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    Kerryn Davies Karen I certainly summed you up. You are here purely to cause disruption. I can smell you trolls out a mile away. If you think it's such a bad group then why not take your leave?
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    Daniela Agliolo again.. kerryn... insulting people... when you gonna stop?
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    Kerryn Davies @ Carol, what do you mean 'if' there are any pro trolls on here? Have you read this thread?
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    Daniela Agliolo keep personal views to yourself
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    Karen Miller Yes kerryn everyone that diesnt agree with you is a troll and out to cause disruption. Your mind set is very clear!
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    Kerryn Davies You all said you were leaving, so leave.
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    Kerryn Davies No Karen, anyone who posts comments like you and your mates have on this thread, are trolls! Yo don't have to agree with my views!
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    Karen Miller Suzanne people can still read the files and come out with a view that is different from yours, is that not allowed?

    Daniela Agliolo yes Karen.. shocking isnt it?

    Suzanne Bosworth It's everyone's right to leave the group if they want to. I was here too last night and know exactly what went on. I'm not going to fuel a flaming session but I feel very comfortable with how Lizzy handled the antagonism.

    Karen Miller I agree with you daksina completely. Think I might end up following, its one of the worst groups on fb.

    Daniela Agliolo antagonism? lol

    Kerryn Davies Listen you pack of witches, you are slagging our Admin and members off and saying what a terrible group it is, so why stay? You won't be missed, I assure you

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    Oh, lawdy, lawdy, she is right off the rails.  lol! lol! 
    Lizzy Hideho Taylor

    It is often thought that 'TROLLS' are easy to spot and in many cases they are, but I want to alert you to a method 'they use to gain credibility in the group and subsequently influence opinion that serves their agenda.

    'NEGLECT' issue is their means of entry to credibility in the group.

    Once they have achieved the 'illusion' that they are upset with the McCanns for leaving their children alone they are viewed as, what some consider, 'anti McCann' and their posts become influential when interacting with others.

    HOWEVER their agenda is to DETRACT from the REAL issue ....Whether Kate and Gerry were COMPLICIT in the DISAPPEARANCE of Madeleine....

    Whether 'neglect' or not...Madeleine DISAPPEARED!

    HOW? WHY?

    The 'neglect' issue is something I have been fighting against in the last 5+ years when it became apparent that it is a SMOKESCREEN for the reason Madeleine disappeared.

    A new member that believes the McCanns neglected their children will ALSO be open to whether the dogs evidence is worthy of consideration.

    DISRUPTORS will NOT discuss anything else except 'neglect' and 'abduction' and will attempt to distract/deflect from the issue in any way they can.

    A thread from last night is a perfect example of how these very cunning INFILTRATORS work.

    SEVERAL members showed their true colours and I have PURPOSELY left the (CLOSED) thread available for all to see how they 'work'.

    You may find that there will be efforts so suggest I BULLIED (as some of the later posts suggest) but I do not think you will find a post of mine that reflects bullying...in fact quite the opposite.

    For anyone that has the time or inclination, and I don't blame anyone for not having it, It can be clearly seen how I tried to keep the thread on topic but it was CONSTANTLY taken in different directions, and when brought back on topic NONE OF MY QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED....Their technique is a little like that party game...Answer a question with another question or distract and take it in another direction....

    Regardless....PLEASE keep in mind that the 'neglect issue is a SMOKESCREEN that the McCanns hide behind, and though you may not agree with me initially, it will become clear how they USE it in the way the original post on this CLOSED thread explains...

    Just so you recognise me next time, HoHoEverSoHoHo  

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    And more ....
    John Wise The whole idea of death before May 3rd is something I have considered and rejected. I also think that neglect is not a smokescreen. So where does this leave me?
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    Dan Gleebitz And what happens to Mark Warner calling the Mcs back the night Mrs Fenn hears wailing for over an hour?
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    Lizzy Hideho Taylor John...what I am attempting to explain is that the 'neglect' issue has NOTHING to do with how Madeleine was removed from the apartment and why... there was a CRIME that night and it wasnt about neglect... and where is the proof that they DID leave the children? however...i DO understand what you are saying and thanks for your input

    Caroline Mccormack If we are to working the files alone then please correct me if I'm wrong, why did Amaral conclude that MM died on the night of the 3rd as her parents were dining out at the Tapas? Why then is the conclusion from a lot of the group

    John Wise I admit to being a bit confused by this Lizzy. If you try too hard to convince everyone that there was no neglect (remembering there were witnesses to it) and to push this idea of a more complicated scenario involving some days previous, you will be very much limiting the future appeal of the page. they are not ideas we are all able to sign up to./
    Joanne Rogers I think there is a danger though in putting "theories" in place over facts to bolster your own personal beliefs

    Dan Gleebitz You are not answering the question, Lizzy.
    How can you rule out neglect (NOT for the cause of Maddy's disappearnce) and Mrs Fenn.
    Repeating this HOW and WHY thing is irrelevant to the question
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    Ian Thesp Facts can materialize by theorising.
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    Lisa Marie Rowand If the Mc's had a row, then why would not GM speak to anyone back home. Why did he choose to erase his messages, if it where only a row?
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    Claire 'bear' Smith Dan, go find wot answers are out there to your questions...
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    Joanne Rogers No one could disagree that by eliminating neglect completely irradiates abduction but I think it's a danger to do that if there is still a strong possibility it happened

    Dan Gleebitz We're not talking here about neglect being the cause.
    And we must include neglect in the story because Mrs Fenn signals that.
    NO one is suggesting that neglect caused her being missing.
    And surely we are all going to great pains to debunk the abduction because of neglect.
    But you cannot rule out neglect as it might feed those who WANT it to be the cause. You can't make stuff up and say there was "no neglect" just to ward off this "ENFORCES the reason" business.
    To hell with those who are brainwashed my the MSM, we should lay it all out on the table and that night those kids were left alone - or was Mark Warner dragging them back fiction as well?

    Dan Gleebitz I'll lay out my cards.
    1) Maddy is not with us because of neglect allowing in an abductor

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Dan...IF neglect happened, and we cannot prove that, I do not believe that Madeleine disappeared (which is the crime) because of neglect....I am having trouble keeping up with thre thread so could you explain what you mean by Mrs Fenn etc? thanks

    Ian Thesp Mr Fenn heard crying the 1st of May, no other sounds were heard.Thus no caring for a child. This would suggest neglect of some child that night. No. First stone to stand on for a lot of people is neglect in this case.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor I challenge ANYONE to show me a witness statement that is credible enough to give reasonable proof that Madeleine was seen during the week after Sunday when the cleaners daughter saw her outside the apartment... I have researched this subject in depth and many of the witnesses were mistaken in their belief that they saw her...
    Kei Cb Why aren't people allowed to question the conspiracy theory as well?? from what i read if you do, you are not welcome here.
    Kei Cb
    Ok, I just asked why the other people were labelled trolls for having opposing views.. i just wonder, is this group for all those that believe the same thing?? or not?? I am confused. Thanks.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor

    Following so many questions on another thread that I had difficulty keeping up with please use this thread to ASK questions that may need answering and I will attempt to offer the links whether it be why an opinion has been formed or where the link to specific information is...

    This is not a discussion thread... use the information on an appropriate thread dealing with the topic.

