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    Post  Sykes on Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:00 am

    Cards on the table. You either want to be here or you dont. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE
    It's more than a little tiresome to see comments aimed at myself or the group so I feel I must address some of them.
    1) Do you appreciate a group that gives you the TRUST and opportunity to SELF MODERATE and discuss RESPECTFULLY with other members regardless of their opinion?
    If so...then you are welcome in 'Debate'.
    Do you like to complain that ADMIN are not doing their 'job'? TAKE A LOOK...its not only SELF MODERATING but it is ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!
    We DO NOT HAVE TIME to continually admin in here HDH is FAR TOO IMPORTANT to spend valuable time monitoring childish arguments.
    As of NOW...MEMBERS WILL BE REMOVED at admin discretion and despite accusations of favouritism (totally unfounded) if YOU havent acted respectfully you may find yourself REMOVED.
    IF you feel you would like to join in debates again you must contact me by PM. I do not have time to explain the why's and wherefore's of your removal but I WILL expect a promise to treat the group with RESPECT and APPRECIATION in the future.

    Let's try to return it to its original format of healthy debates (for the most part).
    Member numbers are unimportant and anyone NOT POSTING will be removed. It is an OPEN group so if you are not participating you have no need to be a member.
    2) Suggestions that I am BIASED or I favour 'pro' members is ridiculous.
    If I remove posts or threads its about the COMMENTS and the MEMBERS who made them, so instead of blaming admin for member inability to post respectfully by accusing favouritism. Please look to your own responsibility...which includes SELF MODERATING.!
    I may be one of the FEW people in groups that has NO PROBLEM with others' views as long as they post respectfully. I do not judge people by their opinions and if I choose to communicate with those that believe the McCanns are innocent and if I choose to run a group that WELCOMES a difference of opinion then that is MY prerogative.
    I am not small minded to place so called 'pros' with an 'iconic' status. They are not special and to be avoided. Unlike some, I DO NOT FEAR them. I welcome the opportunity to second guess my own opinions and usually enforce my current beliefs.
    I'm here for MADELEINE and I cannot see gaining any credibility with the people I am trying to reach by showing that I do not tolerate any other way of thinking...EVERYONE must decide for themselves...However that does not mean that I agree with members that negate the police files...The facts are there and to claim they are not evidence is INCORRECT.
    Regardless whether one agrees with the findings or not, they DO NOT EXCLUDE MADELEINE in the DNA results and to 'argue' just because of a final report that does not include that logical statement will not be tolerated.

    3) It seems that there are new groups appearing that have the almost sole intention of dissing HDH groups and have a humourous accusation that HiDeHo is a 'brand'.
    My credibility is important to me and if I have different groups the name is there to allow people to recognise it as associated with HDH CONTROVERSY.
    However...this 'branding' suggestion could work. We could start having HiDeHelpers instead of admin and take time off by going on HiDeHolidays.
    PLEASE NOTE: Members that choose to hide behind closed groups and make unfounded and disrespectful comments about any of the groups will NOT BE WELCOME IN DEBATE and may be removed
    4) Remember... ANNOUNCE and FLOUNCE will not be tolerated and NO RETURN...It is a totally unnecessary method of attention seeking and negating the efforts of the group.
    5)There will be some changes to Debate... to TRY to return it to what it started out to be.... Different opinions debated with respect and tolerance.
    If there are any members that do not agree with the basis of EVERYONE welcome and willing to debate in a responsible manner and to SELF MODERATE then this is not the group for you.
    Please allow the members that enjoy debating her the ability to do so....and if any member is upset by anyone DO NOT RESPOND. To do so may put you in jeopardy of being removed.
    Once removed you can ask to join again but no guarantees.
    6) DO NOT ask why you have been removed if you respond to disruptors. A RESPONSE is a disruption in itself and will not be tolerated.

