Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY


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    Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY

    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:39 am

    Chris Spivey, 52, from Rochford, Essex, allegedly made a string of outrageous claims about Lee Rigby, including that his murder was a hoax

    A conspiracy theorist claimed Lee Rigby's murder was a hoax and taunted his family by publishing their address online, a court has heard.
    Chris Spivey, 52, allegedly made a string of outrageous claims about the soldier, including that his family were involved in a conspiracy with M15 to incite anti-Islamic propaganda.
    The court heard how the tattoo artist and self-styled internet journalist even claimed that Fusilier Rigby did not exist and that his relatives had doctored their family pictures. He also allegedly accused the 25-year-old of being a rapist and said his wife Amy West was involved in the 'hoax'.
    Chelmsford Magistrates' Court heard how Spivey made the bizarre accusations on his website where he regularly publishes opinions about world events.
    The court heard how he first began taunting Fusilier Rigby's mother the day after her son was murdered in Woolwich, south east London, in May 2013.
    The 25-year-old was off duty when he was attacked and killed by Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale.
    The killers told passers-by they had murdered a soldier to avenge the deaths of Muslims by the British armed forces. They have since been jailed for life.

    Tony Abell, prosecuting, told how Mr Spivey, from Rochford, Essex, claimed on his website that a family photo featured in an interview with Mrs Rigby had been altered on Photoshop.
    He added: 'The comments asserted that the picture was Photoshopped. There were also details of the address which Lyn Rigby lives as well as details of the address of Lee Rigby's sister, Sarah.
    'There were photos of members of the Rigby family, including Lyn Rigby's grandchildren, which she believed were private.
    'She said there were private and he should not have been able to obtain them from her account.'

    In July 2013, Mrs Rigby was alerted to Spivey's alleged claims that her son never actually existed.
    In a statement of evidence read out in court, Lyn Rigby said she found it 'extremely disturbing' and 'sick' and she felt 'totally invaded'.
    She added: 'I found it unbelievable that anybody could be so nasty.'
    The court heard how photographs of Fusilier Rigby's wedding also appeared on Spivey's website.
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3180080/Conspiracy-theorist-claimed-Lee-Rigby-s-murder-hoax-terrified-family-publishing-addresses-online.html#ixzz3hPOu4yMF
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    Much the same as the Amoral fan club does to the McCann family, and anyone else they decide to target.

    More here, with thanks to Myths:  http://www.stopthemyths.info/viewtopic.php?f=148&t=7936


    Christopher Spivey from Rochford found guilty at Lee Rigby trial

    AN INTERNET blogger has been found guilty of harassing the family of soldier Lee Rigby.

    Tattooist Christopher Spivey, 52, of Rochford Garden Way, Rochford, left the family fearing for their safety after claiming Mr Rigby's murder in Woolwich in May 2013 was a hoax.

    Spivey posted a suggestion that Mr Rigby was a rapist, as well as photographs of his mum Lyn Rigby's and sister Sara McClure's addresses.

    Spivey was found guilty of two counts of harassment and two counts of malicious communication.


    Thanks to Myths for this:

    Re: Chris Spivey in Court
    Postby Truthiness2 » Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:25 pm

    His mates are busily red flagging comments on the Mail

    Yup - and boasting about it on the sh*t's bog:

    The Daily Fail have their article up about today’s hearing and are saying Chris has been found guilty and will be jailed. I had to search and search to find the article hidden a long way down their site.
    They are taking comments – 5 at present – all saying nasty things about Chris. I red arrowed all 5, so they have 1 red arrow each. Will be interesting to see how the Daily Fail deal with the green/red arrow adjustments we know they carry out in order to sway opinion.
    Oh, and does this sound familiar as well?
    Louise I agree lets storm this bloody judge with so many f-ing emails/ letters of our disgust at the sentence of guilty……. what a damn bloody ASS the law is. xxx
    It would be interesting to know just how many of these disgusting cretins also hang around the McCann-hate FB pages, as their techniques of harrassment if anyone dares stand up to them have so much in common.

    Charming as ever....never mind, at least the internet will be slightly cleaner and safer tomorrow. Pity his chum Birch wouldn't do likewise.

    Leave with his integrity intact?  Where is that?