    Anyone may answer the questions by adding appropriate links....help will be much appreciated!

    Please NUMBER your questions so they can be easily referred to...

    Hope it helps!

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    It gets worse!  2,000+ members?  Pull the other one, it plays "They're coming to take you away, hehe, haha"
    Lizzy Hideho Taylor
    (Formal attire only! Paul had his TUX dry cleaned for the occasion!)

    6 years and many of us have been here from Day 1...

    Share some of your memorable moments on the forums and who do you remember?

    Anyone willing to share their Forum name?

    Has anyone seen Cabo Frio's HAMBURGER STAND anywhere?

    What brought the NEW MEMBERS to this group?



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    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Andrew...Are you here to learn some information from the Police Files? Are you here to help direct others to the police files? Are you here for your own agenda of trying to persuade others to believe as you do? If so please provide links to the information that you base your opinions on. Without any details it becomes speculation and I try to ensure that new members are not subjected to speculation without any substance to back it up. I do not allow members to try to influence others for their own agenda. May I ask what is your reason for posting in Controversy?

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    This is from yesterday/last night:
    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Andrew...Are you here to learn some information from the Police Files? Are you here to help direct others to the police files? Are you here for your own agenda of trying to persuade others to believe as you do? If so please provide links to the information that you base your opinions on. Without any details it becomes speculation and I try to ensure that new members are not subjected to speculation without any substance to back it up. I do not allow members to try to influence others for their own agenda. May I ask what is your reason for posting in Controversy?

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor As mentioned Andrew....I need to have the details/links before I will allow a thread but I did not delete yet as I was curious of your agenda...It appears to be self serving and not helpful to other members and the group as a whole! Do you agree?

    Alan Graham
    A challenge to Hideho for a one person v one person debate.

    This morning, my very good friend, Penny Reed, was banned from this page for challenging Hideho over a number of very important issues related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    They were discussing the matter on a very busy thread overnight. Hideho stated that the thread was moving so fast that it was difficult to read all the posts.

    Penny wishes to make a direct challenge to Hideho and has asked me to post it.

    She would like to debate the subject of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann with Hideho.

    She suggests that a separate Facebook page be set up so that Hideho and Penny herself and those two alone can debate the issues.

    Penny has done some considerable research into the case as I believe Hideho has.

    Will Hideho take up the challenge to show that her views are based on evidence and the files or will she not?

    Alan Graham Petite Bamburd, it is highly unlikely that you actually do know who I am or you would immediately back up that with some evidence to expose me and that is not going to happen as you have actually no idea who I am.

    But even if you did know that would be irrelevant to the fact that a challenge to debate has been made by Penny Reed for Hideho to respond to.
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    Petite Bamburd Your writing style is perfectly clear Alan Graham. Your agenda also.
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    Alan Graham I was not aware that she was not around at the moment. I appreciate your response Debbie Carden Wray. I hope that this thread will remain until Hideho herself has the opportunity to consider the challenge to debate

    Louise Atkins can admin remove me please i cant do it from my mobile.

    Ian Thesp can we delete this thread it will go no where, all parties will be informed of said challenge.Cheers. Its a suggestion, pardon my manners.
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    Bear Grizz Good grief. The depths of his/her ineptitude clearly knows no bounds. Cheers for the LOL's though, Penny. **block assigned, awaiting sparks**
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    Alan Graham I don't wish to debunk anything. I wish to see a proper debate about the issues.

    But your idea that things could be debunked is intriguing.

    Louise Atkins all getting a joke now i think and can you take me off this group

    Petite Bamburd Why not pm Lizzy herself? Why the dramatic 'challenge' announcement? Why after all this time researching the files did Penny suddenly appear last night, in the early hours? Why is/was her fb profile brand spanking new?
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    Alan Graham The banning was public. Therefore the challenge should be public. Penny has nothing to fear from a public debate on the topic. Is Hideho going to show fear and refuse the challenge?

    Petite Bamburd The thing is 'Alan' we know who you are. It makes no difference.
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    Paul Rees Good idea bud. You and/or Penny start the page and Lizzy Hideho Taylor will respond when she has a quiet moment.

    Debbie Carden Wray Hideho isn't around at the moment, as you may be aware she lives in a different time zone, I am sure she will respond to your opening post as soon as she is able

    Some chitchat, then

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Ohh!! A challenge? You love those don't you! lol
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    Samantha Lawrence Don't you dare decline the challenge or else we are all going to conclude you have something to hide & all the files are wrong because of the challenge loss!
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    Alan Graham Ah. I was told you were not around. Interesting that was not true. But perhaps you could answer. Are you willing to take up the challenge to a debate with Penny or not

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor I am not one of your 'subjects' that you can 'use' to discover about how people react to debate on groups/forums...You need to initiate your own forum for that and choose your own subjects. You are SO predictable..

    It would appear she 'thinks she knows' who Alan Graham is, but in fact she is very wrong!

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor When you reveal who you REALLY are and what your agenda is then I will consider it...until then I have better things to do with my time.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor You are not to be ignored because you CAN make a difference...Am I correct?
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    Bear Grizz Childish male persona with an authoritarian tone. Gandolf?
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    Sarah Bunn Awwww now Alan is a victim, classic pro diversion/troublemaking tactics. Love it.
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    Shelley Armitage-Cotton You can see what Lizzie believes by watching all of her videos etc isn't that enough? why the need to interrogate her
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    Alan Graham How is challenging you to a debate about what your research has revealed in any way damaging Madeleine McCann? Are you refusing the chance to expound your theories and to challenge Penny who you kept asking for evidence last night?
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    Petite Bamburd I'm afraid it's all an 'academic' experiment. It's really very boring. Terribly transparent.
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    Lizzy Hideho Taylor You are no doubt PROUD of your accomplishments back in'the day'...and after your little rest you came back to complete the project..Am I correct?
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    Alan Graham Are you, Lizzy, saying that you don't want to respond to a challenge which could reveal truth?

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor When YOU reveal your TRUE identity AND your agenda and are accountable for what you have 'accomplished' in the past, then i will consider it...yes
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    Alan Graham I have no idea, Lizzy, what you are referring to. I believe you have either got me mixed up with someone who you have dealt with previously or you are deflecting from the question of the challenge to a debate by introducing rather odd side issues.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor I am more than willing to debate with you when you exolain to everyone who you are and what you have done in the past to hurt and upset people...not something you should be proud of....
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    Petite Bamburd Keep repeating and it'll be true.
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    Alan Graham I repeat also, Lizzy, that your comments about me and my previous accomplishments and my apparent recovery from something have nothing to do with the challenge. Why are you not addressing the issue and why are you posting such nonsense about me. The challenge with Penny Reed? Yes or No?
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    Bear Grizz Sussed. LOL
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    Carol Dewhurst Alan, i suggest you ask Penny to message Lizzy and ask for a debate, i have no idea who you are supposed to be nor do i care. I too had a fake profile once funnily enough it was exactly like yours.
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    Ian Thesp What a very weak attempt at getting this group closed down. Delete thread please.
    Continued on next thread as this is very long.

