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    From another forum, with thanks.  Aas you can see, it has beeen twisted to again smear the McCanns - Astro is a sidekick of Amaral's.
    Astro's version of a Portuguese TV broadcast last night:


    (Summary & translation by Astro)

    PJ may reopen Maddie case

    The Polícia Judiciária wants to reopen the Maddie case and requested the reopening with the Public Ministry.

    The Oporto team worked for two years and decided that it needs to further investigate a lead that points towards the abduction theory.

    This is not related to the English investigation, according to information collected by Eduardo Damaso.

    It results exclusively from the analysis made by the PJ team in Oporto.

    This team has analysed the files and concluded that one lead that points towards abduction needs to be investigated.

    The abduction theory was initially investigated, especially because of Jane Tanner's deposition.

    This testimony was discredited early on.

    The Smith sighting pointed towards the identification of M's father.

    Now the British investigation returns to that sighting, but with an e-fit.

    ED presumes that the new development in the Portuguese investigation is related to neither.

    The reopening may include the investigation of the initial thesis of an accident and concealment of the cadaver, as nothing is excluded, but it is triggered by new indications that an abduction may have taken place, and that seems to be the main focus.
    What was REALLY broadcast last night, courtesy of P****:

    My friends, here it is the translation from:


    h: good afternoon, welcome to the news CM, I start with the alert CM, the Madeleine McCann case may be re-opened by PJ, it is an aler CM which we mention it from now, in this studio is my guest Eduardo Dâmaso, director of the Correio da Manhã newspaper

    host (h): Eduardo, good afternoon.

    Eduardo (E): good afternoon.

    h: updates about the Madeleine McCann case?

    E: well, essentially, what we know is that PJ pretend to re-open the case of Madeleine McCann, and also have requested it to the Public Ministry, who is the one who have the formal authority to re-open it, essentially, I think that this will result from the fact after a work of two years in which the PJ made, through a team constituted in Oporto, the directory of Oporto and concluded the need of going deeper about a clue which pinpoints the abduction thesis, this is in a fact a development to be happening, an extraordinary development

    h: amazing,

    h: Eduardo, but, could it be related with these news, can you find any relationabout the desire of PJ to re-open it, when a few days ago we heard about the special programme of BBC and the British police?

    E: according the investigation conducted by Operation Grange, and according to what we think we know, the eventual re-opening of the process is not related with the British investigation, it results from a, it is neither related with British police nor with the facts connected with diligencies made by the couple with their organized structure about the issue of the search for the child, this update is mainly related with the work of analysis which was made by a team of 5 or 6 persons, conducted by a female inspector of Oporto in the last two years in which were tested a series of diligencies made at the time and analyzed all the material gathered and it was ver y abundant whether in a scenery whether in other scenery, whether in the scenery of having an accident in the apartment and the child died due to it, or whether in the scenery of abduction, so, in the distance, with the biggest distance about these facts, the investigation tem, specially not being connected with the first investigation, looked surely with a different look to the material of the time and concluded that is necessary to go deep about a clue related with abduction, the issue of abduction was mentioned initially in the beginning of the investigation, specially due to a statement of one of persons who were in the group of the British tourists, also friends of the couple who told that she saw a man who she identified through a e-fit with a child, that was initially dismissed, and the credibility of it was much attacked, because there was the reverse about the physical aspects, about the time and the place, I think that is not related this update with that fact, there is also another scenery, which was now mentioned by British police which is also a scenery investigated at the time which is the thesis also about another man in the same situation whit different hours heading for the sea, I remember that at the time there was a witness from a Irish family that crossed with that man which later identified that person with the father of the child, now with the British investigation, that thesis comes again but with a e-fit constructed in the base of someone with physical similarities to Gerry McCann but not being Gerry McCann obviously, so, this is the British clue , I presume that this update in the component of the PT investigation is not related with neither with the first or the second situation.

    h: you mentioned that this work of investigation that is being pursued by PJ for two years, this type of case in many times are intervals of time which can help about the solving of the case, I ask this because the public opinion in PT have the idea according the work conducted here that is was a shelved case.

    E: yes, according mainly with the evolution of the first investigation, parents has arguidos, homicide by negligence, which means that PJ understood that the evidences that pointed to a accident inside the apartment and the child died, and the process of occultation of a corpse, that hypothesis was the one who conducted the event of parents has arguidos, it was not a hypothesis requested by the Public Ministry at the time, which later archived the process, then also had a first sign about that investigation when amaral left the process, it was nominated a new team with Paulo Rebelo which arrived at Praia da Luz, which analyzed the material, gathered finger prints, analyzed documents, CCTV footage, tapes of video-surveillance etc, and concluded, increased the thesis of closing the case, abandoning the thesis of homicide by negligence. The re-opening of the case now it would not limit, it might, does not have the logic of limitation of the process, it may repeat the hypothesis of investigating the closed thesis, none of it is out, but the truth is that this re-opening is determined by evidences / indications that an abduction happened, so, it is not predictable that the thesis of homicide comes again repeated, now in that perspective you mentioned, for the PT public opinion that was a closed case in that perspective, but the thesis of abduction was always a thesis fed, never dismissed by the parents, which made an enormous campaign, enormous media pressure, understandable in the good sense, to look for a kidnapper, dozens, hundreds of sightings of the child in the world, that in some way in my comic point of view made comic the search that should have been objective, rational, based on ways that should not depended due to the private fund created by the family, but due to the public ways of one of the countries or even due to both countries involved, but in the concrete case of being investigated, archived here, it would be the UK due to the nationality of the couple, truly I feel that it is what is happening, in England there was a wake up of the case due to the pressure of the family also political pressure, political option of UK Prime-Minister, which determined a re-opening of the case in England in the perspective of the abduction which forced shall we say a police force namely the British police to organize in the purpose of pursuing the clue of abduction, that in a way is what we are watching, whether UK dimension, which agrees deeply with the family about the abduction, in PT with this re-opening based also in an idea of abduction, I remember that in PT, one of the questions at the time in 2007, 2008, about the possibility of abduction, many of that work was made at that time it is related with the fact of Algarve being considered by police a zone of risk, an attractive area for some international p.a.e.dophile net, at the time was investigated the presence of p.a.e.d.o.philes, 20 with criminal record for sexual crimes, that work was made by the PT investigation, now probably due to the way the process rapidly moved to the homicide, that work was not done so deeply has it should, which is the work during two years and now it is the time to go deeply with another way about the new updates.

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