    And here is his post on his now defunct blog re Brenda Leyland who, it appears, did not actually exist!!!!    Sykes

    Tiring of harrassing the family of the murdered Drummer Rigby, and of scribbling obscenities on the corpses of decapitated ISIS victims, he has turned his Truthseeking skills on the demise of one B. Leyland, aka St Sweepy.
    And whilst we are on the subject of fake personas, I never did get to report on Brenda Leyland, the so called McCann troll who allegedly topped herself over the furor she caused.

    It is however true to say that I never bought into the old fanny. I mean, why the feck did she go to a posh Marriott hotel to top herself?

    If indeed she did top herself. I mean, nobody seems to know how she died.

    Mind you, according to the Express, Brenda’s body “was found at the Marriott Hotel in Leicester where she had fled to after being identified as the sender of tweets expressing her views on the Madeleine mystery”. Source

    Now that sort of implies that she was being besieged by trolls out to kill her, yet despite myself appearing in the National press, on the receiving end of bad publicity, I have had no one come round looking to do me harm.*******

    Indeed, I was splashed over the front page of the Southend Echo – a newspaper with a large readership – yet no one to date has confronted me about my Rigby allegations… In fact, I would have welcomed Martin Brunt from Sky News confronting me in the same way that he confronted Brenda.

    Furthermore, does staying at a Marriott Hotel give you anonymity? It certainly doesn’t as far as I am concerned.

    Conveniently, Brenda is described as being a lonely divorcee, who lived alone although she apparently has a son who lives in LA… In other words, no one to ask too many awkward questions… So why didn’t she kill herself at home?

    I mean, she can hardly have been bothered about her suicide affecting the value of her house, can she? … Can she?

    It is also mighty strange that Brenda only appeared on the electoral roll in 2014, yet she had supposedly lived in her house for the last 12 years.
    He then goes on to indulge in a bit of dead troll stalking....
    Course, if Jackiey was playing Brenda, this would explain why there was a need to dub her voice in the Martin Brunt, Sky New film footage.
    I mean, obviously Jackiey is no actress, which is also in keeping with how wooden Brenda is carrying on in the strange piece of footage.

    Course, Jackiey has a crippled left arm and  tattoos on her upper and lower right arm – whereas Brenda doesn’t.

    However, having said that, I could quite easily photo-shop those tattoos out so it would be an absolute piece of piss for someone who does it for a living.
    More pictures of women follow, with much ravings about tattoos, ears and false teeth. All this, of course, will be manna from heaven to the haters that decided that Leyland was actually a 'crisis actor' and put the boot into their former friend within minutes of the Brunt interview airing.

    I wonder, will the hater conspiraloons EVER see themselves as the rest of the world does - as stark, raving mad, as well as being an internet lynch mob?

    ******Except for the local police of course, who allegedly found child porn on his computer on their last raid on Chez Spivey, following their first raid over his alleged harrassment of the Rigby family.

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    Re: Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY

    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:29 am

    Date Published:
    July 30, 2015
     Story by Newsdesk
    Blogger who claims Lee Rigby murder was “hoax” appears in court on harassment charge

    A ROCHFORD blogger who claimed that the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woowich was “a hoax” and an MI5 conspiracy went on trial today accused of harassing Lee Rigby’s family.

    One of the postings at the centre of the case read: “Lee Rigby and his criminal family are made out to be national treasures. They are not and never will be.”

    Christopher Spivey, 52, of Rochford, who describes himself as an investigative internet journalist specialising in disproving certain events, posted comments and details on his Facebook page and his website about the soldier’s mother Lyn Rigby and his sister Sara McClure.

    They started the day after Lee Rigby was murdered in a street in Woolwich on 22 May 2013.

    He claims that in fact Lee Rigby either “never existed” or that his sister’s partner Robert Sargeant looks like Lee Rigby and was in fact Lee.

    Spivey, who is on trial at Chelmsford Magistrates Court, also suggested that Fusilier Rigby’s family “are involved in a conspiracy with MI5″.

    In February last year Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adeowale, 22, were jailed for life for the murder of Lee Rigby, who served with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, following a trial.

    Spivey, of Rochford Garden Way, Rochford, pleads not guilty to two charges of harassment and two of sending grossly offensive or menacing messages by public communication.

    The charges allege that Spivey harassed Lyn Rigby by publishing material that the murder of her son was a hoax; that Robert Sergeant was in fact Lee Rigby; that Spivey published photos of Lyn’s address, details of her grandchildren; suggested that Lee either never existed or that the family was in a conspiracy with MI5.

