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    Oh, dear, here we go again, this time with a 'letter' to Scotland Yard from a raving nincompoop. I suppose it makes a change from a certain 'retired' solicitor's letters to the Home Office, or wherever you write to regarding the FOI Act.
    Scotland Yard
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    Scotland Yard
    kathybelle Yesterday at 11:49 pm

    I am so sick of seeing the McCanns appear to be getting away with their crime, that I am in the process of sending an email to Scotland Yard. I can't send it, until I have said on here what I have written in the email, purely because I have to keep going back to the email. The email is being sent to General Inquiries, because I can't find anywhere else to send it, on the S.Y. website. Below is what I have said in the email...

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Please forward my email, to the relevant department.

    I would like to know, when the review/investigation team, are not investigating Kate and Gerry McCann, for the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine! The Portuguese and United Kingdom police, have only got the McCanns word, that Madeleine was abducted. The McCanns, by their own admission, did not search for Madeleine, don't you think that this was strange?

    There are many factors, in the files, that show the McCanns played a major part in Madeleine's disappearance, but Scotland Yard don't appear to care about these factors, they seem intent on blaming Madeleine's disappearance, on anyone but the McCanns.

    I'm not some armchair detective, I'm someone who has followed this case from day one. My views are shared by many people across the internet and many people would share their views through the media, if the media were allowed to print our views in the newspapers.

    Scotland Yard, have not only tried to make the PJ look like numpties, by ignoring the information in the files, they have tried to make one of their dog handling colleagues look like a numpty, by ignoring the evidence, that Eddie and Keela, his two sniffer dogs, found in the McCanns apartment and their hire car.

    I feel I am entitled to make my views known to Scotland Yard, because I am a British Taxpayer and my taxes are paying for this review/ investigation, which in my opinion, is taking place for one reason only and that is to exonerate the McCanns.

    I am sick and tired of hearing Andy Redwood, telling the media, that the McCanns are of no interest to the review/investigative team, when it is quite clear, that the McCanns should be persons of interest to Scotland Yard. If only for the fact that the McCanns told the media and the PJ that they were not with Madeleine when she disappeared. They then told the media and PJ, that they never looked for Madeleine.

    Andy Redwood is insulting the PJ, when he keeps saying the McCanns are of no interest to the team. The PJ worked hard, when they tried to find out what happened to Madeleine. At the moment, I feel like Madeleine will never receive justice and I think I have spelled out why I feel this way, in my email to Scotland Yard.

    Yours sincerely

    **** ******

    I've just sent the email, I'll let you know if I receive a reply.

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    Oooop, another pathetic moron has joined in:

    Re: Scotland Yard
    Post cherry1 Today at 10:01 am

    Knowing policemen I would think if you don't get a reply Kathy it is because the whole team are out in Portugal lounging on the beach or propping up the local bars for liquid refreshment stuck in the loo after gorging themselves too much or busy checking out the local women!

    seriously though well done on contacting them and lets hope you get a reply, and a sensible one at that!

    PS for any coppers looking in just joking of course

    Making pigs of themselves? Drinking on duty? Womanising? She's getting the Yard muddled up with Amaral; and what makers the stupido imagine the police would even bother to 'look in' on that cesspit?

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    Sheila Rothwell this is what I wrote for those that didn't see my message.  I was brousing on the internet and found this link to the Gaspar's statement regarding the missing Madelaine McCann.....I found this link extremely disturbing what was said in earsreach of Dr Katherine Gaspar who was being interviewed by the Leicestershire police. David Payne and Gerry McCann talking about Madelaine in an extremely innapproriate way

    I would like assurance that this has been followed up please and the two of them interviewed....having read other disturbing things about David Payne I feel that Madelaine was particularly vulnerable and may have been being abused at some point.

    I speak as a person who herself was abused at the age of 5 and I feel that I am in tune with picking up vibes about abuse etc

    Please let me have your assurance that this has been investigated

    The Gasper`s statement thegaspersstatement.blogspot.com

    Sheila Rothwell this is what I wrote to LP ....it looks like my copy and pasting got abit jumbled up but I think you can get the gist of what I wrote
    Sheila Rothwell I wrote because I was extremely concerned that something untoward was happening to Maddie because of what DP said in earshot of Gasper to GM.....what he did with his fingers was done in a 'sexual way' and I just wanted assurance that they had been interviewed about these suggestive remarks....I was not bragging about my email I was informing the group

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    Another prize idiot:
    Carmen DeBosifleury I distinctly remember contacting Leicester police professional standards department after they (the McCanns) where made arguidos as I thought the link was inappropriate. They slammed the phone down on me. Same thing was reported as happening to others too, and a complete refusal to answer freedom of information requests
    And their letters, emails etc are immediately binned.   Is anyone in the slightest way surprised?  lol! lol!
    The poisonous letter writer returns with more admissions of vexatious correspondence:-

    Good morning Panda

    At this moment in time, I haven't received a reply from Scotland Yard. I haven't even received an acknowledgement of my email, however they must be inundated with emails, so I'm happy to wait a little longer.

