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    Over the past 6 years, in between harassing various people, Mr Bennett has regaled us with his poetic efforts.  This is his latest:
    Cameron told May: "Please arrange
    A Review of a case very strange:
    Amaral was all twisted -
    And Rebekah's insisted
    So now we've got Redwood - and Grange.

    The Review's cost 5 million quid
    But it's worth it for one missing kid
    The Review had stagnated,
    But now we're elated...
    Portugal's said 'Yes' to our bid.
    And here are more examples:
    Tony Bennett Says:
    On Anorak December 7th, 2007 at 5:54 pm


    Silent night, peaceful night
    All is calm, all is ‘so right’
    An evening out boozing, without any child
    The latest sedatives, strong and not mild
    Booze in heavenly peace
    Booze in heavenly peace.

    No silent night, no peaceful night
    ’Madeleine’s gone’, now start the fight
    Off to the priest for a quick requiem mass
    Claim an abduction, as bold as brass
    The Find Madeleine Fund is born
    The Find Madeleine Fund is born.

    Silent night, we say we’re white
    The PJ see us in a different light
    Interviews and rogatories thrust in our face
    Even the Pope says we’re a disgrace
    Only a mattress in my cell
    Only a mattress in my cell.
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    This isn't a poem but a supposed letter from missing Madeleine McCann to her parents, dated  beginning of February 2009, where he pretends to be her voice.
    Tony Bennett has posted this on this forum [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] you have to actually register to read it.

    Tony Bennett wrote:
    Or maybe this is more the kind of thing that Madeleine might be saying now?

    A Message from Madeleine

    I hope you’ll all pay attention for a few minutes, because, after all, the Madeleine McCann case is all about me, Madeleine, really.

    Isn’t it?

    I’d like to say a few little things to start with.

    First of all, I’m in a safe and beautiful place now where I don’t have to worry about anything. So don’t shed any more tears for me. It’s lovely here, everyone is kind and looks after me and I’m completely safe.

    Now I want to say something about my Mummy and Daddy and my brother Sean and my sister Amelie.

    Some people have said some very unkind things about my Mummy and Daddy. I will come in a moment to what happened to me on holiday in Praia da Luz last May.

    But I want you to know that despite what happened there, I loved my Mummy and Daddy. And I still do. You see, Mummy did lots of things for me and with me. We had a lovely time at Christmas and when we had birthdays. My Mummy took me pony-riding one day. I loved it when Daddy had time to play with me. It was fun. And of course I love Sean and Amelie and miss them terribly.

    But, Mummy and Daddy, I have some other things to say to you.

    You know you left me, Sean and Amelie six nights in a row in Praia da Luz. You’ve both admitted it to all those newspapers you talk to. And recently, you admitted – at long last - that me and Sean had been crying late at night on Wednesday 2 May, the date before I disappeared. You know that the neighbour, Mrs Fenn, heard me crying ‘Daddy, Daddy’ for well over an hour, don’t you?

    How do you think me and Sean felt? We were terrified. We cried. We sobbed our hearts out. We wanted you. We needed you to comfort us. But you were away in the Tapas Bar, eating and drinking with Auntie Jane, Uncle Russell, Auntie Fiona, Uncle David, Auntie Rachael and Uncle Matthew. You were not there for us. And you know exactly what happened that night.

    Now, Mummy, Daddy. You didn’t tell the truth about talking to me at breakfast-time the following morning, did you? You made it up. And you told the world that, after finding out that me and Sean had been crying, you went out again the very same evening and let me be abducted. That wasn’t very responsible, was it? Yet Daddy you said that experts advised you that your conduct ‘was well within the bounds of responsible parenting’. Well I don’t think it was. And Daddy, don’t make out that throughout the holiday you were checking on us every half-hour. You know you weren’t.

    Let’s talk about the ‘abduction’, shall we? Daddy, Mummy, you know I wasn’t abducted. I know you were ashamed of what happened to me and didn’t want to get into any trouble. But I want you to tell the world the truth about why I am ‘missing’. I can’t do that from where I am now. Only you can.

    You should have known what can happen when children are left alone. They might play with matches. They might get hold of pills thinking they are sweets. They might be sick and wake up. They might be scared. They might try and escape and hurt themselves. There might a fire. You were both Doctors. Didn’t you even think about all that?