    He also suggested that the soldier was a rapist and stated that a family friend, Gavin Vitler, visited Mrs Rigby’s a week before his postings, on 15 July 2014.

    The second harassment concerns his sister Sara McClure. It alleges that the murder of her brother was a hoax ;that he published  photos of her home address, of her children and their names, of Lee and her partner Robert Sergeant.

    It accuses Spivey of asserting that the two men are of similar appearance and that Mr Sergeant “was Lee Rigby”. He published a photo showing both in the same battalion.

    The last two charges are alternatives and allege that he sent offensive or menacing messages by public communication relating to the assertion that Lee Rigby was a rapist and that his death was a hoax.

    All the offences are said to have happened between 23 May 2013 and 11  November 2014.

    Prosecutor Tony Abell told District Judge John Woollard that the comments and postings  crossed the line.

    Spivey claimed he has a right to freedom of speech but the prosecutor told the judge :  “The combination of postings, containing a mixture of insensitive and unsavoury remarks about the Rigby family, bizarre assertions around the murder and publication of the details of two of the family’s homes, cannot be justified under freedom of speech.

    “They were unreasonable and oppressive and amount to harassment.”

    A statement by Mrs Lyn Rigby’s was read to the court. In it she spoke of how Spivey continually made comments that her son’s death was a hoax. He gave details of the family, including her and her daughter’s home addresses and photos of family members, including her grandchildren.

    There was also a mock Sun newspaper front page claiming that Lee’s murder was a hoax.

    “The messages posted are extremely distressing and also worrying as he has shown where we live to anyone who looks at his site,” said Mrs Rigby’s statement.

    “In further postings comments include suggesting either Lee never existed or we are involved in a cover up with MI5. And he makes comments that Lee is a rapist and links to other males with the Rigby name.

    “I do believe he may be having our address watched by someone as he mentioned that a friend of Lee, called Gavin Vitler visited our address which was true.”

    Mrs Rigby stated that Spivey posted photos of Lee with his son Jack and she couldn’t understand how he had got them. Her Facebook page settings were private.

    “It’s one I have on my page, particularly Lee holding Jack. This made me distressed. It brought me to tears.”

    She added: “I found this sickening. My privacy had been totally invaded. It was very upsetting to see my grandchildren in this way. They should be protected.”

    Mrs Rigby said she saw on Spivey’s Facebook page a photo of Lee’s funeral and of his wedding.

    She said : “It was a happy day in his life. I found this heart wrenching. This should have been one of our happy memories of Lee and Spivey has destroyed it all.

    “The comments he has made about his death being a hoax is beyond belief. To say this is false is truly awful. We were just starting to turn a corner and I don’t feel safe at all.”

    Mr Abell said Spivey contacted Lee Rigby’s sister Sara McClure via Facebook and she did look at his website – www.chrisspivey.org** - and found his comments about the  murder being a hoax “weird.”
    ** Now closed down
    She later saw further postings with photos of her home address and of her children and naming them. There were also photos of Lee and her partner Robert Sargeant implying that Robert was Lee.

    She found it “really scary” that information had been disclosed on social media about them for anyone to see. It made her feel unsafe in her own home and concerned that her partner and their children might have been put at risk.

    Ms McClure, in her statement which was read out wrote :  “Lee and Rob were in the same battalion. It’s really concerning as a group of people with similar views to those who killed Lee now know that Rob is from the same battalion as Lee and where he lives. I now don’t feel safe in the house and want to move.”

    The court was told that Mr Vitler was asked by Spivey to befriend him on Facebook saying he was a tattooist for bikers. He asked a series of questions which Mr Vitler didn’t respond to.

    A friend of Sara McClure, Chris Amos, did accept Spivey as a Facebook friend because he was angry about pictures posted. He answered 60 questions because he wanted to put the record straight, the court heard.

    He stopped contact after Spivey allegedly sent him a threatening message which was: “No matter what you have been promised they will kill you no more.”

    Police arrested Spivey for harassment on 30 July last year. He claimed to be an investigative journalist specialising in disproving certain world events. He admitted being the author of all posts on his website and of a number of the Facebook posts.

    The prosecutor said Spivey said he was not responsible for the mock up Sun front page.

    He said he had been studying Lee Rigby’s background for over a year and claimed he obtained photos by going to Facebook and clicking on them. He claimed they were not private.

