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    Yesterday the inquest on Brenda Leyland opened and after a short session was adjourned until 18 December. With the internet awash with cries of foul play things are going to get very 'hairy' between now and then. Already we have had theories as to why and how she died, with the words 'suicide', 'murder' and 'hanging' in large print and bolded. Now, no 'verdict' or information has come out of this inquest, just a comment by the Coroner that she was delaying matters so that further tests and enquiries by the police could be conducted. It is obvious that more investigation time has been requested, and granted, so why can't people sit back and wait for information as and when it becomes available rather than start up yet another (boring) conspiracy theory? So far the most favored one is that Brenda 'discovered' something that would blow the McCann case wide open and therefore she had to be silenced. Hence the murder theory being pushed forward by various posters, including one from Tasmania, who, the moment the death was announced did her usual 'me,me,me' routine, implying posters anti her views could have also driven her to suicide. We have had the 'hanging' theory passed on with great speed - if that had happened there is no way the lid could have been kept on that news, don't these fools realise how many people work at a Marriott Hotel and how difficult, no, impossible it would be to contain such information. While we wait for the inquest to resume, perhaps some should reflect on this - the deceased was said to be lonely and spent practically all her waking hours on the internet. Her neighbors said she was somewhat reclusive, from that it is easy to deduce that all her 'friends' were online. One son was estranged, the other one lives in the USA, a familiar pattern in this day and age. We no longer have the 'extended family' where kids lived close to parents and grandparents. We have far less tangible friends, we now contact them on social networks. What used to be a visit to a friend's house for coffee and a chat now becomes less and less. Instead of apportioning blame and shrieking for heads on poles, maybe Brenda's so-called internet friends could afford her a little space and try grieving for her demise, not spend hours trying to blame all and sundry. If they had not fed her all the bullsh*t regarding the McCanns, the conspiracy theories that had the Queen, the Pope, the police, government, celebrities etc IN IT to hide the truth about the missing girl, maybe she would be alive today, maybe not. Her death may have been due to natural causes, there are quite a few things that can go wrong with people of her age. Please, I ask of everyone reading this, take a step backwards and let the police and the authorities get on with their job. Blasting off FOI demands, speculating and making up scenarios do not help things, they only cause misery to her family. Would you like this kind of treatment meted out to your sons, daughters or parents?

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