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    Post  Sykes on Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:43 am

     Bennett on his not-admin site:  On board Flight MH370 were 20 employees of Freescale Semiconductors, a company specialising in aviation electronics.

    The source for the claim that the plane crashed west of Australia, whilst heading for Antarctica, is a company called Inmarsat. It has claimed that 'a new form of analysis' and its so-called 'predictive model' fixes the point the plane crashed deep in the southern Indian Ocean.

    To coin a phrase: 'I'm not buying it'.  

    Here's some more information about both companies:

    When it was announced that 20 of the passengers on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight worked for a Texas company called Freescale Semiconductors, people naturally began to investigate them. The four major shareholders of Freescale are Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, TPG Capital, and Permira.

    Blackstone Group is notable because its board of directors and top executives are almost exclusively members of the notorious Council on Foreign Relations. Quite a few of them also belong to secret societies, including Skull & Bones, Kappa Beta Phi, and Quill and Dagger. Lord Jacob Rothschild is also on Blackstone’s international advisory board. In addition, there is a Randall Rothschild listed as a managing director.

    The Carlyle Group once had George H.W. Bush serving as an adviser there, and Osama bin Laden’s brother, Shafiq bin Laden, invested with Carlyle Group. Bush had actually met the bin Ladens on two occasions while working at Carlyle.

    Blackstone and Carlyle are two of the largest private equity firms, so the links to Freescale Semiconductor may be insignificant. Permira, however, is a smaller private equity firm.

    One Permira acquisition worth mentioning is Inmarsat. Inmarsat is the satellite company which tracked Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 after the tracking devices were turned off. Some are questioning why we only have the final radar ping from Inmarsat, when we know the satellite received several pings which could be used to narrow the search field. The entire search seems to be dependent on data from Inmarsat.

    The Harbinger Group controls 28% of Inmarsat. That name should set off some alarm bells. The Harbinger Group was formerly known as Zapata Corporation, George H.W. Bush’s company. It’s also a well known CIA front, with connections to the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Watergate scandal, and the Iran-Contra affair.

    A CIA document obtained from a FOIA request also seems to suggest the agency had a hand in, or at least an interest in, the creation of Inmarsat.

    Permira is one of the major shareholders for Freescale Semiconductors, which had 20 employees on the plane, and also a major shareholder of Inmarsat which is the satellite company that tracked the plane after the tracking devices were shut down.

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    PeterMac wrote:
    Yet again I am struck by the differences between cultures to the way they deal with grief.
    At the funeral of the Diana, sometime Princess of Wales, the entire capital and many other places across the Nation, stood in total silence as her cortege passed.
    At normal funerals 'we' remain largely silent, quiet and involve ourselves in deep contemplation, of the person's life and deeds, or possibly of the "Life Everlasting".
    We interpret this as dignity and reverence.

    At a Muslim funeral in contrast. there is screaming shouting, ritualised throwing oneself on the ground, and if we remember Arafat's, serious attempts to take the coffin from the bearers, one supposed to open it.
    "We' see this as undignified, barbarian, ridiculous, and disgraceful, though clearly the level of personal grief is the same.

    In China, on hearing the inevitable news, for which everyone - surely - had prepared themselves, we saw screaming, fighting, fainting, and more of a culturally determined response.
    The authorities already had paramedics standing by, as part of the response to what they knew was going to happen.
    And relatives were then demanding that their loved ones be RETURNED to them ? ? ?

    We view self-control as a virtue.
    It seems other cultures do not.

    Re: Missing Flight MH370
    aiyoyo Today at 5:34 pm

    Objective ? Media attention on their anger at the handling of the investigation apparently.
    How that is going to resolve their anger or resolve anything I haven't the foggiest idea !

    It is not clear whether hunger strike has started.

    There had been air crashes throughout history, including one China Airlines was involved in May 2002 killing 225 people.
    But I have never seen anger reaction in the likes of these Mainland Chinese - it's quite uncivilized the way they carry on.

    Re: Missing Flight MH370
    Bellisa Today at 6:08 pm

    petermac do you think the relatives may be actors? Or am I putting two and two together to get 5?

    I do not believe this plane crashed in the Indian ocean,I do not believe that after 16days it was tracked to this area and I do not believe that after daily searches since the plane went missing,today was the first day that the weather brought the search to a halt.
    Nicked almost word for word from Lizardland - and he also seems to have missed the part of what Freescale had accomplished. Being able to make a plane 'invisible'.

    The technology is already there to make tanks 'invisible' so I imagine you apply the same chips to that.

    Also, how could he forget that Blair is employed by Carlyle to give talks and John Major is on the board.

    The bigger a company gets and the more international, you start seeing the same names all over the place.

    Shoddy research again, tut, tut.

    Truth is the Daughter of Time
    Rachel Granada

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    aiyoyo said:

    But I have never seen anger reaction in the likes of these Mainland Chinese - it's quite uncivilized the way they carry on

    What a disgusting piece of racist crap you are, aiyoyo.

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    Ay oop, Head Hounder's been thinking.

    Post  Sykes on Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:32 pm

    From another forum, thanks for the comment.
    I have explained in the past that, many years ago, two journalists separately told me that Clarence was a top employee of MI5, maybe even the No. 2 there.

    All of the above appointments and moves, including the latest one, and of course his apppointment as the McCanns' reputation manager, are easily explicable by his doing the bidding of his colleagues at MI5.

    We need to 'think outside the box' when it comes to Clarence
    He'd be better employed considering the likelihood that the journos were winding him up, knowing what he's like for falling for conspiraloonacy.

    Truth is the Daughter of Time

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