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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:54 pm

    Sykes wrote:Here we go again, can't this manky lot get anything right?  
    Linda Hutton A notorious and particularly vicious troll named Jayelles has just been exposed. She has kept her online identiy and trolling hidden for 15 years.

    Linda Hutton Apparently she is a doctor's receptionist Heather. WRONG. SHE IS NOT She was also a fierce opponent of the Ramseys in the Jonbenet case. Very unpleasant woman. She runs a Hate List of all those who oppose the mccanns, it is sickening reading.  NOT A HATE LIST BUT A REBUTTAL OF ALL THE LIES ETC PERPETRATED BY PEOPLE LIKE HUTTON

    Jamie Stone I'm used to being called a troll ,the thing is i ask them to qualify their statements and abswer my questions and they never do,works everytime ,once fought you never forget the modus operandi

    Heather Hopper Really Linda, a doctors receptionist eh. I do hope that she wasn't posting on the Internet whilst at work, or she may be in for a bit of a dressing down.
    Actually Hutton has a reason for her statement, she hates Jayelles who pointed out that Hutton's misery-memoire about nuns being cruel to her was actually bollox, and other people who had been at the same school stated that Hutton was a liar.  Nasty, nasty woman is Hutton - and a big Bennett fan, which explains a lot as he can't get people's names etc right either.   lol!
    Evil idiots on Twitter & elsewhere

    Posted by Jayelles » Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:42 pm
    This is a short post to express my absolute disgust for the appalling antics of the anti McCanns over the past days.

    They have posted the personal information of some poor woman whilst accusing her of being me. Not content with that, they are also smearing her with all sorts of lies. That is libel. I hope she takes them to task.

    I have been on work related travel since the middle of last week. I have not been online at all. Those of you who know me will know that this is not unusual. I am not in hiding, I am not running scared.

    I did not write any poison pen letters to Rosalinda Hutton's publishers nor have I ever written to anyone's employer. These are malicious lies. Except that Hutton is actually accusing this poor named woman from Glasgow whose only "crime" was to choose a similar Internet nickname to me.

    When I get home I will be complaining about these vile people through the appropriate channels.

    Yet again they have proved that they are incapable of getting anything right.
    Posted by Jayelles » Sun Jul 21, 2013 2:25 pm
    I am still travelling. I have a cr*p Internet connection and I will not be home till late. Can anyone who has seen any of these malicious and libellous posts or tweets please post links here. I will deal with them tomorrow.

    Someone thinks they are very clever. They googled "jayelles" and found a web site profile by someone called "jayelle" and decided that since she claimed to be Scottish, she must be me. Typical hounder logic. The rest then accepted it as fact - fuelled no doubt by the fact that I have not been online. This is despite the additional fact that I have said many times recently that I was going to be AWOL a fair bit over the next month or so.

    They are truly disgusting individuals.
    Posted by Jayelles » Sun Jul 21, 2013 3:33 pm
    I have no grandchildren. I am not a medical receptionist. I do not have a Facebook page nor have I ever had one. My name is not Jennifer or anything like it. I do not live in Glasgow nor anywhere near it. I have never made a card other than when I was in primary school.

    Some poor lady fits this profile. She sounds like a gentle soul with nice hobbies and she has never done dodgy, Rosalinda syn0nymph or any of the goons a minutes harm, yet they are smearing her, accusing her of horrible imagined crimes , questioning her fitness to have access to medical files, threatening to make her employers aware of these smears and generally terrorising and hideously trolling her.

    This is what I have gleaned so far.

    I hope she and/or her family take swift and effective action against these trolls.
    Posted by Jayelles » Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:45 pm
    I am appalled at this to be frank. They are posting this poor woman's photo and personal info all over the place in a sick effort to hurt me. Something has to be done about these evil, depraved people who are trying to destroy the lives of decent people who have never done them a minute's harm.

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    Off ranting again!  Ve haf vays of making you toe der party line, yah, yah und yah!!
    Lizzy Hideho Taylor
    Just a reminder... We are under constant scrutiny, but more importantly we must try to achieve our goal of presenting the information from the OFFICIAL POLICE FILES to the UK public who have, for reasons unknown, been prevented from learning the TRUTH.

    CONTROVERSY is different to other groups and forums.

    We NEED to be different.

    We need to live up to our expectations of showing the general public in UK the TRUTH.

    We need to help fill in the gaps that the UK media are prevented from doing!

    When a visitor lands on this page I want them to be shocked and stay to see the rest of the shocking details.

    Please keep this in mind when posting. Facebook format does not allow for many threads to be viewed immediately, so its imperative that, although we have other topics of interest, the POLICE FILES threads are kept near the top.

    The ADMIN team do their best to follow those GUIDELINES and I would appreciate that it is not considered a personal affront if posts/threads are deleted. The criteria is not about how interesting a thread is but how it would IMPACT a visitor to the page, for the first time realising that the details of the case are not as they previously believed!

    Thanks everyone and I appreciate all your input and help on directing new members to the FILES of interest.


    And here it is, her forum/facebook logo

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:02 pm

    Here we go!
    Dan Gleebitz Carol Dewhurst
    Carol: "Some of the posts on here are not what I would call suitable considering that the pro McCann wand to shut the page down. I'm all for having a light hearted laugh but posting photos of maddie at 70 is downright silly."
    Are they any more silly than the McSpams composits of how their dead child would look 6 years on?
    I think not.

    Jean Kelly Carol, I must have missed this part about the photos(Maddie @ 70). due to being away from home. Was this someone being or trying to be clever ?, I do agree with you on this matter and that is what we could do without . What on earth has this person been thinking of at the time, was it that they were looking for attention if so then its sick of them to try it on. jean

    Angela Gosselin Carol , maybe that's exactly what their trying to do under the guise of being against them ... Reverse Phycology

    Andrew Hankey why is this piece of crap still on this page . these pages I THOUGHT were a serious PAGE but some members treat it like a joke or are they init for the McCANN'S ?????

    Samantha Lawrence You people liking this & making jokes should be ashamed, and will probably be the ones wondering "what happened?" when this page inevitably gets closed for crap like this.

    Angela Gosselin They are trying to get the page shut down !

    Dan Gleebitz Don't be so sodding stupid

    Dan Gleebitz Humourless buggers

    Angela Gosselin Yes you are .. either that or your incredibly insensitive

    Dan Gleebitz The McSpams LOVE people like you who denigrate those who are 100% after those two. Well done for casuing unnecessary divisive timidity. They just love you guys

    Dan Gleebitz When it comes to insensitive I leave that to the McSpams. Maybe you could buy one of their "good quality wrist bands"
    I mean, that's really classy.

