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    From Myths, with thanks.
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    Perky wrote:
    I have informed TB and offered extra information to him.
    I understand 'Perky' has been banned.

    For the record, yes, 'Perky' did contact me about four weeks ago and apart from some very minor editing, this was his (not her) account:



    This was a letter I planned to send in July 2013, but didn’t.

    FAO: Det Ch Insp Andy Redwood, head of Operation Grange.

    My motivation for writing this is the current media belief/promotion over the past 2 months that the search for Madeleine McCann is serious and in depth, seeming to cover all leads. My own experience is very different and seems to contradict this and I share the following to support my claim.

    I did a search on the internet and found the official, ‘findmadeleine’ website and I contacted them by email, subject titled, ‘info’ (at xxx on xxx xx May 2013 to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]) with a detailed report of a sighting and meeting I personally had with a person matching the description of Madeleine McCann on xxx xx May 2013.

    I have to date (8+ weeks later) received no response whatsoever.

    I communicated with the MET Police on numerous occasions at the time (e.g. on xxx xx May 2013 between xxx and xxx – check out the recordings and messages), regarding the same incident.

    During the multiple calls, the responder thought that the case was closed. I remember thinking or saying, “oh, I’m sorry to have bothered you, do I just hang up then?” Then I mentioned,‘operation Grange’ which I had found in a media report and thought could narrow it down a bit for him. He did a search and suggested I try Crimestoppers and I also then received a text (from him?) of an email to try at the MET.

    I sent my detailed incident account to the email, exactly as stated, at xxxx on xxx May xx 2013 (still listed on my phone, sent from the MET, subject titled, ‘Madeleine McCann’ at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]) which did not work but was received, so I assumed the MET were just fobbing me off and did not really want to bother.

    I decided to then contact Crimestoppers just in case, and sent the same detailed email (see below). The email was possible to send, ‘from the website only – no email visible’, so I do not have its address or a record from my email, but it went through O.K. and I am sure they will have it on record if it has not been deleted at their end.

    I have to date (8+ weeks later) received no response whatsoever from anyone.

    This is roughly the email I sent to the MET Police and Crimestoppers and a similar one to the one I sent to the email at the findmadeleine email address:

    “Hi there.
    I live at XXX.

    My name is XXX

    On xxx xx May 2013 (cannot recall the time but I can find out), I was returning to my flat, following a local council meeting and a girl was just leaving the/my flat block entrance (where I was entering), with a handful of posters that she'd taken down from flats in the Close, which was strange. I asked her why she had removed them from the entrance walls and she said she was doing so to put them through letterboxes. The posters were from the council regarding a meeting on Thursday and placed on the 4 ground floors for tenants and leaseholders, to view on passing, as they usually do. I said she shouldn't, as there were not enough and they needed to stay on walls at the bottom stairwell of each set of flats for all to see. I asked where she lived and she said, here, indicating the estate.

    I didn't push it as she could be new or just someone I'd not seen before and the fact that she said she lived on the estate, I assumed it would be easy enough to find her if need be. And I let her go.

    She was about 10 years old and had an imperfection to her right pupil. The combination of: a.) the casualness with which she was wandering freely on her own and b.) the unlikelihood of Madeleine McCann being able to do this in London with all the publicity, I assumed it was just a coincidence.

    I have permanent CCTV which can be checked for the time, but it is not high quality for facial recognition.

    I have not checked out her whereabouts since meeting her.
    I have informed the official find Madeleine McCann website but have not received any feedback.

    Feel free to get back if this is of interest.


    You will notice that I included my details and mentioned that I have CCTV footage (actually 4 simultaneous colour 30fps IR night vision cameras) covering the location and period of the incident and my close up meeting was somewhat striking in my observation. I thought that this would at least be helpful, even if it were to dismiss the incident from your investigations or motivate one of the three departments to keep the other updated or let me know that Madeleine definitely wasn’t in my area. I can’t believe that not one of you received my information or chose to acknowledge me.

    Given the time that has elapsed, the efforts I have made to contact three separate and (what I thought were) the most highly relevant bodies and having received no responses in over 8 weeks, having just checked, I just want to inform you that the video footage has now been written over.

    I have had approximately 10 contacts with the MET Police since arriving in London 10 years ago relating to crime I had encountered or witnessed and bent over backwards to help in every way I could. All were negative, unresolved or uninvestigated or similar and this email is probably one of the better contacts because it hasn’t wound me up or surprised me.

    I have never been in trouble with the Police, am a decorated former military person, am a professional post graduate, teacher, businessman, community representative and I meet regularly with our local SNT and community police. It cannot be a coincidence or a one off, that you have been so poor on so many occasions and words mean nothing to me from you, only actions.

    Good luck with your 37 strong team of investigators with this case



    Update from 'Perky':

    Since then, but before the recent October Crimewatch shows, I decided to re-contact the MET, to see if they would be any more interested. So, on X September 2013, I again contacted Operation Grange team but tried a different tactic to try to get their attention. This time I managed to get a response. I again sent them all the details I had. I was asked if I knew anymore (clothes, hair), which I said I didn’t and they said they would pass it on and get back if need be. I have heard nothing since (6 more weeks later).

    Why would they not at least ask for the video/CCTV footage? This could be used for elimination purposes; to put in a pending file so they at least know they have a copy - or to show they are serious about following up leads if pressed. Are they pursuing so many similar leads to mine? Why didn’t they ask about the footage or ask me to keep it? I cannot fathom what the reason is for this, seeming gross incompetence. Is it that they are useless, busy, focused on better/different leads or know that she is not in the UK or dead?

    Since early October, I decided to have a look at what people in general on the internet thought about the case or if members of the public had any similar experiences. It was then that I came across the websites which were genuinely informed and had the released police files which were the basis for a different evaluation to the ‘received text’ of the press. Whilst there are many cynics, conspiracy/wacky theorists, nasty folk and hate-mongers around, in general, the sites I visited were run and contributed mainly by evidence based rationalists, including doctors, lawyers, police-folk etc. and that they made up the majority of contributors to the case. When such sites put threads offering McCann defense theories, whilst I can understand the McCann’s not wanting to get involved, why don’t her anonymous (or otherwise) supports defend them with evidence and challenge the evidence presented against?

    Why don’t the media see the released files as full of challenges for the McCann’s? Surely there are maverick journalists who would love to get a scoop before/in case the tide changes? Have you/has someone presented Scotland Yard with a clear list of the most credible evidence against an abduction an d asked them to respond, even if it is to say that they are aware of each point – to use for later if it ball pans out differently or not? My concern is that in my ignorance of how an investigation works, I am not sure they would actually be looking much at your/similar sites as it may cloud their investigation. I have suggested to them via another person, that they take advantage of some genuine bloggers who have invested more time (as individuals) on the released evidence than any one person on the Grange team to compare notes or see if they have missed something or see a different thread to the investigation. They would not need to share any confidential information and could at least use the opportunity of a face to face meeting/debate/discussion/interview type meeting to rule in/out any scenarios.

    I know this isn't the story of the year, but I don't want to disclose my details to the public/police/press, though I can to you and would be happy to support everything I have said if need be. It isn't about whether the sighting is authentic or what's on the CCTV, it's about the lack of interest from multiple organisations that I would expect to be interested and I don't know why. I also wonder if we can use the information/threat/media notification to gain information or request the MET meet you or someone with a good insight and knowledge of the files.



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    turned out perky was a WUM that took bennett for a ride lol! 

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