As the McCanns mark 10 agonising years without Madeleine, how can Portuguese police keep being so vile?


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    As the McCanns mark 10 agonising years without Madeleine, how can Portuguese police keep being so vile? Empty As the McCanns mark 10 agonising years without Madeleine, how can Portuguese police keep being so vile?

    Post  Sykes on Wed May 03, 2017 9:22 am

    Kate and Gerry have had to rebuild their family as they suffer the agony of not knowing where their oldest child is, but now one ex-cop is airing yet more ludicrous claims.

    22:01, 2 MAY 2017UPDATED22:14, 2 MAY 2017

    Another agonising ­anniversary for the McCann family. Another opportunity for slug-like Portuguese ­ex-cop Goncalo Amaral to crawl out of his hole and slither around in their pain.

    Out of all the horrific days Kate and Gerry McCann have had to endure in the decade since their daughter went missing, this must surely be one of the toughest.

    Despite their determination in an interview this weekend that they will one day be reunited with Maddie , it seems less likely than ever.

    This 10th anniversary will serve as a reminder not only of how much time has passed since they last held their daughter in their arms, but also of how they’ve rebuilt family life around the chasm of missing Maddie.

    Something they must have never, ever wanted to do. But which they had to for the sake of their now 12-year-old twins.

    Having lost one child, they had to do everything possible to safeguard the lives of those who remained.

    Yet as the family mark 10 agonising years without Maddie today, how can some Portuguese cops still be so cruel?

    While they mourn and remember, Amaral – whose blundering officers fouled up so much of the search – has been airing his latest ludicrous claims about the disappearance.

    And in so doing, caused new upset and anxiety for Maddie’s siblings.

    He was on Portuguese ­television again pointing the finger at Maddie’s parents – the twins’ parents – and claiming she may have been hidden in a Praia de Luz church before being cremated .

    Why the ­Portuguese broadcasters give him air time is a total mystery. Presumably it suits some to pump out such lies to deflect from their police failings.

    Meanwhile another former Portuguese cop, Carlos Anjos, who probably knows less about the details of the case than my cat, has laid into the £11million Scotland Yard investigation as a ‘waste of money’.

    Mr Anjos, a former inspector, is entitled to his opinion. Except that he is the former head of the Portuguese police union so his chief concern isn’t Maddie - it’s defending his officers’ botched investigation.

    He and Amaral could do everyone a favour on this anniversary by keeping their opinions strictly to themselves.

    Because these men know every smear or suggestion they make will be lapped up and repeated by the sickos and saddos of social media whose conspiracy ­theories have continued ­relentlessly over the past decade.

    With children now old enough to Google their sister’s disappearance, it must be an endless battle for Kate and Gerry to keep them safe from the slurs that are constantly lobbed at their family on social media.

    As Kate said this weekend: “We’ve tried to educate them a little bit as well.

    “Because why would ­somebody write that? Why would somebody add to ­someone’s upset?”

    A question it is impossible for right-minded people to answer.

    For whatever Amaral and his band of haters may think about Gerry and Kate, surely anyone would have compassion for two children who have grown up against a backdrop of sadness and who have lost not just their sister but also so much of the joy of normal family life.

    Amaral claims his family was also damaged by the ­investigation and he lost his marriage and son because of it. Rubbish.

    I imagine he lost his marriage and son because they were able to see exactly what kind of a man he is.

    A man who, incompetent at trying to find one missing little girl, appears intent on inflicting pain on her surviving brother and sister.


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