Numty gets sex and travel option from Met


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    Numty gets sex and travel option from Met

    Post  Sykes on Wed Apr 02, 2014 11:18 am

    Chris Roberts uploaded a file.
    4 hrs
    A friend of mine complained to the London Met over their inaction over the faked and photoshopped "last photo" of Madeleine by the swimming pool.
    This is the response she received today;
    DPS Serious Misconduct Investigations Unit 22nd Floor Empress State Building Empress Approach Lillie Road London SW6 1TR E-mail; DPSMailbox -.CST@met.police.uk Your reference: Our reference: PC/01577/14 Date: 24 March 2014

    The outcome of your complaint against police.

    Dear Mrs XXXXXX

    I am the Chief Inspector for the DPS Complaints Support Team (CST) and am writing to inform you that the investigation into the complaint you made to us on 3/11/2013 is now complete. Your complaint concerned the investigation into the disappearance of Madeline McCann.

    A report detailing the findings and conclusions of the investigation has been completed and is attached to this letter. The report findings and my decisions in relation to it, are based on the facts that were available during the investigation. In considering the content of the report I have made my decisions based on the balance of probabilities, which means an individual complained of will have a case to answer if the alleged behaviour/conduct was more likely to have occurred than not.

    As Chief Inspector (SMIU) I have been delegated by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police to consider the findings and conclusions of complaint investigations to determine:

    * whether the report should be referred to the Director of Prosecutions (CPS);

    * whether or not any person to whose conduct the investigation relates to has a case
    to answer in respect of misconduct, gross misconduct or no case to answer;

    * whether or not any such person’s performance is unsatisfactory;

    * what action, if any, we will take in respect of the matters dealt with in the report; and

    * what other action (if any) we will take in respect of these matters.

    After considering these points I am satisfied the report does not need to be referred to the CPS.

    I can also inform you that I have determined there has not been a breach of the professional standards. Furthermore, I have reviewed their performance, which I found to be satisfactory. This means I intend to take no further action.

    In addition to the points above I have also considered whether you received an appropriate level of service from the Metropolitan Police. This means how you were dealt with overall and not just by any one individual. After reviewing the circumstances of your complaint I am satisfied there has not been a failure identified in the way we dealt with you. Your complaint is therefore not upheld.

    We are grateful to you for raising this issue and giving us the opportunity to review the actions of those concerned. It is always useful to receive feedback on how our officers and staff perform; as an organisation it allows us to learn and develop and to identify ways we can improve our service in the future.

    If you do not agree with the outcome of this investigation or its findings you can appeal to the DPS Appeals Unit. You have 28 days from the day after the date of this letter to make your appeal. The 28th day is 29/04/2014. Appeals received after 28 days may not be allowed unless there are exceptional circumstances.

    You can appeal on any one of the following grounds (you will see that not all of these necessarily apply to your case); that you:

    · have not been adequately informed about the findings of the investigation or any proposals resulting from the report;

    · disagree with the findings of the investigation including whether a person has a case to answer for misconduct or gross misconduct;

    · disagree with the police proposals for action – or lack of them – in light of the report;

    · disagree with the decision not to refer the report to the CPS.

    If you do decide to appeal, this is the address to write to:

    DPS Appeals Unit
    22nd Floor
    Empress State Building
    Lille Road
    SW6 1TR

    Further information about how to appeal can be found on the MPS website: www.met.police.uk

    Yours sincerely,

    Name Andy Dunn  

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    Re: Numty gets sex and travel option from Met

    Post  Rachel Granada on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:04 pm

    Why aren't the Met charging these people with wasting police time?

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    Re: Numty gets sex and travel option from Met

    Post  coco on Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:31 pm

    probably know a section of the public is round the bend , and the nutters are drawn to the McCann case like bees to pollen . Bet the real police don't even bother reading their garbage .

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    Re: Numty gets sex and travel option from Met

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