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:45 am

    Continued from last thread.
    Carol Dewhurst
    As there appears to be a lot of people posting comments that for want of a better phrase are "wind up material" that they could be from pro McCann. They think we are all nuts and are trying to cause friction. I would suggest that any future posts by new members are ignored and/or they get deleted. I believe that the McCann are involved in maddie's disappearance but not sure how

    Madison 'Madiful' Stephenson I agree Lesley-ann Shand! Maybe if things get too out of hand so often that posts are approved by admin first that would be fair as the admin welcome all things relevant to the case and are fair themselves no matter how many ppl say they arnt

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor I find your constant attempts to have me EXPLAIN myself very tiresome... I am NOT running away...i choose to spend my time putting it to better use....i dont need to agree to a challenge ..all the details that I believe in re in the files...

    Louise Atkins innit well boring can you take me off here please like i asked as can't do it from mobile.
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    Mike Hardy 2000+ members........such a shame to see you starting to feed the trolls now........
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    Sarah Bunn Did Alan steal a forums database??

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor So...before I decide what i am going to do with this therad and with members that have an alternate agenda...Is there anything else you would like to say?
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    Alan Graham You have abused me on this thread, Lizzy, by lying about me. Please admit that is a lie and apologise. I repeat you have no facts to back up that assertion and it is a lie.

    Carol Dewhurst Alan if you dont shut up i will report you myself.
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    Alan Graham Carol don't be so silly. There is nothing you can report me for. I have done absolutely nothing wrong.
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    Carol Dewhurst they are based on the files on the top of the page. even i know that numpty
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    Petite Bamburd We're not in your classroom 'Alan' step down.
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    Carol Dewhurst i can report you for being a pain
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    Alan Graham How is it trolling to offer a chance to debate the issues fully? Some comments really are quite silly.

    Mike Hardy I would respectfully suggest that given that this has managed to accrue over 160 responses, and counting, it has achieved its purpose. And STILL the troll feeds.....
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    Donna Durrant Alan Lizzy lives that challenge already - each and every day she is here to debate and discuss this case. She was here last night when Penny/you were here and you SHOULD have asked and answered questions then and had a friendly debate. Had your chance then mate
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    John Coxon If you have evidence that rebutts this give it to the authourities??? rather than this FB bollocks, otherwise it's just an opinion, the same as anybody else.

    Louise Atkins admin take me off this group cba with the notifications and don't people have better things to do on a sunday evening?
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    Bear Grizz Alan's presence has proved conclusive. It's impossible for the majority not to feed the trolls. Therein lies a real reason to debate.
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    Alan Graham It is quite suprising that so few people here are willing to actually see a debate on the issues. There is clearly no intention here to discover truth. Blindly calling people trolls for offering to debate is quite ridiculous.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor CLOSED for DISCUSSION!
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    Alan Graham Well Donna, when you provide some evidence for your claims about me having two profiles let me know. Its news to me. And it is rather silly of you to say I don't want to debate when I am only here to offer Hideho the chance to debate with Penny.
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    Donna Durrant I'll put this in small words so you can understand : she (Lizzy) has said numerous (that means many) times in the group that her views are based on all the files and on all the evidence she has read. Maybe go and read the files and then you'll know. I can even provide you with a little book that may open your eyes a lot how's that?
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    Alan Graham Are you going to answer Lizzy? Are you going to debate with Penny or are you going to decline the challenge and stay in hiding here from any possible challenge to your theories?

    Alan Graham I believe that Penny challenged Hideho last night about her claim that her theories are based on the files and got the response that they were based on hidden files that she has never seen which is very revealing.
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    Paul Rees Anyone fancy a pint?
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    Debbie Carden Wray Hideho answered a few posts up, for the second time, THREAD CLOSED
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    Alan Graham So you are too frightened to debate and too frightened ever to post that you are unwilling to debate. How desperate that makes you look. Too scared to show the evidence for your claims, Lizzy? Thats how it looks to everyone reading this.

    Gary Wyatt whats there to debate ? it would be like debating god v evolution. science will win in the end and deluded people will still believe in god.
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    Bear Grizz Gluten-free beer here, Paul.
    A few seconds ago · Like · 1

    Alan Graham That says it all really Gary Wyatt. A mind closed to all debate.
    A few seconds ago · Like

    Bear Grizz Would you like to have a pint, Alan? Over your head? lol

    A few seconds ago · Like

    Mike Hardy Yeah, bravo, brilliant. Well done, Alan. You win. They're all clearly too scared to debate with you here............job done. Now be a good chap and feck off...
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    Alan Graham Isn't it funny that people challenge my id as being fake and accept a fake like Bear Grizz.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor He's gone... Well...THAT ID has gone..

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Sorry guys...That thread accomplished no more than to let 'him' know that I was aware who 'he' was/is. Fixated, it seems, on debating with me no matter where I go!

    Jodi Race well yeah, you are,,youve judged all new menbers because of a new menbers comment,, n i quote ' I would suggest that any future posts by new members are ignored and/or they get deleted',, whats the point in even joinging the group if there guna be ignored or deleted?!?
    Well, that was a fun troll, I had a good laugh, especially when HoHo got her kn****rs in a twist over who this poster was.   Pity she was wrong, wasn't it?   As it stands, another happy evening in Paranoia Heaven has thrown up some good giggles.  And it has, as a talking point, shown that HoHo cannot debate, or maybe she is dead scared of being shown up as the utter fool she is?  I leave you to decide, Dear Reader.

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 15, 2013 8:27 am

    Now I have had coffee and breakfast, here is some more, I do apologize if I duplicate anything, it's hard trying to keep track of this and live a normal life!
    Lesly Finn
    I post "late in the evening" GMT because I am a Brit living in New Zealand. I do not post at this time in order to cause trouble!

    I have followed and studied this case since the day that Madeleine 'disappeared' and I know many members here who have done the same. I can see from recent comments that this forum will lose track of its purpose if we are not careful.

    There is a difference between discussing the files, and issues surrounding events, and making outrageous or potentially libellous remarks. We are asked, rightly, to back up what we say by using reference material where possible. Whether what is said could be considered 'pro' or 'anti' is not detrimental to the group .... because we are here to debate sensibly and there will be more than one opinion whatever we touch on. The least we can do is to read information that is available to us and comment from there.

    I am saddened to see the obvious unrest and ill-feeling showing in recent posts on here, but have obviously missed reading what has been deleted (your day being my night ) so maybe I am out of step posting this.

    Please remember that there is an army of McCann "supporters" who would like nothing more that to see this forum go down in flames.

    Mark Rocky Whyte Liz i dont want you to take it the wrong way but Stephen Birch has done more to find Maddie than her parents and the British police. I have him on my friends list on here he is desperate to find her
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    Sam Studley Sorry, I can't be bothered to read your last post Ian. I know you're his mate and what he's done re seeking equipment etc, but I'm just not interested in what he wants to do or has got to say, BUT that's just me and the way I feel
    29 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 3

    Frances Gallagher Not interested either.
    29 minutes ago · Like · 5

    Ian Andrew Lowe Liz Newman, why does he not answer most questions, try libel, a lot of his theories are based on his take on the evidence/witness statements etc. He does however have proof of something under the driveway that was a result of his theories. His other theories he does not because they are theories. Some proof he cannot release because it has come from people that may lose their jobs.

    Angela Gosselin, why should he pay for it. He has already spent his money, having said this I know that Stephen would be prepared to pay for a dig.

    Ian Andrew Lowe Liz Newman and Frances Gallagher, your statements further prove that this is a forum of only one theory.