    And look what you’ve done by pretending it was an abduction. You got the Portuguese Police, Interpol and the police forces in dozens of countries looking for me. They’ve spent millions. You got millions of people all over the world to look for me.

    And what about that fund you set up, the Find Madeleine Trust Fund? Daddy, that was really naughty. You made lots of people send you lots of money. You sold all those yellow bangles. Even children sent their pocket money and pensioners sent their weekly pension to you. And then you started spending it on your mortgage payments instead of on looking for me.

    And anyway, that dodgy detective agency in Spain you’re using - Metodo 3 - they’re not really looking for me, are they? What are they doing with all that public money? And when are you going to tell people exactly how the Trust Fund money has been spent? There’s a lot more money going into it than you’ve admitted, isn’t there, Daddy?

    And Auntie Jane, please tell the truth. You have told so many stories about the ‘abductor’ you claimed you saw. Nobody really believes that it took weeks of ‘cognitive therapy‘ to remember that you saw a girl in pink pyjamas – when that’s not what you told police for the first few months.

    And all the rest of you. Uncle David! Why do you talk about a ‘Pact of Silence’? Do you really want you and the others at the Tapas Bar that night to be remembered for ever as the group who didn’t tell what they knew about Madeleine? Uncle David, did you really see me and Sean and Amelie being put to bed on the evening of 3rd May? Or are you telling a lie to help Mummy and Daddy out?

    Mummy, Daddy, please tell the truth, that’s all I want you to do now. I can forgive all that you did to me. Really I can. You say you are Christians. Well, Christians are supposed to tell the truth, aren’t they?

    Stop promoting the Amber Alert scheme. That’s not going to help young children like me left alone, is it? And don’t spend time promoting all those organisations that help missing, abducted and exploited children. They do good work, but they’re not dealing with the issue of parents who leave their young children alone, are they? Stop going on the TV pretending I’ve been abducted and trying to become a celebrity.

    I’ll tell you what I want. I want you to back the Childrens Legal Centre in their campaign for tougher penalties on parents who leave children alone. I want you to support any new law that will make parents think twice about leaving young children like me on their own.

    Mummy, Daddy, I’m not there with you any more, but I want the circumstances of my going missing to be remembered. I want to help all other children in the world whose Mummies and Daddies think its O.K. to leave young children on their own.

    I want to forgive you, Mummy and Daddy.

    I wish you could cuddle me again.

    I wish I could cuddle Sean and Amelie again. Tell them I’m always thinking of them.

    That’s all for now. I hope you’ll listen to what I’ve asked you to do.

    Your loving daughter,


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    Another example of the 'poet' at work:
    The Stephen Armitage Poem in 'The Times' - a new interpretation
    Tony Bennett on Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:54 am

    You may remember a few weeks ago the simply breathtakingly beautiful poem by Stephen Armitage in The Times, to mark the occasion of the launch of 1,000 flaming lanterns across the night skies of these islands.

    Here's the original poem, in black, with the interpretation of each line in red underneath:

    The Beacon - by Simon Armitage

    Dusk, doubt, the growing depth of an evening sky,
    What time shall we sound the alarm?
    dark setting in as it did that night,
    Rip off the cover of that sticker-book and create this evening's timeline!
    the forever vastness of outer space
    Get our version out via SKY satellite!
    reflecting the emptiness here inside,
    The GNR have gone. Make out a new timeline, Russell!
    shadowing, colouring, clouding the mind.
    Confusion is good!

    But somewhere out there there has to be life,
    And we must keep saying it ad nauseam!
    the distance only a matter of time,
    We'll leave Praia da Luz if they make us arguidos!
    a world like our own, its markings and shades
    Enjoying adult fun and being 'into each other' without the children spoling our fun!
    as uniquely formed as a daughter’s eye,
    Now that would be a brilliant marketing ploy!
    distinctly flecked, undeniably hers,
    Who cares if the Portuguese police advise against mentioning this?
    looking back this way through the miles and years
    Still looking nervously over our shoulders, three years later!
    to a lantern cupping a golden blaze,
    A great big golden chalice of a Fund!
    its candle alive with a fierce blonde flame
    Burning money on dodgy private investigation agencies like Metodo 3 and Oakley International!
    for the thousandth time, for as long as it takes.
    TV shows, libel awards, fun runs and celebrity parties at Branson's!

    Adapted from an original by someone else from another place

    Tony Bennett

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