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    If ever proof was needed that

    Tony Bennett (the disgraced and failed, criminal ex-solicitor from Harlow)

    is a stone-bonking raving lunatic the following snippet from his latest effusive drivel is all that anyone could need.

    So around 6 million reading The Sun this Sunday look as though they will be reading a book written essentially by figures like Clarence Mitchell, Jim Gamble and DCI Redwood, only with the names 'Anthony Summers' and 'Robbyn Swan' on them. The absurd theme of 'too many cooks' and the 'race to help' is simply cribbed from the mouth of Jim Gamble.

    Some of those will be among the 6.7 million people who were told that Redwood had 'found' Tannerman, basically through their 'careful, thorough, painstaking' etc. etc. analysis of all the files, and were told that the two e-fits they were shown of two clearly different men were drawn up by three members of an Irish family, a year after they claimed to have seen him, in the dark, with poor street lighting, and his face hidden etc.

    IMO this is another propaganda triumph worthy of Josef Goebbels.

    No wonder a certain Richard D Hall titled his series of 4 DVDs about Madeleine: 'Buried by Mainstream Media'. There are at least 26 YouTube videos of all or some of his DVDs, which in total are attracting over 2,000 views a day, and his online version has apparently been viewed by hundreds of thousands, quite apart from sales of his boxed sets.

    This looks like being a contest between, in one corner, the British government, secret service and media piling their resources into a heavily promoted book which claims to be 'the most definitive account possible'

    and on the other hand a 4.5-hour film - produced by a bloke with a video camera and a few square feet of recording and film-making space - claiming, much more modestly, that it is 'the most definitive account yet' of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    I say: Let the most accurate and definitive of the two win

    Jealousy positively OOZES from that first paragraph. The nutty trolley pusher has failed to produce a book himself and now is desperate (even before he has read a word of it) to trash, in any way he can clutch at, this book which is being produced by respectable authors with a world-wide readership that the likes of Bennett, Hutton and Brown could only dream of.

    On top of that established following these authors have got a serialisation in a paper read by millions of Brits. And Bennett would appear to be guessing that none of his "research" conclusions are going to be at the heart of the new book. He is desperate to rubbish the book because he is petrified that the book might well actually demolish his conclusions and show him up to be the stalking idiot that those who have actually followed the case carefully instead of following the numpty leaders know him to be. Mr Justice Tugendhat was clear that Bennett didn't have a clue what he was talking about in his own trial never mind in the case. Perhaps he thinks now that Summers and Swan will show us even more of his failings.

    So what is Bennett actually saying here? Is he proposing some real defence of his views and conclusions?

    Of course not.

    He is going right over the top (as a confirmed liar and lunatic always will) in his exaggeration of the content of the book (which I remind you he has not actually read) as being the equal of the Nazi propaganda Goebbels was responsible for. I wonder to what extent his family history caused him to go down that route? I wonder does he realise how insane that comment appears especially in view of the fact that he hasn't yet even seen this book?

    And then he goes further to explain to us that the book is nothing more than a collection of the thoughts of Clarence Mitchell, Jim Gamble and DCI Redwood, all organised by, wait for it, the BRITISH GOVERNMENT, THE SECRET SERVICES, AND THE MEDIA. Not only is he guessing about a book's contents when he hasn't even read it, not only is he deciding in advance that DCI Redwood, Clarence Mitchell and Jim Gamble are the ideas men and Summers and Swan merely their messengers (an idea that flies in the face of the reality of these writers' history) but this mad man is coming very, very close to bringing a libel case on himself. That really would be amusing, possibly the first libel case ever about a book which hasn't yet been published brought not by a reader but by the authors.

    And what does Bennett propose?

    Well this is where it gets truly bizarre. The nutter from Harlow who got himself into serious trouble with the High Court because he chose to lie about the case, because he had not done his "research" about the case properly and because (even though he is a failed and disgraced ex-solicitor) he didn't have the remotest idea how to conduct his own trial is now telling us that he believes that Richard D Hall is a better and more reliable commentator on the McCann case than Summers and Swan (who we should remember he has not even read).

    This is the Richard D Hall who believes that secret energy guns were used to blow up the Twin Towers in NY, that the world is run not by the Bilderberg group which in itself is a fantasy but by an even more secret group that sits behind Bilderberg.

    This is Richard D Hall who believes that " the U.S. have a secret space fleet consisting probably of dozens of 600 feet wide flying triangles, which can go to and from space with ease, travel at Mac 9 in any direction, traverse the solar system and even land on neighbouring planets."

    Yes, that comes directly from his site and he tells us that he suspects that it is the absolute truth.

    And Tony Bennett relies on this man for the propagation of ideas.

    Unfortunately for Bennett, the likes of Richard D Hall and his crackpot conspiracy ideas and idiotic fantasies are read and watched by a handful of people. Bennett tells us 2000 of them go back to his page each day to be enthralled by the lizards, ufos, aliens in pyramids, secret space squadrons operated by Obama and fantasy weapons that were used on 9/11.

    But Bennett tells us that millions will read Summers and Swann, that millions have seen the police telling us directly about the case and we know from their previous successes that the authors have their own following of many tens of thousands.

    But Bennett has done his "research" and has determined that Richard D Hall is the most likely to get close to the definitive truth.

    I rest my case. Numpties are as mad as a box of frogs and their leaders are the ones bouncing the highest.

    And as soon as I have had a chance to read the book, I will make my own decision as to whether the tedious re-hash of old conspiracies by Richard D Hall is more definitive or not.

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