    7) DEBATE group is based on TRUST.
    We are here for you and put in the time FOR YOU.
    Please appreciate the admin effort.
    REMEMBER DISRUPTORS ARE BOTH what are considered 'ANTI' as well as 'PRO'

    Truth is the Daughter of Time

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:15 pm

    NOTE: You will need a packed lunch for this post... I believe someone will be serving them in HDH Lounge if you want to stop by and pick one up
    A word I have started to use lately is PERCEPTION and that really is what takes up the major part of my day (and admin)
    I am accused of all sorts. Favouring the antis, favouring the pros, being heavy handed, not being fair, having an agenda etc etc. You name it and I have been accused of it.
    Reality is....I am just like all of you except somehow I found myself running this group.
    Nearly two years ago there were several Facebook groups...some still exist. Controversy was passed to me when there were 300 members. I didn't want to be admin as I knew it would interfere with making videos but hoped that once admin were in place I could continue...
    Two years later and with 9,000 members this is, or could be, a 24 hr a day job.
    Current admin are more than great. For the first time in 2 years they have allowed me time to doing a little video stuff.
    It's tough running a group. Have any of you tried it?
    Thing is...I love it. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to offer a platform for members to learn about the police files.

    Being very restricted in HDH I decided we needed a place that was a little different and also to take away this PERCEPTION that people that believe the McCanns should be segregated and hated.
    Something that is quite opposite to my way of thinking, considering it is the people that believe the McCanns because they haven't seen the files are EXACTLY the people we need to reach...and of course the groups needs to be CREDIBLE or what is the point?
    I opened the One-on-One debate group but unfortunately have not had time to arrange a one on one debate. An opportunity for a good discussion between two people with opposing views and noone else in the group to interrupt.
    I therefore opened the Discussion group where I could admit members in preparation for one on one debate.......but something happened!
    So called pros and antis were admitted and started chatting and found out that they actually liked each other, so apart from the odd interruption and, although open to view it was not advertised and HDH remains the main group to keep as credible as possible to achieve its purpose of giving the UK the public the opportunity to see the files.
    I decided to allow it to continue...A unique opportunity, not available in other groups (including HDH) where members could debate freely.

    Little or no rules. Just a request for common courtesy and no libel.
    I DO NOT have time to monitor this group and neither do my admin but I decided to offer the group availability to those that could be trusted to SELF MONITOR.
    I offered my TRUST in members. That can hardly be interpreted as 'controlling' or any of the other words that have been slung my way...but the REALITY disappeared and there became a PERCEPTION that I wasn't doing my 'job'!
    I have never asked admin to monitor this group....They visited and kept an eye at their own 'expense' of their personal life. (and YES we do have one!)
    However, over the last little while as much as I have given warnings and not taken any steps to remove or 'punish' anyone I have been accused of all sorts.
    Admin have been great and kept me informed and CHECKED with me whenever possible to see if we could allow certain posts or disruptive members. They have done a MAGNFICENT job and that is with no appreciation from anyone (except myself and other admin).
    I do NOT rule with a heavy hand, and if truth be known...I rarely check this group so I have NO idea of what some of the disruptions are about...but it doesnt matter about WHAT its about....if it is causing a disruption to the group it is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
    Neither admin not myself have any agenda about whether anyone is a so called 'anti' or 'pro'. When it comes to eliminating and deleting posts thats the last thing on our mind. If someone is being rude and disrespectful they need to stop or leave the group.
    If you cant SELF MODERATE then I have said many times...you are not welcome.
    If you post to INSPIRE disruption (eg Announce and Flounce) then you are gone. I have no time for someone telling everyone they are leaving...its negative and
    attention seeking for the most part. I don't want to have to spend my time checking that members are nor firing others up with reasons why they are leaving.
    Admin have been great dealing with PMs. I'm not so great and due to the volume I am sometimes a little tardy in my replies or they disappear of my page and i forget. I apologise for that.
    So the PERCEPTION that all the admin have time and motivation to sit and watch every post every day has to stop...HENCE THE CONTINUAL REQUEST TO SELF MODERATE! After all, everyone is adult here and should have the respect to act that way!

    This brings me to the reason I decided today that the aggro has to STOP. Surely we can get back to how it was in the beginning? Everybody loved it in here.
    I have to say that when I do have the opportunity to chat with members they usually apologise and do try to remain respectful, so thanks to all of you for that.
    PERCEPTION is not always reality....and what you see in this group is NOT reality of what has been happening.
    Admin have very quickly removed lots of posts and many of those members are still remaining. (I really hope that giving people TRUST will at SOME POINT click in
    There are also other issues that happen that are not discussed in the group but let me just enlighten you to SOME of what has been going on.
    One member in particular has been around for a long time and has numerous IDs. He gets his kicks out of disrupting and playing games. He MANIPULATES members and gets people fired up as if there was some kind of reality that needs to be addressed. THATS THE PERCEPTION.
    REALITY is he loves to see his handiwork 'con' people. He gets a kick out of enlisting others to support him in his efforts....and they DO!
    Never mind that these disruptions are taking away valuable PERSONAL time from admin and myself.

