differences.' Despite being posted very early on July 1st it said I was going to die on July 2nd. He vowed his 'associates' would be at the hearing. I didn't go. And I lost the hearing (not the suit, which continues onward) by default as I don't have an attorney and I wasn't there. The hearing was my one and only chance at getting the damned thing dropped. I'm not a lawyer. And there is no simple tutorial to figuring out how to file what. Tracy Terhune is screwing me with his money. Too bad my Grandfather wasn't some hack b western star who probably insulted Louise Brooks because charm obviously doesn't run in that family. If I had that kind of money I could buy Valentino shirts to sniff and worship on an altar; and sue anyone who looked at me wrong for fun because I would have anger issues.

    My lawsuit with Tracy Terhune chugs along. I'm probably just annoyed as he is that our names are tied on google. I still can't get a lawyer. And no one will help me. I'm being harassed via the court system. But I won't give up...I'm sure this will all look wonderful to a jury. And I'm sure Terhune's continual harassment of me will someday come out. Good God does no one out there know a lawyer who may have a soul? I'd appreciate any help or references I could get. And I will smack anyone who says 'legal aid' (Terhune sued me just 'so' that legal aid does not help.)

    There is a brouhaha going down with a local bar. The woman who subleased the space to a very popular bar basically evicted them at 2am on a holiday weekend (no notice); and is apparently all around insane. She said a new bar would open in its place; run by her of course. The community is rallying with the closed bar; seeing that the other woman is obviously insane and suffers from mental issues.

    Someone said to me they were disappointed how the silent film community did not rally and shame these sick people back into the corner from whence they came. I agreed, but what more was there to it? After watching this situation I realized something. The ''silent'' community is the same 10 or so people (the same who make up the 'Anti Hala Coalition') with an extended 20 who communicate with them. There is maybe...5 decent people in this community, and while they love silents they, for very good reason, don't partake in the ''community''. These are the same people at every event, on every message board, writing a chunk of books, buying a chunk of books, and making an all around clique.

    I walked into the lion's den and never knew it. These people were shocked and angered I existed, and when I didn't kiss the proper boots (not knowing the local customs) I was promptly thrown to the dogs. These people vowed to ruin me and they have. They have my legal name, my name, my photo, my address, my family's name. They went out of their way to get this info; its not something to just stumble on like Terhune tried to claim (and eventually retracted.) There's been people I've met and liked quite a bit; only to find one encounter later they won't even acknowledge me; or glare at me. Then I understand: the mob told them to avoid me. The mob took my venue and funding away from The Rudolph Valentino Film Festival, the mob said Natacha's book was still under copyright when it wasn't, the mob said I called Donna Hill a fat shut in when I didn't, the mob said I was all sorts of demon bitch from hell. And who could deny it? The mob is the core, the mob has 'known everyone for years'...so why would the mob lie?

    All I've done is react. I've posted about the harassment because I figured if they were gonna put a social hit on me I'd at least let others be warned. I will not be harassed quietly. All they want is what they've always wanted: for me to go away and never write or partake in silent film again. And especially write about them. But then they hand my info to David Bret who threatens me with death or severe injury. If you want me to shut up then quit harassing me. Its quite simple. I never have had a God damned word to say about any of them, until they do something like this. If Terhune stopped his suit tomorrow, David Bret was locked up, and all of a sudden I found my name no longer being dragged through the mud; I would have not a word to say of them. But I will not let harassment go unnoticed. Terhune's wishes in his lawsuit and any offer to settle all include deleting and never being able to write again. I won't delete a god damned thing. I have said nothing untrue or illegal and that will be proven. Maybe you should think about that the next time you decide to harass the shit out of people for fun. The mob has done it before; and if I go away they'll do it again. They're all sick.

    And that's why I'm putting this up today; I do find Bret's threats credible and I am terrified. So if anything happens to me; you know who was behind it. And if I live or not then I hope there will be some people out there shamed by their actions; shamed by the fact they thought it was a good idea to hand him my information. And if something happens to me; I hope they get locked away for years to come. All of them. Oh and one more note of note because naturally they've read this all: I've moved in with my boyfriend (which is why I've been absent for a week). The address you all have is no longer valid and you will not get my new one; I've obtained a PO Box. So you can direct your lawsuits and death threats right back where they belong.

    I've felt for awhile that to continue with silents is to play to this crowd. But to quit would also be for this crowd and that's what they want. They want their dark corner back and they've said as much. Before Bret kicked up his heels I was considering a new mass website; something to merge all my projects together. It would be very 20s based instead of pure silents or pure fashion. But I can't right now. These people steal my photos and Bret is not below stealing a watermarked photo. I put nice high quality downloads of my photos on my site for people with legitimate use, only to see Jeffry Vance have a huge 8X10 printout ready for Tracy in court. If I put up any photos of myself or webisodes; these loons would steal it and write the horrendous things they write. Bret took a photo of me with someone's husband and insinuated I had sex with him. He's stolen instructional photos from Perpetual Flapper and said I had herpes and nits. So what more is there to do?

    I've decided I've had enough of this 'community'. Even when silents weren't so troublesome I wondered when the day would come I could do a little more. The Publishing is a career, but there isn't much money in blogging. I've always wanted to do more but have found myself too distracted. Right now by horrendous things (which is why Perpetual Flapper is sitting 'TBA'), but it will end someday. Good or bad. Hopefully good.

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    Re: Boycott David Bret posts (including death threats, slash fiction and of course admittance he writes garbage)

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    Part 2:

    Sunday, July 11, 2010
    Jaydon D Paull, Zachary Jaydon, Tracy Terhune: In love with hate
    Bret and his con man cohort Zachary Jaydon have made a blog specifically against me, titled "Expose Katie Lynn Birchard". The 'expose' so far consists of posting my photos, mocking them, posting my old songs, mocking them, and posting 'reported' emails from 2007.

    Zachary Jaydon aka Jaydon D. Paull is behind most of it. He's given "David Bret"most of my old photos and information. Apparently I'm a fraud because I existed? That makes total sense. Some sick twisted person wrote, "Why do people who can't sing post stuff on the internet? Ow my ears!" I took that stuff down 4 years ago, and accepted I couldn't sing 3 years ago, so don't blame me. Like I would really create a page with "Katie Lynn Birchard (Hala Kitty) (Hala Pickford) Beverly Hills, CA Blues / Um.... Ear Shattering / Terrible" as the info? Zachary Jaydon had a hand in "I Kissed Ben", so naturally he'd have it.

    Jaydon D. Paull is a convict. He's been arrested and served time several times. Its documented here, thefraudfiles.blogspot .com . Needless to say he named his new endeavor after it. Can't be fraudulent if it came from bonafide newspapers and court records. He was arrested as recently as October 2009 in Montana, but I am unclear the outcome of those charges.

    Paull's ''thing'' is constant fraud. He picks a fan group, weasels his way in, and cons people. He's done the same thing with Ben Bledsoe, Close to Home and now Glee. I deleted my old music site when Tracy Terhune thought posting my personal information was a good idea. I wanted to get rid of any and everything that could cause me harassment even though I hadn't used the page in 2 years. Then I found out Jaydon was swindling Glee fans in the same manner he had me and others, "gleefan .com /tag/zachary-jaydon-fraud" (note: this blog has now been removed) His method of swindling comes from his fake Glee account, "twitter .com /ultimategleeks"

    So far on Jaydon's sad little site he's managed to prove he dislikes me quite a bit, but nothing in relation to fraud or anything as he so claims. No one can, because it never happened. I'm sick of being accused of shit I didn't. In relation to a certain man Bret called a pedophile, some critcized me for posting what they thought was this man's email. That man contacted me (and has asked to not use his name for his privacy; which I can respect) and assured me he is taking his own legal steps, and that that email was not his. As thought it was a ploy by Bret to try and ruin my credibility. Most people don't have a skill for writing rape scenario emails like Bret does.

    David Bret has sent me repeated death threats. Specific death threats. As a favor to Terhune he posted one the day before our hearing, saying I would die the day of the hearing. He also sent me several emails telling me his ''associates' would be there and I couldn't escape them. I had a panic attack and genuinely feared for my life; I was unable to go. And I lost by default. Though Bret's claim I lost my entire case is untrue, I lost my motion but did not lose the entire case yet. Terhune is a sick sick bastard. All 3 of these men are. I'm sick of them and their harassment and dedication to ruining my life.

    David Bret's sent me no less than 8 death threats since. All again very specific. He's claimed (and had Jaydon claim) that these are either fake or not him. However they come from his email, with his IP and time stamp. He's tried this tactic before and its obvious he's trying to cover his ass while terrorizing me in the meantime. I'll give screenshots if you like!

    He claims I don't have a boyfriend and didn't move; but that is untrue. I've had to move because of this idiot! I also sincerely doubt anyone who knew me well would be giving David Bret 'tips' regarding my personal life. I'm not stupid enough to run around and blurt it out either. If David Bret had that information he would run with it.

    David Bret has said several times in his angry blog he's trying to terrify and harass me, and he knows I can't handle it. I dont know who passed along that info but I have a guess. I dont need anymore shit storms, so I'll leave it at that. Stress is very bad for my health in general, it causes arthritis flair ups. Ever since the group of 10 handed David Bret my personal information on a platter I've been having almost daily panic attacks and crying attacks. Its always fun to wake up with your heart feeling like you're going to have a heart attack! One day I cried no less than 5 times unprompted. I have no history of either types of things; but these loons are bringing it on. Making Tracy Terhune's 'emotional distress' claim all the sicker and sadder.

