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    Post  Sykes on Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:24 am

    Well, now we have all seen the Crimewatch program, comes the screaming, carpet-chewing and general mayhem on twitter, FB and the forums.   I find very amusing the story of one of the haters having the phone slammed down and a terse reply to 'stop wasting police time'.   Didn't they see the various postings that screenshots etc had been forwarded to the BBC and the police when they threatened to flood the telephone lines with their 'theories'?   I was pleased to see that over 100 genuine calls got through.  And then there is the sicko who posted up a picture of the McCanns with Hindley and Brady's faces superimposed on it.  Did it not realise, in its total belief that it was untouchable, that this was a totally false conclusion and that the law will know only too well exactly who it was?   Others have again attacked Jane Tanner, repeating over and over the tired mantra that she is a liar.  On another forum a hater mod was reduced to swearing as things did not go his way - tough.  But most of all I am imagining the frustration and disbelief that the McCanns were not arrested and that the police reiterated they were not persons of interest.   This was not an episode of Law and Order, Briscoe and Green did not shoot their way onto the BBC studio floor, no-one got grabbed and handcuffed, in fact it was a well presented, detailed reconstruction and the information that was given was also clear and concise.   Re any arrests, I think the collars that will be felt will belong to the nasty slimebags that posted up their evil comments and it's going to be a case of 'watch this space - and the papers' as the fallout over the trolls and their gruesome behavior is spread far and wide - Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands and beyond as most Europeans speak German and the program will be easily accessible by satellite as far as the eye can see.   So, keep chewing the carpet, banging your collective heads on the wall, spitting venom, because the more you do that the more you are showing what lowlifes you actually are.   Me, I'm going to raise a glass of best champagne to the BBC, NSY, Mr Redwood and most of all to the McCanns.  So stuff that in your collective pipes and smoke it.

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