    I am commited to this group and does he care if I have to manouevre my personal and business life around his childish needy games?
    Does he care that we are wasting precious time that could be used importantly in some other way INCLUDING MADELEINE (which is why we are here).
    Ohh and get this....He is SOOO'clever' and needy that he figures he will throw in so juicy gossip just to discredit me!
    Did you know that hes told many of his 'supporters' that he has some 'bombshell' info about me that he will throw onto the group to shock everyone.
    Our quest for the truth about Madeleine, in his opinion, is only secondary to him getting his jollies claiming to post a 'sex chat' that I was apparantly comlicit in.
    Well excuse me, but I think I missed that day and to make matters worse...lets not forget that I will soon be recieving my pension! Good grief....He's surely doing no favours admitting to that..lol (Keep your eye out for Josh Bradley one of his IDs that DID attempt the above (anyone got a bucket) and I have of course the screenshots where I totally ignored him.)
    ANY BOMBSHELL does NOT exist..(and never will lol) He knows that and I know that but are there any out there WONDERING?
    His credibility was lost right there!

    Also I am supposedly slagging of people. Well...when someone shows me where I have said ANYTHING of that nature, (even under the circumstance that have been created around me) then it would have to be someone that watches EVERY word for the last 7 years as I cannot recall ANYTHING that could be used
    against me because I'm fortunate to get on with everyone (even if they don't like me..lol)
    Unless you lie to me or break my trust then you can't get rid of me.
    So...with that in mind AS WELL AS concerted efforts to have 'fun' disrupting Debate under his many aliases he enlists others and fires them up so they encourage him which is a disruption in itself.
    Some of those people have disappeared today.
    The 'gang' mentality has been here and most of you had NO IDEA it was happening
    Maybe you now understand the PERCEPTION was very different to the REALITY.
    So... I'm always open to communicate and work things out because some members (and I have no idea if they were 'anti' or 'pro' because thats not an issue) are very passionate about the case and Debate is one of the few opportunities for EVERYONE to be together.

    Please appreciate and respect this group for the intention it is here....please don't PRESUME anything and if you want to risk your membership by responding to
    people that only are here to FIRE you up so they feel accomplished.....or use your reactions to study 'Discourse between members in the social media' for some future book.
    Keep yourself to yourself and don't feed those that are here to get a reaction from you.
    REMEMBER....once you react to someone who's GOAL is to get a reaction from you...you are giving them CONTROL. You REALLY want to hand over the control so easily?
    Retalliation is EXPECTED and considered an achievement by those that are winding you up. They LOVE the worst comments you can throw at them cos they then consider they have WON!
    If you IGNORE them (which is the worst you can do to ANYONE) they are thrown off base....the don't know what to do...they end up having to move to the NEXT victim to get their fix....as they NEED to WIN

    Take away their control and YOU WIN
    I want to end on a positive note...
    NOTHING IS WRITTEN IN STONE and I believe that EVERYONE has the ability to be a worthwhile contributor, so if you find at any time that you have been removed (in the interest of the group...not because I enjoy banning people) please PM me and we will see what we can do and please keep that in mind if you see members returning. Give them a chance to turn over a new leaf.
    Even Mr. 99,000 IDs could actually be a worthwhile contributor, if only his focus could be where most of us choose to focus.... Madeleine xx
    Regardless of PERCEPTION this group gives EVERYONE a voice with very few restrictions. Obviously not appreciated by some.
    Some of you will be 'leaving' today'
    I am accused of favouring 'pros'
    I am accused of favouring 'antis'
    I do NEITHER.
    I will be removing anyone that has disrupted. NO COMPLAINTS PLEASE.
    Its a SELF MODERATING group and that hasn't been happening.
    In the INTEREST OF THE GROUP rather than CLOSE it I will be removing members that CREATE aggro or JOIN IN with efforts to disrupt. (Past and present)
    No more games.
    If you disagree please PM me.
    Right, now you have read that load of drivel, I suggest you take a Nurofen and lie down for a couple of hours in a darkened room. Unless, of course, you prefer a reefer or maybe a line or two or even getting a leg over - each to his own. Me? A nice black coffee and as ginger biscuit will do the trick. Sykes

    Truth is the Daughter of Time

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