wave of truth-telling and transparency overnight re Poulton's bullying tactics?


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    wave of truth-telling and transparency overnight re Poulton's bullying tactics?

    Post  Sykes on Thu May 28, 2015 11:50 am

    There appears to have been a bit of a wave of truth-telling and transparency overnight on the Hounders, judging from this post:
    Re: Sonia Poulton on Murdoch's SKY News AGAIN - today (4 April 2015)
    Post snook Today at 1:24 am

    I'm glad Tony bought this info to the forum about Poulton's bullying. Please note she only makes her contradictory claims AFTER she has been outed as the bully. Surely if she was the victim she has the platform to warn everyone about these evil people before they 'slander' her? About 12 months ago she threatened to make a documentary 'Unmasking a Messiah'. This was to be about David Icke. Guess what? Still waiting. The excuse at one point was, if I recall correctly that her legal team were going over details. Pardon Sonia? I thought you couldn't afford a legal team? But apparently the poor man she didn't pay could? How unfortunate is Ms Poulton? Enemies around every corner. Are you aware this professional victim has an anonymous site exposing trolls and by that I mean makes abusive and threatening posts/outings about anyone who criticises her. She accidently tweeted a comment from this site, purely unrelated to her you understand, but left herself logged in as Admin. She is not only a fantasist but a dangerous woman. I feel sorry for people like @slave who have fallen for her lies. Untold story of Madeleine McCann? More like the tired old story of Poulton's 'attackers', troll's r Us or worse. Am I wrong but was that Hutton at a certain duck pond made famous by Sky news? Says all we need to know.

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