Take pitchfork award, Mags



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    Take pitchfork award, Mags

    Post  darthvodka on Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:49 pm

    Mag Pieinsky
    (Because we care for a Child: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/trial-for-the-mccanns/ )

    TO: ***Controversy***:
    You're All doing a great job towards Justice in this Group. As I've just said on the Trial petitions thread, I am impressed by you all, you who after all these years are STILL here and are in my heart, even though, for some, we have never met; and you New Posters and Admins with your brilliant stamina and Dedication. There is an effusion of new Force here, bold wits and fresh determination to give one Child a Voice.

    Thanks to you All, fighting for the Truth and Normality is now an enjoyment compared to all that we have had to endure - and for some like our Tony Anthony Bennett, it has been a real hell.

    You are warming my soul and spirit, and I think, not just mine. XXXXXXX Mag

    WHO is giving a child a voice? What child ever spoke with hatred and pathological spite? It's been hell for bentit? How about a tiny abducted child? What about her parents? How about her siblings?

    I'll give you this, Mags, the stamina and determinataton of you forkers is worth comment , you are beyond contempt.

    6 years tormenting two people who have lost a child.

    Petitions? Are you serious? Mags you are one of a handful, look at bentit's 15 second of "fame" you are a tiny minority, you really are a pitchforker. A court of law gave him a suspended sentence and a fine he will pay until he dies.

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    Re: Take pitchfork award, Mags

    Post  coco on Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:18 pm

    what else would you expect from Magali , the mad scribbler of 3A ?

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