Let us count the ways this is STUPID


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    Let us count the ways this is STUPID

    Post  Sykes on Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:19 pm

    From another forum with thanks also for the comments.

    Denise Lichfield-Clarke Whatever happened she was badly injured IMO by KM with her short fuse. The apartment was cleaned clinically which must have taken a day AND when was the fridge moved? Anyone know, was it searched or even found?......MM body was put in the wardrobe first, then the fridge, either 2nd or 3rd this all occurred. The Smiths saw GM carrying MM body before the alarm was raised, either to the beach, a body does not smell if buried in sand.....OR TO ONE OF Murat's EMPTY VILLAS AND KEPT IN THE FRIDGE, then fridge put in the boot of the car, hence cadaver mixed with fluids i.e thawing of fridge, taken to a hired boat, fridge and corpse at the bottom of the Med........does anyone know what happened to that fridge, it should have been checked at the 'local dump' searched etc....it was never took there, it was used for storage, so transparent IMO

    First of all-

    The statement about Kate McCann is outright libel.

    If they ever bothered to read the police files, they would know that 5a was anything but 'cleaned clinically'. But they're too stupid to read the files, especially the forensic reports.

    In what alternate universe can bodies be simply stuffed in fridges? Is this a common occurance in their lives? It's hard to get a large pizza in most fridges, never mind ones in holiday lets.

    The Smiths did NOT 'see GM carrying MM body', as they would also know if they ever bothered to read the police files.

    So, now Murat doesn't mind children's corpses being stuffed in fridges in spare apartments he supposedly owns? In what alterate universe did this happen?

    And now we have bodies in fridges being carried around in the boots of rented hire cars.

    But none of the world's media noticed this? The PJ didn't notice? The FIVE UK family liason officers didn't notice?

    Likewise, no-one noticed boats being hired to carry fridges containing bodies?

    We all know Gonzo was useless, but even he might have noticed some of this ghoulery going on right under his nose.

    But it gets better....

    Mellissa Olds in the missing sports bag....
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    Denise Lichfield-Clarke Yep with the pink blanket, all on the seabed now IMO....

    1. There is no 'missing sports bag'.

    2. The pink blanket was last seen with the Portuguese dog handlers, so is most likely warming Fido's kennel on chilly winter's nights.

    But back to this fridge...it seems to have got itself from the seabed to the dump. Without anyone noticing.

    Likewise, why did no-one notice the McCanns or Murat buying a replacement fridge? Why didn't Gonzo not only fail to notice all this fridge-carrying, he failed to notice that there was either a big hole in the kitchen where the fridge formerly stood, or that there was a brand-new fridge.

    Oh wait, I know.




    It's garbage, and nasty, ghoulish garbage at that, like so many of their beloved shibboleths.

    They really shouldn't whine and cry when the rest of the world laughs at them and treats them with contempt. It is entirely their own fault for being so bl**dy STUPID.

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