Gonçalo Amaral says that Maddie was frozen and then cremated


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     Gonçalo Amaral says that Maddie was frozen and then cremated Empty Gonçalo Amaral says that Maddie was frozen and then cremated

    Post  Sykes on Tue May 02, 2017 8:30 pm

    Gonçalo Amaral, the former Judicial Police inspector who was removed from the investigation of the Maddie case, returned to the crime scene to present new revelations about the disappearance of the British girl in 2007.

    The inspector, who was the first person responsible for the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on 3 May 2007, returned to Praia da Luz, the Ocean Club in the Algarve, to the apartment where the three-year-old child was seen Last time, as part of a report by CMTV.

    Gonçalo Amaral speaks openly of several contradictions of the case and defends the theory of the accidental death of Maddie, already advancedby a criminal expert who speaks in "negligence and medication" allegedly given by the parents.

    The inspector believes that Kate and Gerry McCann are guilty of the child's death and concealment of the corpse. Amaral argues that the girl died accidentally in the apartment, and that the parents then hid her body in a cold chest.

    Amaral recalls, in this regard, that British police dogs found the smell of corpse and blood inside the apartment and a car used by the couple.

    Then, according to the version the former inspector presents at CMTV, the McCanns will have cremated the child hidden in the coffin of another British woman .

    The former inspector reports "information" that "three figures" were seen entering a local church, where the McCanns were seen praying, several times, "through a side door," during the night.

    "They had a box and a cremation from a British woman was about to happen. It is possible that the remains of the child were in this box and that they were also cremated, "says Amaral, noting that " the parents had the key to the Church . "

    The urn of the British woman was "sent on the following day to cremation in Ferreira do Alentejo," explains the former inspector.

    The former coordinator of the PJ, who was removed from the case to the sixth month of investigation, also reports the political pressures that his team was targeted.

    "There was a lot of political pressure," he says, pointing out that the PJ, the Public Ministry and the Portuguese government felt "intimidated" by pressure from the UK authorities.

    Amaral's theory is that the fact that the couple belongs to the "British middle class / high" and "the British do not like their doctors to feck abroad and that they are convicted for it" motivated a supposed intervention of the own Government in the defense of the McCanns.

    "You do not get rid of a senior police officer to defend a couple who are suspect and who is still at present suspicious of anything, at least negligence in the custody of their children," says the former inspector.

    Amaral also notes that "eight children slept alone in the apartments," noting that "there is a crime of all couples" and not just the McCanns.

    This weekend, during an interview with the BBC, as part of the 10th anniversary of Maddie's disappearance, the McCanns announced that they will appeal to the European court against Gonçalo Amaral, within the framework of the decision of the Portuguese Supreme Court that revoked The sentence that forced the former inspector to pay 500 thousand euros to the couple because of the book "Maddie: The truth of the lie."


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