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    This came across my desk late yesterday - interesting, and so true

    Eumenides   [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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    Saturday, 13 December 2014

    Sockaholics Anonymous

    by Dr.  Aloysius Feelgood, BSc.MA. FRSST

    The above organisation was recently registered as a charity  by a small group of recovering sockaholics  to create awareness of this serious condition which  can strike anyone who is using social media - anytime and anywhere. It is a psychological  which, if not checked will develop into the full blown form of the disease and almost impossible to treat successfully.

    Sock Off!  or S Off!  (our  popular slogan) is often only achieved after extensive therapy which may take the form of regression therapy, trauma  counselling and various other strategies. The Gestalt therapy has been scrapped as it encouraged the patient to invent new entities instead of releasing the many already in existence.

    Regression therapy - past lives memory - can play a part in this condition  when the patient is assaulted by multiple personalisties he/she has been in the distant past.
    MSD - multiple sock disorder is not the same as multiple personality disorder and therefore needs to be treated as a separate condition, like alcoholism it will only ever be controlled, never cured. Therefore sockaholics say they are recovering, even when a sufferer has taken the life-changing step of losing all  of his or her socks.  However we find that the mulitple sock/personality disorder persists in many cases, causing the victim to change style and language in mid-post when one dominant alter/sock takes over.
    An example of such a post can be seen here:
    @ Gormfly: Hello,  I’m sorry,  you may be wrong about the time of the coffee break on the 2nd of May 2008. I recall an interview in which - whatever, you are wrong, wrong, wrong! Who do you think you are?  I’d like to ban you right now, you  deleted. ‘  you  deleted ...
    The above is a sad example from a poster who was running four socks, one of which had psychopathic tendencies. Very distressing for Lambkin, the gentle sock he was using at the start of the post, she never recovered. This  type of ‘catastrophic take-over’ by an evil sock entity needs very careful handling if it is to be cured.  Exorcism may sometimes be the only solution.

    Sockaholism can strike at a moment’s notice. Even members who have posted under a single pseudonym for years  may suddenly yearn for a new identity, sometimes only to relieve the boredom of going over the same ground day after day. But they often find it becomes an addiction, impossible to control and why stop at one sock? By the time they start on the second sock, basking in the adoration of their alter egos they are in a downward spiral which will be hard to stop.

    How to recognise a sockaholic:

    The patient speaks of his/her other identities as separate from him/her
    The patient will often have long conversations with his socks, often choosing one or two  favourites to support his theories.
    Some socks will be dominant and unable to write a post of less than a thousand words, often using coloured inks. (This is a definite throw-back to prep school where pupils were rewarded by being allowed, green, blue and red pens. (My colleague Dr. Spink-Bottle FRSST is at present writing a monogram on this subject.)

    These socks  frequently  claim expert knowledge, Adobe Photoshop and Portuguese law enforcement are popular subjects.  They  often have any number of children. (these come in useful when the parenting problems of TM are discussed and it’s of course always possible to field a child of the right age and appearance any time this is necessary to support an argument).