    He said the Rigby family “didn’t have to read” what he had posted and added “they f….g deserve it”. He later withdrew that remark.

    He also claimed he was entitled to freedom of speech. In his blogs he referred to Lee Rigby’s murder as a “hoax” and a  government orchestrated false flag operation intended as anti Moslim propaganda.


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    Re: Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY

    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:25 am

    Published: 10:56 GMT, 31 July 2014 | Updated: 13:44 GMT, 31 July 2014

    Thursday 30 October 2014 / News

    January 2015:
    According to comments on his blog, Spivey is out on bail on condition he doesn't harrass or abuse people. (Blog is closed down)


    JAN 23, 2015 @ 22:32:43
    The point pongo is probably making is that apart from Stacey and Clayton, there were only 5 of us at court today. A big thank you to Melanief, Paul, pongo & George. Chris has been very poorly, but made it to court for 9am, but after a very honest meeting with a court solicitor, Chris had to wait until the afternoon session 2.30pm ish, to be seen by the judge. Chris has to be back in court with a brief on 20th February. On that date they will then set a trial date. In the meantime, certain people involved in the Woolwich incident cannot be mentioned as a condition of Chris’s bail. I will inform the Mods about the specific names. I hope that makes sense, as it has been a very long day and my brain is mush.
    There was a judge today, not magistrates, as Fridays seem to be reserved for the likely Not Guilty plea cases.
    And here is a notorious McCann hater:
    Re: Chris Spivey
    Post Freedom Yesterday
    I'm sure that he wasn't the only one to have doubts about the Lee Rigby story.

    It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this is - could it become a test case for other people / groups who don't believe official stories of one sort or another?
    No concern for the agony Spivey has caused his many victims - indeed, no concept that the scumbag has hurt anyone.

    She's only concerned for herself, as she imagines she is some kind of 'truthseeker'. McCann-haters really are the lowest of the low.

    Comment from another forum with thanks.
    I wonder, how would Jean/Yesterday/Freedom feel if some lunatic stole HER private family photos and plastered them all over the internet, alleging that deceased members of HER family had never existed?

    Would she like it if some lunatic scribbled obscenities all over HER private family photos and plastered them all over the internet, along with her address and obscene allegations about HER?

    That would be different, no doubt?

    I never thought I would see the day that anyone could be sick enough to defend what Spivey did to Drummer Rigby's family.

    Or what he did to the families of men executed by ISIS, defacing those poor men's photos and scribbling obscenities on their mutilated corpses.

    Typical McCann-hating Gonzo fans, though - no empathy whatsoever with victims, only concern for their own imagined entitlement.

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:33 am

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    Re: Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY

    Post  Sykes on Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:55 am

    McCann hating Amaral fan:
    Post Rosa canina Today at 7:49 am

    I'm gutted for him, I really am -

    - I've grown to rate Chris Spivey highly - hectic language and all...

    ...a bright, funny, passionate and kind man -

    (and an English bogan, too - I love bogans)

    - with a very sharp eye for nonsense.

    His was another court case I'd wanted to attend -

    (Brenda's inquest was the other)

    I'm really sorry I couldn't be there to say "Thank you for trying".

    I wonder if his site has been saved on Wayback?  
    ...a bright, funny, passionate and kind man - -

    not the kind of words any normal, decent person would use to describe that scumbag, that got his rocks off tormenting victims of Islamic terrorists, and others.

    Says it all about the sort of scum that supports Gonzo, though, that it thinks scribbling obscenities on the decapitated corpses of ISIS victims is 'funny'.

    Let's hope his shite has been wiped clean from every single dark and dusty corner of the internet. And that Spivey is heading for prison, where he is likely to find he isn't quite the hard man he liked to pretend he was.

    Delivering his verdict, Judge Woollard said Spivey had "descended into abusive, unpleasant and totally hurtful remarks".

    He continued: "He repeated postings which were vicious and unpleasant, making claims of infallibility which he was not entitled to make and made attacks upon members of Mr Rigby's family and friends."

    The judge ruled that Spivey was not a journalist and didn't carry out any investigative journalism at all.

    "He seems to do most of it from his front room in Rochford," he said.  
    Seems Spivey has a great deal in common with the McCann-haters.

