David Bret Shackled



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    David Bret Shackled

    Post  GeniusIam on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:36 am

    Just had to pop on to say, I heard through the twitter grapevine that Bret had been arrested, I wonder if this is true Question

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    Re: David Bret Shackled

    Post  coco on Tue Nov 13, 2012 8:02 pm

    seems like it , no one has details yet . Rumours it was called Operation leotard Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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    Post  CARPE DI on Sun May 05, 2013 1:53 pm

    Something is happening:

    Sunday, 5 May 2013
    The McCann Case And Threats Against Me; AN APOLOGY

    First of all I wish to apologise UNRESERVEDLY to Kate & Gerry McCann, and to Antonella Lazzeri of The Sun, for comments I made about them some two years ago. I wrote that it would be a happy day for me if I woke up one morning to the news that they had all perished in a crash on the motorway. This was unthinkable and beastly of me. The comment was made in the wake of Justine Spencer threatening to include me in part of the newspaper's 'Shop-A-Troll' campaign, and in the wake of them publishing a paragraph about me within an article regarding a young man who had opened a 'Million Likes' Facebook Group, claiming that if he received a million likes, he would let Madeleine McCann go. This article and the threats I received afterwards made me see red, hence my comment for which I am deeply sorry. I do not wish any of these people harm.

    Today, in the wake of further threats, including more from Justine Spencer, and in the wake of something which has happened regarding Portuguese translator Joana Morais, I have once again spoken to the police, and also to the press. I am the only high-ish profile person to have been regarded as a so-called 'anti-McCann', and should have known better, having seen what has been happening to the likes of Pat Brown, Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett.

    I have done NOTHING wrong. I did not ask anyone to contact the tabloids about me. I did not ask to be sent screenshots of conversations between Justine Spencer and Ricardo Paiva, and I certainly did not ask to be sent those pictures. What am I supposed to do with such information in the wake of all these threats--nothing?

    Today I have press interviews lined up within which I will blow the lid on absolutely everything that I know. I will be naming names, and always with proof. Obviously there are a few people involved with this--sincere friends--who have my trust, and I theirs. These very dear people will be kept out of it. Neither will I be attacking the McCanns. These people have done nothing to me, and cannot be held responsible for what others do in their name. I would rather hope that, like myself, they take action against these people. If they do, they will certainly have my full support.

    And after today, barring perhaps one Blog entry within which EVERYTHING may be brought out into the open, I shall be walking away from this case. Things have become SO bad over the past few months, so many threats to myself and my family, that I felt I was left with three options. Kill someone, kill myself, or walk away. I have sensibly chosen the latter.

    Open Letter To Joana Morais, Portuguese Translater

    Dear Ms Morais,
    The following was taken from the Justice For Maddie Facebook Group os 11th April 2012:

    Taken from the J4M Facebook Page.

    5 hours ago
    Joanna Andrea Morais
    -_- this is me trying not to laugh at the above 'exchange'. The most that DB does is shit-stirring, he is an ego-maniac fantasist, a liar. If people feel the need to have gurus like him, then something isn't working well in their brains. I do not doubt as the vindicative & vile person that he is that he did attempt to frame RP, due to his post on Bret's «group», by sending a convo of private messages to the PJ - which in itself is illegal. And leaves a few questions in the air. But hey, that his is style. If DB posed as the woman in the photo or not is a matter for the PJ to find out. Now, what I really do not believe for a second is that the PJ would enlist Bret's help to investigate the Maddie case, as I do not believe that Bret was ever invited by A.Dreyfus to have his book translated into English - something that DB says that he has "refused". FFS, are you blind Que? Or do you actually think that we are all stupid? I've seen enough liars in this case, and that is one thing that I can't stand.

    This post referred to certain pictures which were sent to the British press, purporting to be of Ricardo Paiva, the McCanns' Portuguese family liaison officer.

    As you can see, and which I am now making public and forwarding to the police here and in Portugal, you suspected that I was one 'Candice Reynolds'--indeed, you ACCUSED me as such--and that I had tried to frame Ricardo Paiva. I most certainly did not.

    Six days after you posted the above, someone using your name e-mailed me a set of pictures of Ricardo Paiva. Some of these pictures were very definitely him--his face can be clearly seen. Other pictures were of an erect and flaccid penis, which its owner was masturbating in front of a computer screen upon which a young woman was cavorting in a state of undress.

    I sent these pictures to the PJ, and was informed last May hat you were aware of these pictures, and that you had been questioned about them--furthermore that you knew within days of them being sent, exactly who had sent them to me.

    In July, complaints were made about me to the police--your name and that of Ricardo Paiva were involved. In November, I was questioned by the police when Justine Spencer levelled certain accusations against me--including ABH, mindless of the fact that I have never seen or met her. As part of this investigation, one of my computers was confiscated and the police were further made aware of these pictures, which you knew about. Indeed, there were only two contentious items on my machine: a message dispatched in July 2011, and those pictures.

