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    Post  Sykes on Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:17 am

    First, a description from the Oxford Dictionary:
    obsessive–compulsive denoting or relating to an anxiety disorder in which a person feels compelled to perform certain stereotyped actions repeatedly to alleviate persistent fears or intrusive thoughts, typically resulting in severe disruption of daily life.
    In the past 6/7 years, we have seen many examples of this, especially from a man who, obsessed by other cases such as the drowning of a young man in a well-known celebrity's swimming pool, finally migrated to the McCann case.  In his frantic attempts to feed his obsession with fame and fortune - which seemed up to then to have mainly passed him by as he had managed to fail at everything he touched ie wannabe solicitor and politician, he started a forum where he, and others, posted up far-fetched theories,  libeled prominent businessmen, and accused the parents of a missing child of being responsible for her vanishing from a holiday complex in a EU country.  He harassed the parents - well, readers here will know the full and sorry tale.  He ended up in court, was judged as guilty of contempt by failing to cease and desist his attacks on the parents, and and received a suspended sentence.  

    For a time he was absent from the scene, probably licking his wounds, while trying to get financial assistance from others to help pay his fine to the court.  And now he has again let his manic obsession take hold and targeted another person, linking them to the McCann case, posting up his usual long-winded and utterly boring tracts on his new prey, detailing as much personal information as he can on a forum of which he declares he is NOT admin.  His plagiarism of other people's writings has also surfaced as he frantically cuts and pastes post after post of meaningless drivel.  How long before the suspension on that 3 months in jail is removed as he is put away?  Who knows, but I do know that everything he says and does on that forum is screen capped and sent on to the relevant authorities.  

    Now, he is not the only poster apparently with this strange problem, the obsessive–compulsive syndrome.  I know of at least one, posting away on Amazon and another forum, whose non-stop bleat about a non-abduction is fast getting up the noses of many people.   And on many forums, facebook and twitter there are at least half a dozen who seem to be, like old shellac record needles, stuck in the same old, same old groove, with nothing to say other than a tired old mantra of hate, lies and half-baked theories, backed up with insults, swearing and threats to 'out' their enemies or even snap their necks!

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