Bennett tries to exploit the tragedy of Amber Peat to drum up trade:


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    Bennett tries to exploit the tragedy of Amber Peat to drum up trade:

    Post  Sykes on Wed Jun 03, 2015 8:11 pm

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    From the Not-Bennett forum

    Tony Bennett Yesterday at 11:14 pm
    WELCOME to all the guests looking in here tonight on this thread.

    At present there are over 30 new views on this thread every minute - and the number of members amd guests online at any one time has been over 600 for the past hour.

    The circumstances of Amber Peat's disappearance - and her reported death tonight - are sad and distressing subjects, but as with other sad and distresing cases we discuss on this forum, it's important for many reasons to get to the truth about what has really happened.

    Why not bookmark our site and come back for a visit when you have more time? - or join us?

    Joining is easy and gives you access to a wealth of information and discussion threads - you can join in if you wish, or be one of our many 'lurkers' here who return every day to find out the latest news and research on the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann
    Immediately everyone on that thread is likening the suicide of Amber Peat to Madeleine McCann. Such sick nasty people. Sykes

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