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    From Myths with thanks.
    Just look at this pile of tosh - it goes to show the type of rumour and fabrication the family had to cope with from the start.

    And don't even ask how a GNR dog handler got promoted to a PJ inspector. Services rendered, presumably. Or is it a different guy? Hard to tell.
    Neither does she tell us how the group ran up a €150 bar bill when drinks were inclusive. Or why she thinks Madeleine disappeared on quiz night, when she clearly didn't. Or why the OC staff offered free baby monitors to the McCanns, but forgot to mention this fact in any of their statements.

    Nice to see the hairdresser make an appearance though, we've often wondered where she came from ;-)

    'Ok let me share something with you all. I am Portuguese I have lived here for 26 years. I was actually in Portugal at the time of Maddie's disappearance as the European Alzheimers conference was in Portugal that year so my then boss thought would be good I went.
    One of the Portuguese dog handler guys is actually a friend of my family. His wife is a hairdresser she use to have a small salon on the same street my parents had a cafe.
    This dog handler guy after the initial dog search thing came back up to our town to see his wife & kids. I remember his look as he was so puzzled and distressed for the fact the Macanns had a very cold and distant look about them and he also said it was obvious Kate was terrified of Gerry.
    I then found out that this guy I went to school with and remained friends with had moved to the Algarve has he had remarried and his new wife is from there. He's a detective with the Judiciary Police in Faro. Needless to say there's a great deal of stuff he's not able to share. But one thing he did say and that was that all of the Portuguese police involved in the case though that the parents actually did something to Maddie and are hiding something. Problem is proof. The staff at the resort said Gerry, Kate and their friends went out every night, not just the night that Maddie went missing and would stay out as late as 11:30. The free resort crèche closes at 11pm but yet most days by 6 or 7 pm they would have all the kids in bed which considering it was actually unusually hot during those days, I was further up near Lisbon and we had temperatures in the 30's so was warmer there. The vetted resort baby sitters charge €7 per hour but they can agree a set price say if you need a full time nanny for the duration of the holiday they can provide that too, it's cheaper because you basically pay a week's wages. They chose not to do that. The staff of the resort are beyond used to seeing tourist families with small kids so when they saw the Macanns and their friends go out at night for diner they were worried for the welfare of the kids. So as a last resort they offered both the Macanns and their friends baby monitors so at least they could hear if the kids woke up and could quickly run over to the apartment. They turned that down too. There was a Spanish couple on the apartment next to the Maccans, the friends were to one side this Spanish couple to the other. They were interviewed by the judiciary police and one of the Portuguese TV channels. They said that the day before Maddie went missing they'd seen Gerry Macann practically drag Maddie into the apartment when she refused to go take an afternoon nap. Apparently Maddie had run outside and was hiding behind one of those huge terracotta plant pots and the Spanish lady gestured to Gerry where she was. Then Gerry picked her up by the arm and took her inside furiously, now the Spanish lady said she was really shocked at how angry he was because she's a mum too and would never do anything like that. The Portuguese newspapers printed the copies of the bill from the Macanns & their friends on the night Maddie went missing and it was over €150 in booze alone for 5 people. The barman said that it was quiz night that night and that they'd all stayed to take part and that Kate was not only quite drunk but a bit pissed off at Gerry because he was flirting with the quiz lady who's apparently Swedish. When they went back to the apartment the staff said they'd seen the Macanns arguing. Then when they said Maddie was missing was around 10:30 yet they took till 1:30 to alert the police which oddly enough is about a 10 minute walk from the resort. I know because my grandfather was from that area, I still have family there and use to go there every summer as s kid. And the police station is still in the same place. The local police were basically told by Scotland Yard that certain things were not worth revealing to the public. And they won't just name any one arguidos (suspects) unless they have a very strong inkling. Personally I think they medicated Maddie and the twins so they could go have diner and drink as long as they wanted without being disturbed but something went wrong and she overdosed. They panicked so they got rid of her probably down one of the many caves that Praia da Luz has. It's a bit like the never ending holes to nowhere.'  
    Lina Teresa Pinto, you are clearly lying.

    Later, she claims 'Yes Chris Mr Amaral has been insulted even received death treats because of his book. It's sad. I'm not saying Portugal is a perfect country because such a place doesn't exist. But the people are kind, hard working and what you see is what you get basically. We have a cultural thing that every visitor to our country is like a long lost relative should be treated with honour.'

    Yes, I'm sure the McCanns can still feel the warmth of your welcome Lina.

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