    Before Bret's death threats I was intending to check into the ER after my hearing with Terhune. However since I didn't go I was unable to come back down a little. However I began having severe pain over the week and by last Friday I was in the ER for that. Turned out I had a specific ailment caused by stress. This was the literal doctor's diagnosis (and to avoid letting them have fun with it; I don't wish to describe it. Let's just say it was very unpleasant. Another doctor diagnosed the rest of the symptoms; I'll be seeking treatment for that this week after I'm done dealing with the courts in relation to this trio of evil.

    Someone had the balls to call me 'evil'. I'd like to know what I've ever done that was evil. I just want to write and be left alone. I dont want these dramas and if the rest of my life passed with no such events occurring I would be happy as pie. Jaydon is a proven conman who has stalked me for 4 years now; though I've left him alone for 2. Tracy Terhune is an evil old man who doesn't like people stealing his imaginary fame. He has money to harass anyone into oblivion. That alone is bringing on half of my ailments. I've spent the last few days trying to keep from having a panic attack. But nope, bf seen the new blog and fake reverb and had to tell me. The thoughts of dealing with any of the 3 is just ruining my life.

    David Bret is the evilest man of all. He sent me this, the latest death threat, a few days ago (in fact right after my hospital visit):

    From: DAVID BRET
    Sent: Sat 7/10/10 1:29 AM
    To: misspickford @forgetthetalkies.com
    You really do enjoy having your finger on the self-destruct button....
    And time is running out for KLB.
    Wouldn't it be nice to still be around to open your Christmas presents surrounded by your family and what few friends you have left?
    Even now, it could be called off.
    If only....

    Within hours he and Jaydon had put up the new site and music site. While I admit having Boycott Bret is a bit uncouth; I have tried my best to source everything and until the day a certain someone outed me, keep a neutral news journal tone. This post is obviously more my own woes and thoughts, not a journalistic approach. Why did I create this site? Because after my court case with Terhune, within a week, both Jaydon and Bret reappeared harassing me for no particular reason (I had done nothing in months for Bret, and years for Jaydon, to egg either of them on). Bret was really horrendous and I wanted to defend anyone he went against. But I didn't want a shitstorm; so I did it anonymously. Seeings what has happened since you can obviously see why.

    I'm annoyed people keep tying others, particularly Evelyn Zumaya, to me or this site. She has nothing to do with it and never has. And frankly I dont wish to talk about her right now. She's disappeared and gone her own way, yet Bret keeps on her. And Dusty Springfield fans. That's exactly why a site like this exists.

    I'm not going to go tit for tat with these idiots. I'm going to go to court and do what I can. I'm also going to protect my health as I'm not going to let them kill me physically, let alone mentally.

    Shame on anyone who thinks them well. I doubt they have 'over 300 emails' but I do bet they have the group of 10 clicking their talons together and licking their lips going 'Excellent'. Sick.

    Thursday, June 24, 2010
    Responding to a Wall
    Responding to David Bret is like responding to a wall; or make that wall eyed?

    He thinks he knows but he doesn't. And while he thinks he can silence us with threats he can't. He's just throwing accusations out (as usual) hoping to see something stick. You can keep slandering people David Bret, you will whether we are here or not, but we won't be going away. And you have never guessed it right. So keep trying. You contradict yourself so many times its hard to keep track. First we're a 'wop bastard' and then we're all still one male. Then we're Chris Wagenti. Then we're Pickford, then we're Zumaya, then we're 'half a dozen ladies'. You've never hit it and we will not be replying again on the matter.

    Not a one of David Bret's books have ever been received well. Including his Morrissey one which we linked to and which also has unfavorable reviews in other areas. Not a one of David Bret's books has ever been received well. We'll be returning to citing their factual errors soon enough. On our own schedule.

    Also of interest, David Bret did not respond to the fact that he made up lies about H. Just that his book 'sold well' (no proof) and that it was received well, and that we're a bunch of ladies. Not exactly the high road when you don't even deny making up pedophilia claims against someone who didn't like your book. (link) (The link and proof were to older posts you'll see in a minute)

    Saturday, June 12, 2010
    Once Again David Bret
    David Bret has once again shown he does not understand the difference between a forum and a blog. Chris Agenti does not exist here. Beyond those emails we have had no contact from him, and make no judgement on the claims this supposed man has put forth; other than they sound straight out of a fictional David Bret slanderous ''biography''.

    David Bret has made up an outrageous story about this supposed Agenti, complete with the same email address and pictures. Yet he has not proven anything. No links. No dates. No forum names. No screenshots. To the best of our knowledge Wagenti or Agenti does not exist. However David Bret does make the claim that this Agenti is after him for his Morrissey book, a possibility.

    David Bret has made claims about where and when this supposed man or others have harassed him. We looked up those claims. They were proven false. We will post more on the matter when the time is appropriate.

    Friday, June 11, 2010
    David Bret and his Family Feuds
    David Bret has long had a history of not getting along with the families of the dead celebrities he has slandered. Many fans wonder why the families of these celebrities never speak up. Several actually have. And Bret has replied with the expected results:

    Clark Gable

    Clark Gable had a daughter with Loretta Young, named Judy Lewis. Lewis did not know Gable was her father and only met him once in her teen years. She grew up well adjusted and wrote a book, "Uncommon Knowledge" about her life. She now practices therapy in California (note: she has since passed away.)

    While just what Lewis has said in regards to David Bret's slanderous book, "Clark Gable: Tormented Star" is not easy to find. However Bret has gone off on her several times including this blog entry from December 2009, calling her 'Judge Judy' and mocking her looks:

    "...It all began with a letter from a woman called Debbie Tambourine-Snot....something like that. "Mr Bret, are you a homosexual?" Three times she wrote to me, and methinks, "Does she want to employ me at some little grotto in Pershing Square, or is she just another one that's fallen out of the cuckoo's nest?" Then comes another missive, "Mr Bret, you LOOK like a homosexual! Unless you admit that you are a homosexual, I will write to the press and expose you as one!"

    Mmm, and how would she do that? Does she have the secret video of yours truly doing The Sailor's Tango (naval-to-naval, but no semen) with Charlie Laughton when he was in his Quasimodo get-up. "Say, Chuck, I just ejaculated down the back of your jacket!" To which Quasi responds, "Thank the Lord for that, I thought my hump had burst!" And then come more missives from DTS. Nasty stuff admonishing me for doing the dirty on her hero, Clark Gable.

    And in tandem an equally vehement letter from Gable's daughter, no less, suggesting that I never had parents and calling me a word which rhymes with work--suggestive that I am an overt enthusiast of J Arthur Rank.

    Ms Lewis (loved her Lamb Chop, by the way, but not the movies with Dino--too daft to laugh at) says that I am disgusting to write in such a way a tissue of lies about someone I never knew, someone she loved dearly, blah-blah-blah. But, HANG ON A MINUTE, JUDY! Firstly, I must have been the millionth person to observe that Rhett Butler advocated a little uphill gardening as a means of getting his leg on the Tinsel Town ladder. Bill Haines dined out on that story for years--and he was the one digging the border, if you get my drift.

    Secondly, you may have loved Gable the actor, but during his lifetime you could not possibly have loved him as your father--taking into account how you came to be, the result of a very well-publicised (not least of all by yourself in your book!) liaison between Gable and Loretta Young--the one which resulted in you entering the world, and immediately afterwards entering a children's home, from whence Loretta adopted you and for the rest of her life kept the truth from the world. Indeed, Gable knew who you were, but never acknowledged your existence for fear of evoking a scandal, or for reasons known only to himself. Indeed again, you did not learn the truth about your parentage (your own admittance in your book and in the television documentary, Living Dangerously) until many years after Gable's death, and when Loretta had also departed for that great love-fest in the sky..

    There is no shame in being born on the wrong side of the blanket--I have another word for this written on my birth certificate. What IS shameful, though, is that you prejudge what I have written about a father you never knew--particularly when I have written nothing that hasn't been written before. The fans certainly approve--over 100,000 of them! Clark Gable, your father, would have been ashamed of you!"

    Bret has also recently written a tirade on Gable's daughter insisting she had no right to speak as bastard was according to him 'written on her birth certificate'. He has since removed that posting.

    Marlene Dietrich

    Dietrich had a daughter named Maria Riva who has written a biography of her mother. Bret has constantly ranted against Riva, who he proudly notes tried to stop his book, "Marlene My Friend" from publication.

    "Anyone who supports Christina Crawfish and Maria Rivachefolle as GOOD daughters cannot possibly be the full shilling, so I guess I can forgive you, my dear, for your selfish comments. I guess also that Joan Crawford will be weeping her eyes out in heaven right now because you have stopped watching her films."

    (*Note* Bret went on a rampage about this and never released any proof)

    Joan Crawford

    While Joan Crawford had some notorious issues with her children (re: Mommy Dearest), she did indeed have decent relationships with a few of them. Crawford's Grandson, Casey LaLonde, runs a website dedicated to his Grandmother. LaLonde has written a foreword for a Crawford biography by Michelle Vogel.

    LaLonde has written of David Bret's slandering, "Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr" twice,

    "April 28, 2006

    Q: Hi Casey,

    I seen your note in the book Joan Crawford: Her Life In Letters and so know you approve that book but how do you feel about this new book book Hollywood Martyr which doesn't show your Grandmother in best of light and see it is released in UK but would like to purchase but I live in Canada??? And no offence but you will probably get asked also about the new DVD updated verison of Mommie Dearest which must be hard for you to look at as know the book and movie Mommie Dearest is a she said/she said story.

    Thanks for an answer if you are able to give one.



    A: May 3, 2006

    Hello Tom,

    Author David Bret is taking quite a chance in publishing such inflammatory information in his new book "Hollywood Martyr." He makes some claims, such as my grandmother was a prostitute and that three of her husbands were gay. The reviews I have read so far indicate he offers no proof to backup his allegations. I do not want to tip my hand, but I may consider legal action against him and the publisher. British libel laws protect not only the living, but the dead.

