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    Post  Sykes on Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:13 am

    An excellent post from tigerloaf on Myths with thanks.
     Over the years Lizzy Taylor, the garage door painter from Toronto has devoted many hundreds of hours to her sick video-making and her harassment of the McCanns.

    Her devotion to those videos is demonstrated by her own boasting all over the place of how many hundreds of hours she has spent compiling them. And while they show devotion they also show very clearly just how ignorant the woman really is of the case. Her preference for outdated news articles (long since shown to be lies and libel) and her complete inability to understand the most basic DNA facts from the PJ files are both clear evidence of her failure to grasp the basics.

    Her priority, again confirmed in her own online ranting, is to get her videos seen by as many people as possible. She claims all this devotion and this need for her videos to be seen by as many as possible is because she is keen on the truth. But over the years she has been shown that many of those videos are simply lies and she doesn't change them. She has no real interest in truth. The fact that she refuses to delete videos which she knows are not the truth proves this.

    So what is her reason for carrying on and trying to get her FB 'friends' to distribute them as far and widely as possible? Why has this woman with no links to the case spent literally hundreds of hours building up a veritable library of hundreds of videos on the subject? Why is this woman whose garage-door painting business has all but folded plugging her videos like a crazy woman?

    Could it be pure greed? Could it be that she is making money out of the disappearance of a little missing girl? Could she simply be a cynical hypocrite playing the members of her FB group for fools?

    Could she be using them to help her scrape as much money off these disgusting videos while all the time supporting those who decry the McCanns for setting up a fund to find their own child?

    This site makes for interesting reading. It has shown that some people can make millions from their videos on Youtube. Lizzy Taylor is not in that bracket by a long way but the site suggests she could be making up to £6,500 per year from her videos. At a minimum it suggests she could be raking in £50 a month for her disgusting harassment of the parents of Madeleine McCann. At worst she could be raking in hundreds.

    I do wonder if this is the reason she has dedicated so much time to her compilation of those disgraceful videos.


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