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    Yesterday was the Leyland inquest continuation and the press were there in force. Also there were "assorted persons there with, as they claim, a vested interest in the case" - a translation of that would be "there to try and put a totally incorrect and slanted report on the internet". One of these, who fancies herself as an 'international journalist and TV celebrity' posed outside the court with a rather overweight cameraman. After the adjournment, set now for March 2015, she proceeded to twit her 'version' and rubbished all the other reputable versions of the event. Twisting the words of a particular statement regarding possible - or rather not possible - criminal charges, the lemmings followed her ever word, posting up variations on what she had said, elaborating and positing scenarios ad nauseum. "They must have been in a different room from me", she claimed - what, all of them? I have a picture of her seated alone, with the Coroner, the experts etc while the Press sat in another room. Does she not realize how utterly banal that remark is? I have counted at least 6 newspaper reports and two TV news programs all of which concur in what was actually said. Slavering at the thought of imminent prosecutions, the lemmings posted up such drivel as was painful to even try and read. One is reminded of the travesty of reportage by the haters in the Bennett case, one of many such attempts to manipulate the truth. It does such a disservice to the supposed search for truth that normal people believe in, leading me to remember when truth went out the window during the Cold War, let alone the various deviations across the years. It also denigrates the saying 'Veritas liberabit vos - Truth will set you free", something these sad subhumans don't believe in. The problem with all this, as I see it, is that people nowadays have too much free time; they can get benefits so don't need to work, they can hide behind a monitor screen and abuse and threaten to their heart's content, as the twits by the dead woman show only too well. An embittered person can go on the net and take out their hatred, problems and dislikes on total strangers. Bullying has reached a height unknown in my earlier years - no fear of getting your teeth rammed down your throat when hiding in cyberspace. So many youngsters, bulled on FB and twitter have taken the ultimate step, death, just to get away from the nastiness thrown at them 24/7. I am sorry for adults who find they cannot cope and kill themselves, but it is the children that really upsets me. The woman whose inquest is such a subject of discussion had lived a full life, divorced, two children, nice house, but she chose to twit and post up her spite, and then perhaps, I say perhaps as we do not have a final cause of death, depart this life. No-one forced her to post up the evil stuff she did; as a middle-aged woman she should have known better. Unable to face what she had done, and the fact that all her posts are open for her neighbors and children to read, she may have taken the easy way out. Her choice, her decision. Accusing all and sundry of driving her to her death, of possibly murdering her is so bizarre - she didn't have to contact the Sky journalist or put her real name up for all to see, her choice, her decision. She didn't have to invite him into her house, her choice, her decision. We all have free will, to choose, to decide how we behave. There are no excuses for the vitriol she hurled at anyone she didn't 'like'. I am sorry for her sons, but not for her.

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