    Case history: Transcript of consultation with Hortie

    ‘I’m now taking you back to the first time you wanted to create a sock - take a deep breath and relax - now you are back at the exact moment...’
    ‘I just - just suddenly didn’t want to be just myself - so I became Flatland - no, I know now. “Nobody was answering me any more and once Flatland joined  (note the distancing phrase, Flatland is already another person to Hortie) people started joining in again. But .”
    ‘Carry on, you’re doing great.’
    ‘.. then Freddie came along and I had him welcomed by Flatland, but then the others started in the two ‘Fs’  being boring and of course I had to defend both of them then I became -’
    ‘Take it slowly, you’re safe here - now back to the time with the ‘Fs’ .
    ‘Yes, that was really lovely because CaringforMaddie came along and she got me in touch with my feminine side and people were much nicer to her and she took a liking to Hortie, who’d come back after a few months. It was a lovely time because Flatland began to be really popular too. Hortie started a really good topic on the length of the skirts Kate McCann wore and found out that she was probably getting paid for advertising British Home Stores Women’s Clothing.’
    ‘What happened then?’
    ‘That worked really well, we were getting into the cotton versus linen discussion when I felt I wasn’t doing enough for the forum, so ..’
    ‘Don’t hurry - all the time in the world..’
    ‘...so I went through a list of professions and baby names and so on and got three really good avatars,  an Alsatian called Rover , a pink kitten called Bubbles who was female of course and the Professor.’ (patient clutches his head - looking distressed).
    ‘Why does that upset you?’
    ‘He is really clever, everybody wanted to talk to me. (note the confusion of personal pronouns) They asked me what I was professor in and I have to think of something fast so I chose horticulture. But then they asked me about bougainvillia and I know nothing about gardening byt that didn’t matter because in one post said that it blooms from January to end November and everybody believed the Professor because he is nice to everybody. Somebody even called me a scholar and a gentleman and  that what I think I really am. So now I’m the Professor most of the time. Flatland hardly posts anymore and I think Freddie doesn’t like me anymore, he never answers any of my questions. ‘
    ‘I see, why do you think the Professor is better?’
    ‘They all believe me now and when I’m asked difficult questions like the angle of the sun in april seven years ago I can find it on the internet with a cut and paste and a few intentional spelling mistakes which Hortie often corrects. He said I’m a typical absent-minded professor - as well as a scholar and a gentleman of course...’ (patient rolls over on his side  in foetal position with a smile on his face).
    ‘I think for today this is enough - you’ve done very well.’ (Consultant looks at his watch, makes a note to round up his time to three hours).

    We are leaving Hortie for the moment, but it is clear that he/she (we are not sure yet) is suffering from  multiple sock syndrome where one may have as many as ten to twenty socks on the go at the same time. Disillusion sets in when the patient finds after a while that  they’ve been talking to themselves and even been rude to their own socks.  

    Socks often  become independent entities, in Hortie’s case by the time the Professor in Horticulture was thanking Hortie for his keen understanding of solar flares neither of them were aware of each other’s identity and were able to pass a lie-detector test when they denied knowing each other.

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    Eumenides  xxxxhttp://fytton.blogspot.nl/2014/12/the-wrong-smith-republic-of-ireland-has.html
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    Monday, 15 December 2014

    The Wrong Smith .......

    The Republic of Ireland has some 4.6 million inhabitants of which about 50.1% are male.

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    The surname Smith is famous for being ordinary! [..]It is the fifth most common surname in Ireland, and the most common name in England, Scotland and Wales.
    Martin is a popular name - around 65th in the top 100 boys names in Ireland.
    We have all read the repeated  revelations by Mr. Bennett about Martin Smith - a witness in a crime where the  investigation is ongoing.
    Mr. Bennett has the word ‘Researcher’ written underneath his avatar which iss just as well, we’d never have known otherwise. His research method as the answer to a recent FOI request shows is somewhat unusual.  (See 1. below)

    A little over a year ago the lights are burning all through the nights in the Chippingfield residence. It is Mr. Bennett in his study, pouring over the the internet.
    One may imagine our ardent ‘researcher’  immersed in 12 million hits on Smith and giving up at page two or three. It is after all only one Smith he’s after, not the entire world population bearing that name. It is inherently simple. All he has to do is make a few connections.

    Connections are made - courtesy of Google - Mr. B. knows that there are four golf courses around PdL, he also finds that Martin Smith runs a golf business and Praise the Lord - a lot of information relating to the golf business is on the net. In  the researcher’s  fevered mind this is an invention, just as the business associates of Smith are an invention. For the whole point of this exercise is to prove that Smith has lied - and all that is needed is to do some serious research and the Bennett is the man to do it. He publishes the address of the business with telephone and email address.

