Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police


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    Re: Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police

    Post  coco on Thu Oct 09, 2014 1:43 pm

    A neighbour commented: "Deep down it must have hurt that he cut his mum out of his life. Whether that made her anti the McCanns, who seemed to have a very loving, supportive and happy family, we will never know. We were friends but grew apart because she was a one-way ticket. She could be quite nasty and was very controlling.

    "When Madeleine first went missing she used to go over to her home village all the time. She used to go to the local pub and the shops telling everyone what she thought about the family. It seemed very odd behaviour."

    doesn 't sound like a very nice person , or very stable .

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    Post  Sykes on Thu Oct 09, 2014 9:46 pm


    Re: WaS Brenda Leyland Murdered Because Of What She Had Just Found Out!???

    Post  Jauna Loca Today at 9:12 pm
    I wasn't following Brenda on Twitter but we had some friends in common who would retweet her tweets and they would end up on my timeline.
    The Nanny connection has been round for a while. Someone stumbled on that before the summer IIRC. But what did happen in the last few weeks is that someone- not @sweepyface- posted a photo of AT from the OC and the pro-mccann tweeter @basilandmanuel. They were the same person. Then someone else delved further and unearthed a tweet from AT which was claimed to be the link to swinging. There was a kerfuffle on Twitter about posting AT's photo with some truthseekers saying outing was never justified and made them like the pros.
    I feel that this knowledge could have made Brenda a target.
    Some deep childlike part of me is longing for this to be the greatest police sting of all times- that Brenda has been set as willing police accomplice, that the body in hotel reports are pure fabrication, that Brenda has been spirited out to the USA to be with her son in safety, that Brunt is behind 2&2TV hiding out till he is given the nod by the MET to set the rest of the trap in motion on Sunday morning.
    I wish to God it were so but at heart I know its only a delusion.

    WMD Today at 9:23 pm
    A part of me is with you there,she didn't look a bit surprised when approached by Brunt,her son tweeted about her demise,it took quite awhile for the media to report this,but I'll wake up in a minute.

    anon357 Today at 9:28 pm
    You have been reading my mind. The part I couldn`t piece together was the body in the hotel but if the police are in on it they could fake that up anyway. Imagine if MB is a hero. We will all owe him the biggest apology. I will personally send him champagne. If only.....

    waiting for justice Today at 9:30 pm
    I wonder who found her?

    If it was a cleaner then I really feel for them. If it was anyone else I'd be a little suspicious.

    One "tin head/crack pot" theory not examined (that I've seen) is that whilst the police were looking into this dossier the sky news story broke. This obviously widened comments and BL was whooshed (alive) for her own
    Completely at the other end of the nut scale but is it possible?

    I just throw this out there because of the sequence of events and a few things that ring alarm bells.

    waiting for justice Today at 9:32 pm
    Beat me to it Jauna, i'm seeing it play out this was if you watch the events over with this scenario in mind.

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    Re: Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police

    Post  Broho on Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:21 pm

    Don't know whether to laugh or cry at that stupidity.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Oct 10, 2014 7:11 am

    Should we organise a memorial service

    stillsloppingout Yesterday at 10:24 am

    To all forum members . It is always difficult discussing the passing of a family member , or even somebody who was either an associate, or in Brenda's case part of an online community ,an online community in which we are all a part , striving for justice and to right the injustice a role which Brenda fought tirelessly .

    Brenda in seeking the truth has paid with her life .

    Due to the nature of her passing , and having personal experience of similar circumstances . i expect any funeral service will be at least two weeks hence .
    At this time we are also not party as to what Brenda's or Brenda's family's wishes are regarding the service .

    Thus would it be [ at there discression ] of the Mod's, to seek out Brenda's family's wishes , and notify ourselves if they are to have a remembrance service , or invited members may be permitted to her actual funeral service .

    I also feel we should , also mark her passing with a service , to show unity , and also to show the media we are strong , and are not going away .