    American libel laws are more forgiving, understandably so with our 1st Amendment Constitutional protections. However, Mr. Bret's book was published in Britain, so the ball is in my court, so to speak . . .

    As for purchase, the UK's version of Amazon has it for sale. You will have to pay international shipping, but I would consider waiting a few months to see if it makes it across the Atlantic. It doesn't appear to offer any groundbreaking information anyway.

    As for the DVD release of "Mommie Dearest" this June, I have made my peace with the movie. It is a high camp masterpiece that in no way resembles my grandmother or her life. I just think of Faye Dunaway's career before and after "Mommie Dearest" and giggle. Ms. Dunaway filmed "Bonnie and Clyde," "Network" and "Chinatown" before "Mommie Dearest." Following the film's release, she has appeared in nothing as noteworthy, except playing opposite an orangutan in "Dunston Checks In" and as the villainess in "Supergirl."

    Thanks for the questions!


    "November 13, 2006

    Q: Hi Casey,

    What a great website!! Joan is one of my favorites esp. the 30's and early 40's movies. My question involves David Bret's new book on Joan "Hollywood Martyr". What is your opinion? I thought it was the worst researched and written book on Joan ever{and I have read many}. It is second to "Mommie Dearest" in its lies and distortions. I am sick of reading about Joan's supposed bed partners and feuds. Any more info on your book - I am looking forward to the definitive Joan book from someone that actually knew and loved her-the good and the bad.

    Also do you know the real reason TCM can not show "Letty Lynton?" It is the only early Joan movie I did not see. Thanks for your time and hope to read your book as soon as it is released.

    Mary Ann
    Bethlehem Pa.

    November 13, 2006

    A: Hello Mary Ann,

    Welcome to the website and thanks for the questions.

    From what I have heard of David Bret's book, it is full of scandal and gossip that in no way sheds new or more interesting light on my grandmother's life and career. Just another poor example of autobiography published to make a buck. I support your position that the book is the second worst ever!..."

    Slow to the news (4 years after the postings) Bret has made two tirades against LaLonde, one on his angry corner and one on his normal site. Attempting to court our site and mingle it with his previous rants Bret wrote of LaLonde, "BOLLOCKS, you gormless-looking reptile. And they say that I make things up! You no more remember that meeting than I remember fighting at Mafeking. You made it all up. No five-year old remembers stuff like that. And way back then you considered suing me. You talk even more bollocks than the BBC, who doubtless will break their necks (PLEASE GOD!) to inform you of Bret's latest vituperative caper! I have to say though, studying that picture you're one hell of a cute guy. Valentino would certainly have enjoyed making those specs steam up by fucking some sense into you! Might even fancy having a go myself, if I were this inclined. Sorry, mate. Best bending down for Tom Twat!"

    This isn't the first time Bret has made sexual overtures to someone he ranted about; having done so to Evelyn Zumaya a few months ago. Bret then returned to his regular site and wrote something in direct contradiction of LaLonde's own writings above, "Casey is Joan Crawford's grandson, and needless to say he doesn't like Bret or Faye Dunaway, who played Joan in the film "Mommie Dearest". The film was based on daughter from hell Christina's account of her alleged abusive mother. Joan was, I hasten to add, THE goddess supreme! Casey doesn't like Bret because he wrote a few things about his granny that LaLoony didn't approve of--facts that had been written elsewhere, and often: the stag movies, the gay hubbies, etc. He claims that Ms Dunaway never made any worthwhile films after MD, doubtless because fans were so outraged they never wanted to see her again. He's talking testicles, of course. But he's talking double-testicles if he expects us to believe that he visited Joanie when he was just five years old, and that he remembers every last detail of that visit, along with every single word she said. Not even Wolfgang Plugg or Stephen Hawkin would have that kind of memory!"

    Rudolph Valentino

    (Note: You all know what happened later, this predates Affairs Valentino)

    While Rudolph Valentino had no children of his own, his siblings Alberto and Maria both raised families. Alberto's Great Granddaughter/niece, Jeanine Villalobos has been the most public, writing a book about her Great Grandfather and his brother.

    In his ongoing efforts to bristle anyone Rudolph Valentino, David Bret took a spot on his angry corner for Villalobos, despite the fact the family has never commented on Bret's slander laden book, "Dream of Desire".

    Bret mocks her name and lineage stating, "The latest crackpot is Jeanine Villalobos. I know, who's going to crop up next. Won't be somebody with a name like Smith, and won't be some little old lady who looks like Angela Lansbury, but some freak with crimped Flappers-style hair, braces on her teeth, zits, and a face like the back of a bus. Oh, and she'll dislike men--if Rudy couldn't stag her, even in her dreams, then nobody else is going to get close to that zinging minge!

    Villalabials is the great-great-great (yawn) niece, or granddaughter, or whatever of Alberto Guglielmo, Rudy's brother who shuffled into Hollywood when Rusy was ill and when there was a chance of him pocketing a few bucks. There are so many "greats" and this and that removed that when someone asks her what her true relationship to the Great Lover was she replies, "One of my mother's ancestor's cat once shat on his doorstep!""

    Oddly Bret again makes many factual missives, such as accusing Villalobos of being against the annual memorial service held for Rudolph Valentino in Hollywood, California...despite a quick google search revealing she has attended and spoke for several years at the event, including the most recent event in August 2009. He also mocks her relationship with the organizers of the event, though Villalobos has never made any such statements.

    For good measure David Bret ends with another thinly veiled death threat, "Of course, they could invite them to this year's ceremony. They should shove Villalabials inside the tomb with Rudy....and boil Zumaya's bones for the glue to seal the door. Might even do the job myself if they asked me. Trouble is, my frail body would collapse under the strain of all the flowers the fans would toss at me for getting shot of these two dozy Doras."

    Part Three below

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    Re: Boycott David Bret posts (including death threats, slash fiction and of course admittance he writes garbage)

    Post  Guest on Tue Jan 31, 2012 4:07 pm

    David Bret tries to slander himself

    (Note: Bret was certain the blogger was some Wagenti guy. He went on and on about it.)

    Today David Bret topped himself. After several posts mocking the Rudolph Valentino authors looks, Bret began a tirade around the name 'Harry Plant'. In one day he made four posts on the matter all more defaming than the next.

    It started with a 'A Poem By Harry Plant: "Don't Pay When You Can Get It For Free!"" Which mostly consisted of once again mocking the death of Evelyn Zumaya's father in April,

    "When it comes to sex, Evie's brave,
    She keeps her dead dad in a cave,
    "I know it's disgusting,
    But he only needs dusting,
    And think of the money I save!"
    When alive, his hole was so tight,
    He could keep those cheeks clenched all the night..."

    This was followed by "Valentino Speaks!: Who is Harry Plant?" and "Valentino Speaks!: Mr. Lizard is Here in the Yard". In these two posts David Bret ranted, "Just for the record, in case this wall-eyed slag tried to deny it again. Why the fuck would I wish to send this vile, should-have-jumped-off-the-roof psycho an e-mail telling her that I had a nickname which is the name of a paedophile?" and "The Lizard In The Yard...Hello Harry Plant, Secret Message For David Bret, Suggesting that Bret has sex with little girls. You posed the question, "Who is Harry Plant?" and you proceeded to explain who he was. You only threaten people with the law. I do it."

    By now our readers are probably wondering "Who is Harry Plant?" and what that has to do with either David Bret or Evelyn Zumaya. Luckily Boycott David Bret already had the inside information on the matter.

    On May 20th, 2010, during our vacation, both Boycott Bret and Evelyn Zumaya received the same set of emails. It came from a "chriswagenti@ aol.co.uk". The email was highly suspicious, accusing David Bret of criminal acts that well, sounded like a David Bret blog. To Zumaya he claimed he had tried to send the email to Hala Pickford but was unable to (Pickford reports she did not receive a copy.)

    Wagenti or Agenti also claimed David Bret was not his real name. Both our team and Zumaya replied back, asking for more information. Agenti replied to both our team and Zumaya on May 23rd that David Bret's real name was Harry Plant, though the 'Harry' part was supposedly a nickname.

    While we are very glad to take tips and research them, we do not post unverified things or take such claims lightly. A search of Agenti and his email revealed nothing. A search of Harry Plant did the same. That was until our British friend reported that Harry Plant was a well known pedophile in the UK, who at one point had won the lottery. This person backed the story up with news sources. Both our team and Zumaya knew the email had likely come from David Bret himself. Neither of our sites decided to report on it, as it would be hard to prove.

    Zumaya hoped to get more information and posted an article "Who is Harry Plant?" on May 25th. The article made no mention of Bret beyond the 'tags' (keywords for your article) 'Hi "David"' and 'Secret messages to David Bret'.

    On June 7th, after David Bret had stolen Zumaya's watermarked photo of herself along with several photos of Hala Pickford, Zumaya posted a photo with one lizard riding a bicycle while pulling a carriage and another lizard riding in the back of the carriage. She titled it, "Mr. Lizard is Here in the Yard" and left the 'tags' which always are in a humorous manner, 'Don't Eat My Small Dog', 'Hello Harry Plant' and 'Moroccan Guests'. 'Moroccan Guests?' Read on. This is also probably an appropriate time to note that while indeed the other tags quoted by Bret in his posts were true Zumaya never used one titled 'Suggesting that Bret has sex with little girls' or anything like it.

    David Bret THEN began his tirades starting with the poem 'by Harry Plant' and the three following posts insisting "She has now started referring to me as "Harry Plant"--thick-as-pig-shit lesbian slag hasn't quite got the name right. He's the UK lottery winner who was imprisoned for having sex with girls. And she accuses ME of not having integrity?" The only problem with David Bret posting such things is Zumaya never told the story. She had never called David Bret 'Harry Plant'. And as an American she had no way of knowing who 'Harry Plant' was without David Bret tipping her off.

