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    Post  Sykes on Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:48 pm

    Anonymous20 August 2014 10:17

    Having read a post today on the JH forum by one of Mr Bennetts chief disciples
    and brilliant detective "googlegasperstatements" I would like to make a confession.
    Iam an internet troll working in london for a woman called WLBTS .I think it is a woman but she has a deep voice and may be in drag.
    She/he is lex luther master criminal type and makes me wear a burkha and I get paid £1000 per day in bitcoins but feel conned because as
    of last night my local chippy wouldn,t accept my bitcoin printout.
    There are 500 of us but I only get to meet the other person in my cell.I know
    that,s a lot of people when there are only 5 internet cafes left in London but we work in shifts.
    Your paranoia GGS is not misplaced she/he is out to destroy you.
    I never met Gerry but I,m sure it is the McCanns Iam working for because we have to wear a celtic top under the burkha and sing the soldiers song which I,m told is Gerrys favourite.
    I have been told confidentially that Gerry loves your avatar GGS though it just looks like any other abused kid to me.
    The other guy in the cell.Well he fancied himself as a poet and songwriter but I,ll that for another day.
    So thanks to the great sleuth "googlegasperstatement" I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders and would be happy to answer any questions and take a lie detector test unlike Mr Bennett or the McCanns.

    Unbelievably, someone actually has to ask:

    Anonymous20 August 2014 14:22
    Is this a wind up?

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    The explanation:

    Anonymous20 August 2014 16:29
    "Googlegasperstatements" is a poster on the JH forum who suffers from bennettinitis.He also suffers from acute paranoia.
    In order to ban the much respected poster WLBTS it was said by admin/Bennett that WLBTS was the leader of a gang of internet café trolls working for the McCanns.
    The dummies believed it and WLBTS was banned by Sharon no brain.
    The above post must be a voice in the head of "googlegasperstatement" telling him what went on because today he posted reminding his fellow disciples to be eternally vigilant as there were still people in internet cafes on the McCann payroll trying to destroy them!
    When someone at the cesspit reads this and I know you will could you
    please get GGS a new avatar and urgent medical attention.

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