Hoho scum trolling and organising hatemail:


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    Hoho scum trolling and organising hatemail:

    Post  Sykes on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:58 am

    Petra Johnson Went on a pro Madeleine site last night , seeings , The McCanns had inflamed me .

    To recruit new members

    Seeing them twice in one day on TV , sends me a bit funny !

    Hoho telling them to do sicko things like that in Troll Skool is she?

    Sue Tinsley For queries or comments about ITV, its programmes or services or if you have any problems with accessing the information on our site:

    email: viewerservices@itv.com

    phone: 0844 881 4150

    Organising hatemail and offensive phone calls - all for Gonzo.
    Sue Tinsley This is what I'm sending to ITV :Last nights programme Crimes that fooled Britain had a small clip of the McCanns reading from a script followed by one of your “experts” stating that they were 100% innocent. This is an ongoing investigation and under no circumstances should that statement have been added in. The McCanns actually show a lot of the lying traits pointed out by your experts if you watch their interviews so it is jumping the gun to say they are innocent before the police have concluded their investigations.  
    Telling a series of outright lies. They know perfectly well that the McCanns were cleared years ago, and are not under any kind of suspicion now.

    They must think the PJ are liars too, after the PJ stated on Portuguese TV that they have no interest in the McCanns except as crime victims and the parents of a missing child.

    Why do they support the lazy, incompetent, corrupt, disgraced ex-PJ officer, and not the hard-working, honest PJ officers?

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