    That's right, David Bret tried to slander HIMSELF, figuring both our team and Zumaya would do as he did and not fact check a thing. Just because David Bret says it does not make it true. And that goes for anyone. We do not post fake stories, let alone slanderous stories.

    Below are the emails we received. Keep in mind to our knowledge NONE of the content of the emails are true. Based on the evidence this is David Bret sending fake messages as 'Chris W. Agenti' slandering HIMSELF:

    "On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 6:10 AM, wrote:

    hello, just wanted to say well done on what you are doing. thought i could provide a bit more info for you. you may already know these things but incase you don't... i used to be friends with jeanne (his poor wife) so spent a lot of time with the family. david likes to get drunk and tell stories. his favourite is about when he was arrested in paris and accused of assaulting a Moroccan man who had just arrived in the city. david was released without charge but he told me he picked the guy up in a gay bar, took him back to his apartment, locked him in his guest room and repeatedly sodomized the poor man for 4 days. they nearly lost their son because of david's drug use and violent outbursts. he was taken into care for a while but again there was not enough evidence. oh and you must know this but he makes fun of people for using pen names but david bret isn't even his real name. keep up the good work, chris"

    We replied,
    "From: Ban Bret <boycottbret@ gmail.com>
    To: chriswagenti@ aol.co.uk
    Sent: Fri, 21 May 2010 21:45
    Subject: Re: David Bret

    Could you clue us in on his real name? To publish something like this we'd obviously need to know we had something verifiable."

    David Bret as Agenti replied, "On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 2:19 AM, wrote:
    he's known to his friends as harry plant. i know plant is his real last name. first name is a nickname."

    Perhaps the most insidious aspect of this is the one post we have not mentioned so far. The second post of the day for Bret was titled, "The Most Vile Woman in the World" and once again used the stolen photo of Zumaya. In the past David Bret has been known to post IP addresses, the numbers associated with anything you do online which could help someone find any of your internet activity as well as zero in on your general location (ex: "British Telecommunications", Warrington, Leeds, UK"). However David Bret took it one step further than he has with the Mario Lanza fans. He posted Zumaya's private email address, her IP, and a phone number he believed to be 'both her and Pickford's'. Not content with just posting it on his angry corner he also made sure to post it on Facebook, attempting to incite fans into harassing both Zumaya and Pickford, "And if you want to hear what these loonies sound like its PHONE NUMBER REDACTED My advice is to wait while they answer, then blow a football whistle down the receiver and give the bitches a heart attack!"

    David Bret once again mistakes Zumaya as the author of Boycott Bret (which yet again is wrong Bret. There's more than one person and we are not who you think we are): "And how diligently you worked, writing FIFTY pages of crap on the Boycott Bret forum you opened. If that doesn't prove what a fucking joke you are, nothing will. Do you honestly think anybody's going to be interested in what some nutter Doris Day fan called Eunice Blotter has to say about me? Amazon is choc-a-bloc with such idiots--it's a desperate attempt to draw attention to their meaningless lives."

    Bret has also made several more death threats aimed at Zumaya including, "Oh, how I would have loved to be up on that roof when she was having that picture taken. There's have been a bloody big pizza on the ground below, I can tell you!" and "Any more of this Harold Plant stuff and you'll wish YOU'D snuffed it while your dead dad's dick was wedged past your larynx. Don't EVER underestimate me, Vampira. You may think you're tough, and your lezzie retard mates may give you strength--but where will THEY be when the crunch comes? You will be in your grave before you get the better of this "lizard"."

    As well as, "Evelyn Zumaya, I hope that some day somebody DOES slit your worthless, lying throat. Whoever that person might be will be very well rewarded by me. You are the lowest of the low. Slime has nothing on you. I hope you succumb to the most painful death in the history of the Mankind you should never have belonged to in the first place you vile, vile harridan! " and once again proving he is hoping to incite violence on both her and Pickford by posting the personal information, "You have touched a raw nerve, Zumaya. Just pray that we never meet face to face. Only one of us will walk away from that meeting alive...and it will NOT be you. That's IF, of course, someone else doesn't get to you before I do once I have posted this information and your contact/address details in the relevant places. "

    Both Pickford and Zumaya have written to say neither have yet experienced any harassment from the posting despite David Bret's belief that he has an army of vigilant readers who feel the same as he does. The phone number belongs to Pickford's publishing company and according to her email she has not received any out of the ordinary calls for the day.

    Meanwhile Bret has sent the following email to Zumaya, Pickford and Boycott Bret likely trying to incite another fake email exchange:

    "Tue, Jun 8, 2010 at 12:35 PM
    subject Valentino Speaks!: Who Is Harry Plant?
    signed-by btinternet.com hide details 12:35 PM (28 minutes ago) valentinospeaks.blogspot.com/2010/05/who-was-harry-plant.html -- Shared using Google Toolbar pp Wakefield CID
    pp Wm Towells, Solicitors"

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    David Bret's Jealous Amazon Obsession
    David Bret has a long history of harassing people on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk . When he began harassing the Jean Harlow fans they cited some of his reviews to himself such as one for his Joan Crawford book, "The lone five-star review came from Bret himself. He also responded to several of the reviews; this, on the second comment above, typified his tone: "Anyone who supports Christina Crawfish and Maria Rivachefolle as GOOD daughters cannot possibly be the full shilling, so I guess I can forgive you, my dear, for your selfish comments. I guess also that Joan Crawford will be weeping her eyes out in heaven right now because you have stopped watching her films.""

    Unfortunately for us the reviews she cited have been removed. David Bret has a history of doing two things: harassing people who give him 1 star reviews and blatantly giving his own books 5 star reviews. It appears Amazon.com won't tolerate most of this, most of David Bret's assaults remain on Amazon UK.

    Doris Day

    On his "Doris Day: Reluctant Star" (Aurum Press) Amazon.com page there are three reviews all with a one star rating. All have been assault by David Bret to such a point that Amazon.com had delete his comments:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Mario Lanza:

    On Amazon UK Bret posted two conspiracy theory styled comments on negative reviews (the book holds two reviews giving it one star) for his book, "Mario Lanza: Sublime Serenade".

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    David Bret also harassed the US reviews on Amazon.com:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Joan Crawford:

    On his book "Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr" Bret has 31 reviews on Amazon.com. 17 of them are 1 star. Of the top rated reviews Bret couldn't help but comment:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Bret gave himself a mighty 5 star review on Amazon UK:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Clark Gable:

    David Bret's Clark Gable book, "Clark Gable: Tormented Star" is perhaps one of the most fierce examples of readers biting back. The book has a 1 and a half star rating on Amazon.com, with 11 out of 16 reviews giving the ol 1 star. The top review, "A One Star Rating Is One Star Too Much" written in December 2007, has a 56 out of 59 helpful rating. It also has 20 comments, many from Bret that are now deleted:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Judy Garland:

    Judy fans got off lucky as Bret's book "Divas - Judy Garland" never came to pass, but apparently has an Amazon listing. That didn't stop him from giving it a 5 star review:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Rudolph Valentino:

    For "Dream of Desire" Bret has repeatedly harassed fans on Amazon US, including this conspiracy theory laden (most of the reviews predate any of the authors he has harassed) review that was later removed:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Jean Harlow:

    David Bret's "Jean Harlow: Tarnished Angel" has 8 reviews on Amazon UK, with a 2 star average rating. The highest rated review titled "What a Crock" had a long exchange with Bret:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    The book also has 7 reviews and a 1 star rating on Amazon.com. Again David Bret had to comment:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Not only does David Bret enjoy such antics as mentioned above, but he also has a habit of giving reviews to rival books that are highly rated, yet by authors who have contention with him. One of his most recent obsessions has been to review Hala Pickford, constantly. Pickford provided us with the screenshots, noting that each time one review is removed David Bret soon posts another one. In her email to us she stated that, "In the beginning he didn't even bother hiding he hadn't read the book, which ironically is on Google Books. Around my birthday he posted a fake review calling me 'Mr. Pickford' attempting to sound like he really had read the book. Finally he began mimicking other reviews, again trying to sound authoritative." Pickford sent us the screenshots noting that today had sent her over the edge, Bret had posted one fake review that was soon deleted, but immediately placed another (Pickford noted that the date has stayed 'April 18th' though these have been posted on different dates.)

    *Sorry this SEVERAL pictures*

    Not content with just Amazon reviewing, David Bret has written at least two articles on Pickford's book stating quote, "Clearly, when not dreaming of being kerped by that splendid 9.5-incher, Our Hala gets wet over the notion of Natacha squatting on her face. All in all, a perfect match--a Russian arse and a Neanderthalic mush! Again, as with Homophobe Number One, there's another edition of this other than this one vanity-published by 1921 PGV (yes, it DOES stand for Pulsating Geriatric Vaginas), which I would highly recommend. The REAL Rambova's memoirs, albeit choc-a-bloc with bullshit, as opposed to this rubbish where Halitosis interjects so much, the tome becomes as much of a joke as she is. Why put money in the pockets of a 23-year-old loony who poses for pictures with a machine gun--and who publicly declares that she wants to set yours truly AND the legendary Kenneth Anger on fire? The girl whose smug expression was knocked off her face when she attempted to sue a respectable author for slander, and ended up with him slapping her with a defamation suit. The girl who calls people ugly--yet who has a face which looks like she's spent her whole life sucking eggs out of ducks." Of course this is nothing new, Bret has stated that Pickford has 'lice, nits' and continually refers to her 'wet gusset' and 'baboon placenta of a face'. Pickford insisted that we include the note that while Bret mocked her spelling of 'du jour' he can't seem to spell her company name right (PVG) as it would ruin his mocking, "1921 PGV (yes, it DOES stand for Pulsating Geriatric Vaginas)"

    However Hala Pickford's release isn't the only book to suffer Bret's jealous wrath. Below is his Amazon UK review of David Stenn's "Bombshell: The Life and Death of Jean Harlow" which has 6 reviews (excluding Bret's) that are all 4 and 5 stars.