    Mr. Bennett launches his major offensive in November 2013:
    Re: MARTIN O. SMITH: A short biography of the man who said he saw a bloke (carrying a young, barefoot, blonde girl wearing only pyjamas), who didn’t look like a tourist, at about 10.00pm on Thursday 3 May 2007 (AND who invented 'THE GIMMEE')
    Tony Bennett on Sat Nov 16, 2013 4:42 pm

    Brevity not being one of Mr. Bennett’s virtues on any topic we were treated to almost daily repetitions of  the catechism of the Evil of the Smiths. Plural, as this unfit father had ‘persuaded’ his 12 year old daughter to lie to the police. 1.)
    (Mr. Bennett even used the word hypnosis at one stage but this was removed by either himself or a moderator who’d managed to stay awake after seeing the word ‘Smith).
    The ‘shady’ business deals of this suspect witness, are triumphantly displayed on the forum - Smith this cunning Irishman, this Machiavelli, has not just forced his son and daughter to lie for him in police statements, he has secretly liaised with Madame Tanner to get the right description.

    Mr. Bennett  claims that two (unnamed) accountants agree with him regarding the suspect business affairs of Mr. Smith. Were these cherry-picked from a larger group of experts who did not agree with him? He also chooses to believe that the Irish Companies Office may occasionally lie and refers to his experience with this institution without giving details of his previous dealings with the Irish Companies Office and one wonders what dealings Mr. B. could possibly have had with the ICO.

    The thing is done - the crimes (running a suspect business, lying to the Irish Companies Office, forcing his children to lie to the police, being in cahoots with Murat and the McCanns) of Smiths are plain for all to see.

    Bennett has  shone a light on all the evil deeds of Smith. We should be grateful, we should be struck dumb with admiration for a mind so keen, so sharp, so unselfish.
    ‘I have worn myself out!’  cries the Researcher aka The Analyst and several other personalities inhabiting Mr. Bennett’s head.
    The belief in the evil of this Smith is mandatory to have an existence on the forum. Unbelievers will be burned or banned.

    Having found the address it never occurs to Mr. Bennett to contact Mr. Smith. This was probably done for the first time by Richard Hall, although I am not sure.
    However, as it happened, very soon after the Hall video was released (fame at last he cries..! Personally I turned it off in the middle of the Alien abduction in the Brecon Beacons) this answer from Mr. B  to a query turned up in one of the Smith topics:
    ..the alleged communication from Martin Smith to R.Hall was a strange one.....it was by no means certain that this was a genuine communication from the real Martin Smith.
    As to the correction by Richard Hall, my understanding is that Hall wrote to the email address given by Martin Smith or someone purporting to be him....
    Even  then he did not bother to contact Mr. Smith
    It matters not that the address of the business  is not even in Drogheda but of one some 30 miles further north.

    Bennett has  shone a light on all the evil deeds of Smith. We should be grateful, we should be struck dumb with admiration for a mind so keen, so sharp, so unselfish.
    ‘I have worn myself out!’  cries the Researcher aka The Analyst and possibly several other personalities inhabiting Mr. Bennett’s head.
    The belief in the evil of this Smith is mandatory to have an existence on the forum. Unbelievers will be burned or banned.

    Some two months ago I emailed Mr. Smith. I received a pleasant and slightly amused answer. He had recently heard about this mistaken identity from another source and merely thought of it as one of the vagaries of the internet. He’d never in his life been to PdL, he did not live in Drogheda. He had not read the forum.
    My reply contained a list of the crimes of which he stood accused by the Bennett with references and sources.
    The answer  from (the wrong) Mr. Smith was a copy of the email he sent to Mr. B. and it contained some serious demands. Amongst others that the libellous material should immediately be removed from the forum or else.  3.)
    Anyone surfing through the Smith topics these days however, will still come across libellous content and insinuations which have not been removed. Mr. B has form in these matters but that’s another story.