    Liz Newman, your ignorance of the machine used proves that you are only interested in one Theory. This is not a machine that Stephen invented, its a widely used machine that can be bought from worldwide suppliers and is in use in many industries, Stephen bought the machine at a cost of around 40 000 pounds. Krugers machine is a homemade scam machine.

    Ok Liz if Libel was so insignificant, then why has the Admin of this forum been posting continuously that we need to watch what we say. That everything must be accompanied by links etc.

    Angela Gosselin, is he arrogant, probably, cold hearted absolutely not, its because of his heart that he got involved. It takes many types of people to make the world go round, just because Stephens personality does not agree with you does not mean that his theories should be excluded. Nor does it mean that you can insult him.

    If that is how you operate, passing judgement on people that you do not know or know anything about then I pity you.

    Ian Andrew Lowe Bear Grizz, you can piss off. I take strong exception to what you are intimating. You do not know me, I have never insulted people in this forum, I defend Stephens theory like I do any other. For you to call me a liar when I say I know Stephen personally has to be treated with the contempt it deserves. There are people on here that I have friended, they can see where I am from, look at my friends list.

    I have jackshit to prove to you.

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:10 pm

    And it's still going on - don't any of them work? Oh and before you ask, I work!
    Lucy-angelique Roberts That's my point susie it's just pointless and distasteful and brings unwanted attention. We could expose trolls all day it just gives them more ammunition to scrutinise the group and think we care who they are. I for one don't care who they are and the...See More
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    Paul Rees Oh FFS Susie. Think it's you who has misunderstood the purpose of this thread, save your insults, eh?
    5 minutes ago · Like

    Suzanne Bosworth Well, it's basic copyright infringement, which has nothing to do with us and everything to do with the troll. If s/he uses someone else's photograph, and misuses it in order to create trouble, the legal fallout lands at the troll's feet, not ours.
    5 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Paul Rees It's exposing their MODUS OPERANDI not them per se - I give up! << posts flowers and hearts >>
    4 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Susie Perrins Dont swaer Paul Rees, Ive been curtious in my posts and could have said alot more......Im simply pointing out what many others would, but are too scared to in fear of being mobbed
    4 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Zora McCartney Suzanne you are so often a voice of reason
    4 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Lucy-angelique Roberts Suzanne it's going to be a lot easier for the person in this picture to locate this group and kick up a fuss over this than finding a loan troll who they can't trace!! Just saying
    4 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Ian Thesp By way of deception. Yes and in circumnstances one should seek cuncil. Truly. Trojan Horse comes to mind.

    Caroline Mccormack Seems a few members have left after this post! I wonder why ?
    3 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Paul Rees Yeah right a Spanish amateur porn model will track me down lol - and complain about her FACE being shown when her fanny's all over the net! Gimme a break!
    2 minutes ago · Like · 2

    Susie Perrins Speaks volumns...*sighs
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Paul Rees Their prerogative - I wouldn't assume that's why.

    Paul Rees Anyways, I have to go out. I won't mind if it's removed while I'm gone, small potatoes etc in the grand scheme of things!
    about a minute ago · Like

    Sharon Smith This photo took me to a jailbait site.

    DaSteelMan ‏@DaSteelMan 3h
    It looks like the #McCann shills are going apeshit that they have no control over Facebook Controversy Group

    Zora McCartney THREAD CLOSED. No more comments please.

    Karen Oakley Copyright infringement - now here. It is not helping Maddie.
    3 hours ago via mobile · Like

    Suzanne Bosworth Anyway, Paul's post was to highlight what trolls will do to infiltrate and disrupt. I don't really understand why Paul or others are getting flak for having done so.
    3 hours ago · Like


    Bear Grizz I would say that posting the picture directly within the group not only breaches copyright through direct download but it also places the group owner at risk of a potential lawsuit by the individual shown in the image and any associates who have a business tie with her. It would be far better, morally, ethically and legally to just post a link to the image on 'Penny's' page to avoid this. On the basis of this advice Paul and taking into account the feelings of other members, you may want to reconsider and edit the original message to delete your download and replace it with a link? There's far too much discrediting and manipulation going on here at the moment. Just my take and not meant to cause any offence, fella.

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    Post  Sykes on Mon Jul 15, 2013 6:15 pm

    Heather Hopper Julie would you please remove the word murder from your opening post on the thread please. Thank you.

    Heather Hopper Thank you Bear Grizz. I will copy your post into our records and delete.
    A few seconds ago · Like

    Dan Gleebitz Bear: Andy is a pro-McCann troll identified TO me from others.
    His desire was to do just what you say - to cause friction between us. Do NOT let hime think he has done that.Andy Mcgill rofl at DAN.

    Dan Gleebitz I would not have so hostile otherwise. But I cannot sit back and watch someone sticking a spanner in like that
    Meanwhile on another thread they are still bleating on about 'Penny Reed':
    Lucy-angelique Roberts If your faces all end up over a pro page you can't complain after exposing this girl in this manner... This is making me question wether exactly or not I want to be a member of this group if this is how things are being played out can we get back to justice for maddie and stop feeding trolls
    3 minutes ago via mobile · Like

    Paul Rees This fake profile was set up purely to disrupt this group last night. Just raising awareness.
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Paul Rees Exposing trolls, rather than feeding them Lucy-Angelique. It's an important distinction...
    about a minute ago · Like

    Lucy-angelique Roberts Yeah but she might raise awareness in a bad way about this group ... Really that picture could be anyone but tbh she doesn't look very old and she's in pants .. Tbh it's dangerous ground to entertain this picture here atall.

    Lucy-angelique Roberts Are you 100% aware of who penny is and how you have came to find her picture? Your sure your exposing the person you think!? Because if that was me up there is be pretty pissed being plastered all over a group wall... This isn't about maddie and it looks really bad IMO
    about a minute ago via mobile · Like · 1

    Barry Bucket I agree, Lucy. We've had a giggle, but it's time to say goodbye to whoever it is.

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    Post  Sykes on Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:44 pm

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Please be aware that if you find posters that are intimidating/aggressive/argumentative that they are like here to do EXACTLY that and to discredit the group. We have been through quite a long period of time with little disruption and all of a sudden we have found many 'members' are here for another agenda. DO NOT GET FOOLED...they are here to instill the perception of being a hate group when it is only THEM disrupting! MANY have been found and banned over the weekend....Apparently we are 'popular' on twitter ....WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

    ............ 'popular' on twitter? Deluded old manker, they like reading her idiocies and those of her ilk so they can then copy her rantings over to the forums and send them up rotten. Hey, Lizzy, you found me yet on there? Thought not. They seek me here, they seek me there, those HoHos seek me everywhere. Not close enough, old garage painter.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:07 am

    Overnight 18/19 July,  Morning HoHo, blondie, troll passing through.  lol! 
    Ian Thesp Or create a McCann online trivial pursuit game, hours of fun for your ever decreasing family.

    Victoria Thomas What's the difference between the McCanns and Gary Glitter?

    Gary Glitter comes back from his holidays with more kids than he left with.

    Trace Leland anyone for seabass?

    Penny Cass no ta Trace it stinks like cadaver

    Penny Cass do you wanna be in his gang Victoria? there a lot of members already

    Frances Gallagher I try to leave the humour up for as long as possible because I am a huge fan of Dan Gleebitz. But some of the comments could be deemed to be libelous so had to clean the thread up.

