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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jun 30, 2013 11:34 am

    From another forum, with thanks.

    The problem is that there are people out there, like this Stephanie Spielberg lunatic, who repeatedly distribute false information - information, what's more, on which she has been challenged many times in the past. She must know that what she claims is false, yet it seems impossible for her to get it into her thick head that repeating it again and again does not strengthen her position - it massively weakens it.

    Regardless of what the McCanns did, neglected to do, refused to do or may be suspected of, that stupid woman insists on repeating such nonsense as this

    ''* How many people in the UK know that CADAVER odour and 'cellular material' were found in the McCanns rental car and that 15:19 markers MATCHED MADELEINE'S DNA? The four markers remaining were degraded which means it does not EXCLUDE the 'cellular material' from belonging to Madeleine. Experts claim the chances of the DNA belonging to anyone else is 1:1 BILLION (including siblings)''

    Basically, this is complete nonsense, and she keeps putting this out with what I can only assume is a deliberate intention to mislead. When she was challenged on it, on the justice forum, she ran away, and no doubt she will do so again.
    In fact, it isn't just misunderstood nonsense - it's gone beyond that. She has embroidered it with lies, presumably to attempt to give it more credence.

    So here is the true picture:

    The cellular material recovered on the swab from the car yielded a LCN DNA result which contained not 19 markers, but 37, and indicated a mixed sample from at least three individuals, possibly more. Of those 37 markers, 15 corresponded with markers which matched Madeleine's markers - but this is completely meaningless. If two of the contributors to the mixed sample were her parents - not unlikely given that they were the ones using the car - then it is hardly unexpected that many of the markers in the sample would match markers Madeleine was known to possess, given that she inherited them all from her parents. While this result cannot RULE OUT the presence of Madeleine in the car, it absolutely DOES NOT prove that she was present.

    The statement Hi-idiot-ho has added at the end - ''Experts claim the chances of the DNA belonging to anyone else is 1:1 BILLION (including siblings)'' - is a complete and utter falsehood, and the only possible assumption is that her intention was to mislead.

    While people like her run around pulling stunts like this, and morons like Bennett continue in a similar vein then any efforts to really examine what actually happened in PdL will continue to be tainted.

    Frankly, I have little sympathy for them in the abuse they receive from the McCann supporters. They kind of deserve each other
    Well said.

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:45 pm

    More, with thanks again to another forum and the poster.
    Picking up on my earlier point, someone came back to Hi-De-Hold on a minute that's cobblers, and rightly pointed out that the sample to which she had earlier referred came from at least 3 individuals.

    No reply from her, but one of her assistant idiots popped up to say that according to his ''expert'' *snort* the easiest way to solve it is to take blood samples from the parents, blood samples which according to him they have refused to supply.

    I really do not know where to start. Why do some of these people set themselves up as experts when it is blindingly obvious they can't ever have read the files, or if they did they were incapable of understanding them? No-one as yet has challenged him. The Youtube queen is keeping her head down and pretending it isn't happening, by the look of it. They want to be taken seriously, yet they do absolutely nothing to make it possible to take them seriously.

    On the off chance that one of them reads here, they should be aware that there is no issue whatsoever around ''blood samples'' from the McCann parents - they provided DNA samples in the early days of the investigation. Madeleine's DNA profile was also obtained. What on earth do they think the forensic teams have used as a reference so far?

    Even if they had whole pints of McCann blood, from any of them, it would not tell them a thing.

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