    With regards to all forum members .  
    To the sick moron who posted this and to her/his fellow friends fiends:  Now, let me see, who does this remind me of?   Take an educated guess.   It is sick and obviously a ploy to get into the limelight, assuming, of course the funeral is not private and the press might be there.   For f**cks sake, leave the family alone, you ghastly ghouls, what has happened is bad enough.  But you won't, will you, just as you have trolled other bereaved and grieving families.   Sykes

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Oct 10, 2014 4:09 pm

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    What made Kate and Gerry McCann the object of so much anger?GUARDIAN ARTICLE:

    Post  Sykes on Fri Oct 10, 2014 8:11 pm


    What made Kate and Gerry McCann the object of so much anger?
    The thing all parents dread, the McCanns experienced. Perhaps it is their defiance in the face of such dismal fortune that provokes their abusers

    The Guardian, Friday 10 October 2014 15.30 BST

    Many people think they should have given up long ago, but the McCanns continue to fight. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

    It’s been more than seven years since Kate and Gerry McCann informed the British media that their four-year-old, Madeleine, had gone missing from her bed in a holiday resort in Portugal. Their hope was that publicity would help them to find their daughter. It didn’t. It hasn’t. But still the headlines come.

    The latest of many disturbing postscripts to this disturbing story is the death of 63-year-old Brenda Leyland. Her body was found in a hotel room in Leicester a few days after a reporter from Sky News doorstepped her. Film was broadcast of Leyland reacting to Martin Brunt’s suggestion that she was one of a number of people whose abusive messages about the McCanns had been handed to the police. Leyland’s high-profile exposure has, inevitably, been directly linked to her suicide.

    One is not supposed to think of “Twitter trolls” as fragile. But this one was, apparently. Her anonymous tweets talked tough. They proclaimed her hatred of the McCanns. She took particular umbrage to what she saw as the couple’s publicity-seeking behaviour. There’s sad irony in the fact that, when publicity found Leyland, it seems to have quickly destroyed her.

    Maybe Leyland knew that, were she to be subjected to a fraction of the notoriety that has been piled on the McCanns, she would indeed be destroyed. Maybe that’s why she saw the couple as so different to her that she could not summon any sympathy, only hostility.

    Why Madeleine’s disappearance attracted so much interest has never been much of a puzzle. Any parent who has lost their child, even for a few minutes, is familiar with their own panic-stricken voice of fear, asking that Grimm’s fairy tale question: “What if she’s gone? What if you never see her again?” The thing all parents dread, the McCanns experienced. Why this, the most dismal of ill fortune, made the McCanns, for so many people, the object of suspicion, contempt and anger, rather than empathy – that’s a more difficult question to answer.

    It’s often said that the McCanns attracted criticism because they were middle-class – with a sense of entitlement that made them not just careless about their own daughter’s welfare but also expectant that the world would help them get her back. Essentially though, that criticism really amounts to this: “We don’t like the McCanns because they clearly didn’t live their lives for ever in fear that the worst could easily happen to them.” What’s more, when the worst did come, the couple remained hopeful, purposeful, even defiant.

    What really irked people about the McCanns, from the beginning, was essentially their massive reserves of emotional resilience. Kate McCann was criticised for not looking broken – for brushing her hair and putting on makeup. Gerry McCann raised eyebrows because he remained articulate. They exercised, which absolutely scandalised people. Sure, that was a sensible thing to do. But what kind of monster is sensible under such pressure? Even that decision in those first hours – not to wait passively for news, but actively to go out and create it – this pair chose fight, not flight, from the start.

    The McCanns continue to fight. Many people think they should have given up long ago. Some perverse people even argue that Leyland’s death is on the conscience of the McCanns, because they won’t shrug their shoulders and accept that some people think very, very badly of them. The McCanns say their twin sons [sic] are old enough now to see all the awful things that are said about their parents. They cannot accept that this is something they have to put up with. No enemy is large enough to intimidate the couple, not even the vastness of the internet.

    By contrast, there’s no flight more complete than suicide. Is that why Leyland and others have developed such great animus against the McCanns? Do people simply find the sheer stubborn courage of these people so unbelievable that they mistrust it, even despise it? Can the root of all this McCann hatred be people seeing two parents roaring for justice, attacking those who would deny them it, and thinking: “I couldn’t do that, no way. But I can’t accept they’re better than me because they can. I prefer to believe they’re worse.”

    Many people, when discussing trolling on the internet, see it as a manifestation of misogyny. Others, who don’t like this idea, insist that women can be trolls – vicious trolls – as well. Leyland, her choice of hate figures and her awful demise appear to prove their point far more graphically than anyone would wish.