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    Christopher Spivey, Internet troll to be sentenced for harassing Lee Rigby's family after saying soldier's death was made up

    Post  Sykes on Thu Aug 27, 2015 10:37 am

    The Herald, Scotland.   2 hours ago.

    An internet troll who claimed the murder of Lee Rigby was made-up to provoke anti-Islamic feelings is to be sentenced for harassing the soldier's family.

    Christopher Spivey, of Rochford, Essex, posted a series of comments on social media about Fusilier Rigby's killing - including claiming the soldier had never existed and that the story of his murder was a conspiracy.

    The 52-year-old denied two counts of harassment and two of sending grossly offensive messages over social media but was found guilty after a two-day trial at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court. He will return to court for sentencing today.

    In a statement read during his trial, Fusilier Rigby's mother, Lyn Rigby, said she found his claims "extremely disturbing" and "sick".

    During the trial, the court heard Spivey made the bizarre claims on a website where he regularly posts his opinions about world events.

    In his 11-month campaign, he claimed family photos of the Rigbys had been doctored on Photoshop and said the soldier had never actually existed.

    Spivey made direct contact with members of the Rigby family as they struggled to come to terms with their loss,

    Jenny Hopkins, chief crown prosecutor for CPS East of England, said: "Mr Spivey posted a number of comments on social media about the murder of Fusilier Rigby which were very upsetting to his family and friends.

    "People can and do post all kinds of comments on social media and are not prosecuted for them, but in this case we were satisfied that the posts crossed the line into criminal behaviour targeted at the Rigby family.

    "The prosecution's case was that the combination of the postings, containing a mixture of grossly offensive remarks about the Rigby family, upsetting assertions surrounding the murder, and the publication of details of two of the family's homes, could not be justified under freedom of speech.

    "After hearing all the evidence, the court has found Mr Spivey's behaviour in uploading these posts amounted to the harassment of Lyn Rigby and Sara McClure, Fusilier Rigby's mother and sister."

    Fusilier Rigby, from Greater Manchester, was murdered as he returned to his barracks in Woolwich, south-east London, on May 22 2013. He died of multiple cut and stab wounds

    Michael Adebolajo was given a whole-life term and Michael Adebowale was jailed for a minimum of 45 years at the Old Bailey for his murder last year.

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    2 years suspended sentence and subject to a restraining order banning him from posting on blogs or social media

    Post  Sykes on Thu Aug 27, 2015 1:28 pm

    Unfortunately, the scumbag hasn't been jailed.

    Sentencing him to six months in prison suspended for two years, District Judge John Woollard said: "I have been a district judge for 17 years and very rarely I come across conspiracy theorists like you.

    "Experience tells me it's pointless telling you you are wrong because you believe I am part of the conspiracy.

    "You totally fail to accept that what you were doing had a profound and shattering effect on the family.

    "They had been thrust into the public eye and were bereaved in a terrible way and then they're contacted by somebody like you making the most ridiculous comments and claims.

    "All because sitting in your bedroom in Rochford you come to the conclusion that MI5 and various other organisations are conspiring to mislead the public.

    "You will be convinced until you die that you are right and everyone else is wrong."

    The judge also made Spivey subject to a restraining order banning him from posting on blogs or social media and contacting Fusilier Rigby's family.

    Fusilier Rigby, from Greater Manchester, was murdered as he returned to his barracks in Woolwich, south-east London, on May 22 2013.
    On the bright side, he's as arrogant as he is revolting, so he's bound to break the terms of the suspended sentence and end up in the slammer.

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    Re: Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY

    Post  Sykes on Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:54 pm

    From another forum with thanks.
    It'll come as NO surprise to anyone who has seen the McCann-haters in action, to learn that Spivey's lunatic fans are manipulating the Mail's comments. A few of the less obscene boasts from them on the Spivey site:
    The Daily Mail have printed only negative comments again, but we can show them what we think. I’ve just red-arrowed every comment.


    Me too, those DM readers sure are as thick as SHIT. No wonder Britain is in the state it is in. They believe any old shit that the Zio shit MSM tell them. Jordan Maxwell is right, they are too lazy and stupid to wake up. They would not know what truth is even if it was shoved up their arse.


    same here …….. the reds are out doing the greens lol …daily fail …fail


    Great work people, keep hammering them!
    And as most of them are unemployed, indeed, unemployable, they've all the time in the world to keep deleting cookies and multiple-vote to make it look as if 'everyone' agrees with them.

