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    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:28 pm

    Masha Mupp Sam Studley the files go further than stating that the apartment was let out. They categorically state that it was occupied.

    Sam Studley But the files say that it was Nygel!!!

    Sam Studley I know Masha

    Nygel Sylvester Masha when did the dogs arrive ?

    Sam Studley So are the files not to be believed?

    Linda Hutton The Daily Mirror article is an interview with the owner Sam, and the owner of the apartment would be the most reliable source in this instance.

    Nygel Sylvester Masha when did the dogs arrive ?

    Masha Mupp August 1st 2007 Nygel Sylvester. To be honest I am astounded that you have to ask.

    Sam Studley I know Linda but we a re led to believe that the files are true. Nygel, the dogs came at the end of July didn't they?

    Masha Mupp Linda Hutton the owner may be believable but your reliance on the owner's words when processed through the Daily Mirror journalist and edtiors over the clear document which proves the flat was occupied from the PJ is just ridiculous.

    Nygel Sylvester and iam astonished that you believe that, come back when you actually KNOW something about this case and not rely entirely on what you have read or been told.

    Masha Mupp I am quite shocked by the question Nygel Sylvester posted a few minutes ago. I thought everybody had read the files and knew when the dogs were brought into PDL. It was almost three months to the day after Madeleine went missing. It is a fundamental part of the case

    Linda Hutton I don't have the time or inclination to teach people how to process information masha. If you have reached adulthood without acquiring that skill, you have my sympathy.

    Sam Studley Right then, so we are \TOLD to read the files and study them and now you say we are not to believe them NYgel, they are all a pack of lies and therefore this group is a waste of time! Well that's great then, months of my life reading the files rubbish that I'll never get back!!

    Sam Studley So you are going by newspaper articles rather than the files then Nygel?

    Linda Hutton You must be discerning in everything you read Sam, once you have all the facts, you can make up your mind.

    Masha Mupp So having read the files and produced the actual link to where the PJ state that the apartement was OCCUPIED by these people in June and July 2007 I am being told to learn about and read about the case by Nygel Sylvester who did not even know when the dogs arrived in PDL and relies on the Daily Mirror for information and Linda Hutton is saying that my reliance on the files is a sign of lack of skill.

    John Wise Linda and Nygel, the most reliable source is undoubtedly the PJ case files, because they have not been filtered through the press. There are press reports which claim the apartment was not relet, but the files themselves say different. When they were released in 2008 journalists made much of it and claimed it showed 5a had not been 'made a crime scene'.

    Masha Mupp Changing the topic now Linda Hutton will not deflect from the fact that you are clutching at the straw of a Daily Mirror article and completely ignoring the facts as laid out in the PJ files.

    John Wise The problem is this Linda: if we decide to believe the UK press over the official files in this instance, then where do we stop?

    Nygel Sylvester must dash now Masha. I know you agree with me entirely as you say "IT SAYS SO IN THE FILES"

    Nygel Sylvester ps: 5a was not let out before the dogs arrived.

    Masha Mupp Exactly, John Wise picking and choosing to suit our agenda will get us nowhere. I will always trust the PJ files as a record of the case over daily rags.

    Linda Hutton Its not an all or nothing question John, obviously we must be discerning.

    Nygel Sylvester please verify Masha that you believe maddie mccann to have died in 5a and her death covered up by her parents. Confirm or deny please.

    Masha Mupp ps Nygel Sylvester the PJ files state categorically that Apartment 5a was not just let out but OCCUPIED by four groups of people in June and July 2007 before the dogs arrived. And just to remind you as you didn't know earlier the dogs arrived on August 1st.

    Masha Mupp Nygel Sylvester what right do you think you have to demand anything from me? What impertinence. It is me proving what I claim from the records in the PJ files and you denying those files in favour of rubbishy tabloid rags

    Haseenah Bibi We all want the same thing, the truth to come out

    Masha Mupp I have shown that the truth is that the apartment was let and occupied by groups of people after the McCanns and before the arrival of the dogs. If people prefer to believe the trashy tabloids over the PJ files that is their concern but I prefer as I think the owner of this page does, to post the truth as found in the PJ files. I have done that.

    This page shows that the apartment was occupied. Don't rely on the awful summary translation in the English version but go to the actual page of the PJ files themselves for the truth and see for yourselves.

    Masha Mupp Yes, Haseenah Bibi and we are far more likely to find the truth in the PJ files than in some trashy tabloid rag no matter how much Nygel Sylvester and Linda Hutton try to persuade you otherwise.

    Linda Hutton You have proved absolutely nothing masha, other than your aggression and desperation to prove the apartment was occupied while the owner clearly states that it wasn't. Why you are so desperate to squeeze a family of undertakers in there, gawd only know

    Nygel Sylvester Masha Mupp beings yo don't believe me or the reporter or the owner then all i can suggest is that you "ASK THE DOGS" noticed you didn't agree with me on the death in 5a and the abduction story being a cover thou. Very telling that Masha
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    Masha Mupp John Wise So who to believe, the PJ files who are supported by one UK newspaper or a red top rag which in one part of its article says the apartment wasn't let since September 2007 and in another part "since the disappearance"? I know I prefer to believe the PJ files.