    Yet if you start thinking of trolls as people who resent strong people because they make them feel inadequate, then you see that trolling would indeed be an activity particularly attractive to misogynists, who prefer to think of women as weak precisely so they can think of themselves as strong by comparison.

    The McCanns were strong enough to make sure that their own voices – not the stereotyped voice of the universal grieving parent – were heard. Trolls gain strength from making their voices heard too, but they’re not strong enough to speak in their own name. Expose a troll’s name, and you expose their fears and vulnerability. Such people, it appears, may sometimes be far more fearful and vulnerable than the people who anger them so greatly.

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    Re: Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police

    Post  Broho on Fri Oct 10, 2014 9:49 pm

    Wonder what the nutjobs will have to say after reading that?

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:14 pm


    by Brian Reade

    "Martin Brunt is one of the finest crime reporter's I've ever met.

    When he approached Brenda Leyland to ask if she'd like to comment on reports she had been sending hate-filled messages to Madeleine McCann's parents for four years, he was doing a standard reporter's door-stepping job.

    That she was found dead days later is a tragedy but the accusations on social media that Brunt somehow "killed her" are wide of the mark.

    Mrs. Leyland had sent more than 4,200 vile Tweets to the McCann's, which, had they been in letter form
    would have seen her arrested long ago. Online trolling is a modern disease which claims many victims and Brunt was merely doing his duty by confronting it.

    Of course some of the twitterati can't see that, or even the irony in anonymous trolls now persecuting and threatening Brunt for taking on an anonymous troll.

    There seems to be a belief on Twitter that because people are allowed to hide behind false names in their bedrooms they allowed to get away with saying whatever they want.

    That they have an entitlement to create misery without responsibility.

    Guess what? They don't."  
    Very well said!

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    Re: Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police

    Post  Sykes on Sat Oct 11, 2014 12:26 pm

    From Myths, Tigerloaf comments on other posts:

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with your posts above. Sensible and perceptive comments about the situation.

    One serious thought has occurred to me and it, I feel, makes each and every one of the hounders and haters who are not so worked up about this "dossier" look like base hypocrites and fools.

    For seven whole years the leaders (and some of the minions) of the vile hate campaign (led particularly by Tony Bennett, the disgraced, criminal ex-solicitor from Harlow) have compiled dossiers about things they have no proof of. They have compiled lists of questions, they have compiled over-complicated scenarios of imagined crimes, they have posted these and even taken them by hand to police stations in London. I vividly recall the extremely racist comment by Bennett about the desk clerk whose duty it was to deal with him on one occasion when he took one of his dossiers of supposed crime to the police.

    For seven whole years they have directed their wholly un-evidenced online accusations about the McCanns to the police (anonymously in most cases) and have seen nothing wrong in doing this. Just look how often, for example, JillyCL (one of the most dedicated old ladies currently trolling the Internet with lies and abuse) directs her tweets at police forces. Is that just accidental or is she deliberately trying to attract the attention of the police to what she believes (wrongly) to be criminal activity?

    The problem with their dossiers and with their tens of thousands of tweets directed at the Police is that they have been completely and utterly ignored. Not a single incident they have reported has come to anything. Nothing they have claimed has been of any interest to the police. Indeed we have all seen that Bennett has been told by the police that his often idiotic FOI requests are simply vexatious, a polite term for the meddling actions of an interfering old biddy. Not a single response has ever emerged to any of the hundreds if not thousands of tweets the numpties have directed at the various police forces. Those tweets have been recognised by those forces as nothing but pathetic online behaviour not worthy of their interest.


    The tables have been turned.

    A dossier about them has been sent by someone. It may or may not have been sent anonymously. But it wasn't simply a throw-away tweet. Apparently it was sent to the top, to senior police at Scotland Yard.

    We are led to believe that the dossier contained examples of online abuse in the form of tweets and potentially other online postings.

    Perhaps that dossier just listed a series of tweets and asked whether these were legal or not? Maybe this dossier was no more than that? After all, the hounders claim hourly that they are entitled to ask questions.

    Perhaps the questions were posed with properly compiled, relevant, evidence of potential crime? Again, so often we see the hounders make their claims but fail to provide evidence?