    Andrew Hankey DAN GLEEBITZ the more i read your comments the more i think you are on McCANN'S side

    Angela Gosselin Ooo how I love this reverse phycology .. trouble is , the page will not get shut down because people are trying to find the truth ... However it will eventually because of your ' sense' of humour or rather lack of

    Dan Gleebitz Sure Angela. Get a grip!

    Dan Gleebitz Yes Andrew. That would be right.-|from a total idiot's perspective.

    Dan Gleebitz Are you sure you are allowed out at this hour, Andrew

    Angela Gosselin Admin , please can you close this post

    Andrew Hankey AND PLEASE SEND DAN BACK TO THE mCcann's

    Graham Cherrett Well lets all try and get along, and concentrate on the files for the benefit of the masses of new people coming along to read and learn what the UK press is not allowed to share

    Dan Gleebitz No! No way Angela. This is the same MO as ever. Impugn the regulars. Call for thread closure. Go back to Clarence. Nice try but sadly.. FAIL

    Dan Gleebitz Get stuffed Andrew. Nothing personal, troll.

    Andrew Hankey we know your a troll dan , do the McCANN'S pay you ????

    Dan Gleebitz Is this me trolling Andrew? Go buy yorself a new jankie you fuckwit

    Samantha Lawrence Ignore Dan. All he wants is a reaction - look how fast he responds to posts. Leave him to argue with himself & he'll soon get bored.

    Andrew Hankey good cover DAN , BUT think youve been caught out

    Andrew Hankey sam read the posts and you'll see who's the bad one

    Dan Gleebitz Gosh Andrew. How awful. Nice try. Go back to Clarry. He will possibly give you one.

    Dan Gleebitz Samantha - Ywan.

    Frances Gallagher Andrew enough of this please. dan has been posting with us from the very beginning.

    Dan Gleebitz Sorry to get a bit abrasive, Frances.
    You have trolls aboard.

    Andrew Hankey yes FRANCES how else do McCANNS GET INFO ????

    Dan Gleebitz They are the same ones who post pro-McCann comments on teh Daily Wail on line

    Linda Peet Folkard Have not been on here long , but Dan is NOT a Mccann supporter !

    Shelley Armitage-Cotton What makes you think that Linda?

    Angela Gosselin So sick of this. This is a serious subject . Surely if people want humour they can chose a less emotive subject

    Frances Gallagher Apparently the pros have claimed that you are a pro troll.. dan is very much an anti ..please don't bring pro McCann supporters muck on here. It is why we don't allow links to their sites where they seek to discredit us. .

    Dan Gleebitz Thank you Linda! I have no idea how a LEGITIMATE poster would think that!

    Dan Gleebitz Thank you Frances

    Dan Gleebitz Apologies for the invectives

    Dan Gleebitz Thank you Linda. This is just another pro-McSpam assault

    Frances Gallagher no problem Dan ..After all these years we couldn't get rid of youb:(

    Liz Newman I have seen Pro's on here, they all show themselves up "eventually"

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:21 pm

    Carrying on from post 53 above.
    Dan Gleebitz Imagine a REAL perosn saying I am pro-McCann. You know my 6 year history Frances as do so many on here

    Samantha Lawrence Regardless of how long he's been here, Dan & the others who found this post so hilarious are the ones who will ultimately lead to its demise. Call me humourless all you like, but I can just imagine the headline if the papers hooked onto the "joke" about missing Madeleine aged 70, DCI Shergar etc. It doesn't take much to close down a group - as people who have been here for ages should know. Use a bit of common sense - it's the context of the joke you have to think about too!

    Frances Gallagher Andrew Hankey yes FRANCES how else do McCANNS GET INFO ???? >>> not from Dan I can assure you Andrew besides it is an open group.

    Angela Gosselin Francis , with all due respect , how do you know whom is genuine


    Dan Gleebitz The pros love you Samantha. They hate me. As do the McSpams. Now do us a favour and run back to Clarry. You are just another in the never ending line of Clarry's Chimps and do not underestimate those of us who can see through you irritants so easily. Bye!

    Liz Newman Frances, not being funny here, but, you are admin why not just remove the thread, it doesn't really have anything to do with the group, and no way is Dan a pro,

    Dan Gleebitz Andrew. Your page? Sorry? Is this YOUR site? No. Now do us a favour and desist now whilst you are still at "idiot" status.

    Frances Gallagher Dan is not a troll . he is well known to admin. Thread being deleted.

    Dan Gleebitz Liz: It was Andrews and Sam's intention to get this thread deleted.
    Do NOT acceed

    And that's it, folks, thread whooshed.

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:04 am

    Lesly Finn
    So .... the private conversations that Frances Gallagher, Debbie Carden Wray, Petite Bamburg and I had that were STOLEN and CIRCULATED by Mags Pieinsky, and which are still constantly being referred to by Rothley Pillowcase and Paul Rees, are EVEN NOW being passed around I am told. Even to non-members of the forums.

    Listeners rarely hear good of themselves! Have you never discussed other people with TRUSTED friends? That was our mistake and sadly one of our number proved not to be trusted.

    Debbie, Petite and I are committed to finding the truth about what happened to Madeleine and have been doing so for the past 5 years. But we do not wish to attract any more nasty fall out from the trolls and so are all leaving the Madeleine related groups on Facebook.

    Thankfully I have met more lovely people in my travels than the other kind, so many thanks to them ....... and they know who they are.

    cheers cheers lol! lol! lol! lol!

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:37 am

    All the latest.  Morning HoHo, Blondie and all the little admin freaks.
    Dan in not impressed with you or your language on the thread if the 70 year old. At least the 9 yer old photofit us relevant considering that's the age she would be now.... Hardly a comparison. Really dint need to swear on a thread do you

    Shelley Armitage-Cotton the thread in question has been deleted, why continue to comment about it's content?

    Frances Gallagher Thanks Shelley Armitage-Cotton The thread in question has been removed

    Shelley Armitage-Cotton If you don't like what anyone in this group posts it's easy enough to block them

    Carol Dewhurst Because we choose to comment on it's content, which is within our rights....unless this thread gets deleted too

    Jean Kelly Thanks to the Andrew and co. On this page .I now understand what has been going on with the comments from some members. I will be visiting this page soon. Bye jean

    Shelley Armitage-Cotton I'm not interested in an argument with anyone in this group, we are all here for the same reason and it's a waste of time and effort bickering amongst ourselves about what others post. Admin are in place for a reason, it isn't my place to question what should or shouldn't be allowed/posted, that is admins job, I would PM them if I found anything offensive, block the offender or failing that leave the group.

    Frances Gallagher yes it helps us a lot if we get a pm drawing attention to what may be considered offensive.

