Sonia Poulton - cashing in on the 10th anniversary


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    Sonia Poulton - cashing in on the 10th anniversary  Empty Sonia Poulton - cashing in on the 10th anniversary

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    Sonia Poulton
    3 May at 12:43 ·
    Today is the 10th anniversary since Madeleine McCann was reported missing. British media is even more PR-oriented on the story than ever before.
    Media has failed to apply due objectivity to this case and, by doing so, journalists and broadcasters have failed Madeleine McCann - as well as a number of other victims this story has created.
    For all the sentimental musings from the disingenuous media pack there is scant regard to the true fate of the missing child.
    For the past three years I (and a small but dedicated team) have been making a film looking into the events following Madeleine McCann's disappearance. It is a version of the story that has yet to be told.
    Making the doc has been a fairly horrendous time. I was warned by media colleagues not to do it. I was told it was "the one story you don't cover." Which translated to me as the story that I must. So, we did it, anyway, despite the warnings. Little did I know the madness that would ensue.
    The obstacles - from smear campaigns and threats to almost financial destitution - have been numerous. Primarily because when you're accusing the Establishment, including British media, of being part of a narrative that has more holes than your average colander.....you're going to have problems with, well, the Establishment and the British media.

    Finally, with regard our documentary, we're on the home stretch. We returned from a second shoot to Praia da Luz (where Madeleine was reported missing) several weeks ago, spent 12 hours a day in post production and now we're in talks with TV producers. Not British ones, I may add.
    I should say, our film makes no claims of innocence or guilt towards Kate and Gerry McCann and their holiday friends, it simply tells the facts of the story as seen through the eyes of forensic examiners, ex-cops, case observers and the Portuguese Police files. Oh, and with the help of people at the heart of the story who are quite unused to British journalists asking questions that haven't already been vetoed by the official spokesman, Clarence Mitchell.
    Personally, I always believe that the truth, simply told, is potent. And it is. I hope to be able to announce a broadcast date sooner rather than later.
    This is not only a story about a missing child - as sad as that is to the many, many people who experience such an event - but about wide-ranging matters that affect us all. It's time that truth, not public relations, was applied to it.
    Here's a little recording I did on my phone. For those familiar with the story, you may recognise the famous church. This is the scene of much controversy and became known worldwide for the press shots of Kate and Gerry McCann visiting it.


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