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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:53 am

    Lisa Marie Dermody
    I have had a very distressing evening. I have discovered a Pervert has been grooming my very naive 16 year old for a month now on the internet. I have informed the Police and have posted his images and name on my Facebook but am desperate to get his details out there as he could be abusing/grooming much younger girls. I am devastated at what I have found. I won't post his details here without permission but if anyone from the group could help me by spreading the information I would be so grateful.
    So distressing that she just has to rush to tell the rest of the numties all about it? She's got family photos on an open, public site - anyone with a faked-up name (like me) can see them.

    Perhaps she should have been paying more attention to her own family, and internet safety, and less to hating the McCanns?

    And here comes the support - huh!
    Julie Day Hun I have been thru something very similar. Please feel free to add me if you want to chat to someone who has been in a similar position
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    Niki Labellemariee Burton Omg Lisa! Contact CEOP they deal with online. If you send me his details I'll give them to Joe Mccloskey he exposes paedophiles daily on his Facebook x
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    Stacey Jayne Blackman Vile creature!!. Glad you found out when you did. Xx
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    Jo Pilgrim Put the info on your profile page
    5 minutes ago

    Andrea Roblin-Francis http://ukpaedos-exposed.com/ don't know if they can help x
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    Lisa Marie Dermody I can't make my status public as my daughter is adopted and I wouldn't wish her birth family to see Sad( All my friends are sharing it but I need it out there everywhere x
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    Lorna Evans add me n inbox the details and ill put it on my pages hun xxx
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    Nicole Denby Contact the UK database for sex offences against children page on here. They will expose the scumbag and advise you also. Hope your daughter is okay xx️
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    Nicole Denby Joe McCloskey too exposes paedos xx
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    Linda Peet Folkard Am horrified ! Lisa , have you informed the police !
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    Lisa Marie Dermody Yes Linda... We received a visit almost immediately. Shaking like a leaf I'm so angry x

    Shaking my head at their stupidity. Shouldn't she be comforting her daughter or something?

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    Post  coco on Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:15 am

    cant be all that concerned about her daughter if she prefered to blab it all on a hate site instead of speaking to her family .

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