    Linda Peet Folkard Can the discussion about the deleted thread please just stop now ? !! Such a waste of time ! Let's move on now !

    Carol Dewhurst I'm not falling out, I am pm'ing Frances but there's been member leaving the group today over that post. The pro McCann going to be laughing their socks off.

    Carol Dewhurst And for the record the admins dons fine job

    Linda Peet Folkard Stop ,stop,stop

    Carol Dewhurst
    I am seriously considering leaving this group.....recent days have seen a lot of posts that aren't relevant to the true reason for this page.....in house swearing between people who want justice for maddie is something id rather not be a part of... There are a lot of lovely people on this page but one or two appear rude.. I'll sleep on it and if u decide to leave will doves in the morning.

    Shelley Armitage-Cotton For crying out loud, the thread was deleted, why the heck are you still moaning?

    Angela Gosselin I hope you won't leave. But, I understand the decision it yours

    Carol Dewhurst Karen swearing at somebody no matter how good dans posts are is out if order. He may know his stuff but there's ways of getting it across in a polite fashion not using the f word

    Samantha Lawrence People may hear the language daily but he swore at another member for no reason. I've never seen his posts or comments before
    so can't comment on those but he was really rude in the previous thread & insulted several members - apparantly I'm pro-mccann because I said that a thread about Maddie as a 70 year old could end up being one of those threads that gets the group closed because IMO it was poor taste. That is all I said & yet I (and others) were jumped on by him - no need

    Bohden Chalawaka The thread in question and discussion has been deleted as have any offencive comments. Unfortunately there are going to be times when someone swears at someone else, particularly on forums & blogs etc., the internet can be a very abusive place ... I'm not suggesting it's acceptable but it is something that we have to learn to deal with, one way or the other.

    Marie Smith If it's all deleted then it's best to just leave it behind and move on........

    Frances Gallagher thread being deleted. Matters such as this should be handled via pm.

    Samantha Lawrence I'm not bothered by the swearing - I'm a teacher, I hear it day in day out. What bothers me is the fact people trying to suggest threads mocking Madeleine were laughed at, and when a few of us tried to point out this surely wasn't good for the group.....we were called humourless & pro-mccann. And now people who haven't even read the thread are commenting on it just because they think its all about someone being sworn at!
    Now squabbling on another thread
    Carol Dewhurst Shelley mind your own business

    Carol Dewhurst
    As my post appears to have been deleted I'll repost. im thinking of leaving this group due to a thread posted before.

    Rachel Christian what the matter?

    Marie Smith Is this in the files?

    Shelley Armitage-Cotton Then just leave
    Roxanne Sutcliffe-Atkin Bye!

    Beach Candy I think it was deleted as admin asked you politely to take it to pm

    Rachel Christian why do folk announce theyre leaving a group? so fol beg em to stay?

    Sara ✫ Page Why keep posting about it, if you want to leave then leave!

    Marie Smith I don't know if i leave a group I just go......

    Carol Dewhurst It's ok, I am going. A small minority soiling the group. And I wouldn't stay if you did beg Rachel

    Zora McCartney Carol if you want to leave - leave. Or simply stay away from the page for a few days. Reading/posting is not compulsory after all. These posts of yours are NOT relevant to the case and rather self-absorbed imo. Any further posts like these from you and you will be removed and banned from the grup

    Marie Smith Ok glad it's sorted Frances Gallagher any chance of a delete of this please?

    Lori Lacroix whats up ???

    Zora McCartney just about to Marie as soon as my comment has been there long enough to be read and understood.

    Rachel Christian i dont beg for noone. if folk have a problem and they want to leave thats their choice,

    Zora McCartney Carol has read it and left us. THREAD CLOSED

    Lori Lacroix what ever you like to call it then
    about a minute ago via mobile · Like

    Andrew Hankey carol your far better staying as your input is far better then the foul moul ones !!!!!!

    Sarah Dunn Why have you started a new thread to say the same thing?

    Carol Dewhurst You're one of the people that im thinking of leaving to get away from. I can fight for justice for maddie in my own quiet way

    Frances Gallagher Thread not related to the files. Deleting same.

    Vicky Ousley If I got down on my knees and I pleaded with you not to go but to stay by my side. Bay City Rollers lol

    Lori Lacroix all i remember is ok now go walk out the door don't turn around now cuz your not welcome anymore anyway you all on about your songs your ment to be begging me if you don't beg im staying anyway and if you don't im still staying cuz i love all this attention lmao

    Vicky Ousley Lol ok who's got your arm up your back pmsl

    Lori Lacroix must be carol lol x

    Sara ✫ Page C'mon you lot, you know we're not allowed to have fun!
    5 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3

    Vicky Ousley Nobody using foul language!

    Lori Lacroix o feck yeah forgotten that AGAIN lol

    Vicky Ousley Lori u r norty!

    Lori Lacroix just can't help it lol

    Sorry if this may seem a bit disjointed, it's often hard to follow them so late at night as they flit from thread to thread.  But I think you can see the total chaos in the ranks.  The following post is a real gem.
    Michael Angelo
    Remember remember to always refer to the files!!! after all those files are gospel yip sure are!! The portuguese police did not balls the case up right from the start.....even though i somehow recall a picture of a portuguese forensic expert carrying out crucial forensic work without the appropriate clothing, you know covered head to foot to stop cross contamination...you all remember that picture do you not?? Also the cadaver dogs are unreliable in cases of a body no show, please go and research this instead of banging on about their findings or rather lack of it!! And the question that lizzie hideho taylor poses so often, where is the proof of abduction??? I ASK AGAIN WHERE IS IT?? ( lol) well surely the fact a child is missing is proof enough or is that too obvious duh.........This site touts itself as an open friendly discussion group HA what a laugh, its a CULT!!! You are worried you are being watched and might be shut down, please dont worry, you do more good for the McCanns than harm. Anyone with half a brain being on this site for half an hour will realise its a bunch of crazies with way too much time on their hands...........i mean 6 years and where has it got yous??? I would be really interested to know how many people you have kicked off this site for daring to question the files or ask an opposing question.......those people instantly labelled TROLLS. I notice you have a small group of loyal followers, those that are regular posters, the rest we watch and get entertained when bored. Anyways lets see how long this lasts before its whooshed cause see thats what yous do, remove the challenging poster and then talk about them when they cannot defend themselves, talk about how trolls come out at a certain time to cause disruption and the likes haaaaa haaaaaa. anyhooo i couldnt give a flying duck taaaa raaaaa

