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    RICHARD AND JUDY SCAREMONGER by l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun 15 Sept 2014

    Tony Bennett Yesterday at 2:15 pm

    Richard and Judy Scaremonger

    I was following a ‘link’ to an article about Madeleine McCann written by Judy (Madeley?) – Richard’s other half!

    Judy for her part tells us of how she has been reading a book about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann:

    “ON HOLIDAY this week I've been reading some genuinely frightening extracts from a new book by two Pulitzer Prize-finalist investigative journalists. It's called Looking For Madeleine.”

    One can but laugh.

    This book is a nonsense, and far from a factual account of the case of missing Madeleine. It's written by a couple (married?) trying to make a fast buck on the back of the child’s disappearance – and I say disappearance – as in NO WAY has it ever been proved that Madeleine McCann was abducted. That is quite simply the story told by her parents but it is NOT the conclusion of ANY police investigation. Not even the mighty Metropolitan Police have been able to prove that this child was abducted.

    Madeleine McCann is registered as a missing child – NOT a child abducted.

    Some have wondered why any investigation was not upgraded if you like, to a MURDER investigation?

    Perhaps the answer to that lies in the fact that there is NO proof of murder, and more crucially, that the evidence points to the child having had a fatal accident when in the holiday apartment, most likely when her parents were out on the booze with their buddies…

    Judy’s piece was nothing more than scaremongering, and perhaps the most ridiculous statement by her - that she would not take her grandchild to the Algarve! Or RATHER she is now NOT SURE if she would take her grandchild to the Algarve.

    Get a life Judy!

    You are either terrified witless about gangs of paedophiles running around the Algarve and would not dare bear think about taking your grandchild there or you don't believe it to be so that paedophiles are running amok there!

    It cannot possibly be that you believe they are there jumping in and out of the beds of British kids while their parents are mosing around, and you are JUST NOT ENTIRELY sure if you would chance putting your grandchild through this, a paedophile popping round and hopping into bed with her!

    What complete and utter garbage old gal. If you honestly thought your grandchild would be at risk you would not even consider for a split second placing the child in danger.

    But I guess why let that get in the way of a good SCARE STORY!

    Judy said they holidayed for many years in Portugal when her kids were young and now she is worrying or wondering if she did the right thing!

    Give me strength!

    Madeleine McCann was not abducted by some paedophile and there were not gangs of paedophiles lurking around their holiday apartment. To holiday in the Algarve is no less safe than holidaying in England.

    This child lost her life because her parents failed to keep her safe. Not only did they fail they, they failed on a mass scale - MADE A CONSCIOUS DECISION TO ABANDON HER IN AN UNLOCKED HOLIDAY APARTMENT. So they tell us.

    For that - they should have received a jail sentence! Clearly to have made such a decision demonstrates that they are not competent to look after children.

    And come on – by their own account, the McCanns left these children FIVE nights in a row.

    Judy by no stretch of the imagination, is a stupid female, but she is afraid to take off the blinkers in the case of missing Madeleine.

    She speaks of frightening extracts from this book (the whole book is frightening, frightening that such nonsense was ever put in print), What is frightening is that intelligent people are fooled…well NO, not fooled by it…that intelligent people allow themselves for whatever reason, whatever their agenda, to promote such utter garbage rather than look at the true facts of this case. Rather than apply common sense and logic to what is known of this case.

    If Judy is looking for truly frightening extracts - READ the Police Witness Statements given by the McCanns, Kate and Gerry and their holiday buddies.

    They make FRIGHTENING READING. And, if she wants to be frightened out of her frock - read the entire Police Files available online.

    She will then see that just as Oscar Pistorius told the most unbelievable and incredulous story – that the McCanns and their buddies have too! There is little between them!

    I truly fail to understand why perfectly intelligent persons CHOOSE to ignore what is before their very eyes.

    Judy should ask herself WHY the stories by the McCann couple changed so many times, why like Oscar Pistorius the McCanns too have many VERSIONS.

    So quick Judy to report on a book which is utter and complete nonsense and SO SLOW, SEVEN YEARS SLOW – to tell us what she thinks of the UNBELIEVABLE accounts given by the McCanns.

    Why would Gerry McCann have changed his story SEVEN days after his initial police witness statement? Go Figure Judy!

    Why all the lies? Go Figure Judy!

    John Stalker the retired British detective said the McCanns their buddies are hiding something, they lied to hide whatever that might be. Go Figure Judy!

    This woman is NOT afraid to visit Portugal that is just too ridiculous for words. What she is afraid of I believe, is removing her rose tinted spectacles and looking clearly closely, long and hard at the McCanns, their stories. She is afraid she will find exactly what I am sure she already suspects/knows, what the world suspects what the world knows, what the police know!

    The book is a shed load of shit and if Judy would take the time to read the official police files, she would then see that the writers of the book are not only not accurate, they have been less than truthful. Oh lordy, lordy! Imagine that more liars in the Madeleine McCann case!

    And of that other 'Judy' good old Judge Judy - I can't help thinking what her thoughts are on the McCanns. Judge Judy we know cannot stand child abuse the mistreatment of children on ANY level!

    Wonder too what she'd think of Madame McCann being an Ambassador for Missing People/Persons (whatever the organisation is called) the mother who left her kids night after night and then said - 'the holiday was for us too to have some adult time' the parents who said 'if Madeleine came to harm when alone why would that be our fault' (not the exact quote) Good lord so cold and cruel. Oh and they were not responsible either they said for the situation which Madeleine found her. ERR - the situation they placed this three year old child. Yeah they needed their adult alone time - but not at the cost of their child's life. I guess tapas and wine meant more!

    Judge Judy would eat the McCanns alive! And Gerrie Nel would rip their versions the many that they have, tear the lies their stories down one by one!

    And as to young Madeleine McCann being abused by her parents in that they abandoned her and her then baby siblings, alone, afraid and crying in aholiday apartment night after night resulting in the loss of this child’s life, the life she knew - most likely an accident during a period of time when the children were left alone to fend for themselves – that is NOT A REASON for not visiting Portugal.

    That is a REASON to stand up for Madeleine and ALL children like her who are so cruelly treated by their parents who are abused, who are left alone and afraid, crying distressed who lose their life due to the negligence and maltreatment by those who are supposed to care most who lose their life at the hands of those these children trust.

    Go Figure Richard and Judy!

    Stop the scaremongering. Start looking at the facts and facing them!
    He's been at it again.  Can't keep his big mouth shut for a few days can he?  Always knows better than the professionals.  

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