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Let's end this post with one more Valentino reference as it is very apt to David Bret's mannerisms and obsessions. On May 18th Valentino Speaks posted a reader's letter (more so poetry) that mentioned David Bret's Rudolph Valentino book "Dream of Desire" being #38 on the Gay Books Chart for Amazon.com. Zumaya noted that as of May 18th it was #46. David Bret took offense to this, as he constantly claims his book is a top seller though the figures don't back it up. By May 23rd the book had magically shot up the ranks, making #11 on the Gay Books chart.

    By May 24th the rank was back down to the 70s. As of today it doesn't even rank on the Gay Books list, and has dropped even further off the general list:

    *Sorry this is a picture*

    Maybe David Bret bought 600 copies for a penny just to raise the ranks?

    Sunday, June 6, 2010

    David Bret's Death Obsession

    David Bret hasn't given up. In the last month he's written 76 posts on his 'angry corner', most of which are tirades against the Valentino authors and anyone who commented on their sites. Not content on just harassing that fan base David Bret started again on fans of Mario Lanza, those he's dubbed 'Lanza Loonies'. Recycling the same ol same ol insults he mocked their weight, education, projects and told one poor male fan repeatedly to have sex with his mother. Seems David Bret has the same notecards for every set of fans he encounters. During this tirade he renamed his blog from 'Down with Valentino Flappers and Forum Loonies" to "David Bret: Angry Corner Where He Lets Off Steam'

    But his Lanza obsession seems to have been put on hold again, as in the 6 days we've had of June, Bret has already written 15 posts on his angry corner and 5 posts on his regular blog, mostly to Rudolph Valentino author Evelyn Zumaya. Not only are they mostly to her, but most contain death threats of some nature. On June 4th he titled a post, "Evelyn Zumaya RIP (fingers crossed!)". After making such statements as, "Now I am telling you that this world would be a better place if you WERE dead--in fact, you are a walking corpse already, your brainless head stuck in the past. Nothing would make me happier if you DID kill yourself. In fact, to quote Morrissey regarding Mrs Thatcher, "If someone murdered that woman, I would marry that person, male or female."" and "When your book comes out--IF it comes out--you will really see what it's like to have the piss taken out of you. Of course, I would love nothing better than for it come out posthumously--next week, perhaps? Read into that what you will, you fucking obnoxious zombie." David Bret then promised that, "And rest assured that if you do write anything else about your obsession--ME--I will not be reading it."

    Of course Bret then went on to write no less than 5 posts for her on the Angry Corner and three on his regular site. He also went on trying to legally cover his behind over his death threats stating in a follow up post, "Do I wish for her to be dead?

    YES...YES...YES....A THOUSAND TIMES YES if it's the only way she will stop her constant whining!

    Do I wish to perpetrate the deed?

    NO....NO....NO! Much as I would like to see her disembowelled, gutted, chopped in pieces, fried in oil, grated like gorgonzola, picked over by vultures, pickled in brine, dogged by a fly-blown camel (the only creature on four legs that's uglier than she is)--or upside down under the guillotine, upon whose blade there would naturally be a portrait of Valentino. And even while her head was dropping into the basket, those jaws would still be clacking. "He's straight! He's straight!""

    On June 5th he promised another end all saying he was done with her. Of course by June 6th he'd put up three more posts for the author, mocking her recent re-release of Valentino's book of poetry "Day Dreams". A book which only a few days ago hit Amazon and the foreword writer herself reports to us she does not yet have a physical copy...so needless to say neither does David Bret.

    But we'll get to that in a minute. For now Bret's latest words to Evelyn Zumaya were so eloquently put as, "Some wacko asked me if the two gorgeous men on my logo are my twin brothers! Nope, beauty like that doesn't run in my family. You'll notice if you check up on the photo info it says "inbreeding".
    They're twins all right--born to a certain swamp lady, no names, no pack-drill, after she was repeatedly fucked senseless by her daddy!
    It's called keeping it in the family.
    "Daddy's a good fuck, Mum, and so are you!"
    "I know, both my brothers and your two sons say exactly the same thing, though none of them was as good as fuck as our grandad! Now shut up and eat your placenta pie!""

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010
    Bret's continued Desire Circle
    David Bret has been on a rampage the past week, insisting either Evelyn Zumaya or Hala Pickford is writing for this blog. When he was unable to prove either accusation he decided to focus on that 'Italian rat faced bastard' who he termed in an extremely violent email to us as a quote, 'Thought about paying someone to slit your eyeballs, you wop bastard, or maybe your throat. Then decided against it.'

    Bret better pay for more than one person, as there is more than one of us writing. And we are not all male. And not all Italian. But continue on David Bret. We will continue debunking your books, but on our own schedules. Bret has also been on a tirade about our findings that the Marlene Dietrich tapes may not actually exist. Bret claims they were aired on TV in 1992. He gives no further details and much like the 'Valentino secret diaries' this does not verify anything for us. If the tapes do indeed exist, and are in his possession, why not post a clip on his expletive filled blog? Its 2010, not 1992. Prove it Bret. Or we won't believe you.

    Evelyn Zumaya has continued her request for David Bret's sources for his Rudolph Valentino ''biography'' "Dream of Desire". Bret has been unable to answer her request; unless one counts making many homophobic slurs while labeling Zumaya as a homophobe. Bret has been relentless in dodging the request, insisting quote "You see, Evelyn and her fellow fillies believe in copious notes at the end of every chapter so that the reader gets confused, of just nods off." . Bret has continued to mock Zumaya's research calling it 'boring' and that he 'nodded off' instead of listening to her speech. Of course Bret has long admitted he doesn't research anything.

    David Bret has claimed his next book will be 'self published' which seems to prove his theory that 'publishers don't want sources' is no longer accurate. Bret commented on facebook (where he continually mocks Zumaya and Pickford, claiming he has to 'keep his fans informed') that "Heartfelt thanks to Evelyn Zumaya for setting up the "Boycott David Bret" site, as a result of which my Valentino biography is to be republished!" Of course Bret must have changed his mind as the day before he posted, "Funny thing, this "Boycott David Bret" forum. All the posts are by the same loony Valentino fan, it's had less than 100 hits (twenty of them mine), but the fuss that I made over it upped the hits to my site by 3,000 this week--as a result of which my biography of Valentino has been reprinted, along with the US editions..." (not even close Bret.)

    This led to some interesting research on our behalf. On Monday, literally three minutes after crediting us with his book being republished (but before crediting Zumaya), Bret posted an interesting link on his facebook. It was to Lulu.com, which had his Dream of Desire listed. When one searches just 'David Bret' several of his books are listed, including his slandering of Clark Gable, Edith Piaf, Joan Crawford, and Dusty Springfield. What's interesting is almost all of the books list 'Da Capo Press' except "Dream of Desire", and a recently released ''biography'' on Dusty Springfield.

    "Dream of Desire" was originally printed in 1996, and reprinted in 2007 by Da Capo Press which still exists. However "Dream of Desire" is listed as 'Carroll & Graf Publishers', which folded in 2007. Considering Bret posted it so soon after his 'reprinted' claim, its likely this is 'the reprinting'. And since Carroll & Graf Publishers no longer exists its very likely a self publishing job, which is mainly what Lulu.com is used for.

    As promised it seems the Dusty Springfield 'biography' is his latest self publishing venture, being released under his own name and nothing more on April 20th, 2010. Seems no big publisher will touch David Bret's slander anymore. Maybe Doris Day and Jean Harlow were the tipping points last year?

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010
    Marlene My Friend: An Intimate Biography
    In 1993 David Bret released his ''biography'' on Marlene Dietrich titled "Marlene My Friend: An Intimate Biography". It was released in 2001 on Robson books.

    Dietrich died in 1992. Much like Garbo a crop of books sprung up after her death, all purporting to be THE biography. And much like Garbo, some in the crop claimed to be directly by ''close friends'' of Garbo, though most went unsubstantiated and rivaled Hollywood Babylon for 'most fictional biography ever'. Unlike Garbo, Dietrich actually wrote/worked on three books during her life: Marlene Dietrich's ABC (1962), Marlene (1989) and Some Facts About Myself (1990).

    Bret has long alleged he had a 'close' friendship with Dietrich, though others heavily dispute this. According to her daughter, Maria Riva, Dietrich stayed in bed from 1979 till her death in 1992. She would call and ask to have errands run, averaging 30 calls a day, while running up a phone bill of about $3,000 a month. She also drank quite heavily and took many prescription pills. (source). Her daughter insists it was the alcohol that did her in, and that when she didn't drink her mind was clear. But when she did she could be quite a different difficult person (source). This lends credit to the fact that if Bret did indeed get the access he claims, it might have been in quite a weaselly way.

    Maria Riva wrote her own Dietrich biography, "Marlene Dietrich" in 1994. Riva has been active in maintaining and promoting her mother's legacy. Bret however has severe issues with her, just like he does with Joan Crawford's daughter and granddaughter, as well as Clark Gable's daughter. From his own website quote, "In The Piaf Legend, Bret quoted from Dietrich's autobiography, and as a matter or course wrote to her asking for permission to use this. Several months after its publication, she contacted him--they had already met briefly in 1973 when her car had run over his foot! There was an instant rapport. The Brets were invited to Dietrich's apartment in Paris, and within months she was dictating her story to him--and co-producing with him what would be the last album compilation during her lifetime: The Essential Marlene Dietrich. She also wrote the foreword to Maurice Chevalier: Up On Top Of A Rainbow. The Dietrich book was published in 1993, a year after her death. Her daughter, Maria Riva--lovingly referred to by Bret as Maria Rivachefolle, tried to stop publication by demanding that he hand over his and Dietrich's taped interviews. She failed. These make for fascinating listening, if only to hear the 90-year-old Dietrich duetting on Moi je m'ennuie with her much younger confidant!"