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:34 am

    David Reid After speaking to hideho at her home today, she asked me to remind everyone that the purpose is to alert the citizens in Britain to what is going on. It isn't a forum for speculation, opinions, or chatter that can be used by the leftist media and the McCanns to have controversy shut down. Please report on fact, the police files, and if you discover a new contradiction that goes against the official opinons circulating, that is what should appear, so everyone is aware of it. Members here have been noting contradictions, their official story changing, people getting sued, etc since young Maddie disappeared. The purpose of the site is to assist the police in their investigation, not fuel trolls that will use what we write against us. The rules are simple and if everyone co-operates, it puts pressure on Scotland Yard and the media to promote the truth of what happened, not the lies, speculation, and opinions the McCanns want circulated.
    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Thanks David. Regardless of ANYTHING ELSE the reason we are ALL here is to give the UK public the opportunity to view the files. Thanks Beach Candy...we volunteer our time to ensure that posts are not violating the guidelines for posting in this group. We rely on responsible members to post according to those guidelines and attempt to be around should anyone violate the rules resulting in MEDIA ATTENTION that twists the comments into something that is beneficial to the McCanns. The ADMIN team are worthy of RESPECT and do not deserve to be accused of anything less than giving their best. Please keep that in mind when posting! Without them CONTROVERSY would not exist!
    Lulu Rolfe Stead Brown
    If you do not like a post, it may be best just to ignore it or block the person who makes comments you are not comfortable with - anyone who comments on the 'offensive post' pushes the post to the top and gives it more 'air time' to anyone reading the page - a simple pm request to admin is the best way to get a post removed - if you continue to argue on a post you do not approve of, you give it 'infamy' that you would prefer it does not have :-)

    Beach Candy Well said xx

    Lori Lacroix apparently they wernt arguing cuz they didn't have caps locks on thats whst i was told

    Andrew Hankey agree but we are also entitled to defend ourselves and if it get's heated then that's when ADMIN are supposed to step in and not just when it suits them.

    Beach Candy Admin Dont have crystal balls and cannot read every single comment. They are volunteers and do have their own lives. That is why they suggest that people pm them if something offends..then they can deal with it

    Suzanne Bosworth No need to defend ourselves - we know why we're here and it's a waste of time to engage with people who are only here to disrupt and who want to cause friction between people here. The more people take the bait the happier the trolls are. If everyone just blocked them they'd be out of an audience.

    Debbie Payton IS THAT WHY EVERYTHING IS CONSTANTLY REHASHED,,,,nobody is allowed an opinion that doesn't conform to youre rules even though were on the same side

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:40 am

    Nasty troll post, forgot to add this earlier.
    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson
    22 minutes ago ·
    RIGHT > STOP fekcing SPAMMING THE CONTROVERSY GROUP LESLY FINN! That's the second time you've tried to do that this evening! The disgraceful, disgusting PMs written by Debbie Cardon Wray, France Gallagher, Petite Bamburd & LeSly Finn were NOT stolen at all > Frances apologised for the things she wrote and I personally forgave her at the time The other three said it was their own business to write what they want in private Fair enough! But I removed the from my friends list immediately. Tell John Stead what you did to him LeSly > coz I hadn't seen that before or I'd have told him, because it's fkn WRONG to ferret around for information on people who try their best to ensure justice is seen for Maddie. To PAY for it is a fkn disgrace > If anybody else wants to unfriend me > just fkn do it > and fkn do it now ‪#‎Ugh‬ And people keep asking me why I won't post on facebook! It's coz it's as fkn vile twitter > The v few vile and violent people I've seen around here who say their on Maddie's side are a fkn disgrace to her memory ‪#‎RIP‬ > and have behaved in the same way as McCann cult monsterhags, perverts and nonces on twitter #Ugh

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:41 am

    Oooops, surely a WUM?
    Hayley Forbes The media are the biggest problem in this country there bias and dnt do there jobs properly they hide the truth so therefor shouldn't b trusted at all end of the day a lil girl has gone missing they should do everything in there power to help find her print every lead name and shame the bad ones but they dnt they protect the bad and Ruien the good I wouldn't listen to no media this media system is fake we should take a page out of USA book like Fox News there the best and not scared like our media they print the truth
    Just love the spelling etc, usual trick to try and disguise the poster's real style. Never works as the WUM always goes OTT. lol! lol! 

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 6:38 pm

    The evening is young but they are off again.
    Liz Newman Sorry Tess but I think you are way way off with that comment. We don't know that DP is or was a Paedo, I think we should be really careful posting stuff like that!

    Tess Tomson i didnt say he was, i said a pedo in his position would have had.. .

    Marie Smith agree with liz..

    Kath Craigs l was in that situation Sheila, and l had nowhere to go. My mother took my husband's side.

    Liz Newman You are "inferring" that he is Tess!

    Liz Newman I know what scenario you are putting Tess, you are "inferring" that one of the group is that way inclined. I personally think that is wrong this is an open group.

    Marie Smith i'm going to disassociate myself with this thread tili the comment above by Tess is removed....it's making way too many assumptions unconnected to the files.

    Zora McCartney THREAD TEMPORARILY CLOSED for removal of unsubstantiated speculation. Please do not comment further until notified. Thank you

    Tess Tomson Further, the scenarios are common knowledge and understandable public speculation. Either a stranger did it, the parents did it, or one or all of the the group did it. Its well documented. Thus not libalis. Im saying if a pedophile was in DP's position then...

    Karen Oakley If yet another thread is deleted for no good reason, I give up on this group.

    Zora McCartney we hope not to delete it and appreciate everyone's cooperation in not commenting further while we clean it up. Thanks

    Rebekah-jaye Leveret Just an important point re the Gaspar statements...... Though its never been suggested in this case (idky? Too horrible for most to contemplate maybe?) BUT...... Not ALL persons of that persuasion are MALE......

    (Meanwhile, on another thread:)

    Frances Gallagher Please be careful not to post anything that could be construed as libel.

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    See posts 45 and 51 on page 3 for what this is all about (taken from another forum with thanks)
    Re: Rosalinda Hutton aka Cristobell

    Posted by Jayelles » Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:09 pm
    A few days ago, the vile Paul Rees aka Dodgy posted the personal information and photo of some poor woman in Glasgow saying that it was me.

    Rosalinda Hutton followed this up with a whole bunch of nasty and downright libelous comments about how this woman had sent poison pen letters to various people, was a "malignant tumour" who had been attached to her "for years", had been stalking her for years. She posted on Facebook that her "stalker" of had been unmasked and was a medical secretary adding on Twitter that this "evil woman" had access to medical information. She also made snide comments about the woman's appearance.

