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    Post  Sykes on Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:57 pm

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     “Profiler” Pat Brown Erases Post Claiming Falcon Lake Murder Didn’t Happen

    Classy as usual. On or around Oct 20th, Pat Brown, self-styled criminal profiling expert, wrote a post on her blog in support of Dr. Lillian Glass’ assertion that Tiffany Hartley is a liar whose husband was not killed by pirates on Falcon Lake and only racists would believe otherwise. Glass is a “body language expert” (pronounced carnival huckster) whose explanation as to why she “knows” Tiffany Hartley is lying consists largely of her armchair quarterbacking what people who are being shot at would be doing. Having been shot at I find Glass’ musings on what goes through people’s minds in extreme circumstances unconvincing at best. She also “reads” Hartley by watching some YouTube clips of her and decides that a woman whose husband was shot to death wasn’t being clear enough in her description of what happened.

    In other words, bunk.

    Which Brown eventually figured out because she removed the post from her blog. Luckily, I have a screenshot of my Bloglines feed of her site:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]Pat Brown Spreading Smear of Widow

    Unfortunately, I was tipped to this outrage after she already deleted the post so I’m not sure just how disgusting her behavior was. Given her history of blaming the victims of violent crime for their own victimization I’m sure it was quite the show. In the past Brown used her incredible profiling “skills” to claim that the Ft. Hood massacre was not related to Jihadism at all and anyone claiming otherwise was a bigot. She is one of a stable of media profilers selling their snake oil to a gullible public, and doing irreparable harm in the process.

    So it doesn’t surprise me that she jumped on the politically correct, media friendly bandwagon that claims Hartley is lying, nor does it surprise me that in true mercenary fashion she deleted her claim when evidence to the contrary started to surface.It didn’t even surprise me that Brown would fall for such Internet hokum as this, from Glass’ asinine essay:

       "While  there  been reports of Mexican pirates in the past, those  who had  any encounters  were all unharmed, as the intention of the pirates  were all about robbery, not shooting for sport."

    In Glass’ view, cartel members who hold people at gunpoint are unlikely to shoot people. And “criminal profiler” Pat Brown thought this was worthy analysis? Also not surprising given how little she actually seems to know about crime.

    What constantly surprises me is that this crime groupie with an inflated sense of self-importance is taken seriously by the media. She clearly has no idea of what she’s talking about and this is just the latest in long career of being wrong. I dare say that there are few cases where Pat Brown has been proven to have given an accurate profile.

    It’s about time we as a society stop allowing this vulture to make a living off the pain and misery of others. The worst crime blogs handle murder and tragedy with more class than Brown and usually have more accurate insight. Brown is a con artist, nothing more, and her supposed profiling is what is truly criminal.

    Update: Brown has another version of the essay on the loathsome Women in Crime Ink website. Some hack desperate for a link stuck it in the comments, but he’s banned for having his groupies spam my comments section with his blogspot link. So here it is. Notice that as with the Ft Hood analysis Brown’s profiling seems to suspiciously support  her political leanings and hostility to younger women. In this version she backs away from the “Tiffany killed her husband” theory popular with the mob in the comments because, like I said, she sees the writing on the wall and can’t afford to be wrong yet again. But she’s still doucheily accusing a widow of being complicit in her husband’s death with only her mythical skills as a profiler (which again led her to claim the Ft Hood shooting wasn’t terrorism even though it has been proven to be) which consists of internalizing the fake science of profiling presentation on television.

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