If it walks, talks, squawks like a duck............it’s a duck


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    If it walks, talks, squawks like a duck............it’s a duck

    Post  Sykes on Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:23 am

    Oh, dear, someone on HoHo has broken ranks and of course the post has been removed - but not before HoHo's favorite troll saw it.  I know who she's talking about, do you?   lol! lol!  I will be kind, 'Heart of Glass', does that help? I could not resist using the last line as the title for this post.
    Petite Bamburd
    How to spot a Troll??

    Someone who spends their days goading and vilifying other people, reducing them to tears.
    Someone who ostensibly purports to be fighting the “nonces & evil perverts who support the McCanns”.
    Someone who has been censored in every Forum/Facebook page they’ve participated in.
    Someone who derogates and belittles those who don’t conform to their game and rules.
    Someone who blackmails other forum and facebook page users in the belief that the information they’re threatening to release is of any consequence to anyone (!!!!!)
    Someone who challenges provokes and abuses others, then squeals like a stuck pig, playing the victim, when their quarry responds.
    Someone who perpetually bullies, then screams about being bullied when they’re stood up to.
    Someone who then spends every day subsequently, writing about it in other forums, trying to coerce people to take THEIR side, under the threat of them “leaving the group”.
    Someone who epitomises to perfection, the Drama Queen mentality...”if people in this group here want me to leave then I will.....” when they very clearly WON’T.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY, someone who spends their entire existence going to every extreme imaginable, writing about how they can’t possibly be a troll.....
    Sound like someone you know?
    If it walks, talks, squawks like a duck............it’s a duck

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