    Today, torn no doubt between disappointment that I hadn't been outed after all and realisation that she had seriously maligned a perfectly innocent stranger, she alternated between snide-sympathy for the woman at being mistaken for me and a bizarre continuance of the claim that I had indeed been outed. But then she posted this:-

    Incredibly, after rushing to Facebook to tell all and sundry my "personal info", remind them of my (imagined) crimes against her and then to trash my "appearance" and question my fitness to work with private medical information, she excuses herself on the grounds that any accusations she made were against the "anonymous" me and not against this poor abused woman after all (so what were the comments about medical information and appearance about then?)

    I really, really hope this woman takes swift and effective action against Rees and Hutton who, as far as I can see, were by far the worst offenders against her.

    I also won't repeat it here,but I will say that her surname is one which is WELL known in the Glasgow area...

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:16 pm

    Looks like another happy evening.
    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson
    6 hours ago
    Oh dear oh dear oh dear! A monsterhag who has derided and monstered me from day one >> Debbie Cardon Wray > has only been telling people I've scared people on one of my friends walls! WHAT AN OUTRAGEOUS F*CKING LIAR this monsterhag is! If you see the monsterhag > tell her that Elizabeth Mills has said she has heard NOTHING like this at all from her firends! So piss off DCW you troll > You're just pissed off because I told everybody I would not be friends with anybody who was a friend of any evil monsterhags such as yourself! I've read your PMs about us all > and once again > it's fkn evil what you wrote about Lizzy Hideho Taylor and the rest of us! You and the other 2 crones are a fkn disgrace to the memory of Maddie McCann >> A total and fekcing utter disgrace ‪#‎Ugh‬ >> I've just puked up in a bin here on the car-park #Ugh ‪#‎Spew‬ #Ugh #Spew ‪#‎Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Zora McCartney Yes it is a DISGRACE!!! And who does she think she is posting that bollox on the group? Like their bruised egos are WAY more important than Maddie and knowing full well the pros would be right on it? But whatever the masterplan was it blew up right in their faces didn't it. You're still here, we're still here and they're all gone! And so's BULLYBOY Hardy!! Ta-daa! Onwards and upwards eh? x

    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson I told people in a private group recently > to reign in their egos > I could NOT give a F@ who does what on this case > so long as they accept the fact that other people may not see them as worthy as they feel about themselves! LOL I'm happy to read all theories and info > but I'll be fcked if I'll have any fkr telling me how to post and what I can post >> #FACT Seeing people call me a bully is absolutely fkn laughable > and I can't wait to see a smidgeon of evidence to support such grandstanding accusations. I'm v forgiving of anybody who has monsternonced me > if they apologise > and LeSly Finn and Petite Bamburd were given a lot of chances and re-friendings > but I've run outta patience with some people now > so if they're not with me > they're against me > and they can piss off for good > coz I don't want any fairweather friends > This case is serious Sh!t > and until people get this into their heads > I don't want them within a fkn facebook page of me > #FACT

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    Post  Sykes on Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:18 am

    There seems to have been a break in the vitriol, probably due to Baby Cambridge's first appearance.  However, for those of you feel depraveddeprived, here we go:
    Rothley Pillowcase™ ‏@RothleyPillow 3h
    @IWillNotBeFiled MY BUSINESSES ARE ALL OVER NET > 2 turds in your depraved #McCann cult TERRORIST GANG know who I am So feck me over anytime
    John Wise Are you related to John Cooper Clark by any chance?

    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson OMG John Coxon > don't tell John Wise ANYTHING about yourself

    John Wise Why Roth what have I ever done to you? Or anyone?

    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson Heh heh heh > I'd need all night John Wise Joking But Christ you do put a dampener on our spirits and you did troll me with Petite Bamburd, Finn and Carden Wray >> None of you would allow me to breathe > Glad to see that fkn Patrick Kilder get off after I showed him what a knob he was LOLOL What happened to him anyway?

    John Wise How the hell would I know? And I have never trolled you with those people or anyone else.

    Karen Oakley Ah, the latest troll speaks. Is there a point you're trying to make, Jane?

    Karen Oakley Strange, Jane, you are yet another whose profile pic doesn't appear under blocking. Which means you're fake, and I'm calling you on it.

    Paul Rees No accusations... please contact admin with any concerns

    Jane Potter im not fake. why is that a troll message? its not nice to accuse new members with that?

    Karen Oakley Jane, your profile pic is fake. You are not on the long list of Jane Potters. You're a troll.

    Karen Oakley Paul, Jane's a troll. Admin contacted.

    Paul Rees Then there's no need to keep accusing on this thread is there Karen. Leave it now please.

    Karen Oakley Brenda, you're on a list of people with the same name. Not being is the giveaway. This is a goddam schoolroom, where trolls, idiots and sleaze posters stay, and anyone who won't toe the line is blocked. There are even paedophiles in this group, which has now LOST my support.

    Liz Newman Karen, what is this list with the same name etc? What is this list ?

    Lisa Edington Have just PM'd you Paul

    Liz Newman Also Karen its interesting you say about this list, but according to your profile you are not Karen Oakley you are someome called Sue Freewoman. www.facebook.com/suefreewoman

    Karen Oakley Under settings. Then blocking.

    Liz Newman That just shows the people you have blocked as far as I know.

    Marie Smith THis is all just pants ...I can't see Jane has said anything particularly troll like..and if you answer questions it's down to YOU to make sure you don't say anything libellous...not the fault of the person asking questions....can we move on now? This was a decent thread before all this fake shite started.......

    Karen Oakley That's because Sue Freewoman is my name. My 'about' clearly says so. Nothing to hide.

    Lisa Edington Well....anyway. If I were with a group of friends and my children were 'home alone' (which I must add would never happen) and one of my group reported one of theirs missing (cough) then I would have checked my own immediately and not let them out of my sight for an instant!!

    Karen Oakley Lisa, look at the point where it WENT off topic.

    Patrick Dus The one 'Fake' I can be certain about, for what it may be worth, is that PR merchant from 10 Downing Street; Clarence M, what a 'Drone-on-master' is he?

    Lisa Edington I take it you mean this bit from above - Jane Potter: this was like they had enough money to go abroad with 3 youngsters but didnt treat it as a family holiday. They wanted to carry on as if it was the two of them.

    Karen Oakley: Ah, the latest troll speaks. Is there a point you're trying to make, Jane?

    Marie Smith I don't know Liz i was just responding to Karen's comment......Karen Oakley No, Paul. Tess Tomson was real, and she's been removed
    i'm not in the habit of clicking on profile pics but Karen saying it made me curious.

    Cindy Wingate 'Karen Oakley' .....here, I believe you dropped your wooden spoon?

    Mellissa Old confused.com I ask a Q and it gets ignored Marie Smith where did it say admin got stick for removing her??