    Justine Spencer has since threatened me, and I have exposed her for sending these pictures--something which the PJ apparently ALREADY knew, by way of yourself. I and my family have suffered untold pain and pressure, which might have been avoided--had it not been for your hatred of me. Because you wanted to punish me because I have not always held good with your methods of reporting, you deliberately withheld this information from the authorities.

    Now, I am exposing your calumny to the police and the British press, because I am tired of having myself and my family threatened, when this could have been avoided, had you stepped up and told the police.

    I would suggest you do so now, before you humiliate yourself further.

    David Bret

    The Paiva-Spencer-Morais-Bennett Debacle
    Dear Reader,
    This is linked to the McCann case, but has nothing to do with Kate & Gerry McCann. If you're not interested in this case--it's rather boring if you're not--please disregard this Blog posting. I don't intend cluttering this Blog with these people.
    None of the comments and opinions below are my own. I wish the McCanns no harm, I have apologised personally to them for my previous comments. For reasons known only to themselves, Ricardo Paiva, Justine Spencer, Joana Morais and Tony Bennett have embroiled themselves in this matter. I never asked to be a part of it.
    David Bret

    CARPE 2

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    Post  CARPE 2 on Mon May 06, 2013 3:13 pm

    he's off again about the affairs valentino author, linking her to his earlier post re justine spencer etc

    Open Letter To My Stalker: Evelyn Zumaya
    Monday, 6 May 2013

    You are the author of 'Affairs Valentino', as if the world doesn't know this already, and for four years now you have stalked me, my family and my friends on an almost daily basis. My crime: writing a biography of Rudolph Valentino, FIFTEEN years ago, where I said he was gay. You have hounded me, you have organised threats including death-threats, you have twice brought in Anonymous to harrass and threaten me, you have joined forces with Hala Pickford, Samantha Salway and Justine Spencer, a trio of pariah's who have also hounded me. And for what? All three are still there on Twitter. The fact that they keep changing their identities doesn't mean that we cannot see them.
    Two years ago you published your book. The forewarning contained TEN pages all about me. My sex-life, as you saw it, my imagined threats against you. What SERIOUS author pens a forewarning where she speaks about being accused of having oral s.e.x with her father? What serious author confesses that her house was searched for drugs? What SERIOUS author writes that she is in hiding because me and my friends are trying to kill her? They go to the police or they take out a restraining order. You tried the former and was proved to be a liar, so now you tweet your silly spiel every day. Your book was BANNED because of what you wrote about me, yet you still have not learned your lesson. Now you are contacting Justine Spencer's employers and those who employ the detective, Ricardo Paiva, and adding your two-penneth. It's none of your goddam business! And now, your latest trick is to hack into my Facebook account, as below. How is this going to help you get your book back on the shelves?
    Yet even when hacking into my Facebook, you have to twist things. Yes, I DID make the following posting, but not using those exact words. I needed to know where you lived so that I could sue the grizzly arse off you. But I wrote the post almost THREE years ago. If you'd have been clever, while changing the words (which you have) you would have changed the profile picture too. That picture of Dietrich was only added to my account LAST NIGHT. You are so stupid, and so hateful, and so eager to get at me that you slipped up. Neither do I have any pictures of you on Facebook. My friends would vomit. That picture of you standing on the roof, but sadly not of you jumping off it, was included in a blog of mine which disappeared four years ago--I removed it after your own blog was shut down for calling me a p.a.e.dophile and ex-convict.
    So, Evelyn Zumaya, what will your next trick be? You have posted TWENTY-NINE youtube videos about me. You say you've done this in your defense, but when I and my friends write about you, you call us bullying, sexist pigs! You cannot have it both ways. In these videos you accuse me of being a child molester, and you read out my address. Even being sued for $100,000, a case which was won, has not stopped you. Are you completely nuts?
    Are you wanting to get me banned from the social networks? That would be good for you--a feather in your homophobic hat. You would still never publish another book--we've seen to that. But also you would never know when you are going to have me tapping on your shoulder. And when I finally do this, it will be with a legal suit that will hammer you so far into the ground, they won't be able to see the top of your bleached wig.

    David BretRudolph Valentino

    From the bottom of my heart I wish to thank you wonderful, wonderful people for the information you have sent winging my way regarding Hala Pickford, or KATIE LYNN BIRCHARD as she is actually known. I had no idea that she was so hated: I thought it was just me! Now, any details about the equally loathed Evelyn Zumaya to the same address would be warmly appreciated. With your help I will nail these people.

    June 27, 2010 Posted byLover Of Nice People
    2010? long time to harbor grudges.


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    Post  Admin on Wed May 15, 2013 6:17 pm

    Bret was arrested, that is confirmed.

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