    To begin with, no one else seems to have heard these tapes. They could be much like the 'secret Valentino diaries', i.e. non existent or not containing what he claims they do. It's hard to verify online whether Bret actually worked on "The Essential Marlene Dietrich" CD, but her official site does list it. Why does that matter? Because they won't even dignify his book with an answer, thus he may have had no role in it.

    While biographies based on interviews can be more fiction than fact through no fault of the interviewer (ex: "Mae West" by Charlotte Chandler), it seems more people than not either don't believe the things Bret came up with, or that something is wrong with his book.

    Not only does Maria Riva's book not mention David Bret, but the following mostly 4 to 5 star rated Dietrich books also avoid mentioning or citing Bret in any form or way:

    Marlene Dietrich By Alexander Walker
    Marlene Dietrich: photographs and memories from the Marlene Dietrich ... By Jean-Jaques Naudet, Maria Riva, Werner Sudendorf, Filmmuseum Berlin--Deutsche Kinemathek
    A woman at war: Marlene Dietrich remembered By J. David Riva, Guy Stern
    Marlene Dietrich By Maria Riva
    Marlene Dietrich: Life and Legend by Steven Bach
    Blue angel: the life of Marlene Dietrich By Donald Spoto

    In fact the only two Dietrich books that cite Bret (and minimally at that) are the two most questionable: The Girls: Sappho Goes to Hollywood By Diana McLellan and Dietrich icon By Gerd Gemünden, Mary R. Desjardins. The McLellan book takes every rumor and inneundo as true, while the Icon book doesn't seem to fact check. This is not limited to Bret. Both books cite Bret about 3 times.

    Unlike the straight Rudolph Valentino, Dietrich was bisexual. Her daughter covered the subject well in her own book. So is it homophobic to question Bret's 'secret tapes' book? In his mind, probably. One of his biggest claims from the interviews was Marlene's admittance to being in "The Joyless Street" with Garbo. Yet again no one has seemed to fact check anything beyond Bret's claims.

    Film Museum Berlin covered these books in their May 12th, 2000 newsletter. They cited and reviewed many books, but not Bret's. Their only reference to Bret came from this paragraph, "In the past years Donald Spoto, Alexander Walker and David Bret have published biographies on Marlene, which are now reprinted with new covers and the old story.To put it mildly, they are somehow outdated in the light of Maria Rivas efforts. Do we have to read it all again and even pay for it?A new (or is it the old one just reprinted?) English edition of Donald Spotos book “The Blue Angel” will be on sale in the U.S. beginning June 2000."

    Bret originally left tirades on reviews for both Riva's book and a Crawford biography. These have been removed but one tirade remains, "Anyone who supports Christina Crawfish and Maria Rivachefolle as GOOD daughters cannot possibly be the full shilling, so I guess I can forgive you, my dear, for your selfish comments. I guess also that Joan Crawford will be weeping her eyes out in heaven right now because you have stopped watching her films."

    While one can not always take a star's family at face value, it should be of note that Riva's biography is highly rated and reviewed. While she admits to the faults of her mother, she never reaches 'Mommy Dearest' territory. This woman has been working tirelessly for 20 years to promote her mother's legacy, generally not a sign one had a grudge to hold.

    To purchase Maria Riva's book click here. For more on Dietrich click here.

    David Bret admits he writes fiction and presents it as fact

    In the same vicious email to Valentino author Evelyn Zumaya, David Bret ranted, "You're a nobody, and with that attitude you'll always be a nobody. You accuse me of making stuff up. What the hell are you doing?
    You remove that list right now, otherwise I will become your worst nightmare--and that IS a threat. And you can take me to any court in the land. I would see you swing for what you have said. There's a big difference between getting your fanny wet over some fantasy you're having for some eons dead film star--but telling LIES like that when you haven't a rat's ass clue what you are talking about--that is poisonous. In fact, if you don't leave me alone, I will MAKE you take me to court--and then we'll see which one of us is trash. It sure as hell won't be me!"

    Not content with harassing the author over her recently deceased father, Bret started a new string of emails. This, interestingly, had Bret once again admitting he wrote fiction.

    In an email to Hala Pickford (here), Bret stated, "It is now now fashionable to have source notes: my own publisher actually discourages them claiming that it confuses the reader--hence the bibliography in the back." The bibliography which has no baring on the book at hand.

    At the same time he sent Zumaya an email stating, "Even if my book IS rubbish, I am always going to be believed more than such people."

    In this latest email to Zumaya, Bret went even further admitting, "My career will continue--I'll keep on "slandering" people and writing crappy books which sell by the shed load because nobody likes me...I'll keep on being "evil" towards women because, strange as it may seem, it's only a certain type of woman who takes exception to some of the things I write. In my list I have seventeen of them, and just four men. Not hundreds or thousands, as you appear to think. Twenty-one detractors whose lives I made hell, compared with the two-million who have bought the books. That's a pretty impressive record, even if I say so myself...

    I may be a fiction writer, but many more people believe my "made up" stories and buy my books than will want to buy yours--and the people who know me know exactly how I deal with people like you, and applaud me for doing so. Indeed, I should imagine that this is only the very beginning--though like I say, you keep your trap shut and you won't hear from me again. And in response to your final quote--yes, I am an animal, but ALL animals are attracted to smelling shit."

    There you have it folks. David Bret has out and out admitted he writes fiction and presents it as fact, much like James Frey did. Where's the Oprah outcry?

    For a good example of just what we're talking about see this article where Bret couldn't defend his research against Zumaya.

    David Bret decided he wasn't done harassing Evelyn Zumaya, one of the Valentino authors.

    He sent her a tirade which she posted alleging she not only ran this site but had quote "I don't really follow your crappy site, but when fifteen people e-mailed me to say that you accuse me of slandering PIAF---wow, the next thing I want to read about you is your fucking obituary!
    You're gonna get a hell of a lot of bother from Piaf fans for what you've done. Just hope one of them is driving that bus."

    For good measure he followed up with another vicious email, "And MARLENE DIETRICH?
    She was my BEST friend, my family!
    You evil slag--this time you have gone TOO far.
    If I was less of a gentleman, I would bloody well come over there and SHOW you how too far you have gone!
    You are not fit to breathe the same air as decent human beings.
    How dare you say that about Marlene, a woman I loved unconditionally.
    How would YOU like it if I started spreading rumours that you liked to get fresh with your father? Wouldn't be true, but it's just as bad as what you have said about Marlene."

    What Bret does not realize is that list is just a list of his ''books'' with no further commentary on the stars or the (non existent) factual content of the books. But since he asked so nicely we thought we'd give him the debunking he wants. We'll be working our way through the list, documenting factual errors and the battles Bret waged over the reaction to his ''research''.

    Sunday, April 25, 2010
    David Bret the Bully

    David Bret has been a busy boy. He has sent us two threatening emails, and alleged we are a 'trio of the Valentino Wet Gusset Brigade' on his new purple colored blog. Not even close Bret.

    With his all out harassing assault on the Valentino authors Bret has become paranoid, alleging various commentators are in some sort of conspiracy against him. In doing so David Bret has begun to harass any and everyone who has commented on either Evelyn Zumaya's or Hala Pickford's articles, whether the article in question had anything to do with Bret or not.

    This seems to be Bret's method of keeping others in fear, figuring that if anyone dare show public support for Hala Pickford or Evelyn Zumaya, that they deserved to be harassed into oblivion. Again this is not just support of the two Valentino writers or Bret related posts, but any support or comments in general.

    In Bret's 'wet gusset' missive he showers praise on a list of people Pickford has criticized, including one Pickford has obtained some sort of court order against. Showing his continued lack of decency Bret has bombarded a Valentino Facebook page, asking to be put in touch with Pickford's harasser. Bret has seemed to take a focus on Pickford, who has not written on her site since her hiatus. He has created two blogger profiles, 'Hunter' and 'Joey Stefano' showing a close up of her face. In the two emails he has sent us he seemed to take a focus on her, after making several lewd and typical comments he finished with 'No sane man would touch that hag with the cock of his worst enemy. Have I said enough yet for you to sue my worthless ass?' Bret seems to be unable to decide if he wants to be known as Hunter or not. He left us two comments under that name blatantly by him, but then left Evelyn Zumaya a comment under that name, "It now looks very likely that David Bret will be serving Ms Pickford and Ms Zumaya (Willimas) with a similar lawsuit for defamation." Zumaya states she does not know what the Willimas refers to. Bret seems to be obsessed with a lawsuit, constantly referring to one. It appears this stems from Pickford's post, making reference to dealing with Bret in a legal manner if necessary.

    In the same set of emails Bret takes offense to anyone who has commented on Pickford's writings, totaling no less than four names. In Bret's 'Wet Gusset' missive he names three names, some overlapping. Most names stem from Pickford's comments, while one comes from Amazon.

    Bret has challenged us to show our names and faces. He has also challenged any commentator to do the same when he can not find the information he wishes on them, "P...stupid bastard. Makes fun of what I look like yet posts a picture like that because no doubt he or she is ugly as fucking sin. Hope the cunt drops dead. " Pickford stated to us she believes he has singled out the anonymous commentator (one he named as one of the 'wet gusset brigade') because she was the only one he could find an email or name for. The commenter known as P has been a frequent commenter on Pickford's site, leaving comments that have nothing or little to do with David Bret. Regardless Bret has taken on an obsession with P, just as he has with 'Clara' and anonymous. Bret has sent no less than three emails to Pickford with P's username as the title, with harassing missives opening his letters.