    Liz Newman I am all for removing troll and fakes etc Jane is not a fake from what I can see. I don't understand that at all.

    Liz Newman Mellissa Marie has just put the comment up, it was one from Karen apparently

    Frances Gallagher BACK ON TOPIC PLEASE

    Karen Oakley Wooden spoon?

    Cindy Wingate Back on topic Karen

    Lisa Edington I think admin should either delete this thread or re-post the initial question re: The tapas group not checking on their own children immediately upon MM being reported 'missing'!

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    Post  Sykes on Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:36 pm

    Teeheehee, the peasants are revolting - TREASON!!!!!!
    Lïz Låwförd
    Bit naive of me tbh, but how could GM and his wife keep going on doing tv interviews etc etc if they had killed her/know where she is? Why would they put themselves out there all the time if they are guilty? I'd of thought they would keep a low profile

    Sharon Bradford "Why would they put themselves out there all the time if they are guilty? I'd of thought they would keep a low profile" < You've answered your question

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:42 am

    I think they may be running out of steam! The site referred to in the screenshot above runs a blog by a blimp full of his own importance. Notice the threat in the second post, this has not been removed or modded as one would expect from a properly run forum/facebook. But then there is no love lost between blondie aka Francis Gallagher and HiHitler so maybe the former is up to her old tricks, being nice to the face and shafting her rival behind her back. Brightens up the day, doesn't it? lol!

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:18 am

    From another forum with thanks to them and the poster. A clear and concise view of the lot on HoHos and all the other haters.
    It is absolutely outrageous and cruel that people post horrible things about this family online. Scotland Yard is now investigating this case, and they are experts in their field. It is so profoundly ignorant for people to think that they 'know' more than Operation Grange about this case, and clearly they would not be investigating it further if they thought the McCanns had anything to do with the disappearance of their daughter.

    Why is it so difficult for some people to understand that 'they' are not an expert in this area, and that 'googling' is not bone fide research, given that Scotland Yard is not going to post its current theories online?

    Whatever 'is' online comes from the Tabloid Press and the co-called 'mccannfiles"' and Police Files that are translated by someone who is not an academic translator. It is obvious to me that Joana Morais is extremely biased, and does not seem to understand that being bi-lingual does not qualify someone to translate complex files full of complex meta-language requiring quite high academic translating qualifications. The McCanns spent over one hundred thousand pounds paying for bone -fide translations of the police files and there is not one piece evidence that implicates them in any way.

    Ignorance and hatred is such a dangerous combination and I commend the Mccanns for their level of dignity in the fact of such gross and ongoing abuse.

    The other astounding thing is the sheer amount of time these ignorant haters seem to spend on the McCann family. They are clearly a set of extremely sad, and quite sick people, with little else in their lives. This ludicrous excuse they use that they are somehow doing this out of 'justice' for Madeleine is so see through, when you realise that they are not actively doing anything with their lives to help missing children, or anyone else - in general.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:05 pm

    Melissa Gartland
    can i ask anyone why has the admin who created this page left ????????

    Jayne Palmer Which one

    Melissa Gartland theres 9 admins why is only 7 profiles showing up

    Vicki Leeming so why do you think that the one that created it is one of the 2 not shown?

    Melissa Gartland a friend told me because they are friends with them

    Vicki Leeming friends with who?

    Victoria Pierce You're cleverer than me. How do you know who is admin lol

    Melissa Gartland it does'nt matter

    Frances Gallagher Admin are still here Melissa .Maybe you would take it to pm with Lizzy Hideho Taylor?
    And the thread has gone.

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:00 am

    Another revolting peasant, no, I don't mean revolting as in awful but as turning against the flow.
    Maureen Mcallister I think they r innocent , and I think the public are a disgrace in there Witch hunt , kangaroo courts , against them , just watch yourselves karma has a way of coming and biting u all , so watch your kiddies 24/7 oh I forgot u all do as u r so called Mary poppins
    And a lemming.
    arlen wood ‏@warlen7
    @DebbieJayne1976 @RothleyPillow It's admirable that a Controversy Group with over 2000 members operates in fellowship & in harmony. #mccann
    Interesting re the first post above, looks like some people are up to their old tricks, spamming FB sites - ah see below, she's a TROLL.
    Maureen Mcallister In not in the group !! It came up in my FB and I made a comment , I had my own opinion
    Mellissa Old SHE is a member... this hasnt just come up in her newsfeed as she stated, she joined 3 weeks ago and prior to this mornings drivel hadnt posted..she did what trolls do and thats jump in with the intention of disrupting a thread, trolls need feeding and by responding you are feeding her..Do NOT reply to her.Treat her like she isnt even here ! IGNORE HER!
    Dawn Burns Maureen Mcgullable do 1 you seem to side with the MM mum and dad ya in the wrong room simple leave and you did this and that single handed and 2 of them could not look after 3 kids read the story and book before opening ya mouth TROLL
    Dawn Burns Maureen Mcgullable do 1 you seem to side with the MM mum and dad ya in the wrong room simple leave and you did this and that single handed and 2 of them could not look after 3 kids read the story and book before opening ya mouth TROLL
    Trace Leland Maureen..your real name isnt penny is it, by chance? -please tell everyone why you have your head wedged firmly up the Mc's a**es..do you like the taste of the lie-ridden s**t they they continue to push out? and please tell us why you are in this group if you are such a Mc pro troll?
    **foul language by Amaral supporter.
    Gina Wheeler the old lady with dementia .. please don't neglect her while you are on the internet!!!!
    Maureen Mcallister No I can multi task
    Maureen Mcallister I didn't say she was old , see jumping to conclusions again
    Frances Gallagher MAUREEN THREAD CLOSED
    And the inevitable happened.  lol! lol! lol! lol!
    Just seen this:
    David Steel ‏@DaSteelMan
    why not relax in the friendly environment that is the Facebook Controversy Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/507450985946255/ … #McCann
    lol! lol! lol! lol! 