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:45 am

    Conspiracy theorist troll who claimed Lee Rigby's murder was 'staged' and carried out to 'whip up racial hatred' loses appeal against a conviction for harassing the soldier's family

    .Christopher Spivey claimed the murder of Fusilier Rigby in London was 'staged'
    .The former builder said it was a fake event carried out to 'whip up racial hatred'
    .The 54 year old was convicted of two charges of harassing the soldier's family

    By Abe Hawken For Mailonline
    PUBLISHED: 17:04, 21 January 2017 | UPDATED: 19:32, 21 January 2017

    A conspiracy theorist troll who claimed Lee Rigby's murder was carried out to 'whip up racial hatred' has lost his appeal against a conviction for harassing the soldier's family.

    Christopher Spivey, 54, claimed the murder of Fusilier Rigby, who was hacked to death by terrorists in London in May 2013, was 'staged'.

    Last week the former builder lost an appeal against a suspended six month jail sentence handed down at Chelmsford Magistrates' Court.

    During the hearing Spivey, of Rochford, Essex, told a judge at Chelmsford Crown Court: 'It was a fake event allowed to go ahead by the Government, aided by the security services.'

    Spivey believed it was done to 'whip up racial hatred'.

    But Judge Christopher Morgan dismissed Spivey's appeal and labelled his internet postings on his website as 'malicious and oppressive'.

    He added that Spivey 'targeted' Fusilier Rigby's mother and sister and was aware of the risk they might see what he had written.

    He said Spivey took no account of the fact the family were grieving.
    Rejecting the appeal Judge Morgan said: 'A person grieving for a child and directly involved in events would be affected.

    The assertion that the murder of her son was a hoax to someone not connected with Lee Rigby may have simply been dismissed as the deluded comment of an obsessive, a conspiracy theorist or a crank.'

    Lyn Rigby had to relive the events of her son's horrific death as she gave evidence via video link from the Manchester area.
    She was visibly distressed as she spoke of feeling frightened when her address and family photographs were published by Spivey.

    She told the court: 'We just couldn't go out anywhere. We were frightened to answer the door.

    'It got to the point where my youngest got so frightened she would go around checking on windows and doors three times before she went to bed, over and over again.

    'It made us very frightened. I got very distressed over it as I thought we were being watched all the time.'

    Spivey also published pictures of her house, photos and names of Fusilier Rigby's sister Sara McClure, her children and information about her partner Robert Sergeant

    Mrs McClure, who also gave evidence via video link, said she felt 'scared and vulnerable'.

    She added: 'We moved house, we had to leave our home because we were worried somebody was going to come for us.'

    Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adeowale, 22, were both jailed for life in February 2015 for Fusilier Rigby's murder following a trial at the Old Bailey.

    Spivey was originally convicted in July 2015 of two charges of harassing Lyn Rigby and Sara McClure.

    He was also found guilty of two offences of sending grossly offensive or menacing messages by public communication between May 2013 and November 2014.

    Spivey received a six month prison sentence, suspended for two years and a lifetime restraining order banning him from any future contact with those involved.

    He was also banned from publishing any material about them on the internet, ordered to pay £2,000 costs and his computer equipment was forfeited.

    Judge Morgan left that sentence in place and ordered Spivey, unemployed and on benefits, to pay a further £2,000 costs.


    Comment from another forum with thanks.   Sykes
    Spivey doesn't accept that he has done anything wrong, he sees even a suspended sentence as proof that he is right.

    He has a hard core of cult followers that hang on his every word, and he can't back down.


    Note also the Donate button ....  

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    Re: Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY

    Post  Sykes on Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:05 am

    Lee Rigby's grieving mother was forced to relive her son's murder as police threatened to arrest her unless she gave evidence at stalker's court hearing.

    The mother of murdered soldier Lee Rigby said she was threatened with arrest unless she attended the appeal hearing of a conspiracy theorist troll who taunted her over his death.

    Lyn Rigby said her treatment by authorities was 'absurd and shocking' after she was summoned to a court hearing where a graphic image from her son's murder featured as evidence.


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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:37 am

    Lee Rigby Mem Cup ‏@CupRigby Jan 14
    Please read! Message from Lyn Rigby. Please share!!! This awful man needs to be stopped!

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    Re: Haters' favorite Spivey is now up in court for his harrassment of Lee Rigby's family - Verdict GUILTY

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