    Denise Kelly  Been in this group for less than a week and feeling very uneasy, group not what I thought was gonna be ! All people seem to be doing / talking about is the blummin obvious. You / I are not police, although some would like to think they are. Not feeling very comfy at the moment

    Denise Kelly Not feeling comfy about lots of things, maybe because i'm new, but just talking about a little girl whom nobody knows is dead or alive just sends shivers. But people who think that they come up with the questions that police havnt thought of really bug me.

    Suzanne Bosworth Denise there are some here, with heavyweight qualifications, who offer a great deal of insight. I'm not including myself in that although I have some relevant experience in this and that. Your input is welcome and extends the conversation - what's making you uneasy?

    Kei Cb Indeed ! If it weren't for people being skeptical of the official story in any case we would never have any truth.

    Frances Gallagher I can assure you that we are all here for justice for Maddie,

    Dayna Scott Hutson What is up w/ trolls?

    Kirsty Ness They can be charged with neglect since they admitted eventually that they'd left the kids sleeping alone. If you leave a child alone to go out for dinner, the Portugese police have statements from restaurant staff saying they didn't have the kids with them. Thats neglect Kei & they shud have been questioned about it then charged

    Ian Thesp With trolls i always check who liked their posts to, you know just in case.

    Dayna Scott Hutson Melliee, I read they gave them something to sleep.

    Lulu Rolfe Stead Brown Hhhmmm - the old 'start a thread and then disappear' thing

    Kerryn Davies @ Ian they are easy to spot. The usually start a thread like this one, saying that they do not like the group or they feel uncomfortable, and then they leave...

    Dayna Scott Hutson Okay, this is very confusing. People are having personal chat on a thread, someone is mentioning trolls, and we have the thread.

    Melliee Craig If that doesn't scream dodgy I don't know what does.

    Frances Gallagher yes was going to suggest the same. She has made some good posts in the past ...she is still a newbie and she is trying to get her head around it all.

    Dayna Scott Hutson I find some of what some of you are saying to be disruptive to a conversation!

    Dayna Scott Hutson WHO?

    Ian Thesp well it is a thread about being uncomfortable and Warren mentioned he felt uncomfortable with trolls, and i do, so its on topic.
    I am not going to post up the rest of the dross as it is mainly a rehash of old myths, falsifications and downright lies and I am sure you all have better things to do than waste your time over the insane ramblings of a load of manky morons. Should any really juicy bits surface, I will bring them over to here.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:31 am

    Oh dear, haven't got their act together have they?  I mean, splashing your plans for disruption, harassment and mayhem all over the place so naughty trolls like me can 'do a Bradley Manning' and publish them up for all to see.   lol! lol! 
    Suzanne Bosworth Hmm. Just basing my opinion on prior experience of marches and campaigns in London. I'm not pouring cold water on the idea - just suggesting that we outsmart rather than lay ourselves open to being marginalised. The pro-McCann press would like nothing better than to trash us and if we want to encourage more support we have to be one step ahead of them.

    Penny Cass thing is putting this suggestion on Fb has alerted them and so will be prepared. Spies everywhere and we don't know who they are!!

    Penny Cass i'm sounding paranoid here

    Julie Crooks Well we may not be the police......but if the police would act on some compelling evidence instead of sweeping it under the carpet this group would not have to exist.

    Kerryn Davies Julie, I am sure that we would do better than SY quite frankly!

    Dan Gleebitz I'd say it would take us under a day to get the perps in and book 'em!

    Dan Gleebitz Is there a train to Rothley?

    Julie Crooks I think No10 would be better......in Rothley they would just have the mainstream media crying crocodile tears about the "harrassment of the poor bereaved couple"

    Frances Gallagher It would achieve nothing ..We would be branded ''nutters'.

    Frances Gallagher @ Penny Cass ,,Exactly this is an open group and the McCann supporters would be loving this.

    Penny Cass count me out on that one i live on their doorstep!!!

    Penny Cass if this is a serious idea maybe better to inbox each other about it?  (Too late mutthead, it's up for all to see.)

    Penny Cass also the police are hanging around up there according to neighbours who have been warned off

    Frances Gallagher We would be better off awaiting the outcome of the Amaral V McCann case .In the meantime we can drum up as much support as we can for this group.

    Penny Cass absolutely Frances, theres more to come from him
    Hi, blondie, how clever of you to realise!   This has just gone viral, have a nice day.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:05 pm

    Hmmm, looks like things are hotting up.  
    Ian Thesp Well i would, if I could go on a march with people who dont care if they are called nutters. I think you are underestimating how many people think the McCanns should do time for one reason or another.Not every one has the internet.
    7 minutes ago · Like · 1

    Shirley Kassane am liking you comments...x
    5 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Thesp and when they wheel out a patsie at the same time as the GA trial, what then?
    3 minutes ago · Like

    Ian Thesp How do you know that sharing the video would achieve more than a march/protest.In this case I disagree with you strongly Frances.

    Shirley Kassane have shared the video...but lm up for the march to show i agree with my convictions...ie...l believe justice should be done...

    Ian Thesp and my self belief that I am not a nutter.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 19, 2013 5:57 pm

    Interesting, why is this person agitating the numpties into actions which might find them in a court and then going down for a stretch?   Is this actually an infiltrator with secret orders to lead them over the cliff like lemmings?
    Ian Thesp Petitions are fairly useless we are at the point were more active planning needs to be done , if any one wants justice.Otherwise who is going to be worried about some "nutters" on the internet.Those who say be careful trolls and spies are looking in ,So what! If a march or other stuff is being organised reporting back to the McCs will have them quaking. We have broken no laws.

    Shirley Kassane lets do it and be damed..we need to show that we want justice....would you not want that for your child..do it in hyde park at an undesclosed date...and invite the media when we get there

    Frances Gallagher Ian ..this was tried before and ended up in tears and did the antis untold damage. I am being a realist here ..I speak from experience. It is a no go area and has no place on an open forum .

    Ian Thesp Ha! if at first you dont......Ooooh the right to the freedom of speech has no place on an open forum. Interesting.

    Ian Thesp Ive just done a quick search via google "people protest regarding madeleine Mcann and the McCanns" nothing came up, can you point me to a link where it talks about an active protest having taken place that you refer to Frances.

    Lilly Wells @ Shirley..."lets do it outside Rothley Towers

    Excellent idea Shirley but we will be then seen as nutters and sados! who don't have a life we just sit in our bedrooms with no friends! YER THEY WISH!

    No I think it has to be Downing Street!

    Frances Gallagher There were four such incidents and I have no intention of posting pics up here of people who protested Ian.

    Ian Thesp Dont want pictures frances , want to see what the press said and where such incidents took place.

    Ian Thesp How many protesters etc.

    Frances Gallagher I will leave that to Lizzy.

    Ian Thesp Right so it never happened.

    Frances Gallagher Excuse me Ian?

    Ian Thesp Well you tell me that the press make a big fuss out of protesters and you cant give me a link to when such a protest happened ,incidents that you say you experienced, or have experience of. Everything is about proof is it not, i cant just take any ones word for it, can I now.

    Frances Gallagher I am saying any attempt to protest has in fact been counter productive. I said Lizzy may give details.

    Ian Thesp When?

