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    Post  Sykes on Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:06 pm

    I had a problem with the title of this Take, which will become apparent as I continue. I am not at all religious, but I always thought those who professed to such beliefs were above the kind of filth that was recently posted on Facebook by a Minister of a branch of the Christian Church. A diatribe of epic proportions inciting kidnapping, torture and Nazi methods of interrogation were spewed forth with such venom that one could feel the evil coming through the monitor screen. Mention was made of Nazi doctors, drugs that were used by them to extract confessions from prisoners and even possible recruitment of, as she put it "a doctor of great courage, maybe an ex-Nazi" were included, plus a request for this to be put in place asap as she is in her own words, ".... deadly serious. I am getting old, want to see this case closed, before shut the eyes". Such blatant incitement to violence is to be expected by some of the less brain endowed scum that post up on social networks, but from a Church Minister? It has now been removed but not before it was screenshot and posted up on many sites. Now, I wonder about her state of mind; she blatantly used her real name, which allowed posters to search for her and find out details of where she worked etc. However, I see a comment has been posted on the Church's Facebook demanding to know how they could actually let her continue like this. I suppose it is too much to expect that she will be taken to task for this publicly, more likely a smack on the wrist and a 'don't do it again' admonition. I sat and wondered about why someone, supposedly an example to the members of her congregation, could do this and was reminded that often religious leaders are at the forefront of bigotry and violence - look at the Buddhist monks in Myanmar murdering Muslims, the ISIS egged on by its imams to forcibly convert or kill anyone who disagrees with their version of the Koran, the Troubles in Ireland .... the list goes on and on. In many ways the internet and social sites are a good thing; there are many lonely people who now have a way of socializing with like-minded posters, but too often this gets skewed as those with little education or perhaps a bigoted background/upbringing are drawn into situations that twist their minds even more. We have seen much nastiness and bitterness on the forums, but I think this 'Christian' woman is stark, raving mad, with a rotten brain and no conscience. I will assume she sat in comfort in her council house while the Nazis murdered millions - oh, but they were foreigners, weren't they and probably Jewish, so they got what they deserved. I think I will stop this now before I really lose my cool.

    (If you wish to see a screenshot of what she said you will find it on this forum, along with comments, on the thread The Madeleine McCann Case Reopened - the threats of violence still continue.)

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