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    Lizzy Hideho Taylor
    Why were the McCanns willing to spend £288,503 (of donated money?) to SILENCE ONE MAN?

    I managed to complete this video the night before Tony Bennett faced court. The McCanns wanted a PRISON SENTENCE for Tony because he had DARED to present the facts to the UK public. The music I chose still makes me emotional when I hear it.

    Like ANY ONE OF US....Tony attempted to inform the UK public of the discrepancies in the case via leaflets/books distributed in UK.

    The McCanns requested that he stop distributing the books and required him to adhere to SIX KEY DEMANDS.

    Unable to fight against the McCann's lawyers (the most feared lawyers in Britain) without losing everything he agreed to the demands that he not repeat the details (which were available in the Police Files)

    They 'followed' him and eventually found he had posted on an Australian forum and he was faced with 'Contempt of Court' where he was subsequently given a 3 MONTH SUSPENDED PRISON SENTENCE...and required to pay the court costs!

    A settlement was reached ....

    4. Agreeing to limit their total costs recovery pursuant to the Committal Order to £75,000 inclusive of interest (“the Claimants’ Costs”) in full and final settlement thereof, and so long as the Defendant complies with the following payments plan, namely:

    (a) The Defendant to pay £12,500 on account of the Claimants’ Costs within 28 days of the date of this
    Order, and

    (b) The Defendant to pay a further £15,000 on account of the Claimants’ costs by way of monthly instalments of not less than £125 paid on or before the 25th day of each calendar month (or if the 25thof any given month is not a working day, the nearest working day thereafter) for a total period of 10 years, the first such payment being made on 25 May 2013 to the Claimants’ Solicitors’ client account, the final such payment to be made on 25 April 2023, unless by then the Defendant has fully discharged the balance of the £15,000.

    Tony, like you or me, wanted to give the UK the opportunity of learning the truth, but paid the price of dealing with the McCanns and his personal life suffered.

    He is now the ONLY person in the WORLD that cannot discuss the details from the police files...in doing so, he may be sent to PRISON!

    His costs of $27,500 will be paid until April 2023 but WHO PAYS THE REST of £288.503?

    WHY was it so important to STOP Tony repeating the details from the police files?

    Tony was NOT found guilty of repeating anything that was untrue!

    Thank you Tony for standing up to what most of us believe in...THE TRUTH!

    Please give 7 minutes of your time to see how the McCanns can control any one of us!

    In this case it was Tony....One man with courage to fight for what many of us believe!

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    Ooooh, 'eck, them pesky McCanns is controlling all of us! Where in her diseased brain does she think up this kind of ridiculous cr*p? Could it be caused by the paint/varnish she uses on garage doors? We should be told so we can avoid the brands she uses. lol! lol! .

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