    Ian Thesp Nothing has happened, no large protest has ever taken place and telling people they will be seen as nutters for trying, and the bogey man will get you is fear mongering. Fine if you are not up for it, but show some proof that it happened. Where are the media reports on it.These are things you say happened. Why does it need Lizzy?

    Zora McCartney Ian, please try not to be antagonistic. I think the BBC East Midlands news reports of the Madeleine Foundation leafletting in Rothley are still online if that's any help at all?

    Frances Gallagher There is another poster who was front page news and on TV and I don't want to give her name .I don't think that would be fair.
    (Gooigle Butler, stalker, Sunday Express)
    Ian Thesp a few leaflets is not a large protest is it? Antagonistic. A lot of folks are rightfully pssed off at all this BS and have expressed that they would like to actively protest and we get told to hush,Come on.

    Frances Gallagher Go and organise it so Ian. .It will end in tears believe me,

    Dan Gleebitz Ian: You will have encountered many times reluctance to translate a sedentary on line opinion into a real life corporeal balls out progression. Given the HUGE amount of ant-Mc stuff on line for years and nowt's happened kind of tells you how impotent we are in this medium.

    Dan Gleebitz For my troubles I was slung off my ISP. For my ex Mrs she had all her mail opened for 3 months.

    Zora McCartney It was just a suggestion Ian to get a measure of how the media reported it at the time and was the only thing that came to mind for me. FWIW, I would attend myself and I'm not telling anyone to hush but try not to get angry with Frances or anyone else eh?

    Ian Thesp thanks for your confidence and support Frances.From the folks who want to do such a thing I give you their thanks.

    Dan Gleebitz If you like a warning shot across the bows but that just made me re-fit the ship.
    When will these morons grasp that, despite all their so-called secret areas etc everything they post on the manky forum is immediately going viral?  Hi again, HoHo,blondie, keep the posts coming.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:03 pm

    Part of a post from another forum with thanks to them and the poster.
    I watched a poster make mincemeat of her the other night, and stick firmly to the point despite Halfwit's henchmen taking lumps out of her. She had Halfwit pinned against the ropes and exposed the fragility of her argument, which appears to be ''It's my page, you agree with me or I'll ban you''

    And that too exposes the fact that in my opinion Halfwit isn't merely thick. She's a liar. She bans people because she has neither the wit nor the ability to support her position and argue her corner. She has been challenged to a debate but ducked it, supposedly because she demanded they reveal personal details to her. But in reality, she would never have agreed to it because she would be humiliated.

    You are a stupid woman, HiDeHalfwit. You are a stupid woman because what you do provides the McCann supporters with an endless supply of ammunition with which to blow you from the sky, just like Bennett before you. But will she be bothered? Not while she has a gang of bottom-kissers slobbering over her. That is, after all, why she does it.

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    Post  Sykes on Fri Jul 19, 2013 7:40 pm

    Carrying on from post no 40 (two posts up), what planet are these mankers living on?
    Lilly Wells Frances I think the days of people believing the McCanns is long gone, they themselves have protested to much, I really think if any protest took place now, more people would take notice of it imo.

    Ian Thesp Dan I am in planning stages of what I will do, try.Hey we cant live forever can we.T shirts, signs mentioning the Cadavar dogs and so on, standing still in the street of choice, not outside their house. The truth is the time is ripe and if they bring out a patsie and people are not ready to counter that , to show the public that some/a lot of people have a problem with the official story then what is the point. Really? The only tears I can see are K and Gs

    Ian Thesp Folks I dont do Pm´s when it comes to things like this.cheers.How are you doing and that is fine.

    Ian Thesp Dan 2010 "Something wonderful is about to happen" You know where I am on Facebook.

    Bear Grizz Hope this helps provide a legal/practical framework, Ian. http://www.foe.co.uk/resource/how_tos/cyw_59_protest_law.pdf (foe is Friends of the Earth)

    Ian Thesp Cheers Bear. Will look at it ASAP. Is it not true that GA´s book is now actually legal.The only leaflets I would give out is excerpts of his book.The rest is silence.

    Bear Grizz I believe that it remains 'unavailable' in the UK.

    Ian Thesp Unavailable , but is it Banned.

    Zora McCartney I think they could probably still sue for libel anyone who tried to distribute it, or excerpts of it, in this country. I'd still try it. I can't remember now, was Bennett sued over the leafletting or over just the pamphlet he was selling?

    Ian Thesp All new to me Zora. And Frances It is not my intention to be rude to any one in this group.And should I get turfed out I will still campaign for justice for Madeline McCann. 9 11 and such are funny issues and great dividers , but the case of a 3 year old child is close to many peoples hearts still

    Zora McCartney It would be difficult for them to pin us down anyway if it were on a very casual basis. I remember the Occupy Edinburgh camp having a ton of leaflets on the Hollie Grieg case

    Ian Thesp I would suggest such a thing only happens should they bring out a Patsie.

    Ian Thesp Bear Grizz. Thanks looked at it now.Speed reading.I can envisage no problems with the protest. Anywhere will do. Just jump on a coach, stop off in all major cities for an hour and move on. Every one has heard of Madeleine McCann.

    Zora McCartney Yes, I think less concern with the media, would they even report it anyway? Well, they might if some trouble kicked off even if it did come from another camp. But seems unlikely. Nothing with a bit of smaller scale local activism either. But it would take resources. And balls

    Ian Thesp Zora A coach, people to fill it.Dont need to let the media know. The target audience is "The people"

    Ian Thesp And not balls if you are a woman

    Bear Grizz  We are being stalked and abused. Threads are being copied and pasted from Controversy, together with abusive comments on the web. There are issues surrounding this, not least multiple incidents of defamation and serious abuse. Because of our rules, I am unable to provide links. I would compel all members to be very careful as every post is being copied with threats of anything written being passed onto legal/police. Posting this to raise awareness that our every word is being scrutinsed.

    Madison 'Madiful' Stephenson Obviously threatened by the group. The truth is getting out

    Steve Dinsdale We will not be intimidated. We are free to express our opinions, but I agree, we have to be careful too. Hopefully Amaral will give them something more serious to think about.

    Bear Grizz As a group, I understand that but individuals have a right to know that they are being scrutinised and abused. We should all be aware of such abuse and equally, we ought to allow individual members to follow up/monitor if they feel they are suffering from such abuse/defamation. From what I've read, there are several members here who are being targeted by vile and abusive comments that are potentially libelous. In closing, I find it very revealing that we constantly get invaded by socks/trolls as well as being stalked in a vicious, sickening way. That's why we have always held the higher moral ground and long may that continue.

    Bear Grizz They are literally copying and pasting full threads (all posts), Gemma. Can't say for certain but I did see my own posts being commented on which I will be scrutinising in more detail. I have no qualms about reporting any of the neanderthals to the Police if they cross the line.

    Frances Gallagher That is what we are here for Bear .To watch and vet posts .We don't worry about pro groups.

    Dan Gleebitz Please - everyone - cool it. If we were such a threat we would not be seeing this forum right now. It's scare mongering and take no notice. I have been McFarterCrooked and it takes a damn sight more than what goes on here. So carry on as normal. They are bullies who shout a lot. Dod what I do and hold up the middle finger.

    Ian Thesp Twittering right now Dan, a start to a pleasant evening.Wife off work, sleeping with the liddle one and I am tapas one and ready to go.