    I have emailed Theresa May a couple of times about this case. The last time I emailed her, was regarding the 'fund to find Madeleine.' I can't remember my exact words, but I received a reply which said nothing, other than Mrs May had read my email. I had to be satisfied with that reply after all, the purpose of my email was for Mrs May to read the contents of my email.

    However, while I like to think Mrs May read my email, the chances of this being true, are pretty remote.
    As remote as it snowing in hell.

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    To refresh your memory see above posts.
    Sheila Rothwell
    I wonder how many of us would go on holiday with someone who made sexual inuendos about your 3 year old daughter.....me...I would have nothing whatsoever to do with them and keep my kids well away from him...unless he was a doctor of course and then I would trust him implicitly (Not)

    Beach Candy i Dont understand that at all...the gasper family did entirely the right thing in staying well away after the comments

    Joe McGuire he would be eating through a straw.worth doing a sentence for a beast.

    Natasha Maria Me personally I would cut his jewells off and make the pratt wear them as jewellery

    Glynis Slipper err who sid discusting things ? that is discusting you just wouldnt have your children anywhere near the filthy beast

    Glynis Slipper *said,

    Vicki Leeming the absolute red waving flag about this case is that they never ever questioned their friends - a normal mother/father would have been distraught and would have questioned everything and everyone - by not once questioning their friends - well you draw your own conclusions

    Nici Webb My thoughts exactly..,. Not.A.chance intact he wouldn't have any B******* left had he said anything of this sort in front of me  Vile

    Glynis Slipper exactly well you would question everyone i know i certainly would, and id be hunting high and low banging everyones door down i am half way through her book and within the first 4 weeks theyve been half way round the world and are now on there way to morocco its just unbelievable its defianately leaving me with more questions than answers x

    Lord Miles Spencer Sheila Rothwell Wot did u post that got whooshed - I'm intrigued

    Sheila Rothwell hi Lord Miles....it was ''don't believe everything you hear...there are always 3 sides to every story...yours...theirs ...and the truth ''

    Jo Bamber Well........my daughter, the one on the left !! Is exactly the same age as Maddie ! I recall and others will I'm sure, when she was 18 months (maybe 2 at a push )there was shocking news of two twins that had pulled the drawers in their bedroom, whilst having a lunch time nap, both kids dead !!!! found under the drawers,,,,,,I was more weary, and so were alot of people I knew.............I NEVER left her without a moniter, in the garden, in the house NEVER, what were they thinking of ???

    Sheila Rothwell omg Jo ...terrible to lose 2 babies that way....would make you think eh x

    Jo Bamber Awful Sheila, they are so inquistive and naughty especially on holiday (lack of sleep) I would NEVER leave mine !

    Trace Leland i know..the mind truly boggles..says so much about who the Mcs keep for company

    Jo Bamber What were THEY thinking of??? now this poses a question ? NOT what I would be.....Is she asleep ? has she ACTUALLY GONE (naturally of course) can we talk more loudly OH YES she's gone (were on the balcony 3FT away fro her)...............

    Jo Bamber GONE for me = is asleep for the night, ready for another day GONE for them = never to be seen again SAD.......

    Jo Bamber THAT makes me think.......they never said those words....did they......SHE'S GONE !!! you would say those words wouldn't you

    Jo Bamber Sorry.....I'm feeling emotional....The Gaspar Statement is shocking re DP and GM and is proof some would say of p**do activity !

    Glynis Slipper just read that casper staement and its just discusting the whole lot of them want locking up and throughtly investigated, if u sat haveing lunch with anyone and they said that or made an innuendo towards your child you would cave there heads in and what on eart are they doing letting each other bath each others kids ?? omg my daughter is 4 and id never let anyone bath her except myself her father my oldest daughter whos 24 theres no way id let any bloke bath her whether he was a friend or what he was what on earth does a man want to bath someone elses child other than his own anyway this story is making me sick, but only its not a story its real life xx

    Sheila Rothwell really Gill I thought it was DP to GM.....either way its disgusting ....does make you think eh....imo this has a major part in what happened to her

    Sheila Rothwell ahhh are you ok Jo? it is horrendous isn't it and the first time you read it its so shocking x

    Glynis Slipper dirty filthy pigs this is discusting, im new to thisi group and my eyes have been opened i always thought soemthing wasnt right from the begining but to read things like this is just terrible and discusting

    Jo Bamber shocking the more I read I am horrified that this has been allowed to happen,,,,,,I used to work at the court and some cases are just funny !! and THIS is one of them....law from two countries fighting against each other unwittingly I will and will ALWAYS remain hopeful that one day soon, the liable trial looming, that JUSTICE will prevail x

    Lisa Mawson not me that is foir sure and also would anot have let someone like that bathe my kids or go anywhere near them. Creepy

    Michelle Brewer Can someone please point me in the right direction to read more about this...Ta Muchley

    Gill Kelly Sheila, what I should have said is that Gerry was party to the innuendo, not that he participated in it

    Jo Bamber Michelle Brewer if you look at files at the top and chat you'll get the jist !