    His very own sock has called him a gentleman and a scholar and also an academic, surely such a fine mind would immediately call a halt to this situation created by himself?
    Not a bit of it, with renewed vigour he starts to dismantle once again - using as his main information the tabloid press - the remaining Smith, the one he can fit up with the remaining crimes.

    Speaking of false accusations, I gather the 9th Commandment is rather specific about false accusations as is indeed Mr. B. himself, who created a special topid in the MF issues forum for this:

    The punishment for making a false allegation
     Tony Bennett on Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:40 pm

    In Elizabethan times, the making of a false allegation by someone was considered such a serious crime that, on conviction, a person found guillty of making a false allegation was branded with the initials: 'F.A.' on their forehead.

    That was a very effective way of (a) deterring people going around making false allegations against someone else and (b) making sure that those who did make them didn't do so again.

    I think the time may have come for reviewing the sentencing guidelines for those who deliberately or recklessly make false allegations against someone who is innocent.

    However, I think the punishment for making a false allegation in Elizabethan times was a touch on the tough side.  

    As to the last paragraph Mr. Bennett, I disagree with you, just right I'd say.

    Re: FoI Act request 19 Sep 2014 - Met Police - Meetings with authors Anthony Summers & Robbyn Swan

    BlueBag on Thu Oct 16, 2014 4:17 pm


    I have highlighted the most important parts in bolded dark blue.

    Despite the obvious problems with the 'Smithman' sighting, the Met Police have confirmed on the written record:

    A. That the two e-fits of different-looking men WERE drawn up by the Smiths, AND

    B. That they purport to be of the same man.

    All I can say is that just because the Met Police say so in answer to an FoI request, I do not believe either statement to be true
    Re: SMITHMAN 2 - What can account for the 17 remarkable similarities between Tannerman and Smithman?
    Page 42:

    I am asked what possible motive Martin Smith could have for lying and for getting his 12-year-old daughter to lie.

    These are some common reasons for lying:

    1. Money
    2. Fear
    3. Helping a relative or friend.

    Re: SMITHMAN 2 - What can account for the 17 remarkable similarities between Tannerman and Smithman?

    Tony Bennett on Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:36 pm

    Post deleted

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    Bennett sends a flying monkey to the Mutton/Candyfloss site:

    Post  Sykes on Mon Dec 15, 2014 9:16 pm

    From another forum with thanks.
    Fragrance wrote:
    What difference does what Tony Bennett has to say make? Why is it important to give him so much attention?

    And for anyone who doesn't already know by now (I'm sure my ip address will have been scrutinized), I'm aquila. I have told no-one I joined this forum and the only reason I did it was that anything positive about Madeleine was whooshed into a private section.

    Why is there a need to write blogs about Tony Bennett - and let's face it they're not nice blogs.

    Why is there a need to trash Tony Bennett on the open forum?

    Why not just get on with finding out what happened to Madeleine McCann?


    I suggest you wander back from whence you came Aquila. If TB has got it wrong then it should be obviously put out there and a wrong rectified.

    He can of course rebut what Tigger blogged and say why on his forum. Sorry if you don't like it, and it has everything to do with what happened to Madeleine McCann, so you obviously think it is ok for him to keep trashing the Smith family...........and not even the right one?
    Pleasantries are exchanged and comments deleted due to them being too rude to Bennett.

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    Re: The wrong Smith............
    Post flamingboy Today at 3:22 pm

    Andrew wrote:
    Intrigued to know if TB has made any comments yet? Had a quick look but can't see anything however maybe some joint members can inform us if anything is said in the members lounge over there.

    Also maybe a joint member might be able to post a message to prompt him into a reply.

    I wish I could do that myself.

    For once I am actually looking forward to reading blue guff from the man to try and explain himself out of this one

    Nothing over there.

    You should ask christobell, chatelaine, tigger and enid to come clean about their scam that they started back in August around the same time as the clique forced Joanna off MCF.

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