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    My second Take of this year, dated Wednesday 7 January, centered on a punchup raging betweeen two antis and their adherents. It would seem that this has now, after a slow simmer, erupted again, this time between B and one I will call R. The result is a bloodletting of epic proportions which appears to be escalating by the minute. R accused B of being an enemy, of being in the pay of the people she persecutes on a regular basis, and that he lied about payments he was making to a law firm re a case he lost. He proceeded to post up in full view of everyone a copy of his latest bank statement, only to be called a liar by R and two of her 'associates', which he obviously is not, this time at least. B and his pals were measured in their responses, whereas R appeared to be frothing at the mouth and continued to make ridiculous claims and lobbing insults non-stop on her blog, twitter and FB. As her posts get wilder and wilder she now claims that the main anti site is in cahoots with the two main pro sites - the mind boggles! Even more asinine is the assertion that one of these pro sites is the author of something she calls the 'death dossier'. Now, I have no idea what she is babbling on about, though we all know of a dossier which, it is claimed, was handed to the police and in which names, IPs and examples of threats etc were supposedly listed. However, some very hardy souls have decided enough is enough and are now lambasting her, making fun of her, calling her names and even posting up cartoons etc. Although I do not agree with people using sexual and mental health insinuations I can see why it is happening; she has used them again and again about anyone who questions her motives and action, and then screams blue bl**dy murder when these tactics are used against her. Each FB and twitter post is laced with profanity, abuse and threats. Reading her latest, posted on here today, I can see why posters are beginning to wonder what she is actual 'on' and, if this continues, what the outcome will be. She is supposed to be bi-polar - I know little of this disorder, which used to be called manic-depressive. I have spoken with a medical friend and he told me that this state of mind can be exacerbated by the use of drink, drugs or stimulants and many sufferers do end up being hospitalised. Also, the incidence of heart attacks in bipolar sufferers is far greater than non-sufferers, and there is also a raised risk of dying from diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, the flu and pneumonia, compared to the general population. If this is so, then R needs to step away from all this before something happens. She is not a young woman, she is now at that age when medical risks can be raised by bad actions.

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