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    Post  Sykes on Sat May 31, 2014 9:44 am

    A certain non-admin poster has swamped his not-forum with copies of his correspondence with the FOI (Freeedom of Information Office) in which he had demanded copious information re Operation Grange, the McCann case and associated items. He received a reply, but obviously not the one he wanted. This is what was said- "You have been warned previously about the vexatious nature of these requests" which warning I would have thought made any mormal person think twice about doing it yet again. But then we need to look at his reaction to the court case he recently lost, the one brought for contempt of court, NOT the one earlier for libel. He got a dressing down from the Judge, a hefty fine and a suspended jail sentence, but that doesn't seem to have deterred him. In fact it seems to have energized him to find alternative ways to get round the ruling and continue his path to what looks very like the road to perdition. Using 'socks' and getting his personal lemmings to post up items that are libellous is his way round the problem of bucking the system. His demands for information are getting wilder, his assumption that the FOI will jump at his command shows that he is fast losing what little sense he has. He moans on about how much Operation Grange is spending and at the same time demands the UK taxpayers fund his incessant demands for information. He insults one of his staunchest supporters who has the temerity, in his eyes, to suggest caution and to wait for the results of the search are available. What does not seem to penetrate the soggy mess that is his brain is that Joe and Jill Public are not really interested in a case more than seven years old, there are more pressing things to worry about like the mortgage or rent, putting food on the table, and most of all having regular employment. There are wars, famine, honor killings, global warming and other disasters happening or imminent and all he does is bombard agencies with page after page of demands, copious folders of theories and letters to all and sundry. It has been suggested elsewhere that he is fast losing it, that he is in the early stages of dementia, as I am not a doctor I cannot possibly comment A seria; failure, he should bow out and retire to grow marrows. That would save the FIO people quite a lot of money they probably have had to spend on agency secretaries employed to read his drivel - and aspirin. A final thought, when can we expect him back in court to face a probably irate Judge? The evidence that he has deliberately and with malice aforethought defied the ruling lad down by Mr Justice Tugendhat is overwhelming and a time bomb just waiting to burst.

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