    Still not satisfied Bret has taken to his stoop on facebook to harass two new commentators along with Pickford: Irezumi Muzan and a woman named Caroline. In two days he left no less than 13 comments, including posting a photo of both Pickford and Muzan making fun of their looks and encouraging others to do the same. For Pickford Bret had the following exchange, posting a photo from her style website Perpetual Flapper:

    David Bret:
    I for one would insist on putting a bag over my head just in case the bag over her head came off, lol

    Shaun Hewitt:
    Gorgon springs to mind.

    David Bret:
    Shaun, does that mean that her love garden is called "Gorgonzola", lol?

    Shaun Hewitt:

    David Bret:
    Shaun called her Gorgon, now I just get an e-mail saying she looks like Tommy Cooper in drag!

    Not content Bret then posted a photo of Muzan commenting "Irezumi Muzan, the lastest Valentino Cuckoo. Name means "Tattooed Temptress". Sure gives Tina Turner a run for her money, and has the gall to mock someone else's looks! Sorry babe, but I ain't tempted. Rudy might like you, though--spitting image of his Arab charger!" No one would bite so he followed up with his own comment, "each time I post it on one of their shites it comes back here!"

    Muzan runs a website, "Malignant Narcissism", which appears to have very little to do with silent film or Rudolph Valentino. In fact a search of her site reveals only three hits for 'Rudolph Valentino': an article on Hala Pickford and her court battle, a recently posted article on David Bret, and a review of a book by Hala Pickford. Interestingly enough the review was not positive.

    Bret decided Muzan must be part of his conspiracy too, posting a blog entry (click here) on her calling her a 'Rudolph Valentino Cuckoo', posting her photo and remarking, "Judging by this pic, our lovely lady could lose NINETY pounds and still be in line for the title-role in the new Divine biopic! Certainly wouldn't want those wrapped around my neck when I was down to the vinegar strokes!"

    Muzan pointed out in her own entry that, "He's told me I should lose 90lbs. I am 5'10" and weigh 135lbs. If I lost 90lbs, I would die. But perhaps that is what he is getting at. He likes to tell people who question him to die." (click here). Bret has repeatedly made fun of the way these women look, particularly Muzan and Pickford. He stated in his 'wet gusset' rant that the women deserved it for calling him quote, ""creepy", "dweeb", "pink" and "a writer of trash"". A search of the Valentino authors sites reveals no hits for dweeb, something Bret has repeated ad nausem in recent days. The only hits for 'creepy' come from comments, which Bret responded to by stalking the author. 'Pink' appears to come from Pickford's remarks about the color of Bret's site (which he has changed in the last few days) as well as panties. Trash also appears to come from a review by Pickford. Of all the writings by the Valentino authors and their responders, not a one has commented on Bret's looks.

    Bret...such a bully.

    Friday, April 23, 2010

    David Bret vs Hala Pickford
    In the ongoing war between David Bret and the Valentino authors and commentators (total count of people Bret is currently harassing about Valentino: 6) he has spent most of his hatred on the two authors: Evelyn Zumaya and Hala Pickford.

    Miss Pickford found our site yesterday, sending all she had on the matter. Pickford has taken a hiatus from her site, Forget the Talkies, citing Bret and his obsession over anyone who comments on her posts. Pickford has not spoken about Bret or replied to his emails since Tuesday, but Bret has not left her alone.

    According to Pickford, after a week of extremely violent and threatening emails from Bret, including one telling her she should kill herself three times, he sent her a mostly earnest email without threats or cursing in it. She replied back shortly before going on hiatus, and was surprised to find a mostly sincere (but still caustic) reply, followed by another email telling her to not stop posting.

    Pickford did not reply. Within no time Bret was back to his old ways, sending her up to 3 emails a day harassing her and anyone who had commented on her site.

    Bret has taken particular aim at Pickford's looks and any personal information he has of her. Pickford's articles on Bret make mention of him being a quote ''kooky'' and references to ''pink panties'', yet that was the end of her own commentary. Bret on the other hand felt this warranted his own slew of insults; in addition to more commentary on the death of Evelyn Zumaya's father and a tirade about one of the commentators, who we have redacted to a P:

    "You want yourself to be taken seriously, yet you persistently act like a prize plonker.
    Everytime any of your gang opens their mouths they put both feet in it.
    Tracy Terhune has all my support in bringing you down to earth where you belong, you Edna Turnblad clone. In fact, you belong BENEATH the earth in the very lowest of sewers.
    Quite simply, you are the biggest piece of shit that I have ever encountered in twenty-three years of career--and believe me, I have seen some shit, Lala.
    Nobody is EVER going to take you seriously or give you the time of the day, now.
    You have been the orchestrator of your own demise."

    ""Sheesh, what is it about Valentino that brings out all the weirdos?"
    Thus spake P****, who should know.

    Is Valentino Speaks part of your claptrap too? Don't like anyone insulting Rudy but call Joan Crawford a harlot.

    Yes, the only good homophobe IS a dead one, but I am not wishing any of you over-pompous Macbethian witches dead! Much better that you live--makes a change insulting the living instead of slandering the dead, as you yourself have said.
    Each time I unearth one of your vile, homophobic, bigoted remarks I will write, and publish.

    I saw your photograph. Already someone has nicknamed you "The Gorgon". And you have the nerve to make remarks about MY appearance. P*** too, who I would imagine looks also like the back of a bus. It's not how the head looks, it's what's inside it--brains or cottonwool. You don't have the brains you were born with. I'm about to print your real name--it is NOT against the law, only if I add your address and phone number

    Looking at your photograph, you are one of the ugliest women I have ever seen. Next to you, Phyllis Diller looks like Garbo. Your hair looks like snakes, your mouth like the bottom of a latrine. And those teeth! My God, people in glass houses and all that. I may be ugly as sin. Least I don't have to masquerade my mush under the guise of some long dead movie star. Mary Pickford or Mary Philbin--more like the gawk-faced monster who menaced Philbin in Phantom Of The Opera. There is ugly, and there is ugly. The midwife certainly threw the wrong stuff away when you were born--either that or the best part of you trickled down the donkey's leg. Insults--I'll give you insults. Terhune wants to sue you for $25,000. Piddly amount. I would suggest he add another couple of noughts. In fact, it would be great if he and I could pool our resources and really destroy you and that Zumaya zombie. M Williams, or whatever she's called. Homophobic bitch--should have kept her at the boneyard and chucked her into the hole on top of her old man before they filled it in."

    Friday, April 23, 2010
    David Bret's continued war on decency
    Not content with harassing a woman over the death of her father, David Bret is still hammering away at the Rudolph Valentino authors and anyone affiliated with them.

    Bret has spent no less than a week working on some sort of fictional 'masterpiece' regarding these women, in something he titles "The Son of the Freak" (you can read it here, but warning it contains many offensive pictures and words.) Bret's assault has shown his maturity, dubbing his detractors Evelyn Zumaya as 'Turin Clitty', an Amazon reviewer as 'Clara Bow-legs', Hala Pickford as 'Mary Pickford', Nita Rambova as a reference to the anonymous critic, and Ramon Nobhardo as some sort of twisted version of himself and Ramon Novarro/Rudolph Valentino.

    A sampling, "Ramon: I heard you did a Rudy and autographed their dicks?

    Clitty: That's right, after I'd blown them. They said one look at Rudy's packet and the old hard-on just wouldn't go down.

    Mary: You blew the entire audience?

    Clitty: No, silly. Just the first two hundred before my jaw started aching. The others took themselves in hand--gave me a whole load of facials. The local press liked that--said it was expected because I had the face of a freshly-parted asshole. People are so kind overseas. Anyhow, Mary--how's it going with the Rudy fan club?

    Mary: Not going at all, my dear. Had to close it down because nobody likes me any more. Can't see what I've done wrong. All those days I spent in front of Rudy's tomb in my guise as The Lady In Black. Getting my jugs out for ten cents a throw so that the fans could see where Rudy got his STW.

    Clara: STW...you mean you gave Valentino a dose?

    Ramon: She means Soapy Tit Wank, you boss-eyed old fart. God, didn't they teach you anything at that convent school?

    Clitty: And I suppose you two had dirty-guy sex? Hide the sausage. Uphill gardening. Slinging the carrot up the back alley. Swallowing the schlong. Double penetration with Gary Cooper. Gobbling the goat. Golden showers....

    Mary: Hey, nothing wrong with golden showers....

    Clitty: Swimming and rimming. Flashing and splashing. Nipple-clips. Four-finger frolics. Pubic puddings. Naval to naval and lots of seamen. Foreskin ballooning....

    Ramon: Actually, you homophobic old bag, Rudy and I made love. Guess you know what that is, you bunch of dried up old prunes. It's when two people actually care for each other. Walks by the beach. Romantic chats. Candlelit suppers. The physical stuff, yes. But none of its dirty. All the filth is in your minds, you evil old harpies. That's why none of you can find a guy. You're too busy trying to put the world to rights, and in such an obnoxious way that even the ugliest guy in all Christendom wouldn't pee on the lot of you if you were on fire. Which is why I've lined up a little surprise for you."

    Bret decided today this would no longer do as none of the Valentino authors will privately respond to him, despite his sending of no less than 3 emails to each woman per day. Deciding his 'publicity stunt' needed to continue David Bret once again crossed the line of common decency. He posted a blog entry, "Rudolph Valentino's Women: Twenty-First Century Style" not only slandering the previous 3 women, but doing his best to put them in danger as well. He once again listed the full name of the anoymous commentator, someone who's only crime was a comment on Hala Pickford's article about Bret. He also illegally posted a photo of Hala Pickford, slandering her looks.

    Bret is once again trying to say he is some sort of innocent victim, claiming these reviewers came after him first. What Mr. Bret likes to forget is he had harassed these women in early December. He also released his book on Rudolph Valentino "Dream of Desire" almost 15 years ago. Once again Bret proves he cannot handle a negative review or a challenge of his materials without resorting to harassment and threats.