    Michelle Brewer Thank you frances...

    Michelle Brewer I make the occasional comment Jo..

    Jo Bamber Its a wee bit scarey cos it's open to the public, BUT tbh that's the POINT ~

    Jo Bamber YOu make your own mind up x
    Comments re this from various posters, with thanks.
    1.  So Sheila Rothwell who got a response from Scotland Yard which told her categorically that the statement had been fully investigated is now posting what is absolutely clear and damming inferential libel against David Payne.

    She is going to land herself in very deep water indeed as are all those, who having read the letter she received are posting the same kind of very clear libel.

    And Hideho and the other managers of that page will also be liable.

    2,  It's incitement and will be classed as such and even more damning is the fact the correspondence she received answered her concerns yet she still went on to incite violence by making wild and lurid claims against innocent people.

    3.  Still hasn't dawned on them that the whole Gaspar business only happened in their imaginations - or maybe they don't actually care.

    4.  The fact is that the anti McCanns who have made up their minds based on "the files" as if the content of witness statements by anyone who is not a McCann are gospel truth and those of anyone who is a McCann or Tapas group member are automatically not the truth is rather stupid.

    No police investigation (other than, it would seem, one run by Amaral) would ever be that stupid.

    All witness statements should be considered as evidence which must be questioned. The fact that one Gaspar statement completely denied the allegation within the other is a major flaw in the anti McCann argument, one they address rarely and only as an afterthought but one which the police will have looked at in very great detail.

    The fact that not a single poster on the forums has any access to the witnesses to assess these statements by further questioning is also a very major flaw in the anti McCann argument that they clearly point to guilt. Many anti McCanns have made their judgement about the guilt of the parents for some crime they are often too frightened to specify because they know they cannot prove what they wish to say. If they could they would do so and it could not be deemed libel. But that is the biggest flaw of all in their case. Because till they can prove what they claim then it is merely speculation and any person who bases a judgement on untested speculation and then goes on to harass the person they have summarily found guilty by posting obscenities and libel about them, by posting foul images of them etc. is simply fodder for a lynch mob and that is what, for example, Hideho is demonstrating with her vicious and foul page on Facebook. They are not seekers of truth at all. Their minds are made up. They are pretending at research. They are a lynch mob baying for violence.

    5.  It doesn't say "... The statements by Dr Gaspar"  neither does it say the statements in the files or from the original investigation. It says statements on the internet.

    There was always something amiss with the kg statement, the phrasing used is odd, and not the type one would normally use. It sounds very contrived. But thats the same with anything used against the McCans is contrived and contorted beyond reason. Look at the smith statement, one minute he cannot recognize the man, the next he recalls a distinctive carrying style and claims this makes him 60% sure its gerry mccann. There was no mention of a distinctive carrying style before, and the way gerry carrried his son was normal. The same with the dogs, repeatedly being called back, the cuddle cat theatrics, the fact that the dog alerting to the fob is somehow taken as proof madeleine was transported in the car (how, pray tell, does one transport a body on a car fob).

    6. Online Cluedo
    Online murder mystery--they all think they are playing in them I swear.
    Who the heck would write to a police force accusing someone of being a paedo after reading dodgy mis-translated, illegally got police files from another country? Ooops silly me, that would be someone who can read "vibes" cos she'd been abused aged 5...............talk about transference

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    A troll on twitter has been making claims re the Cheshire Pokice - they contact her, they liaise with her, etc etc ad infinitum.  Well, here is the latest from twitter - no comment needed. (Read the second comment first).

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:37 pm

    Nick Bennett ‏@njbennett 6h
    CEO of CEOP, the body that "advises children on cyberbullying", faces bullying claims. http://tinyurl.com/nxlhx38 #McCann #WhoCanYouTrust

    Rosalinda V. Hutton ‏@RosalindaHu 5h
    @njbennett they should also look at their former Head who does his bullying on this hashtag! #McCann

    Jim Gamble ‏@JimGamble_INEQE 4h
    @RosalindaHu @njbennett You might want to collect some evidence of the allegation you just made as I don't intend to allow you to defame me.

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