    Perhaps the questions were posed using properly constructed sentences and did not contain rambling ungrammatical diatribes, expletives and obscenity which does nothing more than signal to the reader that the writer is a moron and is not actually serious about the report they are making?

    How often have we read the hounders make the claim that it is right to question things? It seems they don't believe that when the questions are directed at their own activities.

    Perhaps those compiling the dossier had taken real legal advice on the nature of online crime (rather than the pretendy legal advice Bennett took from people such as Pretendy Pete, the chap who says he was an ex-cop and proves just why he is 'ex' with every post he makes?

    Perhaps, unlike all the tosh the haters and hounders have repeatedly sent to the police (which the police were already aware of and which had already been investigated by both the PJ and SY), the contents of this more recent dossier actually contained potential evidence of actual criminal activity?

    After all there are crimes which can be committed online. They include harassment, incitement to harassment, the sending of malicious communications etc.

    After all, online crime is now becoming a major concern of police forces and awareness of the nastier side of the Internet is being encouraged. We all should be aware that not everybody is a nice person out there in the anonymous wastes of Cyberland.

    Perhaps too, the assorted numpties who are so busy complaining are not aware that even though misprision of a felony no longer applies there is still a duty on people in England to report any potential crime they feel is being committed whether it directly affects them or not.

    "Whilst there is no legal requirement to report a crime, there is a moral duty on everyone of us to report to the police any crime or anything we suspect may be a crime."

    What the hypocritical numpties, hounders and assorted others are now proclaiming loudly is that they feel that only the crimes they want reported should be reported, that only crimes they deem to be important should be worthy of police attention and that the rights to do just as they please whether it is ask questions or make allegations should not be available to others.

    They are completely wrong.

    And everyone reading their desperate efforts to portray the reporting of potential crime, the outing of an abusive person and the horrendous online campaign of abuse towards two people who have committed no offence, have never even been charged with an offence, realises just how warped their reasoning is, just how hypocritical they are and just how nasty they are looking to the rest of the world who abhor the kind of activity they espouse.

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    Re: Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police

    Post  Sykes on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:12 pm

    Interesting comments from Myths.
    1. Carana: Although no doubt hurtful, silly comments on social media to the effect that the parents whatdunnit cos I don't like her hairstyle are hardly worthy of bringing to the attention of the police.

    At the other extreme are people who make veiled or open threats towards the parents, grandparents and even the twins.

    Somewhere in the middle is a whole range of people who rant about the parents, hound anyone even vaguely connected to them, spread misleading "information", lead people to cherry-picked extracts, or even propagate outright lies. (I have no problem with people asking genuine questions, and so I exclude them from this category.)

    No one knows if someone making a threat actually intends to carry it out... or simply hopes that someone else will. Both are criminal offences.

    There is also the more diffuse psychological harm of constant abuse, harassment and stalking.

    Individually, some people may feel that they are part of a dedicated group all playing their part and may feel mutual support and possibly even "friendship" connections related to their online activity. However, much of it is based on misleading "information". And when the spotlight hits them, the reaction seems to be to minimise the individual role until it dawns on them.

    There is then the issue of vigilantes, who may or may not be part of the group - simply unstable individuals who may actually carry out any proposed "activity".

    What if something serious had happened and someone hadn't reported observed activity to the police?
    2. Tigerloaf: The law is perfectly clear. The key is in this instance is the concept of distress. Repeated actions which cause distress to another person are illegal. They are harassment and the law is there to deal with the matter.

    It is clearly now causing distress to the McCanns that the abuse recently has been targeted quite deliberately by people like Brenda Leyland and many, many others at the siblings of Madeleine. The repeated lies and abuse has no doubt caused them great distress over the years but now the twins are old enough to access the abuse and lies themselves the situation is that much more serious. There are haters and hounders who are positively wetting themselves in anticipation of the twins finding the vile lies and abuse which they are deliberately posting for that purpose.

    Jim Gamble (a genuine expert in the field) has stated his opinion that it is now time for the police to use the available laws to deal with the worst offenders. It is an opinion with which I fully concur.