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:07 am

    Overnight offerings.  Hello HoHo, blondie and co.
    Zora McCartney Well, some are bothered by the pro blogs, some aren't. Personally, I'M NOT but I was once upon a time. Every time a new comment is made, the post is bumped to the top of the page and it would be a shame to alarm new people or people who are viewing and considering joining. Can we move discussion to another thread please and let this drop down the page a bit?

    Sue Prior Where can we see these copied and pasted threads. Not worried one iota.....i believe in freedom of speech and the more people who speak out the better.

    Ian Thesp Tapas corner is open, new thread above. We will be noting when you arrive and leave.

    Zora McCartney you know i don't know why I bother....i try to be nice and diplomatic and make a sensible suggestion only for it to be ignored. If I have to delete the post to take it off the top of the page, some of you will bleat about your freedom of speech being infringed

    Zora McCartney Thank you Ian Thread now closed.

    Ian Thesp I have nothing else more to say on this matter now. No matter what some people in this group think I would certainly still hope to get their help and advice and knowledge of and observations on people in this group who may want to participate in such a project. Thank you for reading and thank you to Shirley Kassane for bringing the thread to our attention.

    John Wise Of course the media would report it. They would be all over it. But it would not be favourable coverage. And if you did it once a 'suspect' had been named the reaction would be even worse.

    Frances Gallagher The McCanns would be making the headlines in the tabloids again as victims.

    Suzanne Bosworth That's why I suggest we use our heads as well as our hearts. We don't want to be at the whim of the press or the McCanns - we need to be in the driving seat of whatever action we take. Boxing clever.
    The media do report, and they would cling on like limpets if it meant they were able to sell more copies of papers supporting the poor old McCanns.
    I'm not saying abide by the law and don't make waves. I'm saying use the law to our advantage.

    Ian Thesp Surprise cities. One hour only. No time for any one to ring a newspaper. Saturday afternoons in packed city shopping. They wont know what hit them.

    Andrew Hankey We need a BIG BIG CELEBRITY otherwise all the headlines will be the poor McCANN'S who have a missing daughter getting all this bad publicity and everyone knows this would be covered up due to on going case so can we have proper suggestions ???

    Ellen Bach for years people who investigate madeleines disappearance (murder) have been trolled & stalked and even more sinister stuff. you do know her (vile) parents are Masons don't you.. and very chummy with the (evil) tory party... have you heard about Monarch Slaves? Have you heard about Bohemian Grove?? Child sacrifice?? people will say you are crazy with that Illuminati crap.. but you telling me people in positions of power never killed and sold others into slavery for positions of high power??? I'm new here and i don't intend on posting anymore because i know how dangerous it is to have an opinion on this case. Be careful the Journalists and Private investigators some of them disguised as trolls issue threats and some are carried out.. not nice people at all.. masons are very powerful people!!

    Zora McCartney THREAD CLOSED. Please do not comment further on this post or the comments will be deleted.

    Dan Gleebitz And so... the online version of Animal Farm takes sway... once more..

    Zora McCartney Thank you Ian Thread now closed.

    Zora McCartney THREAD CLOSED. Please do not comment further on this post or the comments will be deleted.


    Beckie Banks  ill someone pm me the links to the pro sites that r pasting threads please

    Gemma Hawkins And me

    Gina Wheeler and me please xx

    Heather Hopper I am sure that the McCann supporters are taking notes.

    Ian Thesp Let them, if there as good as their timelines we will have even more to laugh about.

    Kev Smith Ian u up for it?

    Ian Thesp Not at all, but I will use any skills that I have to back up some one who can hold their nerve in front of such an onslaught and stand besides them all the way.

    Kev Smith yep me too Ian

    Bohden Chalawaka We got 2101 members, get everyone to donate £1.00 a week and in no time at all we'd have our own fighting fund to fend off the wolves.

    Kev Smith Ditto Bohden Chalawaka

    Kev Smith maybe a civil case

    Kev Smith Might even be some wealthy backers in our midst

    Ian Thesp This is truly the peoples fight and it is in their best interest to do so.Not to means any one can do anything to your kids any time that they want to.It truly is winnable.

    Ian Thesp And with the right tactics and information I believe we can win, but not from the computer only. It wont be a good end result. But I am willing to get on that coach and silently stand their with banners and excerpts from GA s book for any one who enquires.

    Ian Thesp Bohden maybe it is time for this, hell if they can hire metodo 90000, then money talks.

    Bohden Chalawaka Ian Thesp, with this amount of people we could raise thousands in no time to support any legal battles and fund any campaign.

    Heather Hopper I am removing posts requesting the links. I am sure your request will have been seen and actioned by now.

    Ann Bartlett I believe social services were in Sylvia, all this carp about them bein invited for tea is a load of nonsence! Theres more to this than we will all ever know but what sticks in my graw is that she was made Missin Childrens ambassador! She certainly knows how to lose a child I know but to promote her? Woeful

    Michelle Cooper Iv said on here before, u go on holiday u loose passport, money, beach towel not ya fricking child for FFs!

    Ann Bartlett The McCanns do Michelle! Poor Maddie , bought on ivf and sold on a tshirt! Enuf said

    Michelle Cooper Maybe they did sell her literally n she's being happy sumwhere with better parents

    Dan Gleebitz Ellen. Do you remember Romper Room on telly?

    Ellen Bach No sorry

    Ellen Bach however i have been doing my own research on this subject since maddie went missing.

    Dan Gleebitz Fraggle Rock?

    Dan Gleebitz Can we have another thread closed please Zora?
    Preferably for no reason again?

    Zora McCartney Dan it wasn't for no reason. it was for a GOOD reason which i tried to explain. Ian kindly obliged with a new post. I see no harm in a bit of light-heartedness on a Friday night btw. Admin wanted the other post to drop down the page a little for the reasons I gave earlier. Gimme a break eh?
    For an excellent demolishing of the lies promulgated by HoHo and believed by her brain-dead followers, read here, page 11 (thanks to Myths and the poster)
    For anyone unable to see this link, here it is again, copy and paste it into your browser MINUS the xxxx at the start of the link

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:23 pm

    Oh, look, HoHoHitler has resurfaced, having been 'MIA' while last night's debacle was in progress.
    Lizzy Hideho Taylor
    CONTROVERSY does not support any form of 'protest'. Unless/until UK learns the TRUTH about what happened to Madeleine, any 'actions' that bring media interest will undoubtedly create negative attention as can be seen in the two videos of the well intentioned 'leaflet drop' several years ago.

    BBC turned it round to gain support for the McCanns.

    We are making a difference here, and despite efforts to discredit us, anyone visiting this group can immediately see those efforts are based on lies.

    THAT is why it is SO important to keep all threads and posts on topic with the purpose of the group...To inform the UK about the TRUTH in the Portuguese Police Files.

    Thanks to everyone for keeping threads on topic!

    Ian Thesp Totally agree , any protest That I may be a part of will not mention this group in any way

    Suzanne Bosworth I agree with you, Lizzy Hideho Taylor. This group functions as a dissemination point for information, and while any action that takes place may well involve many of the members, personally I don't think this site is the appropriate hub. Another hub can be set up to organise and there's nothing to stop people from here being part of that.