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:04 pm

    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson
    3 hours ago
    I'm gonna be serious for a moment again > I've now been made aware of MORE MONSTERING SHITE on twitter by Mardy Lardarse > THANX to all those of you have written stuff in groups / on my wall etc and those of you have sent messages explaining that you would like to say something but you're scared of repercussions / don't want to be involved / like a quiet life / feel threatened etc - All I ask is this > if you have SAT BACK DOING NOTHING or indeed joined in > as Lesly Finn, Debbie Carden Wray, Ann Corrigan, Lulu Rolf Stead(?) Brown, Maria Fonseca, or Clive McIlwaine did (with gusto) > is that you quietly take yourself off my friends list or my twitter follow list before midnight please > or I will be v annoyed and repeat word for word what you have said to me about him yourselves >> NB > NO NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED > BECAUSE THAT IS NOT MY STYLE >> Only if you continue to follow me or have said something privately in agreement with him would it be a problem for me. Here is an example with words changed around so you cannot be identified > ''He makes my skin crawl when he DMs me late at night ...... coz he's married'' '''He's always been a bully Roth, and I wish I could be like you and say something back but I can't.'' >> Nobody has said these exact words in the order I've written btw > but this has been said by more than 3 of you (So soz ladies - you weren't that special after all ) LOLOLOLOL Anyhow, I've been monstered for FOUR MONTHS now, and I've had q enough of Hardy, Debbie Carden Wray, Petite Bamburd, Lesly Finn and the other aforementioned assholes constantly deriding me and undermining me. Apart from the cops, nobody is more conversant with McCann case than I am > Some of you may be AS conversant > but NONE of you are more so > ‪#‎FACT‬ Therefore please go away and stay away > I have a ZERO TOLERANCE of bullying > How can I expect you to help me to uncover sleaze and corrupt authorities or stop bullying in society at large > if you can sit in your lttle groups and allow adults to be monstered in this way? I suspect you're the sort of arsewipes who would do nothing if you heard neighbours having regular domestic fights where children are resident > or that if you felt a child/elderly person/ animal was being neglected or beaten > that you would say it's none of your business and pretend it isn't happening > in case it upsets your own precious life >> Well I'm NOT like you > and I'm v f*cking proud to say so > coz I MAKE it my business to do something about these sort of evil bastards. I want to know by Tuesday at the latest where Hardy's evidence is re the ''BLACKMAIL'' he has suggested on twitter. Lesly Finn and Petite Bamburd have both accused me of saying I would produce their PMs >> Lesly Finn stated this to the whole Controversy Group in front of 700 odd people because she wanted me off there and Petite Bamburd said a similar thing when it was up to 2000 people >> More recently, Peteite Bamburd was happily posting spam in the McCann groups which BULLY BOY HARDY had written > BOTH FINN AND BAMBURD ARE LYING > I still have the emails > Lesly has even apologised in the DM when I allowed her to be y ''friend'' again AFTER that incident > saying she couldn't even remember saying it the Con Group > If they wish to continue this > I'm happy to send them the PMs for theirs and Hardy' perusal > I don't bitch by PM so I'm happy for them to publish them wherever they wish but I won't be doing so! THEY ARE OUT AND OUT LIARS and they know it. How amusing that Hardy is the one they both accse of being the BULLY in their own PMs > yethe goes onto twitter to say I'm one????? LOLOL People are pissing themselves at him. I'm not here to be liked and I do a jolly good job of being evil and vile re McCann bollox and ‪#‎CSA‬ but I'm not a bully > I merely defend myself against monsters > If you have an issue that > f*ck off, coz you're not worth a drop of my piss after last night's Stella > GO! Go now > Away with you, and don't ask to be my frend again. Thanx

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:46 am

    Latest Fuhrer Order from Der Bunker:
    Lizzy Hideho Taylor
    A reminder from HiDeHo...A Big thanks to our admin team!

    CONTROVERSY admin are VOLUNTEERING their time to ensure that the group remains as free from Libel and disruptions as we possibly can.

    I ask everyone to please treat them with the respect they deserve and THANK YOU to everyone who appreciates the effort they give freely, in an effort to keep Controversy running smoothly, allowing the UK public to learn the TRUTH from the Police files.

    You have NO IDEA how committed and how much effort each and everyone of them contribute.

    Feel free to ask for any information that you feel would help you understand the case. There are many members including admin who can direct you to the links that may help you.

    Should anyone confront any of the admin team with disagreements pertaining to the guidelines of Controversy, I have given instructions for them to NOT DISCUSS on the thread, but ask the member to discuss via PM or to contact me directly.

    Any further discussions on a thread will be deleted and if it continues the member may banned.


    The threads are to remain on topic with the original post and any disputes can be sorted via PM to the admin in question AND/OR myself.

    I am not always around, but I trust the current admin team to make the appropriate decisions and use their discretion when dealing with any possible adversity within the group.

    We are ALL lucky to have them give their time to keep the group running smoothly...and keep in mind they do it for less than minimum wage....in fact...they don't even get that!

    Thanks Paul, Frances, Zora, Heather, Waleed and Bohden!
    And here is one of the Gestapo, boot-licking like crazy:
    Zora McCartney Thank you Lizzy. I think the vast majority of members do appreciate at our efforts and look on the group as something that belongs to all of us and should be protected and allowed to continue to grow. In the heat of the moment though it's easy to get upset and take a deletion as a personal affront. It is never personal and always in keeping with the guidelines. 9 times out of 10 a decision is made collectively and agreed between at least 2 of us, usually more, before any action is taken. So to feel aggrieved with the one person who took the action is unfair in most cases. Blocking admin is an option for some but not one I can understand myself. We can still see your posts and delete them should there be a problem but are unable to contact you so it removes the option to discuss and resolve, when it is often something that can be cleared up easily. Thanks again Lizzy and thanks to all the great posters and readers who want what we all want most - to get the information out to the public who have been denied it for 6 yrs in the hope that one day we will all know the truth of what happened to Madeleine and she can get the justice she deserves. Onwards and upwards!
    Blame the attacked, never the attackers, usual fascist rubbish!
    Re: Ordeal of Maddie's dad Gerry (Daily Star)
    Post almostgothic Today
    If certain people were not so hell bent on using mendacious propaganda - and if newspapers and other media outlets were allowed to do a thorough, investigative job on this case instead of being fearful of receiving lawsuits from the vexatious litigants - then frustrated individuals (who can see through the fairytale) would not feel it necessary to use methods which some might consider unorthodox.

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:31 pm

    And now a badly written and typed tirade from a well-known hater troll.
    Linda Hutton
    I haven't got the heart, or the patience to c/p the offensive Star article, I am just too darn mad! I am getting sick to the back teeth of being called a troll, evil, warped (and too many other insults, I haven't the heart to mention) etc for not believing the mccanns. Three protest donations were made on Gerry McCann's 'Just Giving' page. How do they not understand that some people make not like such a large charity being associated with two former arguidoes (suspects) in the disappearance of their own child? And do they not have a right to say that? And just for the record, the McCanns were never cleared. The case was SHELVED not CLOSED, two entirely different words with entirely different meanings. People have good reason not to believe the McCanns and insulting them won't change their minds. The removed posts were not offensive and they could hardly have been made by trolls because presumably a debit card would be involved. This site is being blamed, and the 'gun threat' regurgitated. Comes to something when a 'big' newspaper wages war on a small(ish) (but rapidly growing) Facebook Group. Big News to anyone who peeps in here, THERE WAS NO GUN THREAT, we do not thrash about on the floor speaking in tongues, nor do we spend out evenings discussing varieties of common or garden pitchforks. This is not the Devil's Workplace, nor is it Sinful unfortunately, lol, I kid you not, this week's twitter highlights. Should any Star reader look in, we are not evil, we are fair minded people who are wondering why we are being lied to and why there is an active campaign to shut us down.
    For any Star reader who may just happen to look in here, you got a month or two to spare while I enlighten you?
    Linda Hutton I'm no longer allowed to speak about the mccanns with my family and friends, lol, but I wonder what a quick poll of those around us would reveal?