    Those responsible for causing distress to others, particularly to children are in my view the lowest kind of pondlife that can exist. They are trolls of the vilest kind. They should be made to understand in the clearest possible way (prosecution and full-on media exposure) that their actions are despised by all right-thinking members of society. Whether they are lonely old women in the shires, spotty young boys huddled in their bedrooms in Scunthorpe, sick and obsessive old men at the dining room table in Harlow or workers sitting at their desk computers bored by the tasks their bosses in Hull are setting them, each and every one of them should be aware that their actions are potentially illegal and most definitely immoral and should be aware that exposure in the media will be a very unpleasant experience indeed.
    3. Tigerloaf: I foolishly followed a link earlier today which would have ostensibly lead me to a thread which no longer exists on the forum which everyone knows is run by Bennett. It dropped me on a general page with a banner.

    I was quite shocked at the cynical use they are making not only of Brenda Leyland, whose trolling activities they are effectively proving by using her picture as their banner and associating her with the stalking done by Bennett, Butler et al and the conviction of Bennett etc.

    The fact that they are not just celebrating her life as a McCann troll is bad enough but the use of her son's photo is positively sick. I was shocked that they have done such a thing.

    What possible motive could they offer, if questioned, as to why they have used the photo of a grieving son who has no personal involvement in the verbal attacks on the McCanns and which are the sole focus of that forum?

    What possible reasoning did they use to justify the use of his image to bolster themselves in their own abuse of the McCanns?

    There is no possible justification to so cynically use a young man's grief over the death of his mother.

    The fact that they could countenance such disgusting abuse of that photograph is bad enough.

    That they went ahead and used it is proof positive that they are beneath contempt.

    It is simply another example of their perverted sense of what is right. Remember those so-called poems and carols from the twisted mind of failed ex-solicitor, Bennett? Remember the perverted comments from the failed ex-cop, McLeod? Remember the stalking of the McCann neighbours by failed ex-walker, Butler? And now failed ex-forum admin Havern permits yet more sick abuse. I doubt that anyone is shocked any more by their actions. It is simply what can be expected from these warped individuals. Society despises them and they now know that. But they are so enamoured of their chosen roles that they no longer care.

    Actually that is the irony. Perhaps in the end, Brenda Leyland, when made to face the reality of her actions did care? We may never know.

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:33 pm


    Trolls, mad or bad, are just sadists

    R: There may be surprisingly clear answers to the conundrum that was Brenda Leyland the likeable, church-going pillar of her community who was outed by Sky News as a pernicious troll.

    Days later she was found dead in a hotel room.

    We await the inquest but suicide is widely predicted to be the coroner’s recorded verdict.

    Poor, damaged woman.

    The more that becomes known about the 63-year-old, who sent a vast number of poisonous tweets to Kate and Gerry McCann, the less we seem able to understand her motives. H

    ow could such a sociable, pleasant person – interested in gardening, quizzes, running the annual village scarecrow competition – be the author of persecuting tweets such as: “To Kate and Gerry, you will be hated by millions for the rest of your evil, conniving lives, have a nice day!” or: “You can move to France, any where [sic] but Social media is everywhere! our memories are long. Maddie deserves it.”

    Psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud has been examining new research into what motivates trolls, jointly published by the Universities of Manitoba, Winnipeg and British Columbia.

    It makes fascinating reading.

    More than 1,200 respondents completed personality tests on their internet-commenting behaviour.

    The results were startlingly clear: trolls don’t merely paddle in the shallows of this dark art.

    They dive deep. Why? Because a troll fits almost to perfection the accepted psychological profile of a sadist.

    They derive huge pleasure in causing pain in others and become addicted to it.

    “The study concludes that trolls aren’t just a group who ‘dabble’ in this a bit before moving on to more innocuous internet activities,” Persaud writes. “They are in the grip of a real and dark psychological phenomenon.”

    Dominating that profile is sadism. But trolls also score highly for being extremely manipulative, plus something I’ve never heard of but is apparently elementary stuff in psychiatry.

    It’s called “subclinical psychopathy”. That translates in layman’s terms to: “Payback needs to be quick and nasty.”

    So trolls are sadistic and manipulative and lean to the psychopathic in that they have little empathy for the pain of others.

    A pretty toxic mix of screw-ups, eh? The study is entitled Trolls Just Want To Have Fun but it makes it clear that trolls want to have that fun strictly in secret.

