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    Blogs blast girl's hunter
    DAMIEN McCARTNEY, September 22nd, 2011

    Amanda Oosterbaan, 15, has been slammed for her support for missing girl Madeleine McCann.

    A TOP End middle school student has been labelled a "lazy housewife" for her continued support of missing British girl Madeleine McCann.

    Bloggers have criticised Amanda Oosterbaan, 15, after her posts on the official "find Madeleine McCann" Facebook page.

    One blogger posted: "Each time I write out her name, I think of the Joan Collins character in Dynasty. And before you get your pantaloons in a twist, Ms Osteoporosis, I mean that your name goes on and on for ever - not that you've had 20 husbands - indeed, not that I imagine you spend enough time away from your laptop to have ONE husband."

    The blogger was informed of Amanda's age, but reportedly refuses to remove the post.

    Amanda said at one stage, all of her posts were being copied to another page. "They were having a go at me, and calling me names," she said.

    "When one of the groups doing it mentioned I was underage, they stopped publishing my last name. Then this blogger had a good go."

    Amanda said she didn't know why the bloggers were posting the comments.

    "He just makes fun of me. It's nothing too bad, but sometimes it gets too much," she said. "People just like being negative. We're doing something good. I just don't understand."

    Amanda said she would search for Maddie, who went missing in Portugal in 2007, until she was found, or was confirmed dead.


    Latest Comments:
    Amanda don't be put off your interest in Madeleine's case by the sad little man David Bret. The same David Bret who stalks about the internet looking for little tit-bits about himself and for anyone who disagrees with him and his disgusting blogs. He has now moved forward to wish everyone who disagres with him dead and putting up pictures of coffins etc. This is the sad man that Bret is, an attention-seeker of the worst kind with no real interest at all in the case of a missing child.
    Posted by: Jimmy of UK 7:54pm Sunday

    David Bret, one of the very worst specimens of humanity. A Troll in the truest sense of the word. A vile and obnoxious man, not worth worrying about.
    Posted by: William Adams. of Isle of Wight, U.K. 3:59pm Sunday

    Take heart Amanda these people are minority as Im sure you already know.Keep supporting the search for Madeleine she is still out there somewhere and needs bringing home asap!
    Posted by: Alibongo of UK 7:51am Sunday

    Bret is no fit person to criticize anyone, the Brit Sun called him an immoral troll because he attacks the McCann family every chance he gets.Bret isn't fit to clean Amanda' s boots, at least she is doing something useful.
    Posted by: jason 7:39am Sunday

    I am the one who wrote about Amanda and her silly theories in my blog, The McCanns: Not Accusing Just Asking. I find it sad that for the past two years, this girl has shut herself away in her room, obsessed with the impossible, trying to find a missing child. She should be out having fun with her friends. Also, I find it disturbing that, while others defend Amanda for being a child herself, her language can be quite filthy if someone disagrees with her on the various pro-McCann Facebook pages.
    Posted by: David Bret of UK 1:05am Saturday

    @Bret of UK, Odd that you use a comment made up by DB, Would think you would use a better alias. Give up. I will NEVER stop looking for Madeleine. And I never said anything about sunglasses, You're getting your abuse mixed up. Angela I can't help but wonder if you're from MM, And If so I can see why it was closed to the public. All you do is spit venom. Thank you to everyone else for your kindness, it really does mean a lot to me.
    Posted by: Amanda of Darwin 07:00pm Friday 23rd September

    The real issue here and always has been that Madeline's parents failed their basic obligation of being parents by leaving her (Madeline) alone in a hotel room. Shame on them.
    Posted by: Mick of Hobart 06:51pm Friday 23rd September

    Every mother and father appreciates your thoughtful work Amanda.
    Posted by: Kellie of Sydney 01:43pm Friday 23rd September

    @ Angela......geez what is your problem? At least this girl has a focus and if getting her face in the papers remind the world once again that Madeleine is still missing, what's the harm? None. There are teenagers out there doing far worse things. Have you done anything worthwhile? To all the other critics of Amanda get off her case and get off your ass and go and find something worthwhile and make a contribution to the world instead of being a waste of space and oxygen!
    Posted by: Alice Angel of Remote Area 01:37pm Friday 23rd September

    Best thing I've heard today. As everyone has said keep up the good work, the world needs people like you, and Madeleine and her parents need you to show them that you are one of many thousand who will never forget Madeleine and will support them for as long as it takes.
    Posted by: Jean of Knutsford Cheshire 10:00am Friday 23rd September

    As you can see, I have posted up comments both pro and anti Amanda - unlike Bret and his minions who would deliberately exclude anything that praises this young girl.

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    Aussies don't like pervy old men much .

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    coco wrote:Aussies don't like pervy old men much .
    Especially ones who post up filthy comments and threats. Also, ones who offer sex on open forums and boast they are well-endowed; Shocked Rolling Eyes usually that means you would need a magnifying glass to find their little assistant. lol!

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