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    Post  Sykes on Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:25 pm

    Here we go again, can't this manky lot get anything right?  
    Linda Hutton A notorious and particularly vicious troll named Jayelles has just been exposed. She has kept her online identiy and trolling hidden for 15 years.

    Linda Hutton Apparently she is a doctor's receptionist Heather. WRONG. SHE IS NOT She was also a fierce opponent of the Ramseys in the Jonbenet case. Very unpleasant woman. She runs a Hate List of all those who oppose the mccanns, it is sickening reading.  NOT A HATE LIST BUT A REBUTTAL OF ALL THE LIES ETC PERPETRATED BY PEOPLE LIKE HUTTON

    Jamie Stone I'm used to being called a troll ,the thing is i ask them to qualify their statements and abswer my questions and they never do,works everytime ,once fought you never forget the modus operandi

    Heather Hopper Really Linda, a doctors receptionist eh. I do hope that she wasn't posting on the Internet whilst at work, or she may be in for a bit of a dressing down.
    Actually Hutton has a reason for her statement, she hates Jayelles who pointed out that Hutton's misery-memoire about nuns being cruel to her was actually bollox, and other people who had been at the same school stated that Hutton was a liar.  Nasty, nasty woman is Hutton - and a big Bennett fan, which explains a lot as he can't get people's names etc right either.   lol!

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:14 pm

    Heyho, they are off again. More libel and nasty innuendos. They really are sickos. As for the stupid one going on about Lebensborn, I really do wish these semi-illiterate mankers would read up on a subject before they open their mouths. They really do show themselves up, don't they?
    Karen Oakley I don't believe for a minute that a couple of doctors ever merited all this. It's much higher.

    Lisa Mawson oh yes. I read a lot of alternative pages and sites. Interesting stuff if you dig deep enough., something pretty weird was going on for them to garner this much undying support

    Nygel Sylvester ^^ what like maddie being hired out to elite pedo's ??

    Nygel Sylvester or like maddie being conceived for that very purpose by near bankrupt parents. Yes some very alternative veiws on some of the forums across the net.

    Lisa Mawson did cross my mind nigel and something went wrong. some people dont beleive it goes on but i do and very high places. I think saville was a procuring for that kind of stuff

    Nygel Sylvester i personally believe the entire thing is false flag but hey i read to much shit on the net. However something stinks to high heaven without a doubt and i dont mean k8's cloths either.

    Karen Oakley First, there was Lebensborn - then it got modified. Just like farming, really.

    Lisa Mawson open to that too like a psiops kind a thing?

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    Post  Sykes on Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:26 pm

    Hit me, hit me, hit me with your banning stick, oooooh, pain, exquisite pain - what, I am banned?  I thought you were joking.  Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad 
    Angela Gosselin DAN, you are a McCann supporter

    Shank Chubb it was for you and your comedy followers...I salute you all!

    Dan Gleebitz Angela - You must be as thick as a docker's sandwich

    Dan Gleebitz Yeah - I'm their number one fan Angela. Can't you tell?

    Angela Gosselin Yes , you are .. I also believe your trying to get the page shut down. But , I only speak for 37 people that have been messaging each other....[i/]

    ---a load of boring blah, blah, will pass on that and continue ----

    Rebekah-jaye Leveret Angela, how can Dan get the page 'closed down'? Admin sort things that go too far, or are you saying they are not doing their job? Its easy enough to block someone. Can you explain?


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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:35 am

    Aidan Cross David Icke's theory is that Madeleine was conceived for the purpose of being sacrificed in a Satanic ritual, and that it's no coincidence her 'disappearance' occurred during the Beltane weekend, which although a peaceful celebration in Pagan culture, is used by Satanic cults for ritual sacrifice, the tradition being for couples to sacrifice the first born child. I'd have dismissed this theory as absolute tosh as recently as a year ago, but following the Jimmy Savile revelations and some seemingly credible evidence of Satanism being practised by members of Parliament, I am beginning to wonder if this theory does hold some weight...

    Karen Oakley Aidan, 6 years ago, I'd have thought you and Icke were mad. Now, count me in. It's possible.

    Karen Oakley I'd amend it to first born (virgin) girl - but, in that case, they weren't expecting the 'disaster', the thing that went wrong.

    Rebekah-jaye Leveret As a Pagan I can tell you now - Satanism is the inversion of Christ. Not applicable to us BUT those things do happen just annoying Pagans/Satanists are lumped together. Not aiming that at you Aidan, and NO theory is too way out for me these days as long as it goes along with the dogs findings

    Aidan Cross That's OK Rebekah-jaye, I have a lot of Pagan friends myself and have been to a few Pagan festivals which I really like, so I don't like seeing Pagans confused with Satanists either! From what I've read the kind of 'Satanism' said to be practised by the political elite of the Western world isn't actually Satanism in the conventional sense either, i.e. worship of the devil, and has nothing to do with Anton LaVey's Church of Satan either... The ruling classes are said to worship entities that prey on human fear and fresh blood and energy, and the term 'Satanism' is only used because their practices closely resemble the traditional image of Satanic rituals.

    Karen Oakley I'm 99% in agreement with you, Rebekah. But, in WW2, Germanic paganism took a wrong turn. Some Nazis started there and morphed (wrong word) into Satanism. Many survived and had kids and grandkids. You get my drift. Parental brainwashing is a doddle.

    Rebekah-jaye Leveret Perfectly put Aidan - missed Beltane this year as in hospital But yes, the 'uppers' are known to practice in the name of Satanism

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:36 am

    It looks like the demo organiser has done - wait for it, A FLOUNCE!! lol! lol! 
    Ian Thesp Bear Grizz I am in the process of creating a private forum which I hope yourself and a few others will attend.It is attached to one of my own personal websites, as I actually would like to be a bit more active than one is advised to be here.

    Lisa Mawson private is good

    Ian Thesp In fact Bear Grizz I have decided to stop posting in here full stop, but will keep reading now and again.This is my last post matey. So fare well.

    Karen Oakley Hope to see you again, Ian.

    Lizzy Hideho Taylor Sorry to hear that Ian...Hopefully you understand that we do not accept posts based on interest and merit...we try to stick with the police files...so there is NOT anything personal in deletions....We are an OPEN group and have been subjected to media attention because of some of our posts that were not removed quickly enough...When a group becomes as successful as Controversy it means we are monitored 24/7 and HAVE to be more careful than smaller or private groups. Apologies.
    (This refers to posts 38-41 on page 3 of Paranoia Heaven.)

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    Post  Sykes on Sun Jul 21, 2013 10:46 am

    Lawdy, lawdy, Der Fuhrerin has now staggered over to another forum and is now bleating on about someone who has been dissecting her and her forum/facebook with extreme accuracy.
    Post HiDeHo Today at 2:08 am

    I think you will find this is someone that seems to be intent on discrediting me right now...Someone from the 'old days'

    I do not have time for them but you can see by their previous posts that I am a little problem...I think I irritate them because I usually ignore all their requests to debate with me...?
    Comment from a poster on another forum with thanks:
    She's even more deluded if she imagines she 'irritates' anyone. No, people despise her, because she's a coward who is incapable of defending her own propaganda.

    She is also a very nasty piece of work who heads up an internet lynch mob, as yesterday's events proved conclusively.
    If you would like to visit the blog she is referring to, here is the link - if you are not a member and are reading here, please cut and paste into your browser.

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