    What is a worry is that there is nothing in the files from the PJ indicating that they questioned these people.
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    Linda Hutton No-one is saying the PJ files are wrong Sam. However, as in any investigation, it is impossible for the police to know as much as those directly involved and in this case, the owner of the apartment will have more knowledge about her own property. Doesn't mean files are wrong, the bookings were probably legitimate, but in view of what was going on, it is highly unlikely that any family would have chosen to go ahead with a holiday in THAT apartment.
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    Sam Studley I'm not worked up Paul! But it's ok for those that don't believe in the files to be rude to posters who believe in them? One rule for some and another rule for others?
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    Masha Mupp Nygel Sylvester I believe what I read in the files. Your interpretation of that statement is as useful as your reliance on a red top rag view of things.

    Hilary Smale-Saunders Mash em up....lol
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    Masha Mupp Dangly Bits ....lol
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    Linda Hutton Anyway, this is getting tedious. What is your point masha?

    Sam Studley I've advertised this group on my timeline, Twitter and other places I could think of. My mated think I'm deluded in thinking that Maddie wasn't abducted etc and now I'm told that the files "may" NOT be truthful?? Well If that's the way it is, then I'll just stay in the Havern forum. I'm out of here!

    Masha Mupp The point is that the opening question of this thread has been answered with direct proof from the PJ files that Apartment 5A was let and occupied during the months June and July by four groups of people before the dogs arrived.

    Paul Rees OK Sam, no need to announce and flounce, chill.

    Masha Mupp Carolina Viola, perhaps there is nothing wrong with letting out the apartment but it is completely wrong as people were saying at the start of this thread to say it was not let out.

    Hilary Smale-Saunders Sam Studley, this is what they set out to do. Don't react.

    Masha Mupp They, Hilary Smale-Saunders? Are you referring to me? All I have done is posted the truth as found in the PJ files. Is it now wrong to do that on this page? That is what is being suggested by some and that is why Sam Studley is rightly annoyed.

    Sam Studley 'm not flouncing. I've been a member here for ages Paul. I don't need to chill either thanks. And Nygel Sylvester, please don't email me with this crap again - Nygel Sylvester
    Masha is a totally vile troll from #mccann twitter. I am playing with her
    . Because I don't think it's funny. She asked valid questions and you just rubbished it

    Nygel Sylvester thankyou Sam

    Warren Thornton What is a lie is to suggest that Kate McCann examined six dead bodies in the course of her work this is simply not true!

    Masha Mupp And I proved Nygel Sylvester was completely wrong because what he was saying is totally the opposite of what is in the PJ files. Its a shame he never bothered to read the files or he would have known the apartment was occupied by people in June and July 2007 and he might even have managed to learn when the dogs were in PDL. That was astounding when he had to ask me when they arrived.

    Paul Rees Yes and I have just been given the lowdown on Masha aka Rhodes who is trolling while being cheered along on Twitter etc. Time to say goodbye
    Don't you just love it when they start on each other, and then someone does the usual flounce? As for Linda Hutton, she's about as knowledgeable as a dead amoeba.

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 03, 2013 8:42 pm

    Next installment:-
    John Wise FGS, denying that it was true did not help. Accept that it is true and then ask the important questions. The person who asked the question was genuine, was she not? does she not deserve the correct answer, rather than being played around with in a stupid twitter spat?

    Dan Gleebitz I smell pink mashed chimps

    Aileen Peebles Credibility is all people....we loose that when we dont accept that sometimes people get things wrong,,,but we should never resort to McScumm tactics

    John Wise Nygel: then dont give them the opportunity, if that's what you are concerned about. Knowledgeable Frances answered with a full quote and you then carried on as if she was telling fibs.

    Dan Gleebitz Sam Studley
    - "... I'll just stay in the Havern forum. I'm out of here!"
    Hell that is a terrible shame. I won't sleep now.

    Linda Hutton We answered the OP John, thread was disrupted when the troll Zante (Masha) crashed in.

    Paul Rees Yes, thank you Linda.

    John Wise You answered the OP incorrectly Linda and stuck to it after Frances and others put you right, with full text and link to the PJ files. That gave him the opportunity to troll you. I can't believe this, it's so utterly stupid.
    From twitter, comments on all of this.  
    Nick ‏@xxxxxFernxxxxx 3h @RosalindaHu
    He/she has just proved to those genuinely interested in #mccann case that many on the FB page REFUSE to accept the PJ Files.

    kim ‏@zante03 3h
    @Mobyra it says they've got rid of marsha cos they said she's me. no skills of deduction what so ever those forkers. they aint me. #mccann
    Oh, and a small thing, Marsha is NOT rhodes, sorry to disillusion them.  Can't that lot ever get anything right?

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:10 pm

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Back on topic please

    John Wise No wonder Haseenah, no wonder. The apartment WAS rented out but spending so long denying it means we have not actually discussed if this has any significance - that's about the most diplomatic way of putting it.

    Paul Rees John Wise I have not had time to read the whole thread yet but stop throwing accusations around, as it could appear you also are trolling. Has it occurred to you that you could take your admonishments to other members to pm at all?

    John Wise Trolling? FGS, I'm off too. No doubt some will be delighted.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Please take any further comments to PM

    Paul Rees Yes, trolling. Coming on here with the sole intention of stirring, aka trolling. All I asked was some time to sort this out but you had to keep needling as is your wont.

    Dan Gleebitz Why did you really start this thread?

    Dan Gleebitz And you may answer

    Haseenah Bibi Because I seen it on twitter and I didn't know if it was true or not

    Und here ist die Fuhrerin, mit der vhip und der troll spray, screeching "Ve haf vays of shitting shutting you up!"
    Comment from twitter:
    sam st ‏@samscissorhand 3h
    So, reading the PJ #Mccann files on FB, then told they are wrong? And being called a troll! WTF going on? I believe the files over the rags

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