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:44 pm

    See post 89 above to refresh your memory on the gibberings of this total waste of space.
    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson
    29 minutes ago
    I'm writing this coz people are messaging my other buddies to see if they can be my 'friend' again after all the recent monstering shite So this is a message to ex 'friends' who wanna be my 'friend' again > to help them decide if they do after all > wanna bother being my friend again iykwim I've gotta say I'm more than disappointed in the way a fair few ppl took the side of Mardy and the monsterhags > Debbie Carden Wray, LeSly Finn and Petite Bamburd (Ann Corrigan) rather than myself. I've had to sit back and watch Mardy and the monsterhags monstering me all over the fb groups and twitter for FOUR fkn MONTHS now > with nobody but Paul and Mag openly admonishing him and telling him and his hags to STFU. Yep I've seen a few insipid comments left here and there > but I'm v pissed off that people who should know better have allowed all this monstering to go on for so long. Nobody's so fkn stupid as to have believed any of it > it's just that you've behaved like sheep > and it's this has made me feel even more mistrustul of people on the McCann case than I did before. So I've unblocked some of those who have asked to befriend me again and would v much appreciate it if you would please write something on my wall regarding Mardy and the monsterhags, in order for us to be friends again. I'll unblock you now > so that you can send me a friend request if you feel grown up enough to say something > I don't like gang mentality, and we need to stand up to it > coz McCann bollox is going to get a lot worse in the coming weeks > and I need to know that the people whom I'm always prepared to support will support me and my buddies back > and that people are wiling to be part of a team who will stand up to all and any nasty violent bullying which will be flaring up during the endgame. If you're unable to do this, I won't be offended > and will happily block you again with no hard feelings. THANX to those who have already come back > and let's get ready to rumble Yeahhhhhhhhh
    Oh my, here's Snap Your Neck Hardy answering back.
    Mike Spudgun ‏@spudgun01 28 Jul
    @RothleyPillow As I've told you on more than one occasion. Send the police. Send the subpoenas. I'm waiting.....

    Mike Spudgun ‏@spudgun01 28 Jul
    @RothleyPillow Did you think that by blocking me and continuing to spout lies I wouldn't be in a position to know what you're saying?

    Rothley Pillowcase™️ ‏@RothleyPillow 3h
    The VIOLENT NASTY LIBELLOUS THUG > spudgun01 has been told there's £1000 available for every piece of evidence of this 'BLACKMAIL' #McCann
    Bear Grizz The trolls at the Star would do well to educate themselves about 'hate speech' and other offenses via the Crown Prosecution Service's guidelines before they spew out their poisonous rhetoric and nonsensical drivel. I would have no qualms at taking the Star to court for inciting hatred etc.
    lol! lol! lol! lol! 

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    From another forum with thanks.  
    This is the latest,  It seems one of them's got a blogradio, so they're setting up a fake phone in - they will be the only ones doing any phoning.    
    Bear Grizz Oh absolutely. Stick to the official files which remain unknown to the masses and 'shout from the rooftops' if you like to spread the truth. I know you're in charge of the project but if I may suggest that we put on our best Dixon of Dock Green voices, showing an intellectual and articulate stance whilst using a calm but assertive voice as well as a professional approach with cutting-edge questions, I think we can add much to your objective of winning hearts and minds.

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    Post  Sykes on Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:02 pm

    Philip Rothley Pillowcase Anderson
    17 hours ago
    Strewth! >> Ripping faces of skulls and tearing peoples limbs off is NOT Yorkshire wit or humour > I'm familiar with a number of people who were born and bred in Yorkshire, who would be most insulted to read that anybody thought it to be so, coz Yorkshire wit IT MOST CERTAINLY ISN'T

    In reply to this most ridiculous excuse for cyber-bullying and the person who says,’’’Mike's words were taken out of context, the same as Sheila's "gun" comments, and have been blown up out of all proportion’’ I say >>.get your blinkered peepers around this next comparatively mild threat from Mardy > and let anybody dare tell me it’s fkn Yorkshire wit! >> ‘’.... and we can meet up and you can fekcing tell me what the score is, son. OK? Let's be clear about that. Don't think I'm fekcing..... .if you were half as clever as you think you''

    I don't want ANYBODY who dares excuse such abominable threatening text in such a flippant way > So NO > I have to say piss off if you still feel the same > coz I don't wanna be 'friends' with you or anybody like you if you think this thuggery is OK thanx > I'd post up the WHOLE damn series of threats but there are some decent women on here who live alone > but if anybody else mistakenly believes it's something blown out of proportion. I will do coz I'm pissed off with the mentality of some fb people now and I'd rather just fk about on twitter being a ''fekcing TROLLING PRICK'' ‪#‎ChristAlmighty‬ ‪#‎FknBeamMeUp‬
    scratch scratch 

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    Post  Sykes on Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:43 pm

    Frim another forum, with thanks.  More clamping down on anything that might get the lower ranks starting to ask questions.  Typical behavior.
    Aidan Cross
    Has anyone come across this site, which claims to 'debunk' the reasons for the belief of many in the McCanns' guilt? It seems to get its own facts wrong whilst ignoring numerous hard sources... any thoughts?
    http://madeleinemythsexposed.pbworks.co ... act%22%201
    Madeleine McCann - Exposing the Myths [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Rebuttal of "Fact" 1
    1. The McCanns originally claimed they found the shutters and window of the children’s room open. They ’phoned relatives that night saying: ‘An abductor broke in and took Madeleine’. But when police and the managers of the complex declared there was no sign of forced entry, they changed their story,...

    Rayray Fitzpatrick None, except the link and post will be removed as it's not allowed by admin rules. Can admin please clear up if quotes from pro blogs can be used please? At least then you could quote the issues you want to discuss.

    Sarah Dunn The group guidelines state clearly no links to pro sites.
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    What are they frightened of?
    The truth will set them free

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