SYKES' TAKE ON - Covarde, mentiroso, intimidação, desonrado ex-policial


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    SYKES' TAKE ON - Covarde, mentiroso, intimidação, desonrado ex-policial

    Post  Sykes on Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:43 pm

    Yesterday he sacked his lawyer without warning and fled from the court where a libel trial was due to resume. The English couple had flown in to give evidence regarding how the actions of this man had caused them extreme pain over the past seven years.  He has conducted a non-stop campaign of lies, including charges of murder, concealment of a body etc and written  a book in which he laid down wild and uncorroborated accusations.  Others have joined him in this nasty enterprise, many of whom should know better, others who are only interested in bullying and slagging off anyone who disagrees with him, and them.  Today he hit rock-bottom, making even wilder accusations of a couple of distraught parents hiding the body of the child he insists they murdered in the coffin of a woman about to be cremated.  Since the UK police and the PJ have been searching again the areas surrounding the last place the child was seen, and there have been no findings of any possible connection to the child, he is now obviously desperate.   His earlier actions re other cases, usually concerning foreign tourists, have been condemned; his book has been blacklisted, he has been 'retired' ie dismissed from the police and I understand his pension may well be revoked.  It emerged that he never met the parents, never interviewed them, rather he spent most of the investigation eating sardines and drinking - he admits to having driven with his daughter in the front seat of his car while drunk.   Now he is at it again, this is the fourth time he has managed to get the current libel trial postponed, each excuse being wilder than the one before.  Personally, I often wonder what exactly he is hiding, or who is he covering up for.   He behaves like a guilty man, someone who knows things that need to be kept hidden, or maybe he is being pressured by someone or some organization?  Does he know too much, if so he may well find himself in even hotter water than he is already in.   Well, one can but speculate, we need to sit back and watch what happens next.   And what does the title say - coward, liar, bully, disgraced policeman.

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