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    What a day Friday turned out to be! Nice weather, good food and, a great bonus, an unmasked troll on the run. I touched on this in my last Take. It all started with a woman in a picturesque village in middle England being 'outed' by a well-known reporter as a cruel, vicious internet stalker of a family in pain over their lost child. It blossomed as all the newspapers featured it on their front pages with pictures of the troll, videos of her claiming she was 'entitled' to post up whatever she wished about whoever she chose, while TV viewers were able to see videos of her being confronted and outed, plus programs on internet trolling and privacy laws. It even crossed over to the USA and was prominently displayed on CBS. Details about her being a 'nice' person, a 'regular churchgoer' etc were made by the villagers, then came the news that she had done a bunk and reactions became less positive. Online the damage limitation machine began to hot up. First we had the theory that the interview was staged, that the woman was an actress, that it was done to allow the authors of the new book to 'save face' as this was not selling at all. Then we had demands for the password to a certain site so the accusations re trolling could be read - I don't quite understand this as the evidence was passed to the police on 9 September and no sensible person would keep such information where it could be accessed or hacked. Then came the accusations again that two well known forums that are 'pro' the McCanns set this up, baseless and stupid as I know of many people who do not belong to forums but are appalled by the daily threats and insults hurled at the parents; it was a concerted effort by many opposed to the trolling and stalking employed by posters on the internet, aided and abetted by 'sleepers' on various hate sites and readers of twitter and facebook. I am enjoying the frantic attempts to try and trace who gave the dossier to the police, and seeing how wrong the conclusions reached are, keep searching, as I said yesterday, look closer to home. I think quite a few posters are pooping their pants as they frantically close their twitter accounts and amend their facebooks to remove all incriminating evidence. But it's too late; the police have had the dossier since early September, and you can bet they have checked very carefully all the material in it. I do hope that those who have provided the bullets, ie the ones who run or mod the forums, for the dimwits to fire are also about to be investigated in depth. Meanwhile, wait for the next episode - this is decidedly better than Coronation Street!

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