    No one is to know what they get up to when like Brenda Leyland they sit alone behind their computer screens, obsessively tapping away at the keyboard.

    Leyland could send more than 50 tweets to Kate and Gerry in a single day, sometimes beginning at 7am and continuing until midnight.

    Even on Christmas Eve. (Except it’s not a case of “even on” is it? The very fact it was Christmas Eve would add an extra, satisfying twist to Leyland’s knife.)

    This desire for anonymity and secrecy is common to trolls because they are not narcissistic. They aren’t doing it for the glory or even the notoriety. They’re doing it for their own private pleasure. That explains why Leyland was horrified to be exposed.

    So the Canadian joint university study is timely. It seems to me that its findings give an almost perfect psychological explanation for Leyland’s bizarre behaviour and place it in a context we can understand.

    As to the question of whether such people are bad or just very ill the report is moot. Psychiatry is almost always morally neutral.

    One footnote to this sad affair: criticism of Martin Brunt, the Sky reporter who confronted Leyland, is utterly unjustified. It was a completely legitimate story and he conducted himself scrupulously. I’m sure he was as shocked as anyone to hear of her demise. The man doesn’t have a crystal ball.

    Some villagers think their neighbour was overwhelmed by the thought of prosecution. One said: “She was a proud, very bright, articulate and upstanding lady and the thought of a prison sentence hanging over her would have devastated her. Sadly she couldn’t live with herself.”

    With police promising vigorous action against internet abusers, trolls everywhere should be thinking very, very hard about what they do.

    Brenda Leyland is a dreadful warning to them all.

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    Re: Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police

    Post  Sykes on Sat Oct 11, 2014 6:53 pm


    Maddie McCann and April Jones: We need to raise the alarm over missing children

    Oct 10, 2014 22:39
    Fiona Phillips says the Child Rescue Alert could protect children in danger - and must be introduced here

    There is nothing worse than losing a child. Only, there might be. Surely, there can be nothing worse than losing a child at the hands of someone else.

    The sheer guilt that they should have been with you, the what-ifs and the if-onlys, the not daring to imagine what they’ve been through or are still going through.

    It is a parent’s worst nightmare  – a horrific, unimaginable scenario that no one would want visited upon them.

    Kate and Gerry McCann and Coral and Paul Jones are living with that horror each and every day.

    For Coral and Paul, it is a distress that will never leave. Their little five-year-old girl was snatched by alcoholic paedophile Mark Bridger, a man they thought they knew; the man who killed their daughter and steadfastly refuses to say where her remains are.

    Coral says she cannot even have the peace of laying her daughter properly to rest because all she got back of her were a few bones.

    For Kate and Gerry, the where? why? how? who? the what-ifs and the if-onlys go on and on and on.

    On Wednesday night I was with Coral, Paul, Kate and Gerry, hosting a fundraising dinner for the charity Missing People.

    Both mums are passionate that a Child Rescue Alert system becomes a routine part of procedure when a child goes missing. It alerts the public to an abduction, as soon as possible, preferably in the first vital few hours after a child disappears, which are crucial to the success of finding the child before they’re harmed.

    When Madeleine was taken from her room in Portugal seven years ago, Kate says she took it for granted that such an alert would have been put out on the day her little girl disappeared. It wasn’t.

    Coral, still very nervous, and emotional, but determined to make her precious April’s death count for something, spoke about how she never wants what happened to her family to happen to anyone else’s as she – almost finding it hard to breathe at times – appealed for funds for an enhanced Child Rescue Alert in the UK.

    The alert works when a child goes missing and is thought to be in clear or imminent danger. Police, after assessing the case, have to give permission for it to be used and if they agree that it warrants an immediate alert, Missing People presses the button and messages go out to broadcasters, press, social media and to people who’ve signed up to receive the service.

    It’s already in ­operation in Ireland, Greece, ­Netherlands and the US, among others, where over two thirds of children are found.

    Meanwhile, Kate McCann lives with eternal hope, but for Coral Jones the only hope is that another child’s life will be saved so the agony of the loss of her ­treasured April might not be in vain.

    You can sign up to receive Child Rescue Alerts at childrescuealert.org.uk. It would make Coral’s day.

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    Re: Investigation into McCann internet trolls launched by police

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