    Pickford took a hiatus from her site, Forget the Talkies (forgetthetalkies.com) a few days ago. She cited the stalking of her commentators as one of her reasons. Not only is Bret going after the same 2 commentators he's been obsessing over for weeks, he's now set his sights on someone who recently left a comment on Pickford's blog. David Bret feels the need to not only stalk anyone who criticizes his work or his actions, but anyone who reads their sites, blogs, reviews, or writings as well as evidenced by his another email tirade of his, referencing 2 more commentators.

    David Bret still feels he's doing nothing wrong as long as he doesn't add someones 'address and phone numbers'. That still doesn't make stalking, slander, harassment, and death threats legal to ANYONE Mr. Bret.
    Posted by Ban David Bret at 7:05 AM
    Thursday, April 22, 2010
    The Bret 'Joke'
    David Bret has recently set his sights on harassing Rudolph Valentino authors. One in particular is a Evelyn Zumaya, author of a to be released book "Affairs Valentino" affairsvalentino.com/. Zumaya noted on her blog Valentino Speaks that her father passed away about a week ago. In said week Bret set his sights on her, another author named Hala Pickford, an anonymous woman, and someone referred to as 'Clara'.

    While Zumaya has tactfully challenged Bret since December, asking for him to prove his research, particularly some never seen ''diaries'' he claims to have based much of his Rudolph Valentino book, "Dream of Desire" on. Bret told her she should be 'thrown into the sewers of Turin', a place Zumaya had given a Valentino related lecture that summer.

    When Bret set his sites on this Valentino grouping Zumaya again challenged him, saying he had no right to write such threatening letters to any of them. She also once again asked for him to show his work. Bret responded by sending her 6 threatening emails and eventually deciding making fun of the death of her father was the way to go. 7 to 10 days after his passing.

    His first overreach on the subject was in an email to Zumaya regarding the diaries. Zumaya posted the text:

    "Turin Diaries" have been proved to be authentic so you are wasting your time.
    Heard about the funeral, and though I'm sympathetic to a certain degree (though I never thought someone like you would have had parents) it seems a shame that you came home from the cemetery. I'm sure there would have been a spare hole for you, had you asked.
    Don't keep crying over spilled milk, Zumaya, when you were the one who kicked the bottle over--otherwise the milk will become sour before you know it. Not a threat, just an observation."

    After reducing the author to tears Bret was not satisfied. He sent her a further missive:

    "I thought I might have been getting somewhere with you, but obviously not. And how clever of you all to use your ailments and problems as an excuse for your obnoxious behaviour: multiple schlerosis, knackered cars, rheumatics, snuffed-it fathers.

    Doesn't make any of us pity you any more, sad as your troubles might be. You're peeing against the wind, sweetheart. I will help whoever needs to, to fight that over-padded rheumatic toad Hala Pickford. The press will listen more to me that they will some dried up freak who fantasises over some long-dead movie star. In fact, I've already set the ball rolling--the proverbial will hit the fan just in time for my next book release. It's called courting publicity. You see, in order to sue someone for libel you have to keep your own nose clean--and she (and you) has a mouth the size of a hippo. Can't sue someone for calling you a pig, so to speak, when you were the one to first start grunting!

    And if she decides to take me on, she will choke on the vomit which pukes forth from her ugly mouth, I can assure you of that! The same goes for you. You may say that you've had some tough challenges in your life--you ain't seen nothing yet! I won't hurt anyone physically--I'm not that kind of person--but one way or another, I will destroy you and your claptrap ideas."

    David Bret is following his usual pattern of 'harass, sweeten, harass again when bored'. The above mentioned Hala Pickford posted her own observations of it on her site, Forget the Talkies.

    We were provided with some of Bret's threatening emails, which have yet to be published. The grouping gives some insight to David Bret's methodology, for once not swearing of threatening his recipient. Bret claims he harasses people on Amazon because the tradition started with his Joan Crawford book. He writes that he expects the tradition to continue.

    He makes weak excuses for not sourcing his books saying, "it is now now fashionable to have source notes: my own publisher actually discourages them claiming that it confuses the reader--hence the bibliography in the back."

    But the most interesting tidbit came for his explanation of harassing people, the entire point of our campaign. The writer asked Bret WHY he does such things, why he thought it was acceptable to tell people how they should die in some gruesome manner. Note this was the evening before he began his tirade on Evelyn Zumaya's grief:

    "Finally, humour. The British are far different from you Americans regarding humour and culture. Our mainstream soaps have gay sex scenes, yours do not. The Americans caused such a fuss about the gay kiss on American Idol, and when Janet Jackson's boob popped out. Here nobody cares. You have a gun culture TV, our police series do not.

    Humour wise we have Little Britain and Catherine Tate, who share my vulgarity and are loved for it, though I'm not much of a fan. This is why my Blog is popular. You have Frazier which we find too daft to laugh at.

    You ask why I said nothing about you since November, until now. Well, I was approached to do a programme for Croatian TV--I know, the mind boggles--about the stars I've written about, and the Turin interview with Zumaya was mentioned. Valentino's diaries--supposedly now proved to be original, the same ones I based the book on but allegedly with the "controversial" bits put back in, have been republished by a Turin publisher, the same one who is considering one of my books right now. Needless to say they found Zumaya's talk interesting--the "new" diaries, which I haven't seen, apparently prove her theories to be very wrong and they too were surprised to see a woman who so clearly loves her subject publishing a photograph of a cat appearing to pee on his face."

    As Zumaya pointed out, there is no proof this book exists, and if it does it has yet to be vetted. The photo Bret refers to has a cat of Zumaya's stepping on Bret's book to get to a litterbox, obviously not urinating.

    So an author challenges David Bret to prove his supposed 'research', and Bret thinks its a perfectly acceptable ''joke'' to make fun of her father's death, an event that occurred less than 2 weeks ago. He thinks its perfectly okay to tell her she should have ''joined'' him in the graveyard as well?

    Just sick Bret. Sick.

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010
    How to Stop the Harassment
    Welcome to Boycott David Bret at blogspot!

    Mr. Bret has threatened, slandered, harassed, and obsessed over fans, critics, and reviewers of his books for way too long. We decided it was time to do something about it.

    While Mr. Bret has a right to have any opinion he wishes (no matter how nasty), that does NOT give him the right to harass, slander, and threaten people like he does. Mr. Bret is well known for sending nasty emails, posting slanderous blogs about critics, and stalking fan boards (and amazon reviews) to silence his critics.

    Please see our menu on the right hand page for all information needed. Mr. Bret's reign of harassment ends here and now.

    Posted by Ban David Bret at 4:50 AM
    A Sampling
    To a fan of Carol Lombard's: "Next year on 16 January take a plane and do your best impersonation of the too magnificent for creeps like you Carole Lombard." Not content with one slandering Bret uttered it to two different fans (source)

    To another Lombard commentator: "In adopting the same principal as yourself, I therefore assume that you are a bigoted piece of manure, almost certainly a closet lesbian who takes your vibrator to the foot of the mountain each January in the hop that the gorgeous Carole will smile down on you. I am certain that only the dead would wish to have contact with as vile a harridan as yourself, and would wish you only the very friendliest of heart-attacks, though not of course until you have read my 'tripe...The crux of the matter is this: you describe Edna O'Brien's Country Girls as one of the worst books of all time, which to me is an honour. To be denounced alongside one of the great authors of all time, even by Fatty Arbuckle in drag, is indeed a great honour. Indeed, I even now have a little admiration for Venereal Princess 19." Bret missed the part where said commentator was a male (source)

    To a Rudolph Valentino author: "Why are you not dead yet?...I should imagine that when you and this obnoxious creature came into the world, the best bits ended up in the bottom of the abortionist's bucket. What you write about Valentino is absolute tripe. You obviously close your eyes and think he is still here--Garbo too, but what I've read. If he was still here, do your think he would look twice at a dried-fannied, pink-puffed-up, obese cunt like yourself? I don't think so....I think you should maybe do a little more to draw attention to yourself, you vile Boy George lookaline--like tying a rope around your neck and dangling your worthless corpse from the highest point of the Sears Building." Bret continued the harassment for several days (source)

    To another Valentino author: "Who on earth is going to take YOU seriously? You're just a fucking joke, woman! And no, this is not a threat, you stupid cow. This is an opinion of what I think of you. Valentino has been dead for over 80 years, and to have some dried up old trout like you wetting your gusset while spouting your claptrap over his sexuality...it is nonsensical. What do you do when you're alone at night--pick up the nearest object and masturbate, thinking that Rudy is humping you? Do you honestly think he would want to touch you? The mere mention of your name sends the stench of the fish docks winging across the Atlantic." Bret also continued the harassment of this woman (source)

    To a Mario Lanza reader: "Just a simple message, you fat, obnoxious wall-eyed prick. Drop dead, the sooner the better. I am not going to show myself up any more arguing with a vile cunt like you on any of these forums. Try taking it up the ass without a condom. If you're lucky enough, the weight will simply drop off you." Bret continued to harass the man for several emails (source)

    And one more Jean Harlow fan commentator reply: "Okay, you base your assumptions on what you have seen already--all these Gable fans dressed as Scarlett when they push their zimmer frames to the post office to collect their pensions. If they were not so sad, they would be laughable. Yet it is they and the likes of you--women with nothing to do in their lives but finger their dried-up pussies while fantasising about Clark Gable vomiting at the very site of their haggard, ancient faces. Get yourself a life--something interesting like pulling the wings off butterflies. I imagine you would be good at that, providing you are not too fat to catch them or too ugly to frighten the shit out of them." (source)

    The End.


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    jeez , hes pathetic , can he do anything except spew word vomit at women hes jealous of ?

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