Women support other women, unless they’re rich and pretty


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    Women support other women, unless they’re rich and pretty Empty Women support other women, unless they’re rich and pretty

    Post  Sykes on Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:30 am

    Mum judging should be a crime. It remains one of the worst characteristics of women.

    This week the other mothers have attacked Madeleine McCann’s mum Kate and Melissa George. Kate McCann is marking the 10-year anniversary of Madeleine going missing and Melissa George has gone public with her domestic violence and custody battles.

    Both have been vilified online by mainly mothers — McCann for leaving her daughter alone and George for being poncy about croissants and therefore “getting what she deserved.”

    In fact their crimes, I suspect, are more to do with the fact they’re blonde, attractive, successful and rich.

    Have we so little empathy? I thought we were all meant to be in this new-wave feminist thing together? The sisterhood isn’t just a club for women you like, to savage ones you don’t — it means everybody, including ones who are snobby, rich, clever and pretty.

    It’s been 10 years this May since Madeleine McCann went missing while on holiday in Portugal. This week it was revealed her parents Kate and Gerry receive over 150 abusive messages per day from online trolls. A research project by psychologist Dr John Synnott concluded most of the messages came from women.

    There’s also a new petition — the latest in a long line, calling for the McCanns to be prosecuted for child neglect. Change.org’s “McCann’s (sic) to be charged with neglect,” has had over 129,000 signatures in a week, probably because it’s taken off on Facebook and is infiltrating mum feeds like mine.

    It made my heart sink to see it, and the comments like this from Amanda: “I think they should be charged. It’s their fault she got taken. They should not be allowed to keep their twins.” Seriously?

    They’re very angry, these mums. Rightly, they’re angry for poor Madeleine — a case that still haunts parents all over the world. She should have been so happy, enjoying her holiday, but the thought of what happened to her while she slept is too horrible to bear.

    But they’re mostly angry at her parents because the McCanns put three-year-old Maddie and her two-year-old twin siblings to bed in their ground floor holiday apartment and went to dinner with friends in a restaurant nearby, taking turns to check on the children. When Kate returned, Madeleine was gone.

    Should they have left their children alone? Absolutely not. But do you think they don’t know that? That they haven’t lived ever since in a torment of loss, grief, anxiety and never-ending pain knowing some terrible harm befell her because of their decision — but never knowing what?

    Such is our empathy-disengagement through social media that we are hurling hate missiles online and not for one minute thinking about where they land.

    Melissa George and Kate McCann are real women, not marionette mothers for us to cyber stone to death.

    Kate and Melissa’s misery should make us care more, not less. Self-righteously judging them from our moral mountaintop might make us feel better, but it’s a feeble victory.

    Whatever happened to Madeleine is punishment enough for her parents. They will continue to inhabit a living hell every single day until they finally meet her again — be that here or in the next world.